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Bathroom radiators 2024 – decision-making aid, test & comparison: How to find the right product

How towel dryers can enrich your experience: A comprehensive guide

Towel radiator: A towel radiator is a versatile all-rounder in the bathroom. It can not only be used to quickly warm up the bathroom, but also as an additional towel hanger. Our test winners convince with their high efficiency and easy handling. With a high-performance bathroom radiator, the bathroom can be warmed up quickly and easily and a pleasant feeling can be created even in the cooler months of the year.
Best recommendation
Towel radiator Elegant design panel radiator tubes with mirror
Price-performance winner
Towel radiator SONNI towel dryer radiator bathroom 40 * 100cm
Towel radiator Elegant Radiator Bathroom 1600×500 mm White
Towel radiator anapont electric - chrome curved - timer
Towel radiator HEATSUPPLY ® design electric 1.222 x 600 panel
Bathroom radiator Fabinstore electric (720 mm x 400 m)
Towel radiator Meykoers 1800x600mm towel dryer 1348 watts
Bathroom radiator Schulte Turin bathroom radiator, 154 x 60 cm, 604 watts
Model Towel radiator Elegant design panel radiator tubes with mirror Towel radiator SONNI towel dryer radiator bathroom 40 * 100cm Towel radiator Elegant Radiator Bathroom 1600×500 mm White Towel radiator anapont electric - chrome curved - timer Towel radiator HEATSUPPLY ® design electric 1.222 x 600 panel Bathroom radiator Fabinstore electric (720 mm x 400 m) Towel radiator Meykoers 1800x600mm towel dryer 1348 watts Bathroom radiator Schulte Turin bathroom radiator, 154 x 60 cm, 604 watts
Brand Elegant Sonni Elegant anapont heatsupply Fabinstore Meyers Schulte
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Heated towel rail
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,9goodHeated towel rail
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodHeated towel rail
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodHeated towel rail
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodHeated towel rail
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodHeated towel rail
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodHeated towel rail
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodHeated towel rail
Dimensions H 1.800 x 500 mm 1.000 x 400 mm 1.600 x 500 mm 775 x 500 mm 1.222 x 600 mm 720 x 400 mm 1.800 x 600 mm 1.540 x 600 mm
Max. power in watts 850 W 453 W 802 W 300 W 600 W 300 W 1.348 W 604 W
Color anthracite anthracite White Chromium Black White White Alpine White
Weight k. A. k. A. k. A. 10,8 kg 23 kg 5 kg k. A. 22,2 kg
Form straight straight straight curved straight straight straight straight
operating form hot water hot water hot water electric electric electric hot water hot water or electric
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Chromium Steel k. A. Steel Steel
  • modern design
  • with mirror
  • very high performance
  • modern design
  • very high efficiency
  • with thermostat
  • with Timer
  • with water filling
  • modern design
  • with Timer
  • with water filling
  • with antifreeze
  • with thermostat
  • very high performance
  • with thermostat
  • with Timer
  • with antifreeze
  • very high efficiency
  • modern design
  • very high efficiency
  • mixed operation
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best bathroom radiators in the test & comparison:
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Important recommendations for buying a bathroom radiator: expert advice and buying guide for 2024
The towel radiator comparison above serves as a guide to help you choose the right product.

At a glance
  • A towel radiator is a heating device that is specially designed for use in the bathroom. It ensures pleasant warmth and at the same time dries towels and other textiles quickly and gently. A bathroom radiator is therefore an ideal solution for anyone who wants to heat their bathroom efficiently and in a space-saving manner.
  • Radiators come in different sizes and shapes. For example, you can attach it to the wall as a towel radiator or position it as a free-standing model in the room. Electric bathroom radiators, which can also be operated independently of the central heating in the house, are also particularly popular. These offer great flexibility in use and can also be used purely as towel dryers.
  • When purchasing a towel radiator, it is important to ensure the right size and power rating to ensure adequate heat in the bathroom. The choice of material and the design also play a role in optimally integrating the bathroom radiator into the existing bathroom interior. Regular cleaning and care also ensures a high level of functionality and durability of the bathroom radiator.

Warmth and style in one: the modern bathroom radiator for cozy towels

Welcome to HSK, your expert for modern Heated towel rail. We offer a large selection of designer radiators that are not just for warmth, for .... As well Style in your Bathroom care for. Our Heated towel rail integrate seamlessly into the room and become a real highlight of your interior. Whether you want your towels to be cozy and warm or dry, our modern radiators meet both needs.

With our designer radiators you don't just have to focus on that Bathroom restrict. They are also great for other living spaces like that Living room, the cuisinewhich  Bedroom and  Office . Our radiators don't just ensure comfort warmth, but are also visually appealing and adapt to any furnishing style.

Key Findings:

  • Our Heated towel rail offer both warmth as well as most Style for their Bathroom.
  • You can keep your towels cozy and warm or dry.
  • Our Designer radiators fit seamlessly into everyone Living space 
  • They are not only suitable for the bathroom, but also for other areas such as living rooms, cuisineBedroom and Office .
  • Our radiators not only provide warmth, but are also visually appealing.

Warmth and design in the bathroom: the perfect bathroom radiator

A bathroom radiator is not just for that heat dissipation, but can also be a stylish design element in your bathroom. The towel radiators from HSK offer a successful combination of functionality and aesthetics. The open arrangement of the heating fins or tubes allows you to hang your towels over the radiator and at the same time dry let. This is not only practical, but also gives your bathroom an elegant touch.

The Designer radiators from HSK not only ensure a pleasant room temperature, but are also visually appealing. At HSK you will find a variety of modern and timeless designs that suit every bathroom interior. Whether rounded corners, clear lines or glass fronts – there is something for every taste. A bathroom radiator from HSK is not only a functional element, but also a real eye-catcher in your bathroom.

If you are looking for a modern and stylish bathroom radiator that offers both warmth and design, look no further than HSK. Discover the wide range of options and find the perfect towel radiator for your bathroom.

“A towel radiator from HSK is not just practical Towel dryer, but also an aesthetic highlight in your bathroom.” – Customer review

Diverse designs for every living space

Our Designer radiators from HSK are not only perfect for the bathroom, but can be used by anyone Living space beautify. With a variety of modern and chic surfaces and designs, we offer you the opportunity to find the right radiator for your individual interior design. Whether rounded corners, elegant glass fronts or clear lines – with us you are guaranteed to find the designer radiator that will enhance your rooms.

Designer radiators in the kitchen

Why should you have a radiator in the cuisine hide when it can also be a real eye-catcher? Our designer radiators are perfect for giving your kitchen a modern and stylish atmosphere. The radiator becomes a decorative element and at the same time provides pleasant warmth. Choose from a variety of Colors and surfaces to adapt your designer radiator to your kitchen interior.

Designer radiators in the bedroom, children's room and office

Not just in the bathroom and kitchen, but also in BedroomChildrens Furniture and Office  A designer radiator can create a cozy atmosphere. The modern and stylish radiators offer pleasant warmth and are at the same time an eye-catcher in your rooms. Design your bedroom, Childrens Furniture or office with an individually adapted designer radiator and create a comfortable environment for your family and your work.

Our designer radiators offer a variety of designs for everyone Living space. Choose from a wide range of finishes and designs and transform your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, Childrens Furniture or office into a stylish place of warmth. Discover the possibilities and find your perfect designer radiator.

The right choice when buying a designer radiator

When buying a designer radiator, it is important to pay attention not only to the attractive design, but also to the Heating capacity and the type of heat dissipation. A designer radiator should not only be visually impressive, but also efficient and functional. Here are some important aspects to consider:

Heating capacity

The Heating capacity of a designer radiator depends on various factors. Things to consider include the size of the room, insulation, desired room temperature and individual heating needs. A designer radiator with high Heating capacity is recommended if the entire room needs to be well heated.

optics and design

The optics plays a crucial role in a designer radiator. It should not only be functional, but also visually match the interior. Choose a designer radiator that creates the desired ambience and Style of the room. Pay attention to the shape, color and Surface of the radiator.

Convection and radiant heat

Designer radiators usually work according to the convection principle, which means that the heated air rises and creates a constant air flow in the room. Some radiators also radiate heat, which is pleasant Radiant heat ensures. Depending on the design and Surface the ratio varies between convection and Radiant heat. Choose the right design radiator according to your heating needs.

Features convection Radiant heat
Benefits – Fast and even heating of the room – Pleasant heat dissipation on the skin
Disadvantages – Air movement can be perceived as unpleasant Radiant heat has limited scope

Choosing a designer radiator should be done carefully to ensure it is both visually appealing and functional. By increasing the heating output, optics and the type of heat output, you will find the perfect designer radiator for your home.

Variety of colors and quality of materials

With the designer radiators from HSK you have a wide range color selection available. In addition to the standard colors, we also offer special colors that suit your individual taste and furnishing style. In addition, on some models you can even choose between mirrored surfaces or glass fronts. With our designer radiators you can not only provide cozy warmth in your room, but also create a visual highlight.

Our radiators are made of high-quality steel and have a long-lasting powder coating. This Surface is not only light and temperature resistant, but also ensures an attractive appearance optics. So you can be sure that your designer radiator will remain beautiful and high for a long time Material quality offers.

To give you a complete overview of our variety of colors and Material quality We have put together a table that shows you the different options:

color selection Material quality
Standard colors: white, anthracite, chrome High quality steel
Special colors: e.g. RAL colors, metallic colors Long-lasting powder coating
Mirrored surfaces or glass fronts Light and temperature resistant

At HSK we attach great importance to quality and design. Choose your designer radiator in your favorite color and enjoy the cozy warmth and stylish ambience in your room.

Care and cleaning

The regular one Care and Cleaning Your designer radiator is crucial to maintaining its optimal functionality and aesthetics. Here are some important steps you should follow:

Care instructions for the designer radiator

  • Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe down the radiator regularly. This removes Dust and dirt and ensures a clean surface.
  • Avoid using sharp ones cleaning suppliesn or abrasive brushes as these could damage the surface. A mild soap solution is sufficient.
  • Dry the radiator after Cleaning thoroughly to avoid water stains.

Cleaning the fins or pipes

To clean the fins or pipes of your designer radiator, you can use one Vacuum cleaner Use with a brush nozzle to remove dust and dirt. Use caution to avoid damage and ensure the radiator is in front of the Cleaning has cooled down.

Avoid wet towels or clothing

Do not hang dripping wet towels or items of clothing over the designer radiator. This can cause water spots and damage the surface. Always dry towels and clothing thoroughly before hanging them up.

cleaning supplies Suitable Not suitable
Mild soap solution

Stick to these Care– and cleaning tips to extend the life of your designer radiator and ensure its optimal performance. Through regular and appropriate Care you can ensure that your radiator not only remains functional, but also remains visually appealing.

Designer radiators: connection types and installation

When choosing and Installation There are different options for a designer radiator connection types available. Depending on the heating system and individual needs, different options can be chosen. A professional one Installation is crucial for optimal function and performance of the radiator.

connection types

The connection types The design radiators can differ depending on the model. The most common connection types are:

  • Direct connection: The designer radiator is connected directly to the heating system.
  • Side connection: The designer radiator is connected to the side of the heating system.
  • Center connection: The designer radiator is connected to the middle of the heating system.
  • Electrical connection: The designer radiator is electric operated and used independently of the central heating system.

The exact choice of connection type depends on various factors, such as the position of the existing heating pipes and the structural conditions of the room.


The Installation of a designer radiator requires careful planning and precise execution. Before assembly, the exact connection position, dimensions and sizes should be determined. It is advisable to call in a professional to ensure that the radiator is properly connected and installed.

Depending on the connection type and model, individual solutions can be found to optimally integrate the designer radiator into the room. This can also include electric or mixed operation if desired.

In order to achieve the best possible result, installation should be carried out professionally and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. This ensures that the designer radiator functions optimally and ensures pleasant warmth in the room.

Connection Benefits Disadvantages
Direct connection - Easy installation
– Direct connection to the heating system
– Connection position must be correct
– No flexibility in placement
side port – Flexibility in placement
– Easy access to ports
– Connection dimensions must be observed
– Possible additional installation costs
Center connection – Aesthetically pleasing placement
– Even heat distribution
– Possibly additional installation effort
– Connection dimensions must be observed
Electrical connection – Independence from the central heating system
– Flexibility in placement
– Additional power supply required
– Possibly higher operating costs

Electric towel radiators as an alternative

When it comes to heating the bathroom, modern designer radiators are the focus. Not only do they offer warmth and style, but they can also be practical Alternatives serve for classic central heating. A popular option is electric towel radiators that come with a heater operate. These enable independent and flexible heating of the room.

An electric towel radiator like this Infrared radiator Retango heats up quickly and provides a pleasant warmth in the bathroom. It can be easily controlled via a remote controller, so you can adjust the room temperature according to your individual needs. This Alternatives offers you the opportunity to comfortably heat the bathroom even outside the heating season.

In addition to flexible control, electric bathroom radiators also offer the advantage that they can be operated independently of the central heating system. This gives you the opportunity to heat the bathroom separately without having to turn on the entire heating system. This can save both energy and costs.

Comparison of electric towel radiators

Radiator model Heating capacity steering characteristics
Infrared radiator Retango 1000 watts, Remote controller – Fast heating
– Pleasant heat emission
– Flexibly adjustable room temperature
heater BathThermo 800 watts, Integrated thermostat - Easy construction
– Temperature limitation
- Maintenance free
Electric designer radiator Uno 1200 watts, Digital thermostat - Modern design
– Energy efficient
– Timer function

Choosing an electric towel radiator depends on your individual requirements and preferences. From fast heating to flexible controls, there are several features you can consider when making your decision. Find out about the different ones Models and find the electric towel radiator that best suits you and your bathroom.

Designer radiators in various designs

At HSK we offer a wide selection of designer radiators in different models and Versions. Whether you need a radiator for your bathroom, living room, bedroom or office, we have the right model for you. Our designer radiators integrate seamlessly into any room design and are a real eye-catcher.

Our designer radiators are available in different sizes, so you can adapt the radiator exactly to the size of your room. We also offer different surfaces and colors so that the radiator fits perfectly with your interior. Whether rounded corners, clear lines or mirrored surfaces – with us you will find the ideal design for your personal style.

Some of ours Models also have additional functions such as towel rails or intelligent controls, which give you even greater flexibility heat offers. Our designer radiators are not only a source of heat, but also a design element that enhances the room and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Ventilation and care for optimal heat release

To ensure that your designer radiator provides optimal heat output, regular heating is required vent essential. Bleeding ensures that there is no air in the radiator, which can affect the efficiency of heat output. To vent the designer radiator, simply follow these steps:

  1. Turn the Heating off and wait until the radiator has cooled down.
  2. Locate the vent valve on the upper part of the radiator. This can be easy to spot as it can usually be opened with a small key or a Phillips screwdriver.
  3. Place a small drip tray or cloth under the vent valve to catch any water that may escape.
  4. Gently turn the vent valve counterclockwise until you hear a hissing sound. Keep the valve open until you hear no more hissing and water comes out steadily.
  5. Retighten the bleeder valve, but be careful not to overtighten to avoid damage.

In addition to the regular vent It is also important to care for your designer radiator in order to achieve optimal heat output. Clean the radiator regularly with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents as they can damage the surface. Also, do not hang wet clothing or towels over the radiator to ensure even heat distribution.

Tips for ventilation and care:

  • Run the vent annually before the start of the heating season to achieve optimal results.
  • Check the water pressure in your heating system regularly to ensure that the pressure is within the optimal range.
  • Keep the area around the designer radiator free of furniture or other objects to allow optimal air circulation.
  • If you have stubborn dirt, you can use mild soap solutions to clean the radiator. However, avoid aggressive cleaning agents.
Bleeding steps Benefits Disadvantages
Regular ventilation – Improved heat emission – Time expenditure
Clean with soft cloth – Removal of dust and dirt – Possible surface damage if cleaned improperly
Use of mild soap solutions – Removal of stubborn dirt – Avoiding aggressive cleaning agents

With regular ventilation and care, you can ensure that your designer radiator works efficiently and with optimal heat output. Follow the tips above and you will enjoy your bathroom radiator for a long time.


Our designer radiators from HSK perfectly combine warmth and style. With an impressive selection of designs and surfaces, they are the highlight of any living space, not just the bathroom. You can adjust the heating output and heat output individually to your needs. With regular care, you will be able to enjoy your designer radiator for a long time.

We offer you different models and Versionsto adapt your bathroom radiator to your very personal requirements. Our customer reviews and experiences speak for themselves and can help you make your choice. You also have the option of using flexible bathroom radiators funding opportunities to pay.

With our free shipping and return option within 30 days, we offer you a convenient and risk-free purchase. Find out about our wide range of designer radiators from HSK and find the perfect bathroom radiator for your bathroom – warmth and style in one.


What type of rooms are suitable for HSK designer radiators?

HSK designer radiators are not just suitable for the bathroom, but can be used in any living space, including the living room, kitchen, bedroom and office.

What are the advantages of bathroom radiators with open heating fins/pipes?

You can hang towels over the open arrangement of the heating fins/pipes and let them dry at the same time. The designer radiators ensure a pleasant temperature in the bathroom and are a real highlight in your interior.

How should I choose the designer radiator for my interior design?

The designer radiators from HSK offer a variety of modern and chic surfaces and designs. You can choose between rounded corners, glass fronts and clear lines to find the right designer radiator for your individual interior design.

What else is important when buying a designer radiator besides the design?

In addition to the design, you should also pay attention to the heating output and the type of heat output. The designer radiators from HSK work according to the convection principle and radiate additional heat. Depending on the surface and design of the radiator, the ratio between varies convection and radiant heat.

What color selection do the designer radiators from HSK offer?

HSK designer radiators offer an extensive range of colors to choose from, including standard colours, special colours, mirrored surfaces and glass fronts. The radiators are made of high-quality steel and have a long-lasting powder coating.

How should I clean my designer radiator?

In order to enjoy your designer radiator for a long time, you should clean it regularly. Use a soft, damp cloth and then dry the radiator. Avoid using vinegar cleaners or abrasive cleaners and do not hang dripping wet clothing or towels over the radiator.

What connection types and mounting options are there?

The connection types for designer radiators for living rooms and bathrooms can be different. When installing it is important to pay attention to the exact connection position, dimensions and sizes. Individual solutions can be found during assembly, including for electric or mixed operation.

What are the advantages of electric towel radiators?

Electric towel radiators offer one Alternatives to classic central heating and can be used with one heater operate. The Infrared radiator Retango heats up quickly and provides a pleasant warmth in the room. Both variants can be conveniently controlled via a remote controller.

What versions are there of designer radiators?

The designer radiators from HSK are available in different models and Versions available that can be connected to the heating system or used independently of the central heating system. HSK also offers individual solutions to adapt the radiator to the room situation.

How can I ensure optimal heat output from my designer radiator?

Regular ventilation of the designer radiator is important to ensure proper heat dissipation. Bleed the radiator until no more air escapes. Also pay attention to regular care to achieve optimal heat output.

Should I take customer reviews and experiences into account when choosing a designer radiator?

Yes, customer reviews and experiences can be helpful when choosing a designer radiator. Read reviews from other customers and find out about their experiences with HSK radiators.

What financing options does HSK offer for the purchase of a bathroom radiator?

At HSK you have the option of paying for your bathroom radiator using various financing options, including interest-free installments or a classic one Credit. Find out about the exact conditions and apply for financing online.

How are designer radiators shipped and returned?

HSK offers free shipping on select models. The delivery time is usually 3-7 working days after dispatch. If you would like to return items, you can do so within 30 days from the delivery date. Please note the return conditions.

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