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Pet supplies: Everything for our loyal companions

Animals enrich our lives in so many ways. They offer us company, joy and sometimes even comfort. It is our responsibility to ensure that they are well taken care of in return. The pet supplies market offers a huge selection of products to ensure just that. We have put together some of the most important products for you:


A true favorite among our feline companions. catnip or also called catnip, is often used in toys or as loose herbs to stimulate and entertain cats. It is a harmless substance that many cats into a playful frenzy and thus provides a lot of entertainment.

fish food

An optimal one fish food is crucial for the health and growth of our fish. There are different types of fish food depending on the type of fish you have. It is important that it contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins so that our underwater friends live long and stay healthy.

Hamster food

Hamsters are small rodents with high demands on their diet. A balanced one Hamster food provides a mix of seeds, grains and sometimes insects to ensure they receive all the nutrients they need. It is important to change the food regularly and make sure it stays fresh.

rabbit food

Rabbits are herbivores and require a balanced diet consisting mainly of hay, vegetables and special rabbit food consists. This particular type of feed is often pelleted and contains the Vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for a rabbit's health.


Whether they are ornamental or wild birds, birds require a specific diet. birdseed can consist of a mixture of seeds, fruits and insects, depending on the bird species. It is always important to ensure that the food is fresh and free of pests.

Our promise for your pets

It is important for every animal lover to choose only the best for their pet. Whether it's food, toys or care products - quality should always come first. On our platform, you can be sure that every product has been carefully tested and deemed safe for your beloved pet. Because your health and well-being are just as important to us as you are. Our mission is not only to provide you with the best products, but also to educate you about proper care and nutrition for your pets. Because a healthy animal is a happy animal.