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All-purpose slicer (foldable) test & comparison 2024: The best products in direct comparison

Bread slicer in detail: What makes test winners different from other products?

Food slicer (foldable): If you like to cook and value fresh ingredients, then you should also own a food slicer. With a slicer you can quickly and easily cut vegetables, fruit and sausages into even slices. The foldable food slicer is particularly practical. This does not take up much space in the kitchen and can be easily stowed away after use. For those who want to find out more about this product online, these terms are very helpful: “foldable food slicer”, “vegetable cutter” and “fruit slicer” are very trendy at the moment and this food slicer will help you cut your food quickly and prepare it perfectly.
Best recommendation
Food slicer (foldable) Ritter food slicer icaro 7, electric
Price-performance winner
Food slicer (foldable) Clatronic AS 2958 food slicer
Food slicer (foldable) ritter made in Germany ... in the kitchen
Food slicer (foldable) Westmark Food slicer with suction cup
Food slicer (foldable) Ritter food slicer distinctive 05
Food slicer (foldable) Domo slicer 120W MS171
Universal slicer (foldable) Unold 78860 ALL SLICER, 100 W
Food slicer (foldable) Emerio food slicer MS-125000
Food slicer (foldable) Kalorik, TKG AS 1004 WHPL
Model Food slicer (foldable) Ritter food slicer icaro 7, electric Food slicer (foldable) Clatronic AS 2958 food slicer Food slicer (foldable) ritter made in Germany ... in the kitchen Food slicer (foldable) Westmark Food slicer with suction cup Food slicer (foldable) Ritter food slicer distinctive 05 Food slicer (foldable) Domo slicer 120W MS171 Universal slicer (foldable) Unold 78860 ALL SLICER, 100 W Food slicer (foldable) Emerio food slicer MS-125000 Food slicer (foldable) Kalorik, TKG AS 1004 WHPL
Brand Ritter Clatronic Ritter Made In Germany ... At home in the kitchen Westmark Ritter Domo Unold Emerio Caloric
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Food slicer (foldable)
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,3goodFood slicer (foldable)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodFood slicer (foldable)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodFood slicer (foldable)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodFood slicer (foldable)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodFood slicer (foldable)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodFood slicer (foldable)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodFood slicer (foldable)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodFood slicer (foldable)
With permanent switch
2-button operation childproof
Simple blade change possible?
Extras included Food holder Food holder with finger protection Drip tray made of rustproof, polished stainless steel Food holder with finger protection Food holder Remnant holder drip tray Food holder with finger protection save Food holder with finger protection
Max. Cutting width 14 mm 17 mm 14 mm no manufacturer information 14 mm 15 mm 15 mm 17 mm 15 mm
Stepless cutting thickness adjustment
widthfolded 10 cm no manufacturer information 7,5 cm 13 cm 10,5 cm 9,5 cm about 10 cm about 10 cm no manufacturer information
Max Wattage 65 W 180 W 65 W mechanical slicer 65 W 120 W 100 W 100 W no manufacturer information
Material metal Stable Easy-care plastic metal Stable Plastic Easy-care plastic Easy-care plastic easy-care plastic Easy-care plastic Easy-care plastic
  • repairable
  • high-quality materials
  • wide surface for large clippings
  • Child safety with 2-button operation
  • Particularly space-saving thanks to installation in a drawer
  • very narrow when folded
  • no power connection required
  • the speed of the blades can be adjusted to the material to be cut (variableElectronics)
  • very narrow when folded
  • very narrow when folded
  • Child-safe thanks to 2-button operation with cord storage
  • Energy-saving and high performance thanks to the eco motor
  • Child-safe thanks to 2-button operation
  • Child safety with 2-button operation
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best food slicer (foldable) in the test & comparison:
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Before you purchase a food slicer (foldable), please note the following recommendations: Important purchasing advice and useful tips for making an informed decision
We have put together all the essential information for you to make your decision to purchase a food slicer (foldable) easier.

At a glance
  • The foldable food slicer is a space-saving kitchen appliance that allows effortless cutting of bread, meat and vegetables. With an adjustable cutting width and a large cutting surface, it is particularly versatile and easy to use.
  • The compact size and light weight make the foldable food slicer a practical companion for on the go or for small kitchens. The body and blade are made of high quality materials, ensuring durability and easy cleaning.
  • Thanks to the foldable design, the food slicer can be stored easily and in a space-saving manner. The cutting angle and cutting thickness can be individually adjusted to achieve perfect results. With a powerful motor and a safety switch, the food slicer is safe and reliable to use.

The all-purpose slicer – your practical helper for the kitchen

An slicer is a practical one Kitchen appliance, that in none Budget should be missing. It enables effortless and gentle cutting of various foods such as bread, vegetables, cold cuts and more. A foldable one slicer also offers the advantage of space-saving storage. With a built-in safety function, it also ensures a safe cutting experience.

Key Findings:

  • An slicer is a practical one Kitchen appliance for the effortless and gentle preparation of food.
  • Foldable food slicer offer the possibility of space-saving storage.
  • Safety features ensure a safe cutting experience.

Versatile uses for the all-purpose slicer

A food slicer is not just a practical one Kitchen appliance, but also extremely versatile. With a food slicer you can make different things Food cut effortlessly and precisely.

As the  vegetable cutter It enables fruit and vegetables to be cut quickly and evenly into fine slices. This means you can prepare healthy salads, vegetable side dishes or decorative garnishes in no time.

As the  Bread machine The all-purpose slicer ensures even slices of bread perfect for breakfast or for sandwiches. You can customize the cutting thickness to get both thinner and thicker slices.

As the  slicer The all-purpose slicer offers the option of cutting sausage and cheese into even, wafer-thin slices. You can present your cold cuts platter in an attractive and professional manner.

The food slicer can either be operated electrically, which makes it particularly effortless to use, or operated manually if you prefer to have control over the cutting process yourself. A foldable food slicer also offers the practical advantage of space-saving storage.

The advantages of a professional all-purpose slicer

An professional all-purpose slicer offers a variety of benefits for the cuisine. This practical kitchen appliance can be used to precisely cut thin slices of various foods. No matter whether bread, sausage, cheese or vegetables - one All-purpose slicer with serrated edge enables an even and attractive cutting result. A universal slicer is particularly practical for preparing cold cuts Slicing machine for sausage and cheese, By the adjustable cutting width The thickness of the slices can be individually adjusted.

Another advantage of a professional food slicer is its multifunctionality. It is not only suitable for cutting food, but also as an electric one vegetable cutter foldable. So he can eat fruit and vegetables effortlessly Cut vegetables into thin slices. A food slicer is therefore a versatile kitchen appliance that cannot be used in any cuisine should be missing.

If you are looking for one high quality and multifunctional If you are a food slicer, you should consider an electric food slicer. With a professional slicer you can cut thin slices with a slicer. The adjustable cutting width allows you to individually adjust the thickness of the slices. A All-purpose slicer with serrated edge ensures an attractive cutting result. Whether for everyday use or for special occasions, a professional all-purpose slicer is an essential kitchen tool that makes cutting food easier and gives you professional results.

The high quality of the GRAEF food slicers

The all-purpose slicers from COUNT are characterized by their high quality and longevity. With sharp knives equipped, they ensure precise cutting results. Our food slicers are specifically designed for cutting food and also allow you to dry sliced ​​food. They are therefore ideal as practical household helpers cuisine.

We attach great importance to this High quality workmanship Materials to ensure our food slicers can withstand the demands of everyday use. So you can rely on many years of use and reliable performance. Our food slicers are designed to make cutting food as easy as possible for you.

Discover the high quality of the GRAEF food slicer and let us convince you of their performance and reliability. We offer different models that meet your individual requirements. Regardless of whether electrical Schneider or manual all-purpose slicer, at GRAEF you will find the right all-purpose slicer for your needs.

The special features of the GRAEF all-purpose slicers

The GRAEF food slicer offer outstanding features that set them apart from other models on the market. With their modern finish, they are not only functional kitchen appliances, but also an eye-catcher in every kitchen. Additionally, some models have an innovative safety feature that prevents injuries while cutting and ensures a safe cutting experience.

Another one Highlight is the  MiniSlice, which is included free of charge with some models. With this special attachment, small fruits and other small Food can be cut easily and precisely. Also a knife sharpener , and a Care are included with some models to ensure optimal care and sharpness of the knives.

The GRAEF food slicer offer special equipment, including Food slicer with safety functionMiniSliceknife sharpener and Care. They also impress with their exclusive finish, which makes them an eye-catcher in every kitchen.

With their special features and high-quality workmanship, the GRAEF food slicers are an excellent choice for everyone Budget and professional kitchens. They enable safe and precise cutting of food, making everyday work in the kitchen easier. Get a GRAEF food slicer today and discover the advantages for yourself!

The different models of GRAEF food slicers

The GRAEF food slicers are available in different models that offer different functions and features. The popular models include the SKS903,  SKS850 and the SKS900.

Das Modell SKS903 is with a smooth Solid steel knife equipped, the one precise and consistent cutting performance enabled. The knife can be sharpened at home to maintain its sharpness.

The SKS850 and the SKS900 have a diverse range Serrated blade made of stainless steel. This knife is ideal for cutting bread, sausage and cheese. Both models also offer a continuous cutting thickness adjustment from 0-15 mm to individually adjust the desired thickness of the slices.

Other models and features

  • Some models of GRAEF food slicers come with a smooth Solid steel knife Equipped with hollow grinding. This knife ensures optimal cutting performance and allows you to glide effortlessly through various foods.
  • All models offer a solid construction and high-quality workmanship to ensure a long service life.
  • The all-purpose slicers from GRAEF are also characterized by their simple operation and easy cleaning.

Which model of GRAEF food slicer suits you best depends on your individual needs and preferences. Whether smooth Solid steel knifeSerrated blade or a combination of both – GRAEF offers a diverse selection to meet your needs.

The functions of the GRAEF food slicers

The GRAEF food slicers offer a variety of useful functions that make cutting food in the kitchen easier. A foldable aluminum slide Made of hard anodized aluminum ensures easy handling and enables safe cutting. One removable knife cover plate from Stainless steel does the cleaning of the food slicer is particularly easy and hygienic. With a Aluminum base plate The material to be cut can be introduced precisely, which leads to even cutting results.

The On-off switch of the food slicer enables effortless operation of the device. The whisper-quiet capacitor motor ensures consistent performance and minimizes annoying noise. An integrated one cable compartment offers the possibility of that Cables neatly stored and reduces the risk of cable tangles. The cutting thickness of the all-purpose slicer can be infinitely adjusted to take individual preferences into account when cutting.

The functions of the GRAEF food slicers help to make cutting food in the kitchen more efficient and convenient. With these practical functions, a food slicer is an indispensable helper for every kitchen.

The advantages of having a food slicer in the family

A food slicer is a useful helper in the family. It makes cutting food easier in everyday life and is particularly suitable for families. The Family line from GRAEF offers special all-purpose slicers that are tailored to the needs of everyday family life. The Graef VIVO V20 for example, has one Knife cover plate for easy cleaning and a child lock to ensure the safety of children. With a powerful capacitor motor, it can easily handle cutting larger quantities.

The Knife cover plate of  Graef VIVO V20 All-purpose slicer allows for easy cleaning after use. Covering the knife prevents food from getting caught between the blades and makes cleaning easier. This is particularly useful in a family that often processes large amounts of food.

Another feature that makes the GRAEF food slicer ideal for the family is the integrated child lock This safety device ensures that children cannot operate the food slicer unsupervised, thereby preventing injuries. Parents can therefore be assured that their children are protected when cutting food.

Food slicer for professional chefs

Our professional all-purpose slicers from the Chef's Line are specifically tailored to the needs of professional chefs. An outstanding model is the Master M90, which has numerous functions and a high Funktionalität convinced. The continuous cutting thickness adjustment from 0-20 mm allows precise adjustment of slice thickness for different foods.

A special highlight of the Master M90 is the tilt, which allows the food to be cut to fall perfectly onto the stainless steel tray. This ensures a smooth workflow. In addition, the food slicer is equipped with a momentary function that enables one-handed operation. This is particularly useful if you need to do other tasks while cutting.

Our Chef's Line food slicers not only offer outstanding performance, but also first-class workmanship. They are designed for professional use and are characterized by their Robustness and durability out of. With our all-purpose slicers, professional chefs can take their cooking skills to a new level Level up and in the kitchen achieve perfect results.

Accessories and spare parts for food slicers

With the right accessories and spare parts, you can get the most out of your food slicer and extend its lifespan. Here are some of the key accessories and replacement parts available for food slicers:

  • Serrated knife: quality Serrated blade ensure precise cutting results and enable you to cut your food into attractive slices.
  • Essays: Practical attachments such as a leftover holder or a MiniSlice expand the possible uses of your food slicer. With these attachments you can also cut small foods easily and safely.

The accessories and the Spare parts for food slicers are usually available directly from the manufacturer or in specialist shops. They are specially tailored to the respective models and brands and ensure optimal performance Funktionalität your all-purpose slicer.

If you need accessories or spare parts for your food slicer, you should make sure that they are compatible with your model. You can usually find information about the right accessories and replacement parts for your device in the operating instructions or on the manufacturer's website.

The all-purpose slicer from Deliving.de

The  Deliving.de you will find a large selection of high-quality food slicers. We offer various models from the GRAEF brand, which is known for its high quality and durability. With an all-purpose slicer Deliving.de you can cut food effortlessly and precisely and take your cooking skills to a new level.

Our range includes food slicers with various functions, such as: continuous cutting thickness adjustmentremovable knife cover plate and foldable aluminum slide. You can choose between models with different types of knives, such as smooth solid steel knives, serrated knives or smooth solid steel knives with hollow grinding. We also offer accessories and spare parts such as serrated blades and attachments for optimal use of your food slicer.

Our goal at Deliving.de is to offer you high-quality food slicers that meet your needs and provide you with an easy and efficient cutting experience. With a food slicer from Deliving.de, you are investing in a practical kitchen appliance that will give you joy for a long time. Visit our website today and discover our range of high-quality food slicers.

Food slicer – your practical helper in the kitchen

A slicer is a practical helper in the kitchen and in Budget. With its versatile uses, it makes cutting food easier and saves valuable time. Whether you want to cut bread, vegetables, cold cuts or other foods, a food slicer will do the job effortlessly and precisely.

Thanks to its modern functions, the food slicer adapts flexibly to your needs. The adjustable cutting width allows different strengths of slices to cut while a All-purpose slicer with serrated edge ensures an attractive appearance of the panes. Thanks to its foldable design, it also saves space and can be easily stowed away.

A food slicer is an indispensable helper in everyday life and in the kitchen. Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur chef, it will help you make cutting food more efficient. Modern, practical and versatile - a universal slicer should not be missing in any kitchen.


An all-purpose slicer is a practical kitchen appliance, which is versatile and makes cutting food easier. With a variety of functions and high-quality workmanship, food slicers such as the GRAEF models offer optimal performance and precise results.

Whether for everyday use or for professional applications, a food slicer is an indispensable helper in the kitchen. It saves time and allows you to effortlessly cut bread, vegetables, cold cuts and more.

Get your food slicer today and experience the benefits for yourself. With a food slicer, cutting food becomes child's play and you can take your cooking skills to a new level. A food slicer is a practical kitchen appliance that no kitchen should be without.


What is a food slicer?

A multi-purpose slicer is a practical kitchen appliance that allows you to effortlessly and gently cut various foods such as bread, vegetables and cold cuts.

What possible uses does a food slicer have?

A food slicer can be used as... vegetable cutterBread machine and slicer should be used.

What advantages does a food slicer offer?

A food slicer allows you to cut thin and even slices, offers a high precision and an individually adjustable cutting width.

What sets the GRAEF food slicers apart?

The GRAEF food slicers are characterized by their high quality and durability. They are equipped with sharp knives and offer a variety of functions.

What functions do the GRAEF food slicers have?

The GRAEF all-purpose slicers have foldable aluminum slides, removable knife cover plates, aluminum base plates, On-off switch, whisper-quiet capacitor motors and infinitely adjustable cutting thicknesses.

Which models does GRAEF offer?

GRAEF offers various models such as SKS903SKS850 and SKS900 

What accessories and spare parts are available for food slicers?

There are accessories such as serrated knives and attachments for slicers.

What experiences have customers had with the GRAEF food slicers?

Customers praise the high quality, easy operation and precise results of the GRAEF food slicers.

Where can I buy food slicers?

At Deliving.de you will find a large selection of high-quality food slicers from GRAEF.

Why should I have a food slicer in my kitchen?

A slicer is a practical helper, which makes cutting food easier and saves time.

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