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Transport Accessories: Maximize your vehicle's storage space

Whether it's a vacation, a weekend trip or transporting bulky items, there is often not enough space in the car. To ensure you can safely transport all of your luggage and equipment, you need the right transport accessories. The following products are essential when it comes to maximizing your vehicle's storage space and transporting your items safely.

roof box

A roof box is an excellent way to expand your car's storage space. It is mounted on the roof and provides additional space for luggage, sports equipment or other bulky items. Modern roof boxes are aerodynamically designed and do not affect the performance of your car.

bike rack

For bike enthusiasts who want to take their bikes to different places, a bike rack is essential. There are different models, which can be mounted either at the rear or on the roof. They enable the safe transport of one or more Bicycles and protect them from damage.

rear carrier

Rear racks are another way to expand storage space and transport bulky items like kayaks, surfboards or skis. They attach to the rear of the car and are usually easy to access. This makes loading and unloading much easier.

Load securing

Regardless of which transport accessories you use, securing your load is crucial. It prevents objects from slipping or falling while driving. There are a variety of aids such as tension straps, nets or anti-slip mats that ensure that your items are firmly and securely anchored.

Final thoughts

Transporting luggage and equipment requires proper equipment and precautions. Invest in high-quality transport accessories that not only give you more storage space, but also ensure the safety of your belongings and all road users. Plan ahead and drive safely!