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Amphora: The amphora is a classic decorative object and a must-have for every garden. The timeless design and high-quality workmanship make them a real eye-catcher. The amphora is ideal for designing a Mediterranean garden or for use as a flower pot. Due to the robust materials, it is particularly durable and hard-wearing. The amphora is a real gem for every garden.
Best recommendation
Amphora Esschert Design Aged Metal Green Vase oval S
Price-performance winner
Amphore Formplastic Plant Cup Planter Flower Pot Planter
Amphora Massive flower pot round plant trough
Amphora Solid stone figure planter
Amphora terracotta-toepfe-de Extraordinary rustic lace
Amphora DARO DEKO clay planter lying 27 x 13 x 15 cm
Amphora Biscottini Terracotta flower pot large 45x34x34 cm
Amphora Cepewa made of cement │antique design │height 17cm
Amphora terracotta-toepfe-de 2nd choice - special offer - 40 cm made of terracotta
Amphora Hobby 40278 Bronze, L, 31 cm
Model Amphora Esschert Design Aged Metal Green Vase oval S Amphore Formplastic Plant Cup Planter Flower Pot Planter Amphora Massive flower pot round plant trough Amphora Solid stone figure planter Amphora terracotta-toepfe-de Extraordinary rustic lace Amphora DARO DEKO clay planter lying 27 x 13 x 15 cm Amphora Biscottini Terracotta flower pot large 45x34x34 cm Amphora Cepewa made of cement │antique design │height 17cm Amphora terracotta-toepfe-de 2nd choice - special offer - 40 cm made of terracotta Amphora Hobby 40278 Bronze, L, 31 cm
Brand Esschert Design Formplastic Terracotta Pots De Daro decoration Cookies Cepewa Terracotta Pots De Hobby
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Amphora
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,2goodAmphora
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodAmphora
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TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodAmphora
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TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodAmphora
For planting
stability ++ 1kg ++ 720g +++ 11kg +++ 15kg ++ 4kg + 700 g ⚬ no manufacturer information ⚬ no manufacturer specification ++ 4kg ++ 720g
volume in liters + 22L ++ 42L + 22L + 7L + 7L + 5L +++ 62 l +++ 61 l + 18L + 6L
manual work
High quality material #NAME? #NAME? #NAME? #NAME? #NAME? #NAME? #NAME? #NAME? #NAME? ⚬ no manufacturer information
  • Particularly high-quality material
  • high stability
  • plant pot
  • Large capacity
  • High quality material
  • high stability
  • Planter
  • High quality material
  • particularly stable
  • handmade plant pot
  • High quality material
  • particularly stable
  • handmade plant pot
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  • high stability
  • manual work
  • plant pot
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  • handmade
  • Flower pots
  • Decorations
  • Particularly high volume
  • seeder
  • Particularly high-quality materials
  • high stability
  • handmade
  • Highly stable plant pot
  • also available in 22 cm and 14 cm length
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At a glance
  • An amphora is an ancient vessel used for transporting and storing liquids such as oil, water and wine. The shape of the amphora is slender and bulbous with two symmetrical handles. Most amphorae were made of clay.
  • The use of amphorae dates back to the Bronze Age and was also widespread during Greek and Roman antiquity. Today, amphorae are still used to make wine and olive oil used because they can preserve the flavor and quality of the contents. In addition, amphorae are also used as decorative elements in houses and gardens.
  • Making amphorae is an intricate process of shaping, drying and firing the clay. Amphorae are often decorated by engraving patterns or by applying paint and glaze. Nowadays, amphorae are also very popular with collectors and can be sold at auctions for high prices.

The Mysterious Amphora: A captivating historical novel full of intrigue and adventure

The historical novel “The Mysterious Amphora” takes readers into a captivating story full of intrigue and Adventures. The main role is played by one antique amphora, which harbors a mysterious past. The reader is introduced to an exciting world of ancient ceramics and Greek history.


  • The historical novel “The Mysterious Amphora” offers a captivating story full of intrigue and Adventures.
  • The main role is played by one antique amphora with a mysterious past.
  • The novel immerses the reader in the world of ancient ceramics and Greek history.
  • The story is rich in tension and Adventures.
  • The mysterious one Amphora is a captivating one historical novel, which will delight readers.

The history of the amphora

The Amphora has a long history that dates back to ancient times. It was primarily used as a container for liquids such as wine and oil. The ancient Greeks were known for their ornate stone and ceramic amphoras. These amphoras not only served a practical purpose, but were also an expression of the artistic skills and cultural heritage of their time.

The antique amphora was not just a simple container, but also a symbol of trade and cultural exchange. By transporting wine and other goods the played Amphora an important role in the trade of ancient civilizations. In addition, it was also used in religious and ceremonial contexts.

The Greek amphora was available in various shapes and sizes depending on intended use and regional preferences. There were smaller amphorae that were used for cosmetic products, for example, as well as larger amphorae that were used to transport food and liquids. The diversity of Amphora shapes reflected the creative and practical nature of ancient society.

The importance of the stone amphora in Greek culture

"The Stone amphora was a symbol of long-lasting beauty and strength in Greek culture. It was often decorated with elaborate figures and patterns that represented the stories and myths of the Greek pantheon.”

– Art expert Dr. Anna Müller

The Stone amphora was a special form of ancient amphora and was of outstanding importance in Greek culture. It was often viewed as an art object and was decorated with elaborate figures and patterns that represented the stories and myths of the Greek pantheon. The Stone amphora was a symbol of long-lasting beauty and strength.

Amphora type Description
Ceramic amphora Handmade clay amphora, artistically decorated
Stone amphora Amphora made of stone, decorated with artistic figures and patterns
metal amphora Amphora made of metal, often with decorations made of gold or silver

The variety of amphora shapes

Amphoras come in many different shapes and sizes and offer a wide variety of designs and styles. From classic terracotta amphoras to elegant ones Amphora vases – there is a suitable shape for every taste and purpose.

A popular trend is this Amphora garden, in which amphoras are used as decorative elements Garden eingesetzt werden. Sie dienen als Pflanzgefäße für Blumen und Pflanzen und verleihen dem Garden eine einzigartige Ästhetik. Durch die Kombination von verschiedenen Amphora shapes creates a versatile and attractive appearance.

In addition to the classic shapes, there are also special amphoras like this Amphora pot or the amphora bottle. The Amphora pot is a practical container for storing liquids or food and impresses with its unique design. The amphora bottle however, is a popular container for wine or others Drinks and is characterized by its elegant shape.

Examples of amphora shapes:

Amphora shape Description
Terracotta amphora Traditional, handcrafted terracotta amphora with rustic charm.
Amphora vase Elegant and slender amphora, often with ornate decorations and used as vases.
Amphora pot Practical vessel with a wide base and narrow neck, ideal for storing liquids or food.
amphora bottle Elegant bottle shape with a narrow neck, often used for wine or other drinks.

The variety of Amphora shapes makes it possible to find the perfect design for every occasion and every interior style. Whether classic, rustic or elegant - amphoras are timeless works of art that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The artistic design of amphoras

The artistic design of amphorae played an important role in ancient civilization. Amphoras were not only simple containers, but also works of art created by talented craftsmen. These artistic works were designed with great attention to detail and were often decorated with applications and seals. The Amphora design was an expression of the artistic sense and craftsmanship of the time.

The Amphora art included various styles and techniques that varied depending on cultural background and time period. From the elegant and sophisticated patterns of Greek amphoras to the relief depictions of Roman amphoras, each culture had its own unique style. The design of the amphorae was often influenced by mythological motifs and historical events, which were depicted in artistic images.

“The artistic design of amphorae was an important part of the ancient cultural heritage. These unique works of art exemplify the creativity and aesthetic sense of ancient civilizations, and they remain fascinating to view today.”

– An art expert

The Amphora application was a special technique in which decorative elements were applied to the amphora. These applications were often made from clay or metal and then applied to the surface of the amphora. They were not only used for decoration, but also had symbolic meaning and told stories. The Amphora seal were another form of design in which a seal was pressed onto the lid or body of the amphora to seal it and ensure its authenticity.

The table shows different styles and techniques Amphora design presented to provide a comprehensive overview of the diversity and beauty of this ancient art form:

time period Culture Style Technology
Greek antiquity Greek Black-figure amphoras Painting with black paint on a red background
Roman antiquity Roman Roman relief amphorae Sculpture in relief technique
Byzantine period Byzantine Byzantine amphoras Mosaic and gold decoration

Greek black-figure amphoras

The Greek black-figure amphoras were one of the most famous and widely used styles in ancient Greece. In this technique, the amphora was painted with black paint on a red background. The motifs were often mythological or historical in nature and were depicted with great precision and detail. These ornate amphoras are now valuable collector's items and give us an insight into the history and art of Greek civilization.

The importance of the amphora in history

The amphora has a fascinating history that dates back to the earliest civilizations. It was not only a useful container, but also a symbol of trade, culture and art. In the visual arts, the amphora has often been used as a motif and has been depicted in different ways in different cultures and eras. The History of the amphora reflects the development of human civilization and is of great cultural importance.

The amphora was an important element of daily life in many ancient cultures. It served as a transport container for various liquids such as wine, oil and water and played a crucial role in trade between different communities. In addition, the amphora was a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Its artistic design and decoration gave it a special aesthetic value and made it a sought-after object in the ancient world.

The amphora also received great attention in the visual arts. It was depicted in paintings, sculptures and reliefs and served as a motif for various artistic representations. The amphora often represented the fullness and abundance of ancient life and was a symbol of the beauty and wealth of nature. Their depiction in art helped convey the importance of the amphora in ancient culture and secured it a permanent place in art history.

The importance of the amphora in the visual arts:

“The amphora is a fascinating motif in fine art that has inspired artists and viewers alike for centuries. Their elegant shape and ornate decoration make them a popular subject for painters, sculptors and other artists. The amphora symbolizes wealth, beauty and culture and adds a certain elegance and sophistication to any work of art.” – Art expert

History of the amphora in the visual arts:

  1. Ancient Greece: In Greek art, the amphora was often used as a motif in vase paintings. She was depicted in different scenes and contexts, giving the artworks a certain depth and complexity.
  2. Roman antiquity: The amphora also played an important role in Roman art. It was used as a symbol of luxury and status and was found in paintings, sculptures and mosaics.
  3. Byzantine and Medieval Art: The use of the amphora as an artistic motif also continued in Byzantine and Medieval art. It was often used in religious depictions and symbolized purity and fertility.

The Amphora in the visual arts is a fascinating topic that can be examined and researched to understand the meaning of this object in different eras and cultures.

Century Significance of the amphora in art
5th to 4th century BC BC The amphora served as a popular motif in Greek vase painting and symbolized various themes such as mythology, everyday life and religious rituals.
1st to 3rd century AD Roman art used the amphora as a symbol of wealth and luxury. She has been depicted in various works of art such as frescoes, sculptures and mosaics.
6th to 15th centuries In Byzantine and medieval art, the amphora was often used in religious depictions and symbolized purity and fertility.

The functions of the amphora

The amphora has had various functions and uses throughout history. In addition to its primary function as a container for liquids such as wine, oil and water, the amphora was also used to transport goods. Their robust shape and practical handle made transport easier and protected the contents from damage.

There were also special types of amphorae that served specific purposes. One Amphora with stand for example, was ideal to place as a decorative element in interior rooms or gardens. The stand gave the amphora additional stability and ensured that it could be set up safely. One Amphora with lid in turn offered the opportunity to protect the contents from external influences and keep them fresh for longer.

In addition to its practical use, the amphora also had symbolic functions. One Amphora with fruits for example, was often seen as a symbol of fertility and abundance. It was used in decorative arts and served as an expression of wealth and prosperity. One Amphora oil lamp on the other hand, had both a functional and an aesthetic meaning. It was filled with oil and used as a light source, but could also serve as a decorative element.

Usage Description
Storage of liquids Amphorae were primarily used to store wine, oil and water.
Transport of goods Because of their sturdy shape and practical handle, amphoras were used to transport goods.
Decorative element Amphoras with stands or certain decorations served as decorative elements in interior rooms or gardens.
Protection of content Amphorae with lids offered protection for the contents from external influences.
Symbols of fertility and prosperity Amphoras containing fruit were often viewed as symbols of fertility and abundance.
Functional and aesthetic light source Amphora oil lamps served both a functional purpose and a decorative function.

The symbolism of the amphora

The amphora has rich symbolism and has been considered a symbol of abundance, wealth and fertility in many cultures and at different times. In decorative arts, amphoras were often provided with handles and decorated with fruit motifs to reinforce this association. The Symbolism of the amphora has its roots in ancient cultures and is still present in art and design today.

The decorative amphora with its elegant and aesthetic design is a popular object to beautify rooms and create a certain mood. It can be used as an eye-catcher on a table or as a decorative element on shelves and showcases. The old amphora with handles embodies tradition and history and gives every room a touch of nostalgia and elegance.

The Amphora with fruit motif is particularly known for its importance as a symbol of fertility and abundance. This motif is often used in the decoration of tablecloths, tableware or home accessories to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. The Amphora with fruit motif is a timeless symbol of growth, prosperity and joy of life.

Symbolism of the amphora Decorative amphora Old amphora with handles Amphora with fruit motif
Symbol of abundance, wealth and fertility Beautifies rooms and creates atmosphere Embodies tradition and history Symbol of growth, prosperity and joy of life
Use in art and design Eye-catcher on tables or shelves Touch of nostalgia and elegance Decoration of tablecloths and dishes

The Symbolism of the amphora makes them a popular motif in works of art, decorations and design objects. Their timeless design and their diverse possibilities for interpretation have made them a fascinating element in art and cultural history.

The importance of the amphora in ancient ceramics

The amphora played a crucial role in the development of ancient ceramics. It was an attribute of ancient culture and was considered a symbol of creativity, craftsmanship and the human ability to shape and change the world. The definition and shape of the amphora was of great importance to the antique ceramics and had a great influence on the development of this craft.

Antique ceramics is best known for her use of amphorae. The amphora, a vase-like vessel shape with a slender neck and bulbous base, was a popular design for storing and transporting liquids such as wine, oil, and water. The shape of the amphora allowed liquids to be stored and transported safely, and its aesthetic design contributed to the artistic beauty of ancient ceramics.

Amphora definition and amphora shape

The definition of an amphora refers to its characteristic form and function. An amphora is a vessel with a bulbous body, a slender neck and two side handles. This shape made it possible to hold and transport the amphora safely. The use of handles attached to the sides of the amphora made it easier to carry and pour liquids. The Amphora shape was well thought out and functional, leading to its widespread use in ancient ceramics.

The amphora pot is a special form of amphora used for storing and transporting food such as grain and Flour has been used. The amphora pot had a wider base and a narrower neck, which made it possible Food to store and store safely. This specialization of the Amphora shape shows the versatility and adaptability of this vessel in ancient ceramic production.

Amphora shape Description
Amphora with handles This mold had side handles to make carrying and pouring liquids easier. It was the most commonly used form of amphora.
Amphora vases Amphora vases were more decorative pieces that often had ornate decorations. They were mainly used as interior decoration.

The use of the amphora in ancient ceramics not only met practical needs, but also created artistic pieces that reflected the cultural heritage of the time. The amphora is therefore an important element in the history and development of ancient ceramics and still has great cultural significance today.

The versatility of the amphora

The amphora is an extremely versatile object that can be used in many different contexts. Their flexible application options make them a popular element in various areas. Here are some examples of how the amphora can be used:

1. Amphora Garden

One way to enjoy the beauty of an amphora is to use it as a decorative element in the garden. With their elegant shape and antique charm, amphoras add a touch of history and aesthetics to the garden. They can serve as planters to grow blooming flowers or green plants, adding natural beauty to the outdoor space.

2. Large amphora for special occasions

If you are looking for an impressive decoration for a special occasion, one can large amphora the perfect Choice be. With its impressive size and artistic design, it attracts everyone's attention and gives the room a majestic atmosphere. One large amphora can be placed as a focal point at an event or used as an impressive element in a reception area.

3. Amphora sales

Amphoras are also available for purchase and are popular with antique art lovers and collectors. They can be purchased in a variety of sizes and designs, with each amphora being a unique piece with its own story and character. Buying an amphora makes it possible to have a piece of the ancient world in your own home and admire the timeless beauty of this object.

4. Amphora lamp and frame

The versatility of the amphora is also reflected in its use as a lamp or frame. An amphora can be converted into a stylish lamp by equipping it with a suitable light source. In addition, it can be used as a decorative stand to display other objects such as vases or sculptures. The amphora gives every room a special touch thanks to its unique shape and charisma.

The amphora is therefore an extremely versatile object that can be used in many different contexts. Whether in the garden, on special occasions, as a collector's item or as a decorative element - the amphora adds a touch of elegance and history to every room and every occasion.

The production of amphoras

Making amphoras requires both craftsmanship and artistic talent. When designing an amphora, the designer must consider shape, size and function. Traditionally, amphorae are formed by hand, with the clay placed on a potter's wheel and then modeled with the hands.

The potter uses various tools to achieve the desired shape and decorations. The surface of the amphora is polished smooth before it is fired. During the firing process, the amphorae are heated at high temperatures in an oven to make them durable and waterproof.

The decorations on the amphora can be created using various techniques, such as applying paint or carving patterns. It requires a lot of skill and experience to achieve the desired decorations and make the amphora a unique work of art. Amphora making is a traditional craft passed down from generation to generation and represents an important part of cultural heritage.

The sale of amphoras in Germany

In Germany there are a variety of shops and suppliers that offer amphoras for sale. These stores have a wide range of amphoras in different sizes and designs to suit the different needs and tastes of buyers. Whether you have a small one decorative amphora for your home or need a larger amphora for special occasions, you will surely find the right one.

Some stores also offer amphoras with lids for sale. These amphoras are not only practical for storing liquids such as wine or oil, but also serve as a decorative element. The lid closes the amphora securely and protects the contents from external influences. It is an excellent option for those who want to display their amphora as a decorative piece.

In addition to the shops, there are also amphora museums in Germany that are dedicated to the history and art of the amphora. These museums offer a unique opportunity to learn more about the diversity and importance of amphoras. You can different types of amphorae see, admire historical exhibits and expand your knowledge about this fascinating object.

Amphora Museum Amphora shop Amphora suppliers in Germany Amphora with lid for sale
Museum of Ancient Art Antique Treasures GmbH Ceramic world Amphora world
State collection of antiquities Historical ceramics Handicrafts store Garden and home decor

The amphora in literature and art

The amphora has a long history in literature and art. In many novels and stories, the amphora is used as a central motif to create tension and intrigue to create. The Amphora novel “The Mysterious Amphora” is an example of a captivating historical novel that takes the reader into the world of ancient amphoras. With its gripping plot and cleverly woven historical details, this novel offers an authentic and thrilling reading experience.

The amphora was also depicted as a popular motif in the visual arts. Ancient amphora sculptures are an impressive example of the artistic skills of bygone times. The detailed design and artistic decorations make these sculptures true works of art. They are not just testimonies of the Amphora history, but also an expression of the artistic creativity of their creators.

The importance of the amphora in literature and art reflects the fascination and attraction that it has had on people for centuries. Their diverse symbolism and cultural heritage make them a recurring motif that is still present in various artistic expressions today. The amphora is a lasting symbol of human creativity and the deep connection to our history.

The importance of the amphora for collectors

The amphora is a sought-after collector's item for many people, especially collectors of antique tableware and art objects. Antique ceramic amphora vases and decorative stone amphoras are particularly sought after. Collectors can find amphoras from specialized suppliers in Germany and expand their collection with unique and authentic pieces, such as antique amphora sculptures.

Antique ceramic amphora vases offer collectors the opportunity to have a piece of history in their own four walls. These vases were made by hand and testify to the craftsmanship of bygone times. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also a testament to ancient culture and the artistic skills of those times On Site Team.

“The amphora is a timeless symbol of elegance and beauty. Their artful design and versatile uses make them a sought-after item for collectors around the world.” – Collector and expert on antique amphoras

Finding amphoras for a collection requires patience and the right expertise. It is important to contact reputable amphora suppliers in Germany to ensure that you are purchasing authentic and high quality pieces. These suppliers can help collectors select amphoras that suit their individual preferences and collecting priorities.

Antique ceramic amphora vases Decorative stone amphoras Amphora suppliers in Germany Antique amphora sculpture
Authentic pieces from times gone by Aesthetically pleasing decorative objects Expert advice and high-quality selection Ornate sculptures made from ancient amphorae
Evidence of ancient craftsmanship Versatile uses in decoration Security against counterfeits and inferior copies Unique works of art with historical value


The amphora is a fascinating object with a rich history and diverse uses. It is not only a practical container, but also an artistic and cultural symbol. The different types of amphorae, their design, their applications and their symbolism have fascinated people for centuries. The Amphora with oil lamp designdifferent types of amphoraeDefinition of the term amphora and the design and application of amphoras are important aspects that illustrate the versatility and importance of the amphora.

The amphora has played an important role throughout history and is still a sought-after collector's item today. Collectors can different types of amphorae find, underneath antique ceramic amphora vases and decorative stone amphoras. For those interested in the history and art of the amphora, there are also specialized suppliers and museums in Germany that offer insights into this fascinating world.

The amphora is a timeless object, admired not only in the past but also in modern times. Their versatile design and rich symbolism make them an interesting subject in literature and art. The Amphora with oil lamp design and their unique appliqués add to the beauty and appeal of this object. Overall, the amphora is a cultural and artistic heritage that has impressed people for centuries with its design and diverse uses.

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