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Cordless pole pruner test & comparison 2024: Discover the top selection of this year

Recommended electric pruning shears attachment: Our top 5 items in the comparison test

For those who like it more convenient, there is the cordless pruner. With this tool you can reach even the highest branches without having to climb a ladder. The cordless and lightweight design ensures that cutting branches is comfortable and safe - even at greater heights. The powerful battery ensures a long running time, so that even extensive cutting work can be carried out without a break.
Best recommendation
Cordless pruner Einhell cordless multifunction tool GE-HC 18
Price-performance winner
Gardena telescopic pruner TCS Li-18/20 cordless pruner
Cordless pruner Bosch Home and Garden UniversalChainPole 18
Cordless pruner Black+Decker GPC1820L20-QW battery
Battery pruner Ryobi 5133002321 RPP755E
Cordless pruner Greenworks Tools G40PSFK2 Li-Ion 40V
Cordless pruner Einhell GE-LC 18 Li T Set Power X-Change
Cordless pruner FANZTOOL 20V Li-Ion with 2,5Ah battery/charger
Cordless pruner Greenworks Tools Greenworks G40PS20K2
Cordless pruner Einhell GC-LC 18/20 Li T-Solo Power X-Change
Model Cordless pruner Einhell cordless multifunction tool GE-HC 18 Gardena telescopic pruner TCS Li-18/20 cordless pruner Cordless pruner Bosch Home and Garden UniversalChainPole 18 Cordless pruner Black+Decker GPC1820L20-QW battery Battery pruner Ryobi 5133002321 RPP755E Cordless pruner Greenworks Tools G40PSFK2 Li-Ion 40V Cordless pruner Einhell GE-LC 18 Li T Set Power X-Change Cordless pruner FANZTOOL 20V Li-Ion with 2,5Ah battery/charger Cordless pruner Greenworks Tools Greenworks G40PS20K2 Cordless pruner Einhell GC-LC 18/20 Li T-Solo Power X-Change
Brand Einhell Gardena Bosch Home And Garden Black & Decker Ryobi Greenworks Tools Einhell fan tool Greenworks Tools Einhell
The Best Suggestionsscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Battery pruners
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,9goodBattery pruners
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodBattery pruners
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodBattery pruners
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodBattery pruners
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodBattery pruners
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodBattery pruners
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodBattery pruners
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodBattery pruners
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodBattery pruners
chain speed 3,8 m / s 3,8 m / s 4 m / s 1,9 m / s 5,5 m / s 8 m / s 3,8 m / s 5,5 m / s 8 m / s 5,5 m / s
protective cover incl.
battery incl.
automatically chain lubrication
Battery voltage 18 V No battery included 18 V 18 V 18 V 40 V No battery included 20 V 40 V No battery included
Battery Capacity 3,0 Ah No battery included 2,5 Ah 2,0 Ah selectable 2,0 Ah No battery included 2,5 Ah 2,0 Ah No battery included
Head tiltable
Handle tiltable
Capacity of oil tank k. A. 60ml k. A. kA k. A. kA 125ml 80ml kA 70ml
Battery Type Lithium-ion battery No battery included Lithium-ion battery Lithium-ion battery Lithium-ion battery Lithium-ion battery No battery included Lithium-ion battery Lithium-ion battery No battery included
drive link strength 1,3 mm 1,1 mm 1,1 mm kA 1,1 mm kA 1,3 mm kA 1,1 mm 1,1 mm
tooth pitch 3 / 8 " 3 / 8 " 3 / 8 " 3 / 8 " 3 / 8 " 3 / 8 " 3 / 8 " 3 / 8 " 3 / 8 " 3 / 8 "
Drive links, number 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 5
charger incl.
Weight 3,9 kg 3,5 kg 2,5 kg 3,7 kg 4,2 kg 5 kg 4,6 kg 4,0 kg 5,37 kg 3,3 kg
Sword sensor length 20 cm 20 cm 20 cm 20 cm 20 cm 20 cm 20 cm 21 cm 20 cm 20 cm
volume 81 dB 79 dB k. A. 78 dB 83 dB kA 81 dB kA kA k. A.
Additional handle
  • also for the hedge trimmer
  • claw attack
  • many settings
  • relatively easy
  • including light
  • numerous setting options
  • relatively easy
  • up to 4
  • 0 m range
  • including a bottle of chainsaw oil
  • rubber coated handle
  • stronger
  • many adjustment possibilitiesBoth the saw head and the handle can be tilted
  • which gives the user great flexibility
  • Claw stop clamps on the saw head
  • who tilt the saw into the wood
  • Saw blade from the well-known Japanese manufacturer
  • Pruning saw and hedge trimmer in one
  • rubber coated handle
  • claw attack
  • cutting speed
  • automatic chain lubrication
  • particularly fast chain speed
  • Also available with battery and charger
  • automatic chain lubrication
  • rubberized handle
  • claw attack
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best cordless pruners in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Ultimate buying guide: Discover the top comparisons in the field of cordless pruners - your guide for 2024
The presented comparison of cordless pole pruners will guide you to an informed product choice

At a glance
  • A cordless pruner is a powerful gardening tool specially designed for cutting tall branches. It enables an optimal working height without using a ladder or a riser. The included battery offers high performance and a long operating time. This makes it possible to work on large areas effortlessly.
  • The cordless pruner is a very reliable tool that guarantees perfect cutting performance. The device is easy to operate and safe to use. With the adjustable cutting head, branches can be cut at different angles, which offers great flexibility when working. The battery life is 30 to 60 minutes depending on the model and the charging time is usually 2-3 hours.
  • It is very important to choose the right model to achieve the desired performance and functionality. In addition to the battery capacity, the power of the motor, the length of the cutter bar, the weight and the cutting capacity should also be taken into account. Some of the major brands on the market are Bosch, Black+Decker, and Ryobi. By using a cordless pruner you can perform professional, safe and effective tree care and make tree pruning easier.
Battery pruners

How to find the best cordless pruners

In order not to climb the tree yourself, it is best to use a cordless pruner.

In this Battery pruners Comparison we would like to give you some Battery pruners Suggestions introduce. You can find it in our Battery pruners Services many articles with one Great Battery pruners Price-, performance ratio and a comparison winner.

If you have your own Garden do you want to get in shape again in the spring and fall? With the right gardening accessories you will be at gardening make out. This includes a good lawn mower, hedge trimmers or pruning shears that you have for the Garden– and can use tree care. The pruners There are petrol-powered and battery-powered. The advantage of this device is that you can use it to trim trees efficiently, but also trim large hedges. For example, to increase their growth support, remove diseased and dead branches and to give other plants more light. Using only ladders and pruners instead of a pole pruner will make this more difficult and dangerous for you as the tree gets taller. Pole pruners work similarly to a chainsaw and are recommended for any gardener who has a lot of trees and hedges in the garden and needs to trim them regularly. You can find special features for battery-operated models in our purchase advice. But we also want to briefly address electric and petrol-powered cutting machines. Cordless pruners comparisons can also be made to better understand current models on the market, such as B. Husqvarna pruning shears, STIHL cordless pruning shears, Bosch Battery pruning shears or Ryobi pruning shears.

Our Battery pack-Pole pruner recommendation on Amazon:

Einhell cordless multifunctional tool GE-HC 18 Li T-Solo (2-in-1 hedge trimmer and chainsaw, Oregon sword, without battery & charger)
  • Easy tree and hedge care thanks to the 2-in-1 hedge trimmer and chainsaw attachment and high-quality components with...
  • Versatile adjustment options with telescopic handle, 7-fold tiltable motor head, 90° rotatable attachment for effortless...
  • Oregon quality sword, claw stop, chain catch and automatic chain lubrication with tool-free chain replacement


Overview of different types of cordless pole saws

There are different models on the market, petrol poles as well as electric and battery powered models. Petrol-pruners are ideal for professional use in garden maintenance companiesbecause they are very powerful and flexible to use. For home use, however, electric models are quieter and more suitable than petrol ones. Which model you use as a garden tool depends on the work to be done. The table below shows you what the difference is.

Battery pruners

Cordless pruners are equipped with a powerful battery that allows you to work particularly flexibly. You can use it to move freely in the garden without having to lug around annoying power cords. In operation, the batteryLopper relatively quiet and convinces with its environmental friendliness and low weight, so you can hold it comfortably in your hand. You also benefit from a longer battery life when a powerful lithium-ion battery is integrated into the device. The cordless model is very easy to use and is ideal for many small garden jobs where you need to cut branches from trees and hedges at a great height. Due to the long charging time, it often makes sense to have a second battery on hand in order to be able to exchange it directly when working longer hours. If you want to cut thicker branches more often, the electric version is a better choice.

Electric pruner

Using electric pole pruners can be just as successful as the cordless version. However, you must connect the pruner to a power source, so you can do that Cables always have with you at work. The advantage of electric pruners or electric pruning saws is that the power is higher and more constant, which allows longer working hours. With an electric pruning shears you can remove thin to medium-sized branches.

Petrol pruner

Gasoline pole pruners are more effective and suitable for trimming thicker branches. This model is heavier and louder than others. In addition, there are exhaust emissions, which also make petrol pole pruners bad for the environment. Due to its efficiency and performance, it is often not used in the private sector, but in professional horticulture.

Our Battery pack-Pole Pruners Bestsellers on Amazon:


DiscountBestseller no. 1
Bosch battery pruner UniversalChainPole 18 (without battery and charger)
  • The universal tools from Bosch - flexible and powerful with intelligent solutions for a variety of projects
  • Contents: UniversalChainPole 18, carton (3165140888110)
  • Efficient and fast working due to generous cutting width and tiltable head of the branch saw
DiscountBestseller no. 2
Einhell cordless pruner GC-LC 18/20 Li T-Solo Power X-Change (Li-Ion, 18 V, 20 cm sword length, motor head with 30° inclination, ...
  • The Einhell cordless pruner GC-LC 18/20 Li T-Solo is perfect for the regular care of trees and...
  • As a member of the Power X-Change family, the pruner can be used with all high-quality lithium-ion batteries from the system series...
  • The cordless pruner is equipped with an OREGON quality bar and chain. With a sword length of 200 mm...
Bestseller no. 3
Litheli U20 battery-operated pole pruner, 8'' electric cordless pruning saw, battery tree trimmer with 9M/s cutting speed and 10000mAh battery...
  • [Robust and durable]: The pole pruner battery uses high-quality chains and blades; The blade length is 20...
  • [Height adjustable]: The electric pole pruner uses a three-part height adjustment. With the extendable handle...
  • [Ergonomic design]: The handle of the cordless pruner with battery is designed according to the principles of ergonomics and offers ...

Various advantages and disadvantages of pole pruners

Depending on the work to be done, one or the other pruning shears more suitable or less suitable. To make your decision easier, you will find a summary of all the advantages and disadvantages here.

Cordless pruner advantages & disadvantages


  • No power connection required
  • For soft and thin wood
  • Environment
  • lightness
  • quiet


  • Battery needs charging
  • Low performance

Electric pruners advantages & disadvantages


  • Slightly
  • Environmentally sound
  • quiet
  • suitable for medium jobs
  • Continuous use


  • Power connection required
  • Cables must be carried

Gasoline Pole Pruner Advantages & Disadvantages


  • No power connection required
  • Also suitable for thick branches
  • Very powerful
  • Ready for continuous use


  • Sea
  • Exhaust emissions
Battery pruners

 Which cordless pruner is right for you? 

Which cordless pruner do you need for your garden? To help you make the right decision, we have some important factors summarized, which you can pay attention to when buying.

chain speed

The Garden shears can work at different speeds. The higher the speed, the easier it is branches saw. The higher chain speed also ensures less vibration when sawing, making it easier to hold the equipment.


Make sure the chain is made of high quality steel whenever possible. These are particularly strong and durable when sawing trees.

battery capacity

The battery of the pruning shears should not only offer the shortest possible loading time, so that the device is quickly ready for use and usable, but the battery capacity is also an important criterion. The higher the battery capacity, the longer you can use the device at a time. However, this time is up for battery models up to 30 minutes limited, but can easily be doubled with a spare battery. Models with lithium batteries are the strongest.

Our Battery pack-Pole pruner recommendation on Amazon:

GARDENA telescopic pruner TCS Li-18/20: pruning saw up to 30 minutes working time, 20 cm sword length, bendable head, without battery & ...
  • Up to 4 m range: For thinning and delimbing when standing safely
  • Effortless cutting: Angled head reaches every branch
  • Cutting stop: Helps you cut the underside of the branch and protects the chain when working close to the ground



Make sure the cordless pruner is as light as possible so you can use it hold well in hand, because cutting branches is tedious in itself and made even more difficult by the weight. Some devices weigh as little as 3 kg up to 6 kg. For easier work, we recommend purchasing a lightweight model for better handling.


Of course cordless loppers make noise when working, though considerably less than with petrolpruning. However, keep the volume as low as possible. This is usually indicated by the manufacturer in decibels on the packaging. Choose the model with the lowest value to make your work easier.

Sword sensor length

In order to be able to carry out cutting work properly, a sufficient bar length is required. The thicker the branches, the longer the sword must be. Make sure that the thickness of the branch never exceeds the length of the sword. However, the sword should not be too long so that you can easily switch from branch to branch while working without getting caught unnecessarily.

Setting options

Many devices are equipped with additional setting options, to improve usability. If, for example, the working angle can be adjusted and the working height retracted with the telescopic handle, you can work more comfortably and make faster progress without tiring prematurely.

Above a certain thickness, it is best to use a pruner to cut branches.

Battery pruners


When buying, make sure that cordless pruners are easy to care for. A useful feature here is the wtool-free chain changes, you don't need any additional one Tools. Of course, there are also models that require maintenance with tools. It is also practical if automatic chain lubrication is integrated.

Why do branches need to be removed? 

To support the growth of trees, shrubs and hedges, they need regular pruning. SThey don't grow wildly in all directions, but exactly as you imagine them in your garden. But even after a storm, broken branches may need to be trimmed to prevent further damage. Last but not least, some branches are often a safety problem if, for example, they protrude into the sidewalk and endanger pedestrians. Regular pruning of branches also brings more light to those below plants. Cordless pole pruners may also need to be used if individual branches are dead or diseased.

How do I cut properly with a cordlesspruners

There is no uniform procedure for trees, shrubs and hedges, but rather individual recommendations. Since every plant and every tree is different, the cut should be species-appropriate. For some, pruning is about maximizing yield, for others it's more about looks or growth. You can find information on this, for example, in garden guides or at your local garden supply store. Also check out the customer reviews. Bestsellers Battery pruners Articles usually have too quality Battery pruners Reviews.

Our Battery pack-Pole pruner recommendation on Amazon:


Bosch battery pruner UniversalChainPole 18 (battery, charger, box, 18 volt system, 2,5 Ah) green
  • The universal tools from Bosch flexible and powerful with intelligent solutions for a variety of projects
  • The universal pruner UniversalChainPole 18 is ideal for removing branches and hard to reach trees
  • Efficient and fast working due to generous cutting width and tiltable head of the branch saw

How is the cordless pruner cleaned? 

When cleaning, use a soft, dry cloth to remove resin residue and chain lube from the cutter bar. You can also normal Use washing liquid if the residue still sticks to the pruning shears. After you have removed all stains and dirt, dry Carefully store the device and store it in a dry place until it is used again.

How do you recognize diseased trees? 

Diseased trees are usually visible at a glance. The leaves and flowers have withered and the branches look fragile. In that case, it's time for tree care. Use a pole pruner to remove diseased or dead branches to prevent further damage to the remaining trees or shrubs.

Where can I find a good battery garden shears? 

You can buy cordless pruners in the DIY & Tools (e.g. Hornbach, Obi or Bauhaus) buy. You can also get personal advice on using your device here. If you already know exactly what you want and do not need personal advice, you can also order cordless pruning shears online and have them conveniently delivered to your home.

Would you like an inexpensive item from the range of Battery pruners buy, then you should consider your selection as Battery pruners order online. However, please do not buy blindly cheap Battery pruners product but make one Battery pruners Price comparison, in order to explore the best price/performance ratio.

The most popular manufacturers and brands of cordless pole saws

You can buy high-quality cordless pruning shears using the cordless pruner comparison, the following manufacturers and brands. From these manufacturers you will also find other high-quality equipment such as chainsaws (e.g. pruning saws), cordless pruning saws or cordless hedge trimmers.


By comparing cordless pruners, you now know what is important when buying a pruner. As little weight as possible, stable links and a high battery capacity are important features of a good pruner. Short loading times and some useful setup options also contribute to the user-friendliness.

Youtube video tip for battery pruner comparison:

Cutting hedges - when and how do I cut my hedge correctly?


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      Yes, the cordless pole pruner is also suitable for cutting thicker branches. Thanks to its powerful cutting blades and strong battery, even harder types of wood can be easily cut through.

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    How long does the battery of the cordless pole pruner last?

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      The battery life of the cordless pole pruner is usually around 2 to 3 hours of continuous use. However, it can vary depending on various factors such as the type of tasks and the type of wood. It is advisable to keep a spare battery ready to enable longer working hours.

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    How long does the battery last?

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      The battery life is about 60 minutes with normal use. Please note that battery life can be affected by various factors such as temperature and usage.

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