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Moisturizer: Daily facial care is essential to maintain a healthy and radiant complexion. A moisturizer should not be missing in any beauty routine. It moisturizes the skin and supports its natural regeneration. However, finding the perfect moisturizer can be a challenge. There is a large selection in the cosmetics sector and the different needs of the skin must be taken into account. Creams with a rich formula are recommended for dry skin, while light textures should be preferred for oily skin. The active ingredients also play an important role – individual skin problems should be taken into account here. That's why we've tested the best moisturizers for you!
Best recommendation
Moisturizing Cream WELEDA Iris Balancing Day Care 30 ml
Price-performance winner
Moisturizing Cream Sebamed Impure Skin Care Gel, 50 ml
Moisturizing cream colibri cosmetics day cream with hyaluronic acid
Moisturizing Cream bioniva Retinol Lift Cream Test Winner 2019 50ml
Moisturizing cream NIVEA Essentials day care 24h moisture
Moisturizer Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 anti-aging skin care
Moisturizing Cream Clinique Body Cream Pack of 1 (1x 50 ml)
Moisturizing Cream Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face Cream, 50ml
Moisturizing Cream CUSMAY Aloe Vera Gel – 100% Natural Chamomile
ModelMoisturizing Cream WELEDA Iris Balancing Day Care 30 mlMoisturizing Cream Sebamed Impure Skin Care Gel, 50 mlMoisturizing cream colibri cosmetics day cream with hyaluronic acidMoisturizing Cream bioniva Retinol Lift Cream Test Winner 2019 50mlMoisturizing cream NIVEA Essentials day care 24h moistureMoisturizer Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 anti-aging skin careMoisturizing Cream Clinique Body Cream Pack of 1 (1x 50 ml)Moisturizing Cream Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face Cream, 50mlMoisturizing Cream CUSMAY Aloe Vera Gel – 100% Natural Chamomile
BrandWeledaSebamed impure skinColibri CosmeticsBionivaNiveaOlazClinicalNeutrogenacusmay
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!moisturizer
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,0goodmoisturizer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodmoisturizer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodmoisturizer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodmoisturizer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodmoisturizer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodmoisturizer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodmoisturizer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodmoisturizer
For mature skin
Suitable skin typesvery dry to dry skinblemished skinall skin typesnormal skin to combination skin not for sun-sensitive skinsensitive skin to dry skindry skin to combination skinnormal skin to combination skinnormal skin to combination skinall skin types
For young skin
UV-A protection against skin aging
UV-B protection against sunburn
Special anti-aging effect
Without perfume or herbal fragrances
Silicone free
Packaging Tube Tube pump dispenser pump dispenser Tube pump dispenser crucible crucible pump dispenser
Without mineral oils
Certified natural cosmetics
Free from PEG derivatives
Quantity Price per 100 ml30 mlapprox. €30,83 per 100 ml50 mlapprox. €11,36 per 100 ml120 ml approx. €22,46 per 100 ml50 mlapprox. €39,90 per 100 ml50 mlapprox. €49,80 per 100 ml50 mlapprox. €59,90 per 100 ml50 ml approx. €104,00 per 100 ml50 mlapprox. €15,98 per 100 ml250 ml approx. €4,80 per 100 ml
Ingredients Jojoba Oil Cocoa Butter Iris Rootstock Aloe Vera Witch Hazel Extract Allantoin Hyaluronic Shea Butter Argan Oil Hyaluronic Retinol (Vitamin A)Retinol is one of the most important anti-aging active ingredients and is said to stimulate the production of new cells. Since retinol makes the skin more sensitive to the sun, it may be better to apply creams with retinol in the evening. Green tea Almond oil Calendula oil Vitamin E Panthenol Vitamin C Vitamin E Algae Extract Wheat Extract Barley Extract hyaluronic acid glycerin Aloe vera chamomile
  • very durable
  • very good microbiological quality
  • no dirt-forming ingredients
  • very good microbiological quality
  • antibacterial effect
  • high concentration of hyaluronic acid
  • positive effect on acne
  • high concentration of anti-aging ingredients
  • High moisture content
  • High moisture content
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In this purchasing guide you will get an overview of the top comparisons in the moisturizer sector
The presented comparison of moisturizers will guide you to an informed product choice

At a glance
  • A moisturizer is a cosmetic product that moisturizes the skin and helps it feel supple and healthy. Moisturizers are recommended for all skin types and are especially helpful for dry and sensitive skin. Regular use of moisturizers can delay skin aging.
  • Most moisturizers contain ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or sorbitol that help keep skin hydrated. In addition, moisturizers can also contain vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that help skin stay healthy. Moisturizers come in a variety of flavors, from light to heavy, depending on individual skin type.
  • Moisturizers should be applied regularly, especially after showering or bathing when skin is most prone to dehydration. It is important to choose a moisturizer that suits your own skin's needs for best results. Search terms that may be relevant to moisturizers include 'skin care products', 'natural ingredients' or 'moisturizing'.
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The best moisturizers in comparison 

Moisturizer is an important skin care product that can help prevent dry and rough skin while nourishing and nourishing it. There are many different brands and manufacturers of moisturizers on the market, which is why it can sometimes be difficult to find the right cream for your needs. As a comparison portal, we therefore went in search of the best moisturizer and compared five products. In our comparison, we take into account various factors such as price, ingredients, skin type and needs and of course customer experiences in order to be able to make a recommendation. We also offer a price comparison to help you buy the best moisturizer at the best price.

Our moisturizer Recommendation on Amazon:

WELEDA Bio Iris Balancing day care, rich natural cosmetics moisturizing care for intensive care of dry skin,...
  • For a beautiful, fresh skin feeling: The day cream optimally regulates the moisture balance and preserves the...
  • Natural fragrance: The day care has a natural fragrance made from real essential oils, contains jojoba oil and ...
  • Power of the iris: The iris has an extraordinary ability: its strong rootstock can very well...

The different types of moisturizers

There are different types of moisturizers that differ in their formulation and ingredients and are suitable for different skin types. Here are some of the most common types of moisturizers:

vanishing cream

This cream is applied in the morning and should be easily and well absorbed so that it can be used well under makeup. It usually contains UV protection to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Night cream

This cream is applied in the evening and is usually richer than one vanishing cream. It should act overnight, hydrating and nourishing skin while it recovers from the day's stresses.

Eye cream

This cream is specially designed for the sensitive skin around the Eyes Formulated around and should be easily and well absorbed to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

facial oil

Facial oils usually contain high-quality, nourishing oils and are ideal for people with very dry skin. They should be applied in the evening to nourish the skin overnight.

Special creams for specific skin needs

There are also moisturizers that are specially formulated for specific skin needs, such as creams for sensitive skin, oily skin, or anti-aging creams. It is important to choose a cream that is suitable for your own skin type and needs.


Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type: There are moisturizers for different skin types, such as dry, normal, oily or sensitive skin. It is important to choose a cream that is suitable for your skin type to get the best result.

Our moisturizer Bestsellers on Amazon:

sebamed impure skin care gel, smoothes the skin with hyaluronic complex, soothes and cares for impure and oily skin, content 50 ml...
  • Soothing Aloe Barbadensis - The care formula with aloe barbadensis has a natural soothing effect and maintains ...
  • pH value 5,5 - The skin's own pH value of 5,5 stabilizes the natural protective layer of the skin, protects biologically against ...
  • Moisture - The Hyaluron Complex provides the skin with rich moisture

The main ingredients in moisturizers

The ingredients in moisturizers can make the difference in how effective they are and what skin types they are best suited for. Here are some of the key ingredients that can be found in moisturizers:


These include ingredients such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, which moisturise the skin and make it soft and supple.


oils like Jojoba Oil, argan oil and olive oil can nourish and nourish the skin, especially for dry skin.


antioxidants like Vitamin C and E protect the skin from harmful free radicals and can slow down skin aging.


Ceramides are lipids that occur naturally in the skin and help strengthen the skin barrier and help retain moisture in the skin.


Peptides are small chains of proteins that occur naturally in the skin and can stimulate collagen production, which can contribute to firmer and more youthful skin.

It's important to carefully review the ingredients in a moisturizer and consider whether it's right for your own skin type and needs.


Avoid ingredients that may irritate your skin: Some ingredients can irritate the skin and cause breakouts. Avoid ingredients like Alcohol, fragrances and parabens if you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts.

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What makes a good moisturizer?

A good moisturizer should be able to provide the skin with the necessary moisture it needs. The best moisturizers are made with natural ingredients like essential oils, plant extracts and vitamins. Moisturizers that contain silicones can also help create a protective film on the skin that locks in moisture. When choosing a moisturizer, look for ingredients that will nourish your skin and give it extra protection from the elements. Natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil are great for moisturizing your skin. Avoid any products that contain alcohol or fragrances as these can irritate your skin. A good moisturizer should also contain emollients like glycerin or lanolin, which will leave your skin feeling softer and more supple after each use. A good moisturizer is essential to maintaining healthy, hydrated skin!

How useful is the use of moisturizers?

Moisturizers are an essential part of everyone Skin care. They moisturize dry skin and give it a healthy, supple appearance. They are particularly useful for those with dry skin as they help replenish lost moisture and keep skin looking plump and fresh. Oily skin can also benefit from moisturizers, which help regulate oil production and reduce excessive shine. Normal skin should also use a moisturizer as it helps maintain the skin's proper moisture levels and avoids excessive drying or oiliness. The type of moisturizer you choose will depend on your individual needs: there are lighter versions for normal or oily skin, while richer creams are better for dry skin. When choosing a moisturizer, always test it first—even if it's a test winner—because what works for one person may not work for another. Look for products that contain natural oils like jojoba or almond oil to give the skin an extra boost of moisture and bring it back into shape. A good moisturizer is essential to keep your face looking fresh and vibrant!


Apply moisturizer regularly: In order to keep the skin properly hydrated, it is important to apply moisturizer regularly. Apply morning and night to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Don't forget to skip the eye area and use a special one instead Eye cream to use.

How do natural cosmetics differ from conventional creams?

Natural cosmetics differ from conventional creams in a few important respects. First, natural cosmetics are made with ingredients derived from natural sources, such as minerals and plants, while traditional creams usually contain synthetic chemicals that can irritate the skin. Natural cosmetics are also offered in more eco-friendly packaging, often made from recyclable materials. Also, most natural cosmetics are free from artificial fragrances and colorings that can potentially cause skin irritation or sensitivity. In addition, many contain face creams Fillers like talc or lanolin that can clog pores and cause rashes, while natural cosmetics contain safer ingredients like shea butter or jojoba oil. Finally, when it comes to safety and effectiveness, natural cosmetics have been tested by organizations like Stiftung Warentest, which have given many of them high ratings for their safety and effectiveness.

Our moisturizer Insider tip on Amazon:

colibri skincare Calming Moisturizer - 80ml day cream with hyaluron serum and shea butter for optimal care throughout the day without...
  • ✅ DAY CREAM ABSORBS QUICKLY: Cares for the whole day without being greasy and supports regeneration. face cream...
  • ✅ IDEAL FOR EVERY SKIN TYPE: The moisturizer is even suitable for sensitive skin thanks to the balanced mix of active ingredients from ...
  • ✅ BASIC CARE FOR THE SKIN: The vitalizing moisturizing care from colibri skincare is the daily basic care ...

Do Moisturizers Really Help Wrinkles?

When testing face creams to see if they help against wrinkles, it's important to pay attention to the eco-test and the cream's packaging. Natural cosmetics are usually better for the skin. So if you are looking for a face cream with less synthetic ingredients, you should try this in a review. It is also advisable to check what fragrances are in the product; some people may have allergies or sensitivities that can be triggered by certain scents. All of these things should be considered when testing wrinkle creams. While there is no guarantee that a particular cream will help reduce wrinkles, it can give an indication of how effective different creams are based on their ingredients and other characteristics. Trying out different creams in one review is a great way to find the cream that works best for you and your skin type.

From what age is it advisable to use a moisturizer?

When asked at what age it makes sense to use a moisturizer, there are different answers. In general, it makes sense to start using a moisturizer as soon as you hit puberty and your skin begins to mature. Moisturizers help keep skin hydrated and healthy, which can prevent premature wrinkles from forming. It's important to look for moisturizers with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin but still hydrate effectively. Also, if you have mature skin, consider choosing a thicker moisturizer rather than a lighter lotion, as creams for older skin types tend to be more hydrating and nourishing. Ultimately, however, the age at which you should start using a moisturizer depends on your individual skin type and needs.

Some well-known manufacturers & brands of moisturizers

There are many well-known moisturizer manufacturers and brands that offer different formulations and ingredients for different skin types. Here are some well-known manufacturers and brands of moisturizers:

It's important to note that every skin is different and there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to moisturizers. It is wise to take the time to try different brands and formulations and find out which cream works best for your needs.

Our moisturizer Bestsellers on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
CeraVe moisturizing cream for body and face, cream for dry to very dry skin, with hyaluron and 3 essential ...
  • Rich body care with controlled release of active ingredients for hydration all day long,...
  • Effect: 24-hour intensive moisture supply without after-creams, supple skin feeling, strengthening of the natural...
  • Skin care for daily use: Spread the moisturizer generously on the face and on the...
DiscountBestseller no. 2
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Lotion Gel, ultralight moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid, for normal to dry skin, 400ml
  • For normal to dry skin: The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Lotion Gel for supple and radiant skin is...
  • Refreshing and ultra-light texture: The Neutrogena body lotion is absorbed immediately, contains hyaluronic acid and can be used up to ...
  • Easy to use: For best results, apply to the whole body in the morning and evening, the care lotion draws ...
DiscountBestseller no. 3
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Aqua Cream (50 ml), fragrance-free moisturizing cream with pure hyaluronic acid, intensively nourishing face cream...
  • Fragrance-free facial care - The ingredients of the Hydro Boost Aqua Cream occur naturally in the skin and...
  • Intensive moisture - The Neutrogena face cream with pure hyaluronic acid provides 6x more moisture over 72 hours (in...
  • Nourishing formula - The skin care contains amino acids, electrolytes & ceramides as well as 20% more hyaluronic acid*, is...

Our conclusion on the subject of moisturizers

When deciding which moisturizer is really good, it's important to consider your skin's specific needs. Different types of moisturizers moisturize differently, and the humidity in your environment can also affect how well a moisturizer works for you. So if you have very dry skin, a rich cream might be better for you. Also, it is important to pay attention to what ingredients are used in the product; look for natural ingredients known to be beneficial to skin health. Ultimately, finding the right moisturizer comes down to experimentation and personal preference. Try several products and stick with those that your skin feels comfortable with and that are healthy.

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Which manufacturers dominated places 1 to 5 in the moisturizer comparison?

Of the many different manufacturers that are available in the moisturizer range, we have recognized manufacturers such as for you in our moisturizer comparison Weleda, Sebamed impure skin, Colibri Cosmetics, Bioniva, Nivea, Olaz, Clinical, Neutrogena and cusmay selected for you.

How expensive can the products from the moisturizer comparison be?

High-quality moisturizing cream products have their price and can be found here for up to around €52,00. You can get our cheaper alternatives from around €3,99.


What kind of item was rated as the product with the best price-performance ratio in the moisturizer comparison?

Many of the products presented in the moisturizer comparison from not only have excellent customer reviews, but the price and performance are also right. Among all of them, the one turned out to be Moisturizing Cream Sebamed Impure Skin Care Gel, 50 ml as the one with the best relation.

Which articles were used by the editorial staff in the moisturizer comparison?

How did the editorial team determine the ranking in the moisturizer comparison?

The determination of the ranking is not influenced by the manufacturer, brand or product, but only according to the objective criteria of our editors. So got the article Moisturizing Cream WELEDA Iris Balancing Day Care 30 ml from us the grade 1, followed by Moisturizing Cream Sebamed Impure Skin Care Gel, 50 ml, Moisturizing cream colibri cosmetics day cream with hyaluronic acid, Moisturizing Cream bioniva Retinol Lift Cream Test Winner 2019 50ml and Moisturizing cream NIVEA Essentials day care 24h moisture.

Which products were included in the moisturizer comparison besides the first place and the price-performance winner?

In our selection, the items that almost sell themselves played an important role, which is also reflected in the customer reviews. In addition to the 1st place and the price-performance winner, these top products cut Moisturizing Cream WELEDA Iris Balancing Day Care 30 ml, Moisturizing Cream Sebamed Impure Skin Care Gel, 50 ml and Moisturizing cream colibri cosmetics day cream with hyaluronic acid also good.

Further links and sources too Moisturizer

  • Wikipedia: More information about the moisturizer can be found on Wikipedia, a well-known free encyclopedia on the Internet.
  • Youtube: Look on Youtube to learn more about moisturizer to experience.
  • Amazon: Discover the variety moisturizer products on Amazon.
  • ebay: has a large selection of other products for moisturizer Products.

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  1. Leonhard Schreiber says:

    What ingredients are in this moisturizer?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Leonhard Schreiber,

      We are very pleased that you are interested in our moisturizer comparison. Thank you for your valuable comment!

      You can find a list of the ingredients in this moisturizer on the packaging or in the product description. However, it contains various moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and vitamin E that keep your skin hydrated and supple.

      From us in customer service: Greetings to Lichtenau.

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    Can I also use this moisturizer under my makeup?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Dominika,

      We appreciate your comment and your interest in our moisturizer test & comparison. Thank you for your valuable participation!

      Yes, this moisturizer is perfect as a makeup base. It is quickly absorbed and leaves a non-greasy film on the skin, which forms an ideal base for your make-up.

      Greetings from the support area for Karlsruhe.

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    What skin types is this moisturizer suitable for?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Elias,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our moisturizer test & comparison. Thank you!

      Our moisturizing cream is suitable for all skin types. It has been specially developed to moisturise and soften your skin. Due to its light texture, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave an oily film on the skin.

      Best regards to Garbsen.

      support specialist

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