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Bluetooth headphones for children test & comparison 2024: The best products in direct comparison

Children's Bluetooth headphones in detail: What makes test winners different from other products?

Bluetooth headphones kids: safety and fun for the little ones! The Bluetooth headphones for kids are specially designed for the youngest listeners and offer a safe and fun listening experience. The headphones come in bright colors and kid-friendly designs, and offer great sound quality. Also, they are designed to protect children's hearing.
Price-performance winner
Bluetooth Headphones Kids OXENDURE Wireless, Over Ear
Bluetooth headphones children PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear
Bluetooth headphones children ZAPIG with hearing protection, lightweight
Bluetooth headphones children Motorola Lifestyle, Squads 300
iClever Kids Bluetooth Headphones, Colored LED Lights
Bluetooth headphones children PowerLocus, foldable with carrying case
Bluetooth headphones children gorsun, with adjustable headband
Model Bluetooth Headphones Kids OXENDURE Wireless, Over Ear Bluetooth headphones children PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones children ZAPIG with hearing protection, lightweight Bluetooth headphones children Motorola Lifestyle, Squads 300 iClever Kids Bluetooth Headphones, Colored LED Lights Bluetooth headphones children PowerLocus, foldable with carrying case Bluetooth headphones children gorsun, with adjustable headband
Brand Oxendure power locus Zapig Motorola Lifestyle Iclever power locus Gorsun
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,0goodBluetooth headphones kids
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodBluetooth headphones kids
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodBluetooth headphones kids
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodBluetooth headphones kids
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodBluetooth headphones kids
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodBluetooth headphones kids
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodBluetooth headphones kids
sound quality very well great great great great great great
Type Over-ear headphones suitable for noisy environments Over-ear headphones suitable for noisy environments Over-ear headphones suitable for noisy environments Over-ear headphones suitable for noisy environments Over-ear headphones suitable for noisy environments Over-ear headphones suitable for noisy environments Over-ear headphones suitable for noisy environments
Volume limit according to the manufacturer Max. 85 dB no limit possible no limit possible Max. 85 dB Max. 94 dB Max. 85 dB Max. 85 dB
closed designnoise does not penetrate outside
further explanation save Blue/White Black/Orange Blue-Black Green-Black Orange-Black Red-Black Pink Purple Pink Black Blue Rose Gold Pink Blue violet mixcolor
Operating time according to the manufacturer max. 10 hours max. 9 hours max. 10 hours max. 15 hours max. 40 hours max. 15 hours max. 12 hours
Comfortably padded ears comfortable comfortable comfortable comfortable very comfortable comfortable comfortable
Optional cable connection
Reach max. 10 meters max. 10 meters max. 10 meters k. A. max. 11 meters max. 10 meters max. 10 meters
With microphone
  • Thanks to the built-in microphone, it can also be used for telephone calls
  • with built-in lithium battery
  • The built-in microphone can also be used for telephone calls
  • particularly long talk time of 8 to 9 hours
  • particularly long battery life
  • The integrated microphone can also be used for telephone calls
  • BuddyPhones can be paired with another headset for shared listening
  • Thanks to the integrated microphone, it can also be used for telephone calls
  • anti-allergic ear pads (BPA-free)
  • 4 colored lighting modes
  • Thanks to the built-in microphone, it can also be used for telephone calls
  • 10 minutes charging time is enough for 4 hours of listening pleasure
  • particularly long battery life
  • The built-in microphone can also be used for telephone calls.
  • volume to 85 dB for the Ear protection limited
  • conforms to the international standard CE
  • TUV,EN71
  • child-friendly design
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best Bluetooth headphones for children in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Before you purchase Bluetooth headphones for children, please note the following recommendations: Important purchasing advice and useful tips for making an informed decision
We have put together all the essential information for you to make your purchase decision about Bluetooth headphones for children easier.

At a glance
  • Bluetooth headphones especially for children come in different colors and designs. They're lightweight, comfortable, and have built-in volume limiting to protect children's hearing.
  • The connection to a playback device is via Bluetooth or cable. Most models are foldable and equipped with a sturdy material to withstand impacts. Battery life varies by model and usage time.
  • Bluetooth headphones for kids are available from many online and retail stores. Popular brands include Mokata, iClever and LilGadgets. They are perfect for travel and everyday use at home or school.
Bluetooth headphones kids

The best Bluetooth headphones children comparison

Whether playing sports, on the playground or just at home – children want to listen to music everywhere. This is understandable because music can lift the mood and be fun. Bluetooth headphones are ideal for this, as they are wireless and no cables get in the way. However, there are many different models on the market and it is not always easy to keep an overview.

What types of Bluetooth headphones are there? What advantages and disadvantages do they have? And which model is best for children? We will answer these questions in our guide!

Several Bluetooth headphones kids Recommendations see our table with our Bluetooth headphones kids buy recommendations. If you do this for the Bluetooth headphones kids Reviews interested and which ones Bluetooth headphones kids Bestsellers there is, this guide will give you a lot of useful information about it.

How to find the best bluetooth headphones for kids test

A look at one or the other Bluetooth Headset Kinder Test can definitely help you choose the right model. Since the children's Bluetooth headset can be used wirelessly, it impresses with original handling and high wearing comfort

Not only do these headphones allow you to connect to other devices wirelessly, but they also have one integrated battery, In addition, the volume limit important for Bluetooth headphones for children. This ensures that the child does not damage their hearing through incorrect settings. 

Bluetooth Earbuds for Kids: These earbuds are well established

Im Kids Bluetooth Earbuds Review The earphones can often be distinguished based on various characteristics. Almost all children's headphones these days have a Bluetooth volume limit, so that safe operation nothing stands in the way. If the kids bluetooth headset has a noise canceling function, then it has one good soundproofing

Parents often wonder if BluetoothHeadsets are harmful to children. This is not the case as long as the music and that Radio don't play too loud. 

In-ear bluetooth headphones

In-ear Bluetooth headphones for children: Small and compact for on the go.

The Bluetooth headset can easily be taken with you Smartphone or tablet can be paired. 

In-ear Bluetooth earphones for children are special compact and handy. They are placed in the auricle, which is why they block out external noise well

Due to their compact design, the Bluetooth earphones are suitable for children, for example out and about doing sports or on the way to Schooling. Since the Bluetooth headphones for kids work wirelessly, they can easily connect to their Phone . connect 

Over-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth earphones for kids are extra comfortable over the ear.

In the case of over-ear Bluetooth headsets for children are not included earpieces inserted. They are on the Ohren. Basically, these Bluetooth headsets are for children Cars suitable. The chunky interior blocks out ambient noise well. 

When choosing a Bluetooth headset for your child, pay attention to the jack connection. These are present on most models. 

Our Bluetooth headphones children's bestseller on Amazon:

PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones, Wireless Stereo Foldable Headphones Wireless and wired headphones with integrated microphone, ...
  • Amazing sound quality: high definition - stereo - headphones, specially developed software and...
  • GREAT COMFORT FOR ALL AGE GROUPS: The over-ear headphones are foldable and stretchable so that they fit perfectly, no matter ...
  • QUICK CONNECT via Bluetooth 5.0: The Bluetooth headphones can be operated very easily. Just switch...

Advantages and disadvantages of different children's headphones

In general, Bluetooth headphones will not harm children's health if used properly. To support your choice, we have summarized important advantages and disadvantages for you. 

In-ear model advantages & disadvantages


  • Excellent isolation from external noise
  • Small and compact
  • Easy to transport
  • Ideal for sports and travel


Over-Ear Model Pros & Cons


  • Also works as a bluetooth headset for kids using jack
  • Easy to carry
  • Very convenient
  • Is not inserted into the auricle


  • is too big
  • not very suitable for travel
Bluetooth headphones kids

FAQs: Frequently asked questions and answers about bluetooth headphones for kids

Depending on the model, children's headphones are suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 12. The headphones should fit well and be neither too big nor too small.

Do kids headphones need noise canceling?

Some people think that kids' headphones should be noise-cancelling to protect their hearing. Others feel that noise-cancelling headphones aren't necessary and that regular headphones will suffice.

How do you know if a child's headphones fit?

There is no general answer to this question, because the ideal headphones for children depend on the child's individual head size and shape. However, there are some general tips that can help you determine whether a particular pair of headphones is a good fit for your child. First, look for headphones with adjustable head straps or ear cups, as this allows you to better adjust the fit to your child's head. Second, you should avoid headphones with overly large or bulky ear cups as these can be uncomfortable for children. Finally, be sure to read other parents' online reviews before purchasing, as they can provide valuable information about which models are best for children.

How do I recognize good children's headphones?

If you are looking for headphones for your child, you should make sure that they are of good quality. Look for headphones that are wireless and Bluetooth enabled. JBL is a good brand that makes headphones for kids. Another good brand is iclever. Make sure the headphones have a volume control so your child doesn't turn the music up too loud. The iclever bth12 model is a good choice because it's Bluetooth-enabled and has a volume control.

Are children's headphones suitable for the car?

Kids headphones are great for the car because they allow your kids to listen to their music or movies without disturbing the other passengers. Headphones also help keep your kids entertained on long car rides.

How do I clean the kids headphones?

If you have kids, chances are you have headphones for them too. Here's how to keep these headphones clean and in good condition.

First of all, it is important to buy the right headphones for your kids. Look for headphones specifically designed for kids as they are more comfortable and durable. You should also make sure that the headphones have a volume limiter so that your child does not damage their hearing.

Once you've bought the right headphones, it's important to take care of them. Normal headphones can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a little mild soap and water. For best results, use a cotton swab or toothpick to get into hard-to-reach areas.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to headphones for kids. Firstly, do not let your child use the headphones while eating or drinking, as this may damage the headphones. Secondly, be careful not to pull the cord too hard as this may damage or break the headphones. If your child is using the headphones for an exam or in another academic setting, make sure they aren't wearing them too loudly - otherwise the teacher may not be able to hear them!

What are the advantages of children's headphones with Bluetooth?

Bluetooth headphones are a great option for kids because they are wireless and can be used with a variety of devices. Bluetooth technology enables a connection between the headphones and the device, so there is no risk of cables getting tangled. This also means that the headphones can be used with different types of devices including phones, tablets and Desktop.

What are the disadvantages of Bluetooth children's headphones?

The disadvantages of Bluetooth headphones for kids are that they can be expensive and the sound quality can vary from model to model. Also, it can be difficult to use Bluetooth headphones on the Head of children, and they may not be as durable as other types of headphones.

How much do good children's headphones cost?

When it comes to finding good headphones for kids, you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money. There are plenty of great models that won't break the bank. Bluetooth headphones are a good option, and many of them are test winners.

Can Bluetooth children's headphones be connected to the Toniebox?

Yes, you can connect Bluetooth children's headphones to the Toniebox. The Toniebox has via Bluetooth 4.2, which is compatible with most Bluetooth headphones on the market. If your child's headphones are not Bluetooth compatible, you can still use them with the Toniebox by connecting them to the headphone jack.

Our Bluetooth headphones children's insider tip on Amazon:

ZAPIG premium children's headphones, Bluetooth headphones for children with hearing protection, lightweight children's headphones with foldable headband, ...
  • Designed for children aged 3-15 years. Child-friendly design makes the headphones a popular gift for...
  • The headphones are made of child-friendly material that can be bent, twisted and pulled in any direction without...
  • For the best entertainment experience, we use a long life battery that can play music up to 10 hours. If...

These are the most important criteria when comparing Bluetooth headphones for children 

  • Closed design: The closed design of children's headphones is stylishly designed so that no noise escapes through the earphones. They generally have a good soundproofing effect. However, this only works properly if the child's earphones sit perfectly on the ear.

Of course, a Bluetooth headset test for kids can help you choose the right headset. To find the best Bluetooth headphones for your kids, you should pay particular attention to the following features: 

  • Type: It is always interesting to know what kind of headphones they are. You can use both on-ear and in-ear models. 
  • sound quality: With any headphone model, the sound can be the deciding factor in the purchase. Children's headphones make no difference here. But this is exactly where children's headphones with Bluetooth and cable are not convincing. 
  • Volume limit in dB: To make sure the volume isn't set too high and risky for the ears, they have good bluetooth headset volume limiter for kids in pink or other color. This is usually around 85 dB. This limitation is particularly recommended if your child is still very small and cannot judge the volume. 
  • Working hours: Wireless headsets are generally not used with Bluetooth headsets. So you use Batteries. For most models, the maximum runtime is 14 hours. 
  • Comfort: Earphones for children should be comfortable to wear over a long period of time and adjustable to the child's head. Here it is necessary that you let your child try the earphones. 
  • Range meter: The average range of a Bluetooth headset for children is ten meters. This is sufficient if the end device and the headset are in the same room. However, if another room is needed, the situation is different. Then the range may already be too small. 
  • gramWeight: Be sure to compare the weight. There are big differences between the models. Lightweight children's headphones weigh less than 100 grams, making them ideal for young children. But there are also models that weigh well over 250 grams. They are not the right choice for small children in particular. 
  • with Microphone: Especially if the headset is not only used for music, a model with a microphone is ideal. That makes her a great one Gaming-Accesories. 
  • Optional cable connection: With the optional wired connection, you can also use the headphones on devices without a Bluetooth headphone connection. 

A well-known brand of bluetooth headphones for kids

  • gorsun 
  • Zapig 
  • termichy 
  • Lexicon 
  • PowerLocus 
  • Motorola
  • Oxendure 
  • Onanoff 

Our Bluetooth headphones children bestseller on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
iClever Bluetooth children's headphones, colorful lights LED, 94dB volume limitation, foldable, adjustable, wireless and cable, ...
  • 【Stereo Sound with Headphone Lights】: Looks cool, sounds great! In addition to the 40mm drivers that...
  • 【Wireless and effortless】: volume control and microphone, no more helping your child to connect cables to wired headphones ...
  • 【All-Day Comfort】: Comfort is paramount to the experience of iClever Kids Headphones, which ...
Bestseller no. 2
EarFun Bluetooth headphones for children, 85/94dB volume control, HiFi sound, HD microphone, 40 hour battery, foldable, adjustable, for...
  • PROFESSIONAL HIGH-DEFINITION AUDIO QUALITY AND SAFE VOLUME OF 85/94 DB: Your child will enjoy the clear and ...
  • FAST AND STABLE BLUETOOTH 5.4 CONNECTION (21 METERS): EarFun children's headphones can be connected within a few seconds...
  • IMPRESSIVE 40 HOURS OF PLAYBACK TIME AND FAST CHARGING TECHNOLOGY: With a well above average battery life in...
DiscountBestseller no. 3
JBL Jr310 BT on-ear children's headphones in light blue - wireless Bluetooth headphones with headset and remote control - ideal for school and ...
  • SafeSound: The music headphones inspire with first-class JBL sound and keep the volume below 85 dB to protect the sensitive...
  • Thanks to the integrated microphone, the wireless headset is ideal for distance learning or to chat during the break...
  • The on-ear headphones are easy to take with you thanks to their foldable design - for a fantastic music experience on...

How much time elapses before a Stiftung Warentest Bluetooth headphones kids test is published?

Stiftung Warentest tests a large number of products over the course of the year. It usually takes several months for a result to be published. That's why you can't say today whether a Stiftung Warentest Bluetooth headphones kids test is planned or when one will be published.

Conclusion: Bluetooth headphones are well suited for children

For Children are headphones with Bluetooth a good choice. Not only because they are wireless, minimizing the risk of strangulation, but also because they are usually designed to be child-friendly. Many models have an integrated light that glows in the dark and makes orientation easier. The size of the ear cups is often adapted to small ears. The headphones themselves are usually light and well made, so wearing them for long periods of time is no problem.

Youtube video recommendation for Bluetooth headphones children test & comparison:

KIDS+ Small Ear Bluetooth Headphones (Test) Purchase advice for children's headphones


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