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Car tires: More than just round rubber

Tires are a safety-critical component of every car. They are the vehicle's only contact with the road and play a central role in driving dynamics, braking behavior and fuel consumption. Because choosing the right tire is critical to driving comfort and safety, drivers should be familiar with the various options and accessories.


An often overlooked but essential element of the tire is the car valve. It is used to fill air into the tire and maintain tire pressure. Correct tire pressure is not only important for driving safety, but also influences fuel consumption and tire life.

All season tires

All-season tires, often referred to as all-weather tires, are a compromise solution for drivers who don't want to change tires twice a year. They combine the properties of summer and winter tires and are suitable for regions with milder winters. However, they neither offer the performance of specialized ones summer tires In hot weather, winter tires still have the optimal grip on snow.


Even if they are often only viewed as a decorative element, they can hubcaps help protect the rims from dirt and stone chips. They can also improve the appearance of a car quickly and inexpensively.

summer tires

As the name suggests, summer tires are optimized for the warm season. They offer excellent grip and performance in dry and wet conditions. Their special rubber mixture ensures that they do not become too soft at high temperatures.

winter tires

Winter tires are essential for icy roads and wintry conditions. They have a special rubber compound that remains flexible even at low temperatures and a deep tread with many sipes to better grip snow and ice.

Tires: The foundation of every safe journey

Whether on the way to work, shopping or on a long holiday trip - the right choice of tires and their condition are crucial for safety and driving comfort. It's worth investing in high-quality tires and checking them regularly. Because only a tire in good condition can give its best when it matters most.