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Food storage: preserve freshness, keep organized

A well-organized kitchen starts with proper food storage. Not only does proper storage extend the shelf life of food, it can also help reduce food waste and save space in the cuisine to save. Here are some essential storage solutions to help you stay organized and store your food optimally:

bread bin

A pair of bread bin ensures that bread, rolls and pastries stay fresh for longer. It protects the bread from external influences and prevents it from drying out or becoming moldy too quickly.


Whether leftovers from dinner or prepared snacks - in one Frischhaltedose they are in optimal hands. These containers are available in different sizes and shapes and can be stored both in the refrigerator and in the Freezer should be used.

Spice rack

With a Spice rack Always have your spices at hand. It helps keep track of your spice collection while keeping the kitchen looking organized.


Tupperware is the classic among storage solutions. The robust containers are versatile, airtight and ideal for on the go.

vacuum tank

Anyone who wants to keep food fresh for a particularly long time relies on this vacuum tank. Removing air slows oxidation, significantly extending the shelf life of food.

More than just storage

Proper food storage plays a key role in the kitchen. In addition to aesthetics, it is functionality that counts. A well-organized storage system not only creates space and order, but also helps keep food fresh and tasty for longer. So it's worth investing in high-quality storage solutions.