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Boat accessories: safety and orientation on the open sea

A boat trip, whether for fishing, sailing or just relaxing, is a wonderful way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the beauty of nature. But in order for these excursions to be not only relaxing but also safe, it is essential that Boat with the right accessories to equip. This not only ensures safety, but also increases comfort and functionality on board.


The Barometer is an essential tool for every boater. It measures air pressure and thus enables a prediction of the coming weather. A sudden drop in air pressure can be a sign of approaching storms, while an increase usually indicates good weather. With a barometer on board you can make preparations in good time and prevent unwanted surprises.

boat compass

The boat compass is one of the most important navigation instruments on board. Even in times of GPS and modern navigation aids, the compass is a reliable instrument that does not Batteries are required and also for electronic ones failures continue to work. It helps the captain to stay on the right course and reach his destination safely.


Communication is crucial on the water. Radio devices enable communication with other boats, port facilities or emergency call centers. They are essential in emergency situations, but also handy for getting information about weather conditions, port conditions or other relevant things.

life jacket

The safety of those on board should always be our top priority. A well-fitting one life jacket can be life-saving in the event of a fall into the water. It keeps the wearer afloat until help arrives. It is important that everyone on board has a suitable life jacket and wears it regularly.

sailing knife

A pair of sailing knife is a versatile tool that performs many tasks when sailing. It can be used for cutting rope, opening knots or cutting canvas. Due to its special design and often integrated additional functions, such as tin opener or Marlspieker, it is an essential companion for every sailor.

Start your safe adventures with the right accessories

Preparation is the key to safe and successful boat trips. The right accessories not only increase safety on board, but also comfort and efficiency. A well-equipped boat gives us the confidence to be ready for any adventure on the water while always remaining safe and oriented.