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Garage: The home for your vehicle and more

The garage is much more than just a simple shelter for a car. It serves as a shelter for vehicles and as a storage area tools and often also as a small workshop for hobbyists and professionals. Depending on the features and size, a garage can fulfill several functions. The right accessories can help make the most of space and increase comfort and safety.


This is for everyone who likes to work on their vehicle ramp an indispensable tool. It makes it possible Cars to raise it and thus work better on the underbody or tires. A solid and safe access ramp is particularly important for oil changes or similar work Worth its weight in gold.


A pair of Carport is an alternative to a closed garage and still offers protection from the elements such as rain or snow. Its open design ensures good ventilation, which can be particularly advantageous in damp weather as less moisture builds up.

garage lock

Garage safety should never be underestimated. A robust one garage lock Protects not only your vehicle, but also your tools and anything else you keep in your garage. It's a small investment that can protect against burglary and theft.

transmission jack

A transmission jack is essential for more demanding work on the vehicle, especially on the transmission. It makes it possible to raise and lower heavy components safely and precisely. This not only makes work easier, but also significantly increases safety.

tire rack

Order is half the battle - that also applies to the garage. A tire rack offers the perfect place to store summer or winter tires safely and in a space-saving manner. This protects the tires from damage and at the same time ensures more order and clarity in the garage.

Perfectly equipped for all requirements

It doesn't matter whether you use your garage just as a place to park your vehicle or as a fully equipped one Workshop – the right accessories make the difference. It ensures greater comfort, safety and efficiency so you can make the most of the space. With these tools you are well equipped to master all challenges surrounding your vehicle.