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Built-in fridge-freezer combination test & comparison 2024: The best products in direct comparison

Fridge-freezer combination for installation in detail: What makes test winners different from other products?

In the western world today there are hardly any kitchens without a fridge and freezer. However, two separate devices also take up a lot of space and lead to twice as much power consumption. A built-in fridge-freezer combination is even more practical. It doesn't always have to be a particularly expensive device. There are many products that can compete with top-of-the-line devices in terms of size, range of functions and power consumption. Discover your personal dream device with the help of our test and comparison table!
Best recommendation
Built-in fridge-freezer combination Gorenje NRKI 4182 P1, 240 l
Price-performance winner
Built-in fridge-freezer combination Siemens KI87SADD0 iQ500
Built-in fridge-freezer Bosch Hausgeräte KIL24NSF0
Built-in fridge-freezer AEG SCE714FALS, 217 L, LowFrost
Built-in fridge-freezer Bosch Hausgeräte KIL24NFF0
Built-in fridge-freezer combination Bauknecht KGIS 16F2 P StopFrost
Built-in fridge freezer Samsung BRB2G0135WW/EG
Built-in fridge-freezer Bosch Hausgeräte KIV86NSF0
Built-in fridge-freezer Neff KI5871SF0 with freezer
Model Built-in fridge-freezer combination Gorenje NRKI 4182 P1, 240 l Built-in fridge-freezer combination Siemens KI87SADD0 iQ500 Built-in fridge-freezer Bosch Hausgeräte KIL24NSF0 Built-in fridge-freezer AEG SCE714FALS, 217 L, LowFrost Built-in fridge-freezer Bosch Hausgeräte KIL24NFF0 Built-in fridge-freezer combination Bauknecht KGIS 16F2 P StopFrost Built-in fridge freezer Samsung BRB2G0135WW/EG Built-in fridge-freezer Bosch Hausgeräte KIV86NSF0 Built-in fridge-freezer Neff KI5871SF0 with freezer
Brand Gorenje Siemens Bosch home appliances Aeg Bosch home appliances Bauknecht Samsung Bosch home appliances Neff
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Built-in fridge-freezer
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,9goodBuilt-in fridge-freezer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodBuilt-in fridge-freezer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodBuilt-in fridge-freezer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodBuilt-in fridge-freezer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodBuilt-in fridge-freezer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodBuilt-in fridge-freezer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodBuilt-in fridge-freezer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodBuilt-in fridge-freezer
Electricity consumption per year Electricity costs (based on €0,28/kWh) 211 kWh/year €59,09 149 kWh/year €41,72 185 kWh/year €52,08 - 248 kWh/year €69,44 189 kWh/year €52,92 240 kWh/year €67,02 282 kWh/year €78,96 277 kWh/year €77,56
VolumeTotalRefrigerator | freezer 240 liters183 | 57 liters 269 liters208 | 61 liters 195 liters180 | 15 liters 217 liters160 | 57 liters 200 liters183 | 17 liters 232 liters153 | 79 liters 266 liters194 | 72 liters 265 liters182 | 83 liters 270 liters209 | 61 liters
Number of compartments and glass shelves 5 compartments including 3 height-adjustable glass shelves & 1 bottle shelf 5 compartments, 4 of which are height-adjustable glass shelves 5 compartments, 4 of which are height-adjustable glass shelves 4 compartments, 3 of which are height-adjustable glass shelves 6 compartments, 4 of which are height-adjustable glass shelves 5 compartments, 4 of which are height-adjustable glass shelves 3 compartments, 2 of which are height-adjustable glass shelves 4 compartments, 3 of which are height-adjustable glass shelves 5 compartments including 4 height-adjustable glass shelves
Freezer position below below above below above below below below below
noise development very quiet39 dB particularly quiet35 dB particularly quiet34 dB particularly quiet35 dB particularly quiet37 dB particularly quiet35 dB very quiet38 dB very quiet39 dB quiet 35 dB
interior door equipment very extensive2 large compartments | 1 bottle compartment particularly extensive4 large compartments | 1 bottle compartment particularly extensive4 large compartments | 1 bottle compartment very extensive2 large compartments | 1 bottle compartment particularly extensive4 large compartments | 1 bottle compartment very extensive2 large compartments | 1 bottle compartment very extensive3 small compartments | 1 bottle compartment very extensive2 large compartments | 1 bottle compartment particularly extensive 4 large compartments | 1 bottle compartment
Dimensions (H 177,2 x 54 x 54 cm 177,2 x 55,8 x 54,5 cm 122,1 x 54,5 x 55,8 cm 144,1 x 54,9 x 54,9 cm 122,1 x 54,1 x 54,2 cm 54.5 x 55.7 x 157.6 cm 177,5 x 54 x 55 cm 177,2 x 54,1 x 54,8 cm 177,2 x 54,8 x 54,1 cm
defrost system
  • Many lessons
  • interchangeable door hinges
  • big volume
  • extremely economical
  • very large volume
  • especially quiet
  • interchangeable door stop
  • Interchangeable door stop
  • many lessons
  • very economical
  • very quiet
  • big volume
  • especially quiet
  • interchangeable door stop
  • Interchangeable door stop
  • many lessons
  • very economical
  • very quiet
  • Interchangeable door stop
  • many lessons
  • Very large volume
  • with bottle holder
  • interchangeable door stop
  • extra large volume
  • Extra large volume
  • interchangeable door stop
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best built-in fridge-freezer combination in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Before you purchase a built-in fridge-freezer combination, please note the following recommendations: Important purchasing advice and useful tips for making an informed decision
We have put together all the essential information for you to make your purchasing decision for the built-in fridge-freezer combination easier.

At a glance
  • The built-in fridge-freezer is a space-saving cooling and freezing solution for kitchens with limited space. The combination allows efficient use of space in your kitchen and provides ample space for food and drinks. The devices are energy efficient and offer various functions such as faster cooling or automatic defrosting. Keywords relevant to search engines: built-in refrigerator, fridge-freezer combination, space-saving, energy-efficient.
  • This built-in fridge-freezer is available in different sizes and designs to suit the needs and styles of your kitchen. The devices can be easily built into the cabinet to ensure a unified and seamless appearance. Most of the newer built-in fridge-freezers also come with an advanced defrost and anti-frost system to prevent frost from forming inside the freezer. Keywords relevant to search engines: built-in freezer, cupboard refrigerator, design, anti-frost system.
  • The built-in fridge freezer is an excellent choice for people who need easy access to fresh or frozen food without taking up a lot of space. The devices can also be equipped with various functions such as temperature regulation, humidity control and automatic ice making. Most devices have an energy-saving design and can therefore help reduce electricity bills. In summary, the built-in fridge-freezer offers an effective and reliable cooling and freezing solution for limited spaces. Search engine relevant keywords: accessibility, energy saving, temperature control.
built-in fridge-freezer combination

Comparison of built-in fridge-freezers

When looking for the perfect built-in fridge-freezer combination, a few factors come into play. The first thing you should consider is what size you need. There are many different models in different sizes that are suitable for every kitchen. The type of door opening is also important: whether you prefer a combination with a side opening or one with a revolving door depends entirely on your personal preferences. In our purchasing advice we inform you, What to look out for in a built-in fridge-freezer combination and which criteria are important when purchasing. 

Several Built-in fridge-freezer Recommendations see our table with our Built-in fridge-freezer buy recommendations. If you do this for the Built-in fridge-freezer Reviews interested and which ones Built-in fridge-freezer Bestsellers there is, this guide will give you a lot of useful information about it.

How to find the best product in the built-in fridge freezer test 

Built-in fridge-freezers are considered basic Domestic appliances and can be found in most households. Compared to two separate devices, the combination of freezer and Refrigerator much more compact design, so that you need less space in the kitchen overall. Modern features such as frost-free, various shelves and drawers ensure for very little cleaning effort

When choosing equipment is natural power consumption is one of the decisive criteria. Devices with A++ or A++++ are good. Compared to the reference model, they consume significantly less electricity by up to 80% (as of 2024), which of course also reduces operating costs. 

Our built-in fridge-freezer combination recommendation on Amazon:

Gorenje NRKI 4182 P1 built-in fridge-freezer / 177,2 cm / 240 l / NoFrost DualAdvance / SuperCool / white
  • NoFrost DualAdvance and SuperCool
  • LED display and annual energy consumption 271 kWh
  • Net capacity: fridge 183 l, freezer 57 l and

Comparison of built-in fridge-freezers: from built-in to free-standing

There are different types out there Built-in fridge-freezer. On the one hand, a distinction can be made based on the structure, on the other hand, based on the technology. 

Types of built-in refrigerators by structure

Yours is important here personal space situation. Check out yours cuisine in advance and think about how you can integrate devices there. 

Fully embeddable model

If you have a fully equipped Have kitchen and appliances stand out from the furniture as little as possible want, the freezer and refrigerator should be fully combinable. In this case, the dimensions apply to those of a standard kitchen cabinet. The fridge and freezer combination is installed directly in the cabinet. The panels are covered by cabinet doors so that it is not possible to tell from the outside whether it is a tall cabinet or a refrigerator. Most units are equipped with sliding doors. 

Ensemble model

In addition, the built-in fridge-freezer combination can only be integrated. It can installed in a kitchen cupboard. However, the panels for the doors are missing in order to preserve the design of the fully equipped kitchen. 

The benefit is you have more flexibility, because you don't have to dwell on the size and design of the closet. But of course there are restrictions on the height or width of your built-in fridge-freezer.

The free-standing built-in fridge-freezer

The The third type of appliance is the free-standing built-in fridge-freezer. It's extremely cheap and is characterized by a high degree of flexibility. You can use these models place wherever there is space. The free-standing built-in fridge-freezer combination is available as a simple variant with a freezer compartment below or above, and as a side-by-side model. 

Both designs have a large height and therefore offer a lot of space. With the side-by-side model Cool and freezing arranged side by side. As a rule, you have more space here to store frozen goods. The structure also provides a better overview.


When selecting these models, you must click to see the inside dimensions of the body. These are smaller than the external dimensions, but are essential for integrating the device.

Our built-in fridge-freezer bestseller on Amazon:

Siemens KI87SADD0 iQ500 built-in fridge-freezer combination/D / 165 kWh/year / 270 l/lowFrost/hyperFresh Premium 0° / LED...
  • hyperFresh: Fresh for longer: The hyperFresh drawer provides optimal conditions for your food - for better...
  • lowFrost: less and easier defrosting thanks to lowFrost: the technology of this fridge-freezer combination reduces ice formation...
  • LED lighting: Thanks to the flush-mounted LED lighting, the interior of your freezer is pleasant and ...

The pros and cons of built-in to freestanding built-in fridge freezers

Fully embeddable model Pros & Cons


  • Create a unified picture
  • Space saving
  • Can be integrated into existing furniture
  • Protected by the cabinet front
  • With sliding door


  • Possible sizes depending on the kitchen
  • Limited device selection

Ensemble Model Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Doesn't take up extra space
  • More flexible options than fully built-in units
  • Fridge and freezer can stand on top and bottom flexible partition
  • Usually cheaper


  • Stand out from kitchen furniture
  • Reduce the interior size of cabinets and choose one

Freestanding Built-In Fridge Freezer Pros & Cons


  • Lots of space
  • Flexible integration in space
  • Ingenious arrangement system
  • Chic design
  • Can be placed independently of kitchen furniture
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Usually looks clunky
  • The setting is obviously different from other furniture
built-in fridge-freezer combination

Refrigeration technology Types of built-in fridge-freezers

In addition, built-in fridge-freezers can be differentiated according to cooling technology. The following solutions prevail here: 

  • compressor fridge: Compressor refrigerators use gaseous refrigerant compared to other models, it is noisier. The evaporator is mounted on the back.
  • Thermoelectric refrigerator: This is the mobile model. Due to the high energy consumption on the one hand and the limited integration options for cooling on the other hand, it is only rarely used. 
  • Absorption chiller: An absorption refrigeration machine that is equipped with a successful mixture of water and ammonia as a refrigerant. They are popular because they are... Operation particularly quiet are. 

Purchase suggestion: You should pay attention to this built-in fridge-freezer combination! 

It's always worth taking a look at the built-in fridge-freezer test, because here you can see the strengths and weaknesses of the model. If you have a built-in refrigerator Freezer If you want to buy, you must pay attention to size, design, capacity and energy efficiency


Of course, your personal built-in fridge-freezer test winner should be there first. Therefore, it must be large enough and sufficient capacity have. Altitude comes first. The following dimensions apply: 

  • 122 cm
  • 144 cm 
  • 158 cm
  • 177 cm
  • 178 cm

When it comes to capacity, it's important to make a clear distinction between how much space you have for freezing and how much space you have for chilling. Note the Specification in litres

Energy efficiency class

With fridge-freezers, capacity and energy efficiency are always marked. When considering buying a new home appliance, you should always consider energy consumption. Even if they are more expensive, they are still worth buying as you can expect significant annual savings in running costs. Devices with energy efficiency class A+++ are ideal Consumes 80% less energy than comparable devices. Class A++ models are still recommended. 


In this category, the built-in fridge-freezer test repeatedly shows serious deviations. Compare models in terms of storage space, drawers and functionality. It is important to have a frost-free function, this will save you the time of manual defrosting. 

Besides that it would be useful if the door had a magnetic lock. So you can be sure that your Food are always in the best possible cooling condition. Interior door accessories should fit the needs of your home and provide storage for eggs, bottles, butter and milk. 

Our built-in fridge-freezer insider tip on Amazon:

Bosch KIL24NSF0 Series 2 built-in refrigerator, 122,5 x 56 cm niche, 200 L, sliding hinge, Made in Germany, LED lighting ...
  • LED lighting: uniform and glare-free illumination of the refrigerator compartment, with a long service life
  • MultiBox with corrugated bottom: protects your fruit and vegetables
  • Electronic temperature control: lets you set the target temperature precisely and easily

FAQ: The most important questions about built-in refrigerators

Finally, we summarize the most important questions in one Built-in refrigerator tested freezer combinations together and bought them together. 

What is a built-in fridge freezer?

Built-in fridge-freezers are refrigerators that can be built into a cupboard. They usually have four or five doors and some of the equipment is permanently attached to the back of the cabinet. Some built-in fridge-freezers have a separate freezer that can be separated from the fridge section. This allows the user to move the freezer to another location when it is no longer needed.

What types of built-in fridge-freezers are there? 

There are different types of built-in fridge-freezer combinations. However, most of these devices only differ in terms of their size and capacity. For example, there are built-in fridge-freezer combinations with a capacity of 25 liters and those with a capacity of 50 liters or more. There are also different types of door types for these devices. Most built-in fridge-freezer combinations have a folding door, but there are also models with sliding doors or even double doors. The latter is particularly practical if you have a lot of space for your Food or if you often want to process large quantities of frozen food. How does a built-in fridge-freezer work? Built-in fridge-freezer combinations work in the same way as conventional fridges or freezers. These devices use convection oscillation geometry to generate cold airto preserve and freeze your food. Within the Compressors The built-in fridge-freezer combination has a water chamber in which the water is compressed and thus lowers its temperature. The cold water then flows through the air conditioning pipes into the housing of the device and is distributed throughout the interior of the refrigerator, where it lowers the temperature of the room, thus achieving the effect of convection oscillation geometry (see Figure 2).

Can I install a built-in fridge freezer myself? 

Yes, that is possible. However, it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist as the connection of the fridge-freezer combination to the electricity and water network can be a bit complicated.

How do I install a built-in fridge freezer? 

Once you've decided on a fridge-freezer, it's time to install it. As a rule, you connect the plug to the socket and set the correct settings on the fridge-freezer combination. Depending on the model, you can also make other connections, such as connecting the water hose. It is advisable to seek professional help during installation as it can be difficult to install the fridge freezer correctly. The installation technician will ensure that the fridge freezer is properly assembled and ready for use. If you want to install your fridge freezer yourself, you can follow the installation guide or check online to avoid potential problems. If your fridge freezer is properly installed and working properly, there are a few things you should keep in mind for optimal performance: Make sure there are no warm air accumulates near the device and regularly check the door seals and the interior of the device. Also make sure to keep consumption low and extend the shelf life of food Eye to keep. If everything goes well, your new device should function smoothly for as long as possible!

How do I replace the temperature controller? 

If your temperature controller is defective, you need to replace it. First you should make sure that the regulator is correctly sized to run your fridge reliably. This means that the ampere and watt ratings must match. Once you have completed this step, you can begin replacing the regulator. First of all, you need to break the circuit or disconnect the refrigerator from the network. Then remove the rear wall of the refrigerator compartment to access the temperature control. Now remove the two screws that hold the old controller in place and remove it from its bracket. Finally you can insert the new controller and fasten it with the screws. Make sure it is tight and not loose. You can then reinstall all the parts in reverse order. Set up your newly installed controller as directed in your owner's manual, then turn the power back on. If everything was done correctly, the refrigerator will now function normally again. If you encounter problems during installation or if the refrigerator still does not work after installing the new temperature controller, you should contact a professional and ask them to inspect the refrigerator and make the necessary repairs.

Which manufacturers offer built-in fridges with freezer compartments? 

More than one well-known brand with its own built-in refrigerators offers fridge-freezers. The best-known providers include: 

For example, the Aldi-Built-in fridge-freezer combination occasionally offered as a promotional item in discount stores. It has a clear price advantage and mostly meets the criteria listed in our comparison table. 

How much does a built-in fridge-freezer cost? 

Depending on the price range of the room, there are different sizes, capacities and budgets. The price of the built-in fridge-freezer combination varies greatly. Cheaper models are available from 350 euros. But devices over 1000 euros are not uncommon here. Besides that try to attract attention with your extravagant clothes

How often does the built-in fridge freezer have to be cleaned? 

As a rule, it is sufficient if you use the built-in refrigerator in a fridge-freezer combination wipe once a week. As a rule, you no longer have to defrost devices because the no-frost function is standard. 

Our built-in fridge-freezer bestseller on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
Beko BCSA285K4SN b100 integrated fridge/freezer combination, 271 l total volume, built-in combination, MinFrost, ProSmart inverter...
  • With the Beko sliding door technology, the furniture front can be easily connected to the door of your refrigerator...
  • LED Illumination provides useful LED lighting at the top of the refrigerator as well as on the side walls for the individual...
  • Thanks to MinFrost's special evaporation system, ice formation in the freezer is drastically reduced. So you can...
DiscountBestseller no. 2
Amica EDTS 372 900 built-in fridge-freezer combination/double door (top freezer compartment) / 122 niche/drag door technology
  • Built-in fridge-freezer combination with sliding door technology
  • Spacious interior with a vegetable drawer and safety glass shelves
  • Less defrosting in the freezer area thanks to FrostControl
DiscountBestseller no. 3
Siemens KI86VVSE0 iQ300 built-in fridge-freezer combination/E/229 kWh/year/183 l/hyperFresh...
  • lowFrost: less and easier defrosting thanks to lowFrost: the technology of this integrated fridge-freezer...
  • LED lighting: Thanks to the flush-mounted LED lighting, the interior of your freezer is pleasant and ...
  • bigBox: The spacious box is ideal for large or bulky frozen goods. Enjoy the unprecedented flexibility with...

What does Stiftung Warentest think of the built-in fridge-freezer combination? 

At the beginning of 2024, Stiftung Warentest tested 214 refrigerators of different designs. There are clear differences in equipment and functionality as well as in energy efficiency. 

How much time elapses before a Stiftung Warentest Built-in fridge-freezer test is published?

Stiftung Warentest tests a large number of products over the course of the year. It usually takes several months for a result to be published. That's why you can't say today whether a Stiftung Warentest Built-in fridge-freezer test is planned or when one will be published.


Built-in fridge-freezers are ideal for small apartments and houses. Because they take up little space and still ensure cool temperatures. Built-in fridge-freezers also generate significantly less noise than conventional fridges. This makes them ideal for quiet environments such as offices or hospitals.

Youtube video recommendation for the built-in fridge-freezer test & comparison:

Questions Tuesday Freezers and Chest Freezers: Everything you need to know about freezing!


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    Is it possible to change the door of the built-in fridge-freezer?

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      Yes, most built-in fridge freezers have the option of changing the door as needed. In this way, you can adapt the orientation of the door to the conditions in your kitchen. However, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions on how to properly perform the door swap.

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    How loud is the built-in fridge-freezer when in use?

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