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Kitchen inventory: The basic equipment of every kitchen

A well-equipped kitchen can mean the difference between stressful and smooth meal prep. Some of the most important tools and equipment found in every cuisine should not be missing, include:

baking sheet

The baking sheet is a versatile classic. Ideal for everything from cookies and rolls to vegetables and meat. A sturdy and well-made baking tray ensures even cooking results.

Dutch Oven

A pair of Dutch Oven is a heavy, cast iron pot with a lid. It is ideal for braising, roasting and even baking and maintains heat evenly over a long period of time. A must for slow-cooked food lovers.

knife block

Every kitchen needs a good selection of knives. A knife block not only offers a safe and practical storage place, but also ensures that you always have the right knife at hand.

microwave dishes

microwave dishes is specifically designed to be used in the microwave without melting or heating food unevenly. They're ideal for reheating leftovers or making quick microwave meals.

cutting board

A robust one cutting board offers the ideal surface for cutting, chopping and preparing food. It protects your work surfaces and ensures hygienic preparation.

The right equipment makes the difference

With the right kitchen inventory, you can take your cooking skills to the next level. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, a well-equipped kitchen is the key to culinary success. Invest in quality and functionality to get the best results.