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Aquarium 2024 – decision support, test & comparison: How to find the right product

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Aquarium: The aquarium is not only a beautiful decorative object, but also a living ecosystem. With the right care and maintenance, fish and plants can thrive beautifully and create a calming atmosphere. From small nano aquariums to large aquariums, there is a suitable aquarium for every taste and size. Search terms such as "aquarium", "aquarium set" or "aquarium complete set" are frequently used when searching for this product. An aquarium can be an asset to any home and a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.
Best recommendation
Aquarium Diversa glass basin 40x25x25 cm, 3 mm, rectangle, 25 L
Aquarium Fluval Flex Nano 34L, freshwater, black
Aquarium Tetra AquaArt LED complete set 60 liters - including LED
Aquarium Tetra 171855 AquaArt Shrimp Complete Set 20 L
Aquarium Tetra Starter Line 54 L complete set with LED lighting
Aquarium Tetra Explorer Line 60 L complete set - LED lighting
Aquarium Aquael 5905546191692 Leddy 60 Equipped , 54 L
Aquarium sweetypet nano tank: complete nano set with LED
Aquarium Aquael 114958 Shrimp Set SMART 2 20, white, 4630 g
Aquarium Tetra Betta Cascade Globe
Model Aquarium Diversa glass basin 40x25x25 cm, 3 mm, rectangle, 25 L Aquarium Fluval Flex Nano 34L, freshwater, black Aquarium Tetra AquaArt LED complete set 60 liters - including LED Aquarium Tetra 171855 AquaArt Shrimp Complete Set 20 L Aquarium Tetra Starter Line 54 L complete set with LED lighting Aquarium Tetra Explorer Line 60 L complete set - LED lighting Aquarium Aquael 5905546191692 Leddy 60 Equipped , 54 L Aquarium sweetypet nano tank: complete nano set with LED Aquarium Aquael 114958 Shrimp Set SMART 2 20, white, 4630 g Aquarium Tetra Betta Cascade Globe
Brand Diverse Fluval Tetra Tetra Tetra Tetra Aquael Sweetypet Aquael Tetra
The Best Suggestionsscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Aquarium
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodAquarium
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodAquarium
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodAquarium
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodAquarium
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodAquarium
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TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,5goodAquarium
Volume 25 l 34 l 60 l 20 l 54 l 60 l 54 l 25 l 19 l 10 l
Type Classic aquarium Nano aquarium Classic aquarium Classic aquarium Classic aquarium Crescent Aquarium Classic aquarium Nano aquarium nano aquarium nano aquarium
Size: 40 x 25 x 25 cm 35 x 33 x 33 cm 61,5 x 34 x 43 cm 35 x 25 x 25 cm 61 x 31 x 35 cm 51,3 x 53 x 33,5 cm 60 x 30 x 35 cm 19 x 44 x 38,5 cm 25 x 25 x 30 cm 30 x 27 x 34 cm
  • Good work
  • Curved windscreen
  • LED colors adjustable via remote control
  • with day and night light switch
  • also available in 20 and 30 liter tanks
  • ideal for shrimp and crayfish
  • stable cover
  • Starter kit with groceries and toiletries
  • including Heating and filters
  • energy saving
  • thick glass
  • very good lighting
  • pleasant light
  • well glued
  • very precise Heating
  • complete
  • ready-to-use set
  • 3 selectable lighting types
  • ecological bio-filter
  • also available in 10 liter and 30 liter tanks
  • with a calming waterfall effect
  • 8 integrated LED lights
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The best aquarium in the test & comparison:
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Important recommendations for buying an aquarium: expert advice and buying guide for 2024
The aquarium comparison above serves as a guide to help you choose the right product.

At a glance
  • An aquarium is a container, which is usually made of glass or plastic and is used to keep aquarium inhabitants such as fish, plants and other creatures in living spaces. Aquarium owners set up their aquariums according to need and purpose, to create a certain atmosphere in their room or to care for exotic aquatic creatures.
  • Aquariums come in different sizes, from small tabletop aquariums to complex and large aquariums that can be mounted on walls. For both beginners and advanced aquarists there is a wide range of fish feed, filters and pumps to keep the aquarium in perfect balance. Common creatures kept in aquariums are fish from goldfish to sharks, snails, shrimp and aquatic plants.
  • Aquariums can be very relaxing and make a beautiful addition to any room. However, it is important to obtain thorough information before buying and setting up an aquarium and to take care of the aquarium regularly in order to create a healthy environment for the animals and plants and to maintain the aquarium's reputation over the long term.

Aquariums fascinate more and more people

Colorful fish cavort in the beautifully decorated underwater world. Exotic fish with unusual shapes and Colors or exquisite native specimens move continuously but quietly, creating a special atmosphere for the walls of the house. The aquarium creates a relaxed and calm atmosphere not only for the public lovers of the aquarium, but also for every observer of the underwater landscape. However, watching fish swimming peacefully or hunting vigorously is only part of the hobby of the aquarium. In order to create a high-performance system, a variety of tasks have to be completed: the species-appropriate setting and the purchase and maintenance of individual components are just as important as regular care and cleaning. But the effort and time invested are definitely worth it, as the number of aquarium owners clearly proves this.

Our aquarium recommendation on Amazon:

SuperFish SF Tropical Set 30 Aquarium black including filter, heater, water conditioner, landing net, thermometer and food
  • o 36.0 x 22.0 x 37.0 cm - 30 L
  • o 12 volt 3,5 watt LED lighting
  • o Aqua-Flow 50 internal filter


Saltwater Aquarium: hard corals, surgeonfish and marine life

If you want to buy an aquarium, the first question is: seawater aquarium or freshwater aquarium? Both variants have fascinating properties, but must be set up and maintained accordingly. The requirements for saltwater aquariums are particularly high. Caring for the miniature ocean with marine life requires some special equipment.

Coral reef aquariums, for example, are the most popular form of sea tank and must always have a constant salinity. In addition, stronger lighting is usually required. If the quality and consistency of the tap water in the area is not sufficient, the reverse osmosis system must first be used for cleaning.

Seawater models belong to the product lines of leading manufacturers. A complete aquarium set or a mini underwater world in the form of a nano aquarium is recommended for beginners. In addition to the spectacular hard coral reefs, small shrimp or invertebrates can also be kept in these small aquariums.

When operating the seawater aquarium, the following aspects must be observed:

  • Strong currents are necessary for seawater, especially coral reef aquariums and their balance. The powerful pump is designed to ensure several cycles per hour.
  • Sufficient light is necessary to produce enough oxygen through photosynthesis.
  • A constant temperature of no more than 30 degrees Celsius is also beneficial for underwater systems and coral reefs.
  • Many fish species, such as the popular yellow sailfish, can only remain healthy and appropriate to their species in relatively large sea tanks.

Freshwater aquarium: more than just a nature experience for beginners

Once you have decided on a freshwater aquarium, aquarium lovers can choose from a variety of different aquarium types. Most private fish aquariums fall into this category. Well-known manufacturers such as Juwel, Fluval or Dennerle from the Palatinate offer a variety of useful equipment for beginners and experts. Customers can choose from a variety of freshwater aquariums depending on their personal requirements, interests and budget:

  • The complete freshwater aquarium actually offers a hassle-free package for beginners: The package contains everything that is needed for the basic aquarium setup. The technical components are coordinated, the revival of the underwater world can begin immediately.
  • Nano aquariums are designed for smaller spaces. Due to the small overall volume, they initially generated a manageable amount of work and still provided home decoration under the water surface. Coordinated technical equipment elements are important because small ecosystems are usually more susceptible to disruption.
  • The spherical aquarium is an effective design element. However, they are not suitable as a habitat for fish. However, spherical glasses are definitely recommended for invertebrates, shrimp and small crabs or for setting up observation boxes.
  • Ornaries are impressive underwater still lifes. The smaller tank is with exotic plants or decorative stones. In this way, almost every desk can be supplemented with an inexpensive aquarium.
  • There are different sizes and models to choose from for the corner aquarium. In many cases, they are combined with matching base units and fill previously unused areas in an attractive way with their useful shapes. Many models are equipped with slightly curved windshields that create an impressive all-round view.

Conclusion on the aquariums

Open aquarium lovers and those who want to become one can fall back on a large number of models and aquarium variants.

Beginners can purchase well thought-out complete equipment from many manufacturers in order to create the best starting conditions for themselves and aquatic organisms. The tank is equipped with everything you need: you just have to place the aquarium and you can bring it to life immediately. In this case, the following can be used as a marker: the larger the pool of water, the larger and more stable it is and it is less prone to failure. Smaller underwater systems usually require more care and avoid failures whenever possible. The beautiful swimming ornamental fish in different colors give the viewer a special feast for the eyes. However, if you want to create a decorative underwater world without silent swimmers, you may find what you are looking for in a nano aquarium or fish tank. Effective landscapes can also be created in large water basins. The so-called landscaping is becoming more and more popular and presents a completely different design challenge.

Our aquarium bestsellers on Amazon:


Bestseller no. 1
Monster Shop 300 liter home aquarium aquarium with base cabinet aquarium combination 143.5cm H x 120.5cm L x 39cm W
  • Dimensions (including base unit): 143.5cm H x 120.5cm L x 39cm W
  • Basin dimensions: 70cm H x 120cm L x 39cm W
  • Capacity 300 liter
Bestseller no. 2
VIALIA aquarium complete set with LED lighting, pump and filter, 38x24x43 cm, 30 liters, black, glass tank for fish and...
  • DIMENSIONS & CAPACITY: This aquarium in the format 38x24x43 cm offers a generous 30 liter volume. Perfect for your...
  • EFFECTIVE FILTERING: The integrated filter system at the top of the aquarium removes even the finest impurities to ensure the highest ...
  • ENERGY-SAVING LIGHTING: The LED lighting with its own plug creates an atmospheric atmosphere and creates...
DiscountBestseller no. 3
Tetra Starter Line 54 L aquarium complete set - including day and night light LED lighting, internal filter, heater, fish food and...
3.958 rating
Tetra Starter Line 54 L aquarium complete set - including day and night light LED lighting, internal filter, heater, fish food and...
  • Stable glass aquarium with 4 mm glass thickness and 54 L volume (dimensions: 60 x 30 x 30 cm) - thanks to the easy installation...
  • Robust cover in a stylishly curved design with a practical feeding flap (dimensions aquarium including cover...
  • Including a long-lasting and energy-saving 10 watt LED light with day/night light switching and reliable 50...

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    What size is the aquarium?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello David Krueger,

      We really appreciate your comment on our aquarium comparison. Thank you for taking the time to give us your opinion!

      The aquarium has a size of 80x40x40 cm. It offers enough space for a variety of fish and aquatic plants.

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    How often do I have to change the aquarium water?

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      This depends on various factors such as the size of the aquarium, the number of fish and plants, and the type of filter. In general, it is recommended to partially change the water every 1-2 weeks to reduce contaminants. Check the water values ​​regularly and clean the filter to keep the water quality optimal.

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    How often does the water in the aquarium need to be changed?

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      Hello Kevin,

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      One third of the water in the aquarium should be changed once a week to ensure good water quality for your fish and plants. Use a suitable water care product to optimize the water and adhere to the individual needs of your fish.

      Best regards to Bad Iburg.

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