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Floor cleaning: For a shiny and hygienic surface

Cleanliness and hygiene often start with the floors of our apartments and houses. A clean one ground can brighten the entire room and create a more comfortable living environment. So that you can ensure that your floors are always in the best condition, we present five essential tools and devices for efficient floor cleaning:


The classic Bodenwischer is an essential tool in every household. With a soft mop head, it can glide smoothly over all types of floors, picking up dirt and providing a streak-free shine, especially when used with a suitable cleaning product.

steam cleaners

With a steam cleaners You can remove stubborn dirt and germs without using chemicals. The device uses high-pressure water vapor to penetrate deep into the pores of the soil and clean it thoroughly. Ideal for tiles, stone and other hard surfaces.

hard floor cleaner

There is a special one for parquet, laminate and other sensitive floor coverings hard floor cleaner ideal. These devices are designed to thoroughly clean the floor without damaging it or leaving excess moisture.

Vacuum cleaners

A good Vacuum cleaners-Model is essential for removing dust, hair and other loose dirt from carpets and hard floors. With a variety of attachments and features, modern vacuum cleaners can meet the specific needs of any flooring type.

wiping system

An integrated one wiping system combines mop and bucket in one efficient design. With built-in mechanisms to wring out the mop and separate clean and dirty water, it ensures a more thorough and hygienic clean.

Shiny floors for a radiant home

A clean floor is not only a question of aesthetics, but also of health. Choosing the right cleaning tools and methods can help extend the life of your floors and ensure a healthy living environment for you and your family.