Coffee Preparation - All Tests and Comparisons

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Coffee preparation: For real moments of enjoyment at home

Morning coffee is an indispensable ritual for many people. But the art of making coffee goes far beyond a simple filter coffee. Depending on your preference and style, there are a variety of devices that conjure up the perfect coffee. Here are some of the most famous and popular methods:

DeLonghi coffee machine

The DeLonghi coffee machine combines modern design with outstanding functionality. Easy to use, it offers a wide range of coffee specialties at the touch of a button - from espresso to latte macchiato.

Espresso machine

This is for purists Espresso machine the ultimate. It presses hot water through finely ground coffee and creates an intense and aromatic espresso.

French Press

The French Press or also known as a press pot, is a simple yet effective method for preparing full-bodied coffee. Pressing down on the sieve releases the flavors of the coffee without the need for a filter.

Jura coffee machine

With the Jura coffee machine you can enjoy barista-quality coffee at home. Its precision and quality are unsurpassed, making every sip a real experience.

Nespresso machine

For those who want to make coffee quickly and easily, this is the Nespresso machine ideal. With a selection of capsules you can enjoy a variety of coffees in seconds.

The perfect coffee for every taste

Choosing the right coffee machine depends on your personal preferences. Whether you love the full taste of an espresso or the speed and simplicity of one capsule machine prefer, there is the perfect device for everyone. Enjoy your perfect coffee every morning and start the day full of energy.