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Dominik Berger Auor from Beste-Testsieger.de

Dominic B is an author at Beste-Testsieger.de and specializes in electronics, household appliances, leisure and gardening. His job is to write objective reviews and reviews to help readers make purchasing decisions.

Dominic B

Buy the best Maximilian Fischer bestseller
Maxilian is an experienced writer specializing in writing reviews and ratings for a wide range of products. He strives to provide his readers with objective and trustworthy reviews to help them choose the best products.

Maximilian F

Alexander Schuster
Alexander is an experienced writer specializing in history, culture and society. He has a broad knowledge of different epochs and cultures and can explain complex relationships in an understandable way. His writing is informative, well researched and provides a deep understanding of human history.

Alexander S

Andrew Schmitz
I am Andreas, an experienced author and writer who specializes in various shop categories. I have experience in hardware stores, electronics, fashion, cosmetics, groceries, household goods and sports equipment. My work is aimed at providing the reader with practical and useful information.

Andreas S.

Buy the best Anna Becker bestseller
I am Anna, a versatile writer with a passion for writing and creative expression. My writing subjects include travel and adventure, lifestyle and fashion, health and fitness, art and culture, and technology and innovation.

Anna B.

Buy the best Benjamin Schreiber bestseller
Benjamin B is a multifaceted author, writing on technology, travel, fashion, home and garden, and health and well-being. His articles contain useful tips and advice that can help and inspire readers to improve their lives.

Benjamin B

Buy the best Christian Bauer bestseller
Christian B. is a multifaceted author covering technology, travel, fashion, home and Garden and Health and Wellbeing writes. His articles contain useful tips and advice that can help and inspire readers to improve their lives.

Christian B.

Buy the best David Braun bestseller
David B. is an experienced online shopper with a deep understanding of e-commerce and online shopping. He has learned about a wide range of ecommerce categories and categorized them based on their functions and characteristics.

David B.

Buy the best Emma Hoffmann bestseller
Emma H. is a passionate e-commerce blogger specializing in sustainable fashion and Accessories specialized. She shares her experiences and gives tips for interesting online shops to inspire people to consume more consciously and sustainably.

Emma H.

Buy the best Felix Keller bestseller
Felix K is a passionate e-commerce enthusiast with experience in various categories such as apparel, electronics, Food and beverages as well as gardening and DIY supplies. He is always open to new e-commerce interests and loves to research and compare different products.

Felix K

Buy the best Florian Krueger bestseller
Florian K is an avid e-commerce enthusiast with experience across various categories such as sports and fitness, electronics, travel and tourism as well Food and drinks. He is always on the lookout for new products and loves finding the best deals and bargains.

Florian K

Buy the best Franziska Vogt Bestsleller
Franziska is a passionate online shopper who enjoys browsing various e-commerce categories. She is experienced in the fields of electronics, fashion, beauty, sports and fitness as well as food and is happy to answer questions and make recommendations.

Frances V

Buy the best Hannah Weber Bestsleller
Hannah is a passionate online shopper and traveler who divides ecommerce stores into different categories to search for the best deals and products. She uses the internet to search for travel deals and accessories and loves to keep discovering new things.

Hannah W

Buy the best Jana Hoffmann bestseller
Jana is an avid online shopper who loves to explore different categories including fashion, electronics, beauty, home & garden, sports & Outdoor and Arts & Crafts to find great deals and unique products. She has a particular interest in new trends and technologies, as well as natural and sustainable options.

Jana H

Buy the best Johanna Mueller Bestsleller
Johanna is a passionate e-commerce expert from Berlin, who deals intensively with different categories such as fashion, beauty, furniture, food, electronics, sports, Pet Shops and household appliances employed. She is particularly environmentally conscious and likes to experiment with different styles to create unique looks.

Johanna M

Buy the best Johannes Wagner bestseller
John is an avid online writer with broad interests and an eye for quality and style. He likes to search for the latest gadgets and innovations in the Electronics & Desktop, trendy clothing and accessories, practical solutions for home & garden as well as natural options for health & beauty.

John W

Buy the best Julian Kuhn bestseller
Julian is a writer with a passion for various e-commerce categories including electronics, fashion, homeware, sports, food and travel. He is also an animal lover and bookworm who enjoys shopping online.

Julian K

Buy the best Katharina Lehmann bestseller
Catherine is an experienced author in the field of e-commerce and has specialized in various shop categories. Their expertise extends from electronics & computers to fashion & clothing, home & garden, beauty & care as well as sports & fitness, toys & hobbies, pet supplies & pet food, books & media, food & drinks and cars & motorcycles.

Catherine L

Buy the best Laura Schaefer bestseller
Laura is a passionate online shopper and e-commerce expert with a passion for fashion, tech, pet supplies and health & beauty. She likes to share her experiences and recommendations with others.

Laura S.

Buy the best Lena Schmidt Bestsleller
Lena is a fashion-conscious young woman who enjoys online shopping and is particularly interested in fashion & clothing, beauty & care and accessories. She loves discovering new trends and styles and expanding her individual style.

Lena S

Buy the best Leon Bauer bestseller
Leon is an e-commerce enthusiast and expert in various online shopping categories including Technology, Fashion, Beauty, Home & Garden, Food & Beverage, Sports and leisure, pet supplies and handicrafts. He has a passion for discovering new products and brands.

Leon B.

Buy the best Leonie Krause bestseller
Leonie is an experienced e-commerce writer with a passion for sustainable fashion and fair clothing. She is also well versed in electronics, beauty, health and gardening.

Leonie K

Buy the best Lisa Schmitz bestseller
is an experienced writer specializing in e-commerce and online shopping. It identifies different store categories to provide helpful information and advice for online shoppers.

Lisa S

Buy the best Luisa Berger bestseller
Luisa is an experienced online shopper and e-commerce enthusiast who enjoys writing about different shop categories and helping others find the best products for their needs. It focuses on ten different categories, including electronics, clothing, health, home and garden, toys, sports, travel, auto, pets and food.

Luisa B

Buy the best Lukas Schulz bestseller
Lukas is a passionate e-commerce writer who enjoys exploring the latest trends and developments in the industry. He has a particular interest in Electronics & Gadgets, Jewelry & Watches, and Sports & Leisure and enjoys sharing his experiences and insights with his readers.

Luke S.

Buy the best Marcel Vogt bestseller
Marcel is an e-commerce writer with extensive experience across various store categories including Electronics & Computers, Apparel & Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics, Sports & Fitness, Budget and Garden, Toys and Games, Pets and Pet Supplies, Food and Beverage, Books and Media, and Vehicles and Accessories. As an avid boxer, he likes to spend his free time in the ring to challenge himself physically.

marcel v.

Buy the best Markus Schmidt bestseller

Markus is a passionate Hobby-Gardener who will write articles for the “Household & Garden” category. In addition to his interest in plants and gardening, he also has experience in Furniture & Decor, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness and Beauty & Personal Care.

Markus S

Buy the best Martin Hahn bestseller

Martin is a passionate writer with expertise in e-commerce and online shopping. He enjoys exploring different categories of online shops, especially electronics and fan merchandise shops, to keep up with the latest technological developments and his interests as a football fan.

Martin H.

Buy the best Matthias Beck bestseller

Matthias is a car expert who is also interested in e-commerce. He has a passion for different shop categories such as electronics, home, beauty, sport, books, furniture, food and beverage.

Matthew B

Buy the best Marie Bauer bestseller

Marie is an environmentally conscious author who specializes in sustainable e-commerce products and is happy to recommend the best shops in different categories. She is always on the lookout for environmentally friendly alternatives and fair working conditions.

Marie B.

Buy the best Miriam Kuehn bestseller

Miriam is a passionate writer on e-commerce topics, with experience across many different categories. She is particularly interested in fashion, electronics, household goods, beauty, sports, food, books, toys, pets, travel and tourism.

Miriam K

Buy the best Moritz Sommer bestseller

Moritz is an avid cyclist and e-commerce writer interested in a variety of shop categories. He covers a wide range of topics in his writing, from sports and electronics to health and beauty.

moritz s

Buy the best Niklas Schmitt bestseller

Niklas is a sports-loving author in the e-commerce sector. He writes about various shop categories, especially sports & leisure, apparel & accessories, electronics and food & beverage.

Nicholas S

Buy the best Nina Becker bestseller
Nina is a writer passionate about eCommerce categories such as Apparel & Accessories, Electronics & Computers, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Kids & Toys, Arts & Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Furniture & Decorating, Sports & Fitness, and Travel and writing experiences. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and is always discovering new ingredients and flavor combinations.

Nina B

Buy the best Paula Schneider bestseller
Paula is an e-commerce writer with a passion for reading. She specializes in different shop categories to help readers have the best online shopping experiences.

Paula S.

Buy the best Philipp Schaefer bestseller
Philip is an avid motorcyclist who is interested in various e-commerce shops. He is particularly interested in the categories "Motorcycle", "Sport & Fitness" and "Electronics & Computers".

Philip S

Buy the best Rebecca Schuster bestseller
Rebecca is a passionate writer and online shopper who enjoys shopping in the Pet & Pet Supplies, Sports & Fitness, and Grocery & Beverage categories. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dogs in nature and keeping an eye out for the latest trends in online shopping.

Rebecca S

Buy the best Sabrina Neumann bestseller
Sabrina is a passionate writer specializing in arts and crafts. She offers expertise in different ecommerce categories to recommend the best online shops to the readers.

Sabrina N.

Buy the best Samuel Bishop Bestsleller
Samuel is an eCommerce writer with extensive experience in various shop categories. His passion is the development and optimization of online shops to create the best possible benefit for customers and companies.

Samuel B

Buy the best Sarah Keller bestseller
Sarah is an avid runner and athlete specializing in various eCommerce categories including Sports & Fitness, Electronics & Computers, Home & Garden, Beauty and Pet Supplies. She is happy to share her experiences and recommendations in these areas and is available for questions and further recommendations.

Sarah K

Buy the best Saskia Hartmann bestseller
Saskia is a mother of two young children and is particularly interested in Baby & Kids items. However, she has also gained experience in other eCommerce categories such as Electronics & Computers, Fashion & Apparel, Health & Beauty and Home & Garden.

Saskia H

Buy the best Sebastian Wolf bestseller
Sebastian is an e-commerce writer with experience in various categories such as sports and fitness, electronics and computers, and arts and crafts. He is an avid soccer fan and passionate about browsing e-commerce sites for the best deals and products.

Sebastian W.

Buy the best Simon Mayer bestseller
Simon is a film enthusiast and author who writes across various e-commerce categories including movies and TV-Series, Electronics, Books, Music, Household, Kitchen and Fashion. His articles are informative and entertaining, offering insights into various online stores.

Simon M

Buy the best Marieke Wolf bestseller

Marieke is an eCommerce writer who writes across categories such as Fashion, Beauty, Sports, Home & Garden, Travel, Books & Media, Food, Beverage, Arts & Crafts to help her readers find the best deals and to enrich their lives. Marieke's extensive experience and passion for e-commerce categories makes her a reliable source of well-founded recommendations and advice.

Mary W.

Buy the best Sophia Mayer bestseller
Sophia is a writer with a passion for fashion and the latest trends. She specializes in various e-commerce categories, including clothing, beauty, and lifestyle products, and shares her insights in her articles to ensure her readers can make informed decisions.

Sophia M

Buy the best Stefan Becker bestseller
Stefan is an avid e-commerce writer with a particular interest in HiFi-products. He has dabbled in the world of online shopping and enjoys writing articles and reviews about the latest HiFi products.

Stefan B.

Buy the best Tobias Mueller Bestsleller
Tobias is an expert in smartphones and Tablets with extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and trends in this field. He is also experienced in other e-commerce categories such as electronics and computers, apparel, beauty and personal care, travel and accommodation.

Tobias M

Buy the best Viktoria Koch bestseller
Viktoria is a tech-savvy writer of e-commerce articles covering various shop categories. She shares her experiences and opinions on areas such as electronics & accessories, fashion & accessories, books & magazines, beauty & care, home & living, toys & games, sports & fitness, food & drink, health & wellness and arts & crafts with hers readers.

Victoria K

Buy the best Helmut Buchforst bestseller
Helmut is an author with an academic background in political science and history. Specializing in the fields of politics, history, culture, travel and e-commerce, he strives to make complex subjects understandable through in-depth research and clear language.

Helmut B

Buy the best Peter Siegberg bestseller
Peter is an author with a background in physics and mathematics. He writes about science, technology, economics and finance, and his work aims to present complex issues in easy-to-understand language.

Peter S.

Buy the best Jan Berger bestseller
Jan is a writer with diverse interests and passions. He loves technology, quality and style in clothing and accessories, health and well-being, homeware and decoration, and leisure and sports.

Jan b.

Buy the best Daniel Hoffmann bestseller
Daniel H. is a versatile writer with a wide range of interests who enjoys writing about health and fitness, travel and tourism, arts and culture, and science and technology. In his articles, he likes to share his knowledge and experience, giving tips and advice on various topics.

Daniel H.

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