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Scanners for documents in a comparison test: the best variants at a glance

Anyone who often handles a lot of documents or has a small office needs a reliable scanner that is quick and easy to use. Document scanners are a good choice for this because they enable fast and accurate document capture. Most models also come with an OCR feature that converts the text into editable files. This is particularly useful for the further processing of the scanned documents. Most models are also convincing in terms of speed and the size of the scan files. Discover our selection of document scanners now and make your office work easier!
Best recommendation
Document scanner Epson WorkForce ES-580W Scanner
Price-performance winner
Document scanner Canon P-208II Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0
Document scanner ScanSnap iX1400 Desktop, A4, Duplex, USB
Document scanner Brother ADS-2700W Compact desktop
Document scanner Brother ADS-2800W with LAN and WLAN
Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 document scanner
Document scanner Brother ADS-2400N with LAN, black
Document scanner Brother ADS1700W mobile scanner
Document scanner Epson WorkForce DS-410, DIN A4, 600dpi
ModelDocument scanner Epson WorkForce ES-580W ScannerDocument scanner Canon P-208II Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0Document scanner ScanSnap iX1400 Desktop, A4, Duplex, USBDocument scanner Brother ADS-2700W Compact desktopDocument scanner Brother ADS-2800W with LAN and WLANFujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 document scannerDocument scanner Brother ADS-2400N with LAN, blackDocument scanner Brother ADS1700W mobile scannerDocument scanner Epson WorkForce DS-410, DIN A4, 600dpi
BrandEpsonCanonScan snapBrotherBrotherFujitsuBrotherBrotherEpson
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!document scanner
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,7gooddocument scanner
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6gooddocument scanner
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8gooddocument scanner
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9gooddocument scanner
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0gooddocument scanner
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1gooddocument scanner
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2gooddocument scanner
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3gooddocument scanner
Scanning speed 35 pages/min 8 pages/min 40 pages/min 35 pages/min 30 pages/min 30 pages/min 40 pages/min 25 pages/min 26 pages/min
automatic document feed until: 100 Seiten 10 Seiten 50 Seiten 50 Seiten 50 Seiten 50 Seiten 50 Seiten 20 Seiten 50 Seiten
Scan Resolution 300 300 dpi x 1.200 1.200 dpi x 1.200 1.200 dpi x 1.200 1.200 dpi x 600 600 dpi x 600 600 dpi x 600 600 dpi x 1.200 1.200 dpi x 600 600 dpi x
Automatic duplex scan
  • independent operation via smartphone
  • improved cropping function for automatic resizing.
  • suitable for documents and photos
  • compact
  • good text recognition software
  • also suitable for scanning postcards
  • business cards and plastic cards
  • suitable for documents and photos
  • fast scanning speed
  • fast scanning speed
  • also for scanning postcards
  • Suitable for business cards and plastic cards
  • USB host function.
  • thanks to the USB host function USB-Stick scan
  • good text recognition software
  • very fast scanning speed
  • good text recognition software
  • suitable for documents and photos
  • fast scanning speed
  • USB host function
  • space-saving construction
  • good scan quality
  • fast scanning speed
  • with scan to pdf and scan to cloud
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The best document scanners in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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To buy the best document scanner 2023, we recommend considering this guide.
A few criteria can help you choose the right document scanner. You will find all the important information in our purchasing guide.

At a glance
  • A document scanner is an electronic device designed specifically for scanning documents and images. It enables paper and other important documents to be digitized quickly and easily. Typical applications are archiving papers, scanning contracts or insurance policies, and making copies or images.
  • Modern document scanners have numerous functions that guarantee optimal scan quality and easy handling. For example, they have high resolution, high scanning speed, and can scan multiple documents at once. In addition, there are now also portable devices that can be connected wirelessly or via USB.
  • Additional functions can be automatic color correction, text recognition and integration into workflow systems. Document scanners are therefore indispensable helpers in offices and administration departments of companies. Popular brands include Fujitsu, Canon, Epson and HP.
document scanner

How to find the best product in the document scanner test

A document scanner is a small handheld scanner capable of scanning and storing documents or images. Document scanners come in different sizes and designs. While the smallest devices are only capable of scanning documents that are placed on top of the scanner, there are also larger models that are capable of scanning documents that are attached to a wall or placed on a table. Most document scanners have a screen or monitor that you can use to scan pictures or documents. Many of these devices also have template input so you can save your images and documents directly to the device. You can find out which document scanner is best for you and what you should pay attention to when buying it in our purchase advice.

The document scanner Offer, which you in this document scanner Compare find presents you some document scannerRecommendations before, to a Great document scanner Price or to one good document scanner Price-performance ratio.

Our document scanner recommendation on Amazon:

Epson WorkForce ES-580W scanner, document scanner (scans without a PC, 35 pages or 70 images per minute, up to DIN A4, double-sided scan ...
  • Scan without a computer and email or scan directly to the cloud or network folder; cutting and...
  • Intuitive Epson ScanSmart software for PC and Mac: preview, text recognition and upload made easy
  • Automatic cropping, deskew, blank page skipping and background removal

Different types of document scanners at a glance

Document scanners are designed to scan paper documents. A document scanner that delivers good OCR results, is easy to use and can also scan more than 20 pages in a minute is not cheap. Whether in the document scanner tests of Stiftung Warentest or other organizations: Basically it does Gerät the difference. Manufacturers naturally address different target groups when equipping scanners. For example, private households do not need as large a paper feed as a company. However, it is always important that a network connection is available, if several people access the document scanner. In the table below we show two of the most popular types of scanners available today. 

Document scanner network model

To increase the efficiency of your business or to provide one device for all family members, a Network-Document scanner a great idea. Due to the network connection, the document scanner works without a PC connection. Data is transmitted wirelessly (e.g. WLAN) and is available wirelessly to all users. The advantage of the WLAN model is that you can send documents to the scanner not only via the scanner Desktop can transfer. If desired, the document scanner can also send these directly to Tablets and smartphones so you can read them there. Incidentally, the speed of the document scanner does not depend on the WLAN quality. This device is also ideal for businesses to better manage their workforce. 

Document scanner with cloud connection

If you want to be able to access your documents from anywhere, you should look for a cloud-connected model. These models are equally attractive for private individuals and companies and offer many advantages. Most cloud document scanners support a variety of cloud services, so you can work completely independently and flexibly choose between Dropbox, Docs and Co. The paperless Office so nothing stands in the way. 

Our document scanner bestseller on Amazon:

Canon P-208II - imageFORMULA mobile document scanner (duplex, feeder, 600 DPI, built-in plug and scan technology, color scan,...
  • Duplex, Auto Feeder, ADF, 8 pages per minute, Delete Blank Pages, Straighten, Automatic Image Enhancement,...

Advantages and disadvantages of the scanner types

Do I need a network connection or is a cloud connection sufficient? Consumer perceptions on this issue may differ. Here's the truth - Your needs are the decisive criterion. Network scanners are mandatory for companies with several employees. However, cloud-connected devices also have significant benefits. However, data security has been a key concern here for years. The following overview shows the Advantages and disadvantages of the individual types. 

Network Model of Document Scanner Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Can be used by multiple users
  • Works without a direct PC connection
  • High work efficiency 
  • Can be combined with phones and tablets


  • WiFi required
  • Differs in quality from document scanner apps

Cloud Connected Document Scanner Pros & Cons


  • Use different cloud services
  • Easy access to PDFs and other files
  • Also for multiple users


  • Sometimes only turned on on PC 
  • Cloud data security is still controversial
document scanner

Which document scanner is right for you? 

If you are looking for a document scanner, you will be surprised how expensive the device is. One thing is clear: document scanners are of little interest for private use due to the high acquisition costs, but in the office, where scanners offer considerable advantages, one should definitely think about it. This way you can quickly professionally scan all types of documents, whether you use Mac OS X or WindowsSoftware use. Especially with large amounts of documents, you benefit from a device with text recognition and the duplex capability of a document scanner. Unfortunately, you won't find these features on a regular scanner. document scanner do more. Even if you load a stack of documents, all you have to do is start scanning. The device automatically recognizes which pages belong here. You can also scan documents onto thermal paper to take to the office to digitize


If you are looking for an object scanner to use on the go, you can use DNT Viewscan. 

Which document scanners are there?

Document scanners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from classic desktop scanners to more compact models that are easy to store away when not in use. Some scanners are even integrated with printers so you can scan and print documents in one go.

There are different types of document scanners on the market, each designed for a specific purpose. Business card scanners, for example, are designed to quickly and easily scan multiple cards at once while Flatbed scanner provide high scan quality for larger documents.

When choosing a scanner, it's important to consider what type of documents you will be scanning most often. If you need to scan large format documents or photos, a flatbed scanner is a good choice. However, if you mainly scan smaller documents like business cards or receipts, a compact scanner might be a better choice.

What are the advantages of scanners?

A scanner can be a very useful tool, especially if you need to scan documents or images on a regular basis. Scanners come in different shapes and sizes, but they all share a common goal: to digitize paper documents so they can be stored on a computer or other digital device.

Most scanners come with a USBCables supplied to connect the scanner to your computer. Once the scanner is connected, you need to install a driver for the scanner to work properly with your computer. Once the driver is installed, the scanner should be automatically recognized by your computer.

If you have a flatbed scanner, you can use it to scan documents or images that are placed on the scanner's glass surface. If you have a sheet-fed scanner, you can use it to scan documents or images that feed through the scanner's input tray.

Scanners are generally compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. However, there may be some features that only work with one of the two operating systems. For example, some scanners come with software that allows you to edit or enhance your scanned images. This type of software is usually only available for Windows computers.

Are document scanners available for Mac?

There really are document scanners for Mac! In fact, there are quite a few different models and brands, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a scanner that's compatible with your Mac.

Document scanners can be very handy if you need to scan documents on a regular basis, as they can save you a lot of time and hassle. And since there are so many different models, you should be able to find one that fits your budget too.

Is 600 dpi enough for scanners?

Scanners have come a long way in recent years, and many models now offer a resolution of 600 dpi or more. But is 600 dpi enough for a scanner?

For most purposes, 600 dpi is more than adequate. Especially document scanners do not need the high resolutions like Photo scanner. 600 dpi is sufficient for scanning text and line art.

If you are scanning photos, you may need a higher resolution. Even then, 600 dpi should be sufficient for most purposes. If you're scanning slides or negatives, you might want to go up to 1200 dpi or even 2400 dpi. But for prints, 600 dpi should be enough.

Does a scanner with two scan lines have advantages?

Dual scan line scanners can scan twice as fast as single scan line scanners. This is because the scanner can process two lines of pixels at a time. This can be a significant benefit when scanning large documents or images.

The faster scanning speed can be especially helpful when scanning high-resolution images or large documents. It can also be useful when scanning in low light, as the scanner doesn't have to pause as often to process the data.

Overall, dual scan line scanners are a good option for anyone who needs to scan large amounts of data quickly and accurately.

Is a large color depth necessary for scanners?

Scanners don't need great color depth, but it can be helpful. A scanner's color depth is the number of colors it can scan. The more colors, the more accurate the scan. Most scanners can scan up to 2022 colors.

What does scan speed mean?

The scanning speed of a document scanner is measured in pages per minute. This metric indicates how many pages the scanner can scan in one minute. The higher the number, the faster the scanner.

When choosing a scanner, you should pay attention to the scanning speed. If you want to scan large documents, you need a scanner with a high scanning speed. Some scanners can scan up to 100 pages per minute.

Scanning speed is just one factor to consider when choosing a scanner. You should also consider things like price, features, and ratings. However, if you need a fast scanner, you should definitely pay attention to the scanning speed.

What is an automatic document feeder?

An automatic document feeder (ADF) is a feature of some scanners that allows multiple pages to be scanned at once without having to place them individually on the scanner bed. This can be a huge time saver, especially if you regularly scan large documents or batches of documents. Many ADFs can also handle different paper sizes and types, which can be an added benefit when you need to scan a variety of documents.

When choosing a scanner with an ADF, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should make sure that the ADF capacity is sufficient for your needs - some devices can only process a few pages at a time, while others can hold tens or even hundreds of pages. Secondly, pay attention to the scanning speed - especially if you regularly need to scan large documents. The faster the scanner, the less time you have to wait for your document to finish scanning. And finally, you should look at the scanner's general features and capabilities to make sure it meets your needs.

What does operating system mean for the scanner?

Operating systems are software packages that manage a computer's hardware and provide common services for applications. In most cases, different operating systems can run the same software. However, there are some applications that only work on certain operating systems. For example, a scanner may only be compatible with Windows or Mac. When you buy a scanner, you need to make sure that it's compatible with the operating system you're using.

Our document scanner insider tip on Amazon:

ScanSnap iX1400 Desktop Document Scanner - A4, Duplex, USB 3.2 with ADF, PA03820-B001
  • Desktop document scanner, ideal for individuals, IT novices, families or for small teams to scan,...
  • Easily scan your documents, digitize receipts, business cards and invoices to PDF, searchable PDF, JPEG...
  • Duplex Scanner: Scan various document types from A8 to A4 (single and double-sided scanning) at one speed...

How can a good document scanner be recognized?

To ensure you're buying a document scanner that meets your needs, there are certain specifications you should look out for. DPI (dots per inch) is a measure of how many pixels the scanner can capture in an image - the higher the dpi, the more detail it captures. 600 dpi is a good average that results in clear images. Scanning speed is also important: how many pages per minute can the device process? For home use, a slower scanner of around 10 pages per minute is usually sufficient. However, if you're scanning for business purposes, you need a much faster device - like the Fujitsu Scansnap, which can scan up to 30 pages per minute.

Most document scanners connect to your computer via USB, but there are also some cordless models. The size of the documents you want to scan is also important. If you only want to scan standard 8,5″ x 11″ (or A4) paper, just about any scanner will do. However, if you need to scan larger documents or even business cards, you should make sure that the scanner you choose is suitable for these formats.

Also pay attention to the color depth and whether the scanner offers automatic or batch scanning capabilities. The models Epson Workforce and Brother ADS are both good choices for business users who need to scan large volumes of documents quickly and easily.

Keep these specs in mind when shopping for document scanners, and you're sure to find a model that suits your needs!

The most popular brands and manufacturers of document scanners

With all document scanners, the equipment is also clearly to be emphasized: Quality pays off. If you are looking for a good document scanner for your business, you can use devices from the following manufacturers, e.g. e.g.: 

  • Epson  
  • Kodak
  • HP
  • Canon
  • Fujitsu  
  • Plustec 

Well-known models are the Kodak Scanmate and the Fujitsu Scansnap scanner series. Here you always expect in the model family different variations

Our bestselling document scanners on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
Brother ADS1700WUN1 compact document scanner mobile scanner, duplex WiFi, white, black, A4
  • Scan speed of up to 25 pages (50 images) per minute
  • Automatic 20 sheet document feeder for multi-sided scanning
  • Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 super-speed, USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ​​interface and USB host
DiscountBestseller no. 2
Epson WorkForce DS-410 document scanner (scanner, DIN A4, two-sided scanning in one pass, 600dpi, USB 2.0)
  • A4 document scanner with auto-feed for quick and easy scanning; Document feeder for 50 sheets
  • Paper Protection Technology: Protect original documents and make sure every page is scanned
  • Fast scanning speed of up to 26 pages/min. or 52 images/min (at 300 dpi); Manual A3 mode allows...
Bestseller no. 3
HP ScanJet Pro 2000 s2 (scanner, cut sheet feed, 50-sheet ADF, USB)
  • Compact scanner with automatic bedside scanning, intuitive button panel, scan up to 3.500 pages/day
  • Scan speed: up to 35 ppm; up to 70 fps
  • Scan resolution: up to 600 x 600 dpi

How long does it take to publish a Stiftung Warentest document scanner Selection?

At the Stiftung Warentest, there are currently various items in the test phase and are being examined on the test bench from a wide variety of perspectives. For example, if a Stiftung Warentest document scanner Test is included, it will be published in the month of its testing in the magazine "Test" or can be accessed online at  


Document scanners are a very useful addition to any office workplace. They allow you to store and edit documents digitally instead of copying or faxing them on paper. However, document scanners can also be used for much more than just archiving documents. Many manufacturers have now developed functions that allow you to load scans directly into a specific program or software and edit them. For example, you can insert and edit scans of photos or text documents directly into your image editing program or Word document. Graphics or images can also be directly integrated into your work processes.

Youtube video recommendation for the document scanner test & comparison:

Which scanner is correct? Fan


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Which of the manufacturers has been given a place in their document scanner comparison?

For this document scanner comparison, we limited ourselves to a number of major manufacturers in the ranking. You can see models from the following manufacturers here Epson, Canon, Scan snap, Brother, Brother, Fujitsu, Brother, Brother and Epson with a representative selection of the best products.

The document scanner products in our comparison are priced between around €133,63 and around €474,02, so there are options to suit every budget.

The price range of the document scanner products we present ranges from approximately €133,63 to approximately €474,02. We offer a variety of options from affordable to high-quality premium options.

What kind of product received the price-performance winner in our document scanner comparison?

There were many interesting articles in our document scanner comparison Document scanner Canon P-208II Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 emerged as the one with the best value for money and was nominated as such.

How did the editors weight the ranking in the document scanner comparison?

When weighting the ranking, we are not influenced by manufacturers, brands or products. Thanks to purely unbiased criteria, we came to the conclusion that the article Document scanner Epson WorkForce ES-580W Scanner which earned grade 1, followed by Document scanner Canon P-208II Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0, Document scanner ScanSnap iX1400 Desktop, A4, Duplex, USB, Document scanner Brother ADS-2700W Compact desktop and Document scanner Brother ADS-2800W with LAN and WLAN.

What else was examined in the document scanner comparison besides the comparison winner and the price-performance winner?

In addition to the best document scanner articles and the price-performance winner, our selection also includes other very good products that are: Document scanner Epson WorkForce ES-580W Scanner, Document scanner Canon P-208II Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 and Document scanner ScanSnap iX1400 Desktop, A4, Duplex, USB.

Further links and sources too document scanner

  • Wikipedia: More information about the document scanner can be found on Wikipedia, a well-known free encyclopedia on the Internet.
  • Youtube: Look on Youtube to learn more about document scanner to experience.
  • Amazon: Discover the variety document scanner products on Amazon.
  • ebay: has a large selection of other products for document scanner Products.

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