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Camcorder review 2024: Your guide to comparing and finding the best product

Guide: The decisive criteria when buying a video camera – what you need to know

The camcorder is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to capture unforgettable moments in excellent video quality. With its easy handling and excellent image quality, it is ideal for family celebrations, vacations or excursions. Most models have image stabilization, which ensures shake-free recordings. This creates incredibly realistic video recordings that reproduce the experience as authentically as possible. With the integrated charging option, you can charge your camcorder quickly and easily. Choose a camcorder now and capture unforgettable moments in excellent video quality.
Price-performance winner
Camcorder Canon 3666C003 XA40 4K, UHD video camera
Camcorder Canon 3667C003 LEGRIA HF G50, 4K, F1.8 – 2.8
Sony HDR-CX240E HD Flash, Full HD, EXMOR R CMOS camcorder
Camcorder Sony FDR-AX700 4K HDR Ultra HD, Exmor RS Stacked
Sony HDR-CX405 Full HD camcorder, 30x opt. zoom
Camcorder AOREGRE Video Camera 1080P FHD 30FPS 36MP IR
Model Camcorder Canon 3666C003 XA40 4K, UHD video camera Camcorder Canon 3667C003 LEGRIA HF G50, 4K, F1.8 – 2.8 Sony HDR-CX240E HD Flash, Full HD, EXMOR R CMOS camcorder Camcorder Sony FDR-AX700 4K HDR Ultra HD, Exmor RS Stacked Sony HDR-CX405 Full HD camcorder, 30x opt. zoom Camcorder AOREGRE Video Camera 1080P FHD 30FPS 36MP IR
Brand Canon Canon Sony Sony Sony aoregre
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,7goodcamcorder
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodcamcorder
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodcamcorder
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodcamcorder
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodcamcorder
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodcamcorder
optical zoom 20-fold 20-fold 27-fold 12-fold 30-fold 16-fold
max. video qualitymax. frame rate Ultra HD (4k)60 fps Ultra HD (4k) 25 fps Full HD50 fps Ultra HD (4k) 30 fps Full HD 50 fps Full HD30 fps
Peculiarity two SD card slots two SD card slots simultaneous video recording in 2 formats (AVCHD & mp4) HDRBluetooth/NFC simultaneous video and photo recording infrared night vision function
Display 3 inch rotatable and foldable 3 inch rotatable and foldable 2,7 inch rotatable and foldable 3,5 inch rotatable and foldable 3 inch rotatable and foldable 3,0 inch rotatable and foldable
Battery life when recording in Full HD about 175 min about 125 min about 135 min no manufacturer's information no manufacturer's information no manufacturer information
image stabilizer
  • 60 fps possible with FHD recordings
  • external microphone can be connected
  • incl. lens hood.
  • particularly fast lens (F 1
  • 8 - 2
  • 8)
  • Professional camera with outstanding image quality
  • Auto focus with automatic face detection
  • incl. lens hood.
  • intuitive operation
  • fast auto focus
  • good sound quality
  • excellent image quality thanks to 4K resolution and HDR
  • suitable for sports photography
  • fast auto focus.
  • fast auto focus
  • Night vision function
  • supports video chat
  • supports live streaming
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best camcorders in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Ultimate buying guide: Discover the top comparisons in the camcorder sector - your guide for 2024
The presented comparison of camcorders will guide you to an informed product choice

At a glance
  • A camcorder is a camera designed specifically for video recording. Camcorders offer a variety of features and settings to capture high-quality video. They are particularly popular with amateurs and professionals who want to create films or record events.
  • Camcorders come in a variety of sizes and formats, from handheld models to professional shoulder cameras. Most camcorders have built-in microphones or audio jacks that allow external microphones to be connected for better audio quality. Some camcorders also offer the ability to take higher resolution photos than traditional cameras.
  • Modern camcorders tend to come with a variety of features, including optical and digital zoom capabilities, image stabilization, manual focus controls, and exposure controls. Some camcorders also offer WiFi connectivity and the ability to share videos directly to YouTube or social media platforms. Camcorders are suitable for a wide range of applications, from private family gatherings to professional film productions.

How to find the best camcorder

A good camcorder allows you to enjoy good memories and continue to enjoy recordings in the future. Before you buy, however, there are a few important points you should consider so that you are completely satisfied with your decision. First of all, it is advisable to think carefully about what kind of device you need in advance. The selection today ranges from classic video recorders to advanced HDCamera. In addition, the size and weight of the camcorder as well as the available features play a crucial role in the purchase decision. You can find out what else you should pay attention to when buying a camcorder in our guide.

Our camcorder recommendation on Amazon:

Panasonic HC-V180EG-K Full HD camcorder (1/5, 8 inch sensor, Full HD, 50x optical zoom, 28 mm wide angle, opt. 5-axis ...
  • Good picture quality - 1 / 5.8-inch sensor, 2,2 MP
  • Full HD Videos - 1920 x 1080 / 50p; Image stabilizer: Hybrid OIS + with active mode, OIS lock, level-shot function
  • Small details, very big - 50x optical zoom, 90x intelligent zoom

Overview of different camera types

Video cameras now not only have different sizes, but also variable image quality. For example, with newer models it is possible to record 3D videos or have a full HD camera and digital 8Format to use. Take a look at the camera review to see the differences between camera types.

hobby camera 

Cameras have become indispensable for many people, especially in the private sphere. Not only can you use it to capture the moving impression of beautiful holiday photos, but you can also post them on social networks. Older models came with VHS cassettes. Thanks to technological advances, those days are long gone. Digital camcorders are now available in Full HD as a kind of HD recorder. devices like Sony-Camcorders, Panasonic camcorders, Canon camcorders or JVC camcorders are equipped with zooms, image stabilizers, microphones and speakers. This means that the recordings are not only high definition digital high definition, but also offer excellent sound reproduction.

professional camera

If you want more technical equipment, you can also come here and buy a camera at your own expense. They also offer first-class image quality as Full HD cameras, but with more additional features. The Zoom For example, is 30x or more, so close-ups from further away are not a problem. In addition, many providers have touchscreens and elektronische Viewfinder.

IP cameras, also known as mini cameras or WiFi cameras, are often used to monitor homes and properties. Equipped with motion sensors, the cameras send alerts to users when unauthorized movement is recorded in the field of view.

Mini camera

Camera-friendly formats are becoming more and more popular Fashion. The so-called pocket format is not only light, but also generally easy to handle. A mini DV camcorder not only fits in every pocket, but is also waterproof with the right accessories. This can also be used to record moving images while snorkeling or other physical activities. However, if you like it faster and only want to use a DV mini camcorder for this type of recording, you should get one Action-Cam grab. Many manufacturers now offer smaller models for everyday use. These include, for example, Sony camcorders, Canon camcorders or Panasonic-Camcorder.

action camera

An action camera is a camera specifically designed to capture moving images and videos. Action cameras usually are more compact and robust than conventional video cameras or digital cameras and have a wide-angle lens. Most action cameras come with a built-in LCD screen where you can view your footage live. However, some models do not have a screen and you have to connect the camera to one Smartphone or connect your tablet to view your recordings.

3D HD Camera

The latest technological achievement of the camera is 3D. However, this technology is only available in professional fields. There are also 3D-enabled Sonycameras, but these models are still very expensive. This technology has not been used in mini DV camcorders before.

Our camcorder 4k recommendation on Amazon:

Video Camera 4K Camcorder IR Night Vision Camcorder 48.0MP Vlogging Camera for YouTube 3.0 Inch Touchscreen Camcorder with Microphone...
  • Multifunction Video Camera: The 4K camcorder captures your wonderful moments in 4K/30FPS/48MP resolution. With...
  • IR Night Version & Pause Function: This video camera 4k is equipped with IR night vision technology with an infrared LED light ...
  • Handheld Stabilizer & Lens Hood: This 4K camcorder is equipped with a portable handheld stabilizer. Of the...

Pros and cons of different camera types

Compare different types in the camera test. Not every camera is equally equipped with all possible applications. A comparison of the camera types shows the Advantages and disadvantages of the individual models.

hobby camera Easy operation
Many manufacturers to choose from, like Sony camcorders, JVC camcorders or Panasonic camcorders
Cheap models
Image noise may appear on some models with Digital8 technology 
professional cameraBest HD Pictures
From multiple manufacturers and a choice of products including Sony HD camcorders or JVC camcorders (Full HD camcorders)
With many extras such as a good microphone and an image stabilization magnifier
Mini cameraPractical and light
Mostly sturdy
Provides stable image quality
Cheap models are usually poorly made
action cameraRobust, waterproof and compact
The camera is versatile
provides high resolution image
There is also the function to put the picture online directly
Often buy installation accessories
3D HD CameraLatest technology
Great pictures
You need extra glasses to see

What is a camcorder?

A camcorder is a type of video camera typically used for consumer-level videography. A typical camcorder model is the Sony HDR-CX405, a high-quality 4k Ultra HD camcorder. Another popular model is the Panasonic HC-V770, a full HD camcorder with 4k Ultra HD capabilities. Both models come with accessories such as an optical zoom camera and a Microphone delivered.

When comparing camcorders, an important difference is whether the camcorder has an integrated or separate display. Another difference is the zoom function; the Sony model, for example, has a 30x optical zoom, while the Panasonic model has a 20x optical zoom. If you're looking for the best 4k Ultra HD camcorder on the market, this is it Sony FDR-AX700 the top model with excellent features and image quality.

What types of camcorders are there?

There are different types of camcorders on the market. The most common type is the compact camcorder. It is small and easy to take with you. It is ideal for Hobby-Videographer. The 4k camcorder is the latest model and offers high quality video recording. It is more expensive than the compact camcorder. The camera camcorder is a hybrid device that can be used as both a camera and a camcorder. It is perfect for professional videographers.

What resolution does a camcorder have?

A camcorder's resolution refers to the number of pixels that make up the image the camcorder can record. The most common resolutions are Full HD (1.920 x 1.080 pixels), Ultra HD (3.840 x 2.160 pixels) and 1.280 x 720 pixels. 4k camcorders with a resolution of 4.096 x 2.304 pixels are also becoming increasingly common. Camcorders with a resolution of at least 1.280 x 720 pixels are considered high-resolution.

How many frames per second are possible with a camcorder?

A 4k camcorder can record up to 60 frames per second. However, most UHD and 4K Ultra camcorders can only record 30 frames per second.

What are the well-known manufacturers of camcorders?

There are many well-known camcorder manufacturers, but some of the most popular are 4k camcorders. These camcorders offer high quality and resolution, making them a good choice for anyone who wants to capture beautiful video footage. Among the most popular 4k camcorders on the market are the Canon EOS C200, the Sony FDR-AX700 and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4.

Internet vs. specialist shops: where do I buy my camcorder?

There is a wide selection of camcorders available online, while the selection in specialty stores may be smaller. When choosing a camcorder, it is important to consider the models compare and find the onethat best suits your needs. Video cameras vary in terms of specifications and features, so it's important to do your research before purchasing. Prices for camcorders range from around 100 euros to 1000 euros.

Our Professional Camcorder 4k recommendation on Amazon:

Panasonic HC-X1E professional camcorder (4K 24p, UHD 60p/50p, FHD 60p/50p, 24mm LEICA Dicomar lens, OLED viewfinder, 8,9 cm wide LCD, ...
  • Large 1-inch sensor - best image quality with high light sensitivity
  • Flexible Recording Formats - 4K 24p / UHD 60p / 50p / FHD 60p / 50p
  • LEICA DICOMAR Lens - 24mm Wide Angle and 20x Optical Zoom

Camcorder Buying Guide

The various criteria that are decisive for the purchase are not only reflected in the customer experience, but also in the recommendations for camera comparisons.


Cameras should be as easy to use as possible. Most new models like Panasonic cameras have them intuitive buttons and controls. Many brands rely on multi-function buttons that allow users to access various menu functions at the touch of a button. Since video recordings are mostly short clips, the camera should quickly ready for use be. A longer system boot or screen fade is less beneficial. A good example of an easy-to-use device is the JVC Everio camcorder. It's practical and has solid image resolution.


The size of the device is important when buying a camera. All newer models are now in one practical format designed. They can often be conveniently stowed in a handbag or operated with one hand. Mini cameras are smaller and even fit in your pocket. If you travel a lot And if you don't always want to lug around a big bag, you can also record short video clips with this mini camcorder.


The purchase or objection decision for a specific device depends on the intended use. Some cameras are primarily suitable for longer, more powerful video recordings. However, they are also larger and heavier than mini cameras. If you only shoot short videos for Facebook, Twitter and Co., that's enough mini camera.

The best Phone or tablet can also be converted into a video camera. On the other hand, if you literally take moving pictures and want to photograph yourself doing sports or other activities, you should use an action cam.


A good camera should always sufficient memory have. Some models can even be equipped with additional memory. They have card slots inside where users can choose their own card size.


Most cameras have additional ports that can be used to connect USB devices, for example. Good models also have Bluetooth connectivity. No annoying ones Cables more, the camera will more flexible. For example, high-quality camera models even have additional ports for connecting a microphone. Hence the Recording quality in the video is higher.

Our camcorders bestsellers on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
Panasonic HC-V785EG-K camcorder (Full HD video, 20x optical zoom, optical image stabilizer, WiFi, Full HD slow motion) black
  • 12,76 megapixel resolution of the BSI MOS sensor
  • Panasonic lens with 20x opt. Zoom, focal length (KB) 29,5-612mm
  • 7,5 cm (3 inch) LCD with a resolution of 460.800 pixels, operation via touch screen

Youtube video recommendation for the camcorder test & comparison:

camcorder or system camera – Which is better for video? Photo cook


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