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Unicorn condom test & comparison 2024: Discover the outstanding products on the market

Who is the comparison winner? Discover the best fairytale condoms in a detailed comparison

Treat yourself to unforgettable moments with the unicorn condom. This fantastic Kondom is not only functional but also a great addition to your collection. The unicorn design is a real eye-catcher and will certainly attract attention. The condom is made of latex and offers ultimate protection during sexual intercourse. It's also extra wet to increase pleasure. The product can also be accessed using the search terms condoms, sex toys and protection.
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Unicorn condoms unicorn, 7 pieces, design edition: WALD NUDE
Model Unicorn condoms unicorn, 7 pieces, design edition: WALD NUDE
Brand unicorn
The Best Suggestionsscoreprice.com1,5Very good!unicorn condoms
Color ecru
Quantity Price per piece 7 pieces €1,78 each
Size 54 mm
Storage 3 - 4 Jahre
Material 100% natural rubber latex
hormone free
lube coating
  • very long shelf life
  • Condoms are rationed weekly
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Unicorn Condoms 2024: Expert advice for tailored product solutions – Ultimate buying guide and professional tips
Use these tips to find the optimal product in our unicorn condom comparison

At a glance
  • Unicorn condoms are a fantastic and colorful way to enjoy safe sex. They are made of high quality materials and provide reliable protection against both unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The fun colors and designs make them a fun option for couples of all ages.
  • The unicorn condoms are available in different sizes and shapes and adapt perfectly to the human anatomy. They are made from latex-free, natural rubber and are vegan-friendly. Some unicorn condom collections also include sensual flavors like strawberry or chocolate to make the experience even more pleasurable.
  • Unicorn condoms are not only safe and effective, they are a fun product that promotes sexuality in a positive and artful way. A creative and modern way of spreading sexual awareness designed by a young and dynamic team. Order your own unicorn condoms today and enjoy an imaginative and safe lovemaking experience.

Magical moments with unicorn condoms – protects and enchants!

unicorn condoms are not only effective in protecting against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but also offer a unique and enchanting design. They are available in different variations including colorful condoms reported Unicorn motifs, which are suitable for both women and men. unicorn condoms are available online and can be purchased discreetly. They are made from vegan and natural materials, are latex-free and offer options such as extra thin, extra strong or extra large condoms. There are also Flavored condoms, taste and texture as well as special XL sizes. High hygiene standards are maintained and they are for both sensitive skin as well as for use without lubricant or with lubricant.


  • unicorn condoms offering effective protection from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • They are characterized by a unique and enchanting design, including colorful ones Unicorn condoms-motives.
  • Unicorn-condoms can be purchased discreetly online and are made from vegan and natural materials.
  • They are latex-free and offer various options such as extra thin, extra strong or extra large condoms.
  • There are also Flavored condoms, taste and texture as well as special XL sizes.

Unicorn condoms and their vegan production

Unicorn condoms are characterized by their vegan production. Unlike many conventional condoms, they do not contain milk protein Casein as plasticizers and are not tested on animals. Instead, natural materials are used that are both environmentally friendly and suitable for vegans. The manufacturers value it Sustainability and  Transparency throughout Supply Chainto ensure that the Condoms fair to be produced.

By using vegan and Natural materials, unicorn condoms offer an environmentally friendly Alternative to traditional condoms. They consciously avoid the use of animal products such as milk protein casein in order to appeal to vegans and at the same time ensure sustainable production. Since unicorn condoms are also not tested on animals, buyers can rest assured that they are supporting an ethical and animal-friendly product.

In addition to vegan production, the manufacturers of unicorn condoms also attach great importance Transparency and  Sustainability throughout Supply Chain. They work closely with their suppliers to ensure that the condoms are produced under fair conditions. Both social and ecological aspects are taken into account to ensure sustainable production. Through this holistic approach, manufacturers want to ensure that unicorn condoms are not just one high quality product, but also meet the highest ethical and ecological standards.

Fairstainability of unicorn condoms

Unicorn condoms take a holistic approach called “fairstainability”. Fairness and sustainability aspects are taken into account in all areas of production and sales. This includes fair pay throughout Supply Chain, the protection of the Biodiversity im Rubber cultivation and as low as possible Co2 consumption. The manufacturers communicate transparent and open about their progress and challenges regarding Sustainability.

To ensure that there is fairness throughout the entire supply chain, Unicorn Condoms ensures that all workers involved are paid fairly. This also includes the Rubber cultivation with one in which the protection of the Biodiversity plays an important role. By using sustainable farming practices and preserving natural habitats, biodiversity is protected and environmental impact is minimized.

Another goal of unicorn condoms is to Co2 consumption throughout the entire product life cycle. This includes measures such as the use of renewable energies in production, the optimization of transport routes and the use of recyclable materials. Through these efforts, unicorn condoms help reduce the environmental footprint and create a more sustainable future.

Sustainable rubber cultivation and the challenges

Unicorn condoms are committed to sustainable Rubber cultivation a. This means protecting the Biodiversity in the rubber growing areas and the reduction of CO2 consumption along the entire product life cycle. However, sustainable rubber cultivation comes with some challenges that need to be addressed.

One of the main problems is the creation of Transparency in the supply chain. It is important to ensure that the rubber comes from trustworthy and sustainable sources. This requires close collaboration with local rubber farmers and the implementation of certification processes to ensure compliance with sustainability standards.

Another problem is that many rubber cultivation areas are dominated by monocultures. This leads to a loss of biodiversity and increased susceptibility to diseases and pests. Unicorn Condoms is committed to promoting the cultivation of rubber in mixed agroforestry systems to restore biodiversity and improve the ecological stability of land.

Efforts and solutions

  1. Establishing partnerships with local rubber farmers to make rubber cultivation more sustainable and improve production practices.
  2. Promoting agroforestry systems to improve biodiversity and soil fertility and reduce the ecological footprint of rubber cultivation.
  3. The introduction of training programs for rubber farmers to inform them about sustainable farming methods and the protection of biodiversity.
  4. The development of incentive systems to encourage rubber farmers to implement sustainable practices and support environmental protection.

Through these measures, Unicorn Condoms are working to make rubber cultivation more sustainable and make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

Current measures to implement fairstainability ambitions

Unicorn condoms are actively committed to implementing their fair sustainability ambitions and are currently working on various measures. An important focus is on researching sustainable cultivation methods for rubber. The goal is to grow rubber without the use of chemicals to reduce environmental impact and protect the health of rubber workers.

In addition, the manufacturers of unicorn condoms are involved in local partnerships to identify ecologically valuable plant species for reforestation and to promote the protection of biodiversity in rubber cultivation. These measures are intended to help improve the ecological sustainability of rubber cultivation.

Another important step is the development of a reinvestment model. The aim is to ensure long-term support by investing part of the profits from the sale of unicorn condoms in projects that benefit local rubber workers. This model makes it possible to achieve a positive social and economic impact along the entire supply chain.

Problems with conventional natural rubber cultivation and possible solutions

Conventional natural rubber cultivation poses various problems that can affect sustainability and fairness along the supply chain. An important aspect is the use of agricultural chemicals and the associated use of monocultures. These practices can have negative impacts on the environment and people's health.

In order to promote sustainable production of rubber, Unicorn Condoms advocate the use of sustainable and fair trade rubber one. This approach aims to minimize environmental impacts and support social and economic development in rubber-growing regions. It's about creating awareness of the importance of sustainable rubber and promoting collaboration along the entire supply chain.

“We at Unicorn Condoms firmly believe that traditional rubber cultivation can be improved. By supporting sustainable and fairly traded rubber, we want to show that responsible use of resources and people is possible.”

To achieve these goals, Unicorn Condoms works closely with partners along the supply chain. Together, solutions are being developed to overcome the challenges of conventional natural rubber cultivation. This includes creating transparency in the supply chain, promoting organic farming methods and supporting reinvestment processes to offer local rubber workers a sustainable and long-term perspective.

Why does Unicorn Condoms not use the Fair Trade seal?

Unicorn condoms have deliberately avoided the official fair trade seal, as this does not cover rubber cultivation. Instead, they focus on building direct partnerships along the supply chain and working on improvements there on site. Transparency, collaboration and reinvestment play an important role in ensuring fair production.

However, abandoning the fair trade seal does not mean that unicorn condoms adhere to the principles of fair trade not support. On the contrary, they are actively committed to fairly traded and sustainable rubber. Through direct contact with rubber farmers and the involvement of local communities, they can ensure that rubber production takes place under fair conditions.

Another reason for not using the fair trade seal is the holistic approach of unicorn condoms. You don't want to look at one particular aspect in isolation, but instead want to focus on a comprehensive change along the entire supply chain. This not only includes fair pay and working conditions for rubber farmers, but also protecting the environment and reducing the carbon footprint.

Benefits of partnerships along the supply chain

  • Direct cooperation with the rubber farmers
  • Promoting fair working conditions and fair pay
  • Transparency and traceability throughout the entire supply chain
  • Involvement of local communities
  • Sustainable production and reducing the carbon footprint

Foregoing the fair trade seal allows Unicorn Condoms to set their own standards and ambitions for fair and sustainable production. They are committed to bringing about a positive change in the condom industry and making rubber farming an environmentally friendly and ethical practice.

Corporate culture at Unicorn Condoms: Transparency, freedom of choice and employee empowerment

Unicorn condoms have a unique Corporate Culturethat focuses on transparency, freedom of choice and  Employee empowerment based. Here at Unicorn Condoms, it's not just about producing products, but also about creating a positive work environment in which employees feel comfortable and can develop their full potential.

In our Corporate Culture The focus is on flat hierarchies and open communication. With unicorn condoms, everyone has the opportunity to express their opinion and participate in decisions. This freedom of choice enables employees to take responsibility and feel like “entrepreneurs in the company”.

We attach great importance to transparency in our communication. Employees receive regular insights into the company strategy, Finance and business development. Through open communication, we create trust and promote the commitment and motivation of our employees.

Waiver of the claim “Up to 3 orgasms per condom”

Unicorn condoms deliberately focus on the claim “Up to 3 orgasms per Kondom” is omitted from their advertising because it does not adequately reflect the diversity of sexual pleasure. They emphasize that a condom does not indicate the number of orgasms, but rather that it is important that everyone involved has a fulfilling sexual experience. Unicorn condoms focus on openness and address the topic of sex without taboos.

“We don’t want to reduce our condoms to a certain level of sexual pleasure,” explains the managing director of Einhorn-Kondome. “Sexuality is individual and diverse, and our condoms are designed to help everyone have a safe and satisfying sexual experience.”

By focusing on the well-being of everyone involved, Unicorn Condoms aim to help sexual relationships take place in a respectful and consensual manner. They encourage open conversations about sexual needs and preferences and provide options for Gender diversity.

Unicorn condoms and their unique approach to the topic of sex

Unicorn condoms take a unique approach to the topic of sex. They don't just see condoms as a necessary tool prevention, but want to remove taboos from the topic with their unique and funny design Fun connect with it. They stand up for acceptance and  Enlightenment and want to promote awareness of safe and responsible sex.

The Fun Sex should not be associated with shame or taboos. Unicorn Condoms wants to encourage people to talk openly about their sexual needs and desires, always keeping safety and respect for everyone involved in mind. They offer condoms that are not only safe and effective but also Fun should do. The unique design The condom is intended to help create positive associations with the topic of sex and lower the inhibition threshold.

A condom for every wish

  • Coloured Condoms with motifs of unicorns
  • Options for women, men and couples
  • Vegan and made from natural materials
  • Latex-free and extra thin, extra strong or extra large
  • Aroma, taste and texture for special experiences

The selection of unicorn condoms is diverse and offers the right condom for every wish. Whether colorful, vegan, latex-free or with special properties such as aroma or texture – unicorn condoms are designed to meet individual preferences and needs. They want to encourage people to live out their sexual desires while always keeping safety in mind. Unicorn condoms represent fun, acceptance and  Enlightenment.

The design of the unicorn condoms

A key factor in unicorn condoms is the design. The condoms are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. The manufacturers consciously chose a unique and attractive design to give condoms a new image and set them apart from conventional, medical-looking condoms. Unicorn condoms are intended as lifestyle brand be perceived as bringing fun and joy.

The design of unicorn condoms offers a variety of options to reflect people's personal style and preferences. From colorful and playful to elegant and minimalist – there is something to suit every taste. The Different variations include condoms with motifs of unicorns that appeal to both women and men. With their colorful and appealing designs, unicorn condoms bring a fresh and joyful atmosphere to the Bedroom.

However, the design of unicorn condoms is not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly. The condoms are easy to unroll and offer the desired protection. Through her high quality and materials ensure a comfortable fit. The packaging design is discreet and allows for an unobtrusive purchase. Unicorn condoms are more than just a means of protection - they are a statement of fun, joy and individual expression.

Children's make-up sets for imaginative play - fun and safety

In addition to the popular unicorn condoms, there are also special make-up sets for children that are not only fun but also safe. This Sets are specifically for children have been developed and contain child-friendly make-up that is specifically for the sensitive Children's skin suitable is. This means that they are free of aggressive ingredients and easily removed from the skin can be. With these sets children can creativity Let yourself go and feel like adults without damaging your skin.

Children's makeup sets offer a variety of products to imaginative game to enable. Of colorful Colors to glittering accessories - these sets make a child's imagination come true. The safety of the children comes first. The products included are specifically tailored to the needs of sensitive people Children's skin coordinated and contain no harmful ingredients.

With the Childrenmakeup sets With unicorn condoms, children can playfully learn to put on make-up and create their own fantasy world. At the same time, yours will creativity encouraged and they can take on different roles. These sets are not just great Toys, but also a safe way for children to discover their artistic side and test their own limits.

Children's make-up sets for imaginative play

Children's makeup sets offer a variety of products to imaginative game to enable. With the bright colors and  Glitter In the sets, children can create their own fantasy world and transform themselves into different characters. Whether as a princess, superhero or animal, the different possibilities stimulate you creativity of the children.

The children's make-up sets contain harmless and safe ingredients that are specifically designed for sensitive children Children's skin were developed. Parents can rest easy knowing that Make-up has no negative effects on your children's skin. The colors are easy to apply and just as easy to remove, so playing with the make-up sets is problem-free and safe.

Children's makeup sets are a popular toy that is not only fun, but also encourages children's imagination and creativity. By taking on different roles and wearing makeup, they can develop their imagination and create their own stories. Children's make-up sets allow children to let their imagination run wild and immerse themselves in a colorful and glittering world.


Im Conclusion It can be said that unicorn condoms are not just for safe pleasure but also make an active contribution to sustainability. Thanks to their vegan production and the use of natural materials, they are environmentally friendly and suitable for vegans. They also advocate fair production conditions.

They also offer special children's make-up sets that are child-friendly and safe imaginative play make possible. These sets include colorful colors and  Glitter and are specially developed for sensitive children's skin. Children can use it to let their creativity run wild and feel like adults without putting any strain on their skin.

Overall, unicorn condoms represent a positive attitude towards sex and want to promote awareness of safe and responsible use. With their unique design and fun design, they want to break the taboo surrounding condoms and put fun at the forefront. Unicorn condoms are not just about protection, but also about pleasure and enjoyment in intimate moments.


How can I buy unicorn condoms?

Unicorn condoms can be purchased discreetly online. Simply visit our website and select the condoms you want.

Are there unicorn condoms for women and men?

Yes, unicorn condoms are suitable for both women and men.

What variations of unicorn condoms are there?

Unicorn condoms are available in different variations including colorful condoms with motifs of unicorns. There are also Flavored condoms, taste and texture as well as special XL sizes.

Are unicorn condoms vegan?

Yes, unicorn condoms are made from vegan and natural materials and do not contain milk protein casein as a softener.

Are unicorn condoms latex-free?

Yes, unicorn condoms are latex-free and therefore also suitable for people with latex allergies.

Are unicorn condoms available in different sizes?

Yes, unicorn condoms are available in a variety of sizes including extra thin, extra strong and extra large condoms.

What about the hygiene of unicorn condoms?

Unicorn condoms are manufactured following high hygiene standards to ensure maximum safety.

Are unicorn condoms suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, unicorn condoms are also suitable for sensitive skin and can be used with or without lubricant.

Why does Unicorn Condoms not use the Fair Trade seal?

Unicorn condoms rely on direct partnerships along the supply chain and transparent and fair production instead of relying on the fair trade seal.

How are unicorn condoms made?

Unicorn condoms are made from natural materials and produced using environmentally friendly production processes.

What measures are being taken to ensure the sustainability of unicorn condoms?

Unicorn Condoms works to explore opportunities for sustainable rubber farming, reduce carbon emissions and establish reinvestment processes to support local rubber workers.

Are unicorn condoms also suitable for children?

Unicorn condoms offer special makeup sets for children that are child-friendly and safe makeup included.

Are unicorn condom makeup sets easy to remove from the skin?

Yes, Unicorn Condoms children's makeup sets are easy to remove from the skin and do not contain any harsh ingredients.

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      Yes, the unicorn condoms are suitable for sensitive skin. They are made from high quality latex and feature a smooth, friction-free surface that minimizes skin irritation. In addition, the unicorn condoms were dermatologically tested to ensure their skin compatibility. If you have known latex allergies or other specific skin needs, it is recommended that you consult a doctor or dermatologist to ensure Unicorn condoms are the right choice for you.

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      No, these unicorn condoms are not latex-free. They are made of high-quality natural rubber latex, which ensures reliable and comfortable contraception. Please take this into account if you have a latex allergy.

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    Are the unicorn condoms vegan and latex-free?

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      Yes, our unicorn condoms are vegan and latex-free. They are made of polyurethane and are therefore also suitable for people with latex allergies. They're also printed with a unique unicorn design, making them a fun and safe means for more intimate moments.

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