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Stove, oven & hotplates: the heart of every kitchen

The stove and oven are essential appliances in the kitchen. They are central to preparing delicious meals and influence the overall look of the kitchen space. Here are some of the most important and modern devices available in a well-equipped cuisine should be found:

Oven with steamer

A pair of Oven with steamer combines traditional baking with the gentle steam cooking method. This enables healthier cooking as vitamins and minerals are better preserved, and also gives your dishes a special depth of flavor.


The Hood provides fresh air in the kitchen by efficiently removing cooking fumes and odors. Modern models are not only functional but also stylish and can make a real design statement in the kitchen.


The classic Stove often forms the heart of the kitchen. It offers several cooking zones and often an integrated oven, so you can prepare different dishes at the same time.


A separate one Hob offers flexibility in kitchen design. Whether induction, gas or ceramic - there are numerous options that can be adapted to your cooking habits and kitchen designs.

Mini kitchen

The compact one Mini kitchen is ideal for small rooms or studios. It offers all the necessary functions in a small space and is an efficient solution for small households or the office.

Cooking to perfection

Whether you're an avid cook or just turn on the stove occasionally, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Invest in high-quality appliances that meet your needs and make your kitchen a place of culinary enjoyment.