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A comparison of the best products from the car care category

Car care: A gem on wheels

Caring for a vehicle is not just limited to regular refueling and inspection in the workshop. A careful one external and internal care not only helps the car look aesthetically pleasing, but can also help maintain its value. Here are some key elements of car care that every vehicle owner should know:

Car polish

A true fountain of youth for car paint. Through the polish can slight scratches and irregularities in the paint are eliminated and it gives the vehicle a shiny, fresh look. It also offers protection from harmful environmental influences.

brake cleaner

A safety-relevant care product. It removes oil, grease, dirt and brake dust from brake parts. A clean brake ensures optimal braking performance and prevents unnecessary wear.

Convertible top impregnation

An absolute must for convertible owners. This impregnation protects the canopy from water, dirt and UV rays. A well-maintained top can last for years and look great at the same time.


The interior of the car should not be neglected. A Cockpitspray ensures a fresh shine of the plastic surfaces in the interior and can also neutralize unpleasant odors.

wheel cleaner

For many car enthusiasts, the rims are the icing on the cake of their vehicle. A good wheel cleaner Removes stubborn dirt such as brake dust and ensures that the rims shine in their full shine.

A car that shines

Regular care of a vehicle is an investment in its longevity and aesthetics. Whether you want to shine at a classic car meeting or want to increase the resale value - careful car care pays off in many ways. Get it done and let your vehicle shine!