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Digital radio 2024: Independent comparison tests for smart purchasing decisions

DAB+ Radio: Your comprehensive guide that objectively examines the advantages and disadvantages

Digital radio: With that Philips Digital radio brings pure radio enjoyment into your home. The DAB tuner receives digital radio stations in the best quality and the FM radio is also suitable for receiving analogue stations. Station information can be accessed via the clear display and an external audio source can also be connected via the AUX-In port. The simple and modern design of the radio fits into any room and makes it a real eye-catcher.
Best recommendation
Digital radio TechniSat DIGITRADIO 371 CD BT, stereo, DAB+, FM
Price-performance winner
Digital radio Karcher DAB 2405 DAB radio portable, DAB+, FM
Digital radio Sony XDR-S41D, DAB+, FM, RDS, alarm clock
Digital radio Philips Audio Philips R7705/10, DAB+/FM, Bluetooth
Digital radio Imperial 22-130-00 Dabman 30, DAB+/DAB/FM
Hama digital radio for FM/DAB/DAB+ reception, DR350
TechniSat VIOLA 2 S digital radio, portable DAB radio, DAB+
Model Digital radio TechniSat DIGITRADIO 371 CD BT, stereo, DAB+, FM Digital radio Karcher DAB 2405 DAB radio portable, DAB+, FM Digital radio Sony XDR-S41D, DAB+, FM, RDS, alarm clock Digital radio Philips Audio Philips R7705/10, DAB+/FM, Bluetooth Digital radio Imperial 22-130-00 Dabman 30, DAB+/DAB/FM Hama digital radio for FM/DAB/DAB+ reception, DR350 TechniSat VIOLA 2 S digital radio, portable DAB radio, DAB+
Brand technician Kärcher Sony Philips Audio Imperial Hama technician
The Best Suggestionsscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Digital radio
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,6goodDigital radio
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodDigital radio
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodDigital radio
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodDigital radio
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodDigital radio
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodDigital radio
Power Supply Power Supplies power supply, battery power supply, battery Power Supplies Power Supplies Power Supplies power supply, battery
reception area DAB+, FM 30 station memory DAB+, DAB, FM 20 station memory DAB, DAB+, FM DAB+, DAB, FM40 station memory DAB+, DAB, FM20 station memory DAB+, DAB, FM30 station memory DAB+, FM20 station memory
Input / Output AUX-In (line-in), headphones, USB Headphones AUX in (line in), headphones, USB AUX in (line in) AUX-In (line-in), headphones AUX in (line in)
Automatic switch-off
radio transmission
  • with integrated CD player
  • alarm
  • good sound
  • Music streaming possible via Bluetooth
  • good sound
  • alarm
  • Easy to use
  • Five preset buttons for easy selection of favorite stations
  • up to 25 hours battery life
  • light
  • LCD display.
  • Contactless charging of the smartphone possible
  • good bass
  • Dual alarm for 2 different alarms. wake-up times.
  • good sound
  • alarm
  • illuminated display
  • easy handling.
  • can be mounted vertically or below
  • alarm
  • color display
  • easy handling.
  • alarm
  • Easy to use
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The best digital radio in the test & comparison:
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Before you purchase a digital radio, please note the following recommendations: Important purchasing advice and useful tips for making an informed decision
We have put together all the essential information for you to make your digital radio purchasing decision easier.

At a glance
  • Digital radio enables the reception of radio programs with high sound quality without hissing and crackling. The programs are transmitted digitally and offer a wide variety of programs. With a suitable receiver, the signal can also be received on the go.
  • Digital radio is gradually replacing traditional FM radio as it offers better quality and is more efficient. In addition, it is future-proof because it can easily integrate further technological developments. The switch to digital radio has already started in many countries and is also planned in Germany.
  • A special receiver is required to receive digital radio, which is available either as a separate device or in the form of car radios, smartphones or tablets. Depending on the reception area, different technologies such as DAB, DAB+ or Internet radio can be used. The great variety of programs also offers specialized digital radio stations that have specialized in certain music genres or topics.
Digital radio

How to find the best product in the digital radio test

Digital radio is the future of radio. However, there are a few on the way to this future obstacles to overcome. The most important of these is the support of the new system by the manufacturers of car radios and Stereos. We therefore thought about what criteria should be met for a good digital radio in order to include it in our buying advice. 

You know the saying: Who cheap Digital radio Product buys, buys twice. With a Digital radioPrice Comparison you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff. The besten Digital radio are not always the most expensive. What Digital radio buy? You can do it particularly cheaply Digital radio buy online.

Our digital radio recommendation on Amazon:

TechniSat DIGITRADIO 371 CD BT - Stereo digital radio (DAB+, FM, CD player, Bluetooth, color display, USB, AUX, headphone jack,...
  • Compact system with excellent sound thanks to a high-quality speaker system and optimized housing construction
  • FM and DAB+ reception as well as Bluetooth function for wireless music streaming
  • Multifunctional thanks to CD player, AUX-In connection and USB interface for playing MP3 files

Overview of the different types of digital radio

VHF reception is almost outdated in many places and is being replaced by new digital transmission. The transmission of frequencies is essential faster and more trouble-free. This enables undisturbed listening pleasure. In this way, news, music and other information spread across the world at breakneck speed Radio. Different types of digital radios are displayed in the overview of the digital radio tests. 

Digital radio with CD

Digital devices now have many additional features. This includes CD players. These devices can, for example, as a digital clock radio used to wake up to the perfect music. Digital radios with CD players often have additional features. For example, there are digital radios with WLAN, digital radios with Bluetooth or dedicated USB ports. The advantage of the new type of reception lies in the clarity of the sequence. Digital radio reception is uninterrupted, so news, background music, etc. can be provided without annoying noise. There are different stereo versions of the radio. For example, on the market technician Digitradio 400 or Technisat Digitradio 450 available. This means that radio programs can be received throughout Germany via DAB+. In addition to its excellent sound quality, the Technisat Digitradio 450 has the advantage of being able to connect to a home WLANNetwork to be able to connect. 

CD radio 

In addition to DAB radios, there are devices with CDs and devices without CD. They are generally cheaper and more convenient. As a rule of thumb, however, you don't have to make any compromises when it comes to reception. Here, too, you can choose from a variety of programs and listen to your favorite music undisturbed. Test reports show that the digital Radio reception in Germany is well developed compared to many other countries. This means you can enjoy undisturbed music enjoyment even in rural areas. However, in some areas DAB+ reception is not yet fully developed. You can also use yours stereo system convert to digital reception. All you need is one Adapter for your stereo or cassette recorder. 

Digital car radio

If you don't have a digital car Radio you can use the conversion. Many models can also be used with conventional VHF radios digital reception retrofit. This DAB car radio are now available from numerous manufacturers and for a small budget. Anyone who has digital radio in their Cars If you want to retrofit, you should be familiar with the technology, as connecting cables can be particularly difficult with some models. However, if the car digital radio is connected correctly, digital radio reception is perfect. Then there are always first-hand traffic reports and no annoying noises. Additionally, many offer Transmitter for digital Transmission scrolling texts on the radio display in which the current message can be read again. 

Digital radio applications

The radio uses many applications at the same time to enable transmission. The devices are also equipped with new DAB technology. In some cases, radio stations themselves offer free downloadable apps for listening pleasure. Some apps are also available in the store for little money and offer a large selection of different radio stations. Here you can decide what kind of music you like and listen to certain stations in DAB quality. 

Our digital radio bestseller on Amazon:

Karcher DAB 2405 - portable DAB+ radio (DAB+/FM, kitchen radio with mains/battery operation, speakers, headphone jack, alarm clock, ...
  • - PORTABLE & VERSATILE - portable digital radio with DAB + / FM tuner and 20 preset stations (10 DAB +, 10 FM) for clear sound ...
  • - FLEXIBLE ALARM OPTIONS - Convenient alarm functions with a weekend function and a dual alarm. You can have two...
  • - CLEAR LCD DISPLAY - 2-line LCD display with blue backlight for extensive display of ...

Pros and cons of different types of digital radios

Anyone who wants to buy a digital radio is often faced with the question of which model is the best. For example, the digital radio test compares an individual device with its manufacturer. Test reports provide information about the strengths and weaknesses of individuals Radios. We give you an overview of the Advantages and disadvantages from digital radios. 

Digital radio with CD advantages & disadvantages


  • Better sound quality than FM transmission
  • More station selection
  • Digital broadcast can also be sent via text transmission INFO
  • With CD for additional music for users -Alternatives
  • Various designs available, e.g. B. Retro design or modern design


  • The device is usually slightly larger than a digital radio without a CD

No CD radio numbers advantages & disadvantages



  • Not all models come with extra features like WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB connectivity

Car digital radio advantages & disadvantages


  • DAB radio can also be retrofitted in the car
  • There's a nice one there digital car radio for the small wallet
  • There are also text and traffic jam reports on the car radio


  • Installing a DAB car radio can be complicated on some models because 
  • Radio reception is not everywhere

Digital Radio App Pros & Cons



  • Charges may apply for apps with multiple transfers
Digital radio

Which digital radio is right for you? 

Digital radio, also known as Dab, is a type of radio that uses digital technology to transmit audio. Unlike traditional analog radio, which uses analog signals to transmit audio signals, the digital radio digital signals for transmitting audio signals. This makes digital radio more efficient and enables the further development of Dab technology.

Digital radio was first developed in the early 1990s, and the first commercial digital radio service was launched in the United Kingdom in 1995. Since then, digital radio has been introduced in many countries around the world. In 2006, the European Union adopted the technical standard for digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), which represents the standard for digital radio in Europe.

Digital Radio is becoming increasingly popular as more and more devices are able to receive DAB signals. In the United Kingdom For example, over 50% of households now have a digital radio. As digital radio continues to develop, it is likely that even more people will use this new form of radio.

How does a digital radio work?

Digital radio is a type of radio that uses digital technology Send and receive used by audio signals. There are two types of digital radios: station-based digital radios and device-based digital radios. Transmitter-based digital radios are used by broadcasters to transmit audio signals to digital radios. Device-based digital radios are portable devices that can receive audio signals from transmitter-based digital radios.

Digital radios use a process called “dab” (digital audio broadcasting) to analog audio signals into digital convert data. This digital data is then transmitted via a digital signal. Digital radios have a variety of features, including a battery, a display and a frequency control. Most digital radios also have an audio output so you can use the radio Headphones or speakers can hear.

What types of digital radio are there?

Digital radios come in all shapes and sizes. The most common type of digital radio is the handset. These devices usually have a remote control and a display. Some models also have an alarm function. Digital radios can also be integrated into a car radio system. In addition to DAB, some digital radios can also receive FM signals. The antenna is used to pick up the signal from the radio station.

Why should I choose digital radio?

Digital radio is a type of radio in which digital sound instead of the traditional analogue Tons is used. This enables a wider range of program content and better sound quality. Digital radios can receive signals from a digital station, which may be further away from the listener than an analog station.

Digital radio also offers a number of other advantages over traditional analog radio. This means that digital radios can be tuned to specific frequencies, meaning they have a wider range Receive stations can. Additionally, digital radios often have screens that display information about the station currently playing as well as the track or program currently playing. This can be very useful for finding new music or keeping up to date with current events.

Which digital radio is best for me?

Deciding which digital radio is right for you may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! There are a few key factors you can consider that will help you make the best decision for your needs.

First, consider what type of device you want to use as a digital radio. Do you want a traditional radio that receives FM stations or do you want something more modern that connects to the Internet and via Bluetooth can stream? If you're not sure, consider which features are most important to you.

Once you've decided on a device type, you can narrow down your choices by looking at specific models and comparing their features. Consider things like sound quality, battery life, ease of use, and price. You should also make sure that the digital radio you choose is compatible with any other device or software you intend to use it with.

Finally, you should take the time to read other users' reviews before making your final decision. This allows you to experience first-hand how a given digital radio performs in real-world conditions. With a little research, you should be able to find the perfect digital radio for your needs!

Are digital radios available for cars?

Yes, there are digital radios for cars. This type of radio is becoming increasingly popular due to the many advantages it offers over traditional analog radios. For one thing, digital radios offer much clearer sound quality than analog Radios. Digital radios can also receive a larger number of stations and offer more functions, such as: B. the ability to pause and rewind live broadcasts.

Is a dab radio better with or without CD?

A digital radio with CD Player or better without? This is a question many people ask themselves when deciding whether or not to buy a CD player. Owning a CD player has many benefits such as: B. the fact that you can listen to your favorite CDs whenever you want without having to worry about the radio station playing your favorite songs. However, owning a CD player also has some disadvantages, such as: B. the fact that you have to carry a lot of CDs with you if you want to listen to them on the go. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to buy a CD player comes down to the individual and what they value most about their listening experience.

Is the dab radio also available with Bluetooth?

You can also use Bluetooth with the digital radio. There are models of digital radios that are equipped with Bluetooth. This means that you connect your device to the radio and the Sound wirelessly can transfer. Some Models even have a built-in battery so you can take your music with you wherever you go.

Our keyword insider tip on Amazon:

Sony XDR-S41D digital radio (DAB+, FM, RDS, alarm clock) Black
  • DAB radio, DAB+, FM (RDS), 5 favorite buttons, sound quality
  • Portable battery operated radio ideal for portability
  • 4-line LCD screen to display information such as radio name, time, etc.

The most popular digital radio manufacturers

Some manufacturers have also established themselves in the digital radio sector. Almost all major brands now offer radios with DAB reception. The following list shows which manufacturers perform particularly well and are very popular with customers. Here are some of the most famous Brands in digital area today.

Our digital radio bestsellers on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
GRUNDIG DTR 4500 Digital Radio, DAB+, FM radio, RDS, 2.0 stereo speaker system, alarm function, TFT color display, incl. remote control,...
  • Wired. Bluetooth audio streaming (V5.0).
  • Three level brightness control
  • 40 FM and 40 DAB+ station presets. remote control
Bestseller no. 2
MangoKit MD3 DAB/DAB+ and FM portable digital radio, Bluetooth speaker, headphones, 40 preset stations, alarm clock and clock,...
  • 【DAB/DAB+ and FM digital radio】- Enjoy all your favorite DAB/DAB+ and FM digital radios in good...
  • 【Radio with Bluetooth】 - Stream your favorite music wirelessly with the built-in Bluetooth speaker that connects to...
  • 【Mains and battery operated】 - Outside in the garden/kitchen/living room - wherever you want to enjoy your music, that's...
Bestseller no. 3
TechniSat VIOLA 2 - portable DAB radio (DAB +, FM, speakers, headphone jack, two-line display, button control, small, 1 ...
  • Compact and portable: Small digital radio with which you can receive DAB + and FM at home and on the go - also ideal ...
  • Easy to use: Intuitive entry-level device, ideal for use as a children's radio, as well as a senior radio / ...
  • A wide range of possible uses: Can be used stationary with a power supply unit, e.g. as a kitchen radio or in the hobby room - thanks to...

How long does it take to publish a Stiftung Warentest Digital radio Selection?

At the Stiftung Warentest, there are currently various items in the test phase and are being examined on the test bench from a wide variety of perspectives. For example, if a Stiftung Warentest Digital radio Test is there, it will be in the month of its testing Journal “Test” is published or can be accessed online at test.de.  

Conclusion: digital radio is a great innovation

Digital radio is a great innovation that allows people to receive their favorite radio stations without worrying about the quality of the transmission. The digital technology ensures that you always receive a clear and distortion-free signal, even if the transmitter is far away.

Youtube video recommendation for digital radio test & comparison:

Digital radio or internet radio - what's the difference?


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Comprehensive Guide to Digital Radio: Top Sources of Information and Products

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    • Digital radio eBay: Browse through a large selection Digital radio-Products on Ebay. This marketplace offers both new and used options that may meet your needs.

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