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Freejump stirrups review 2024: Your guide to comparing and finding the best product

Guide: The decisive criteria when buying freejump bars – what you need to know

Freejump stirrups: If you are looking for higher performance and more comfort while riding, Freejump stirrups are an ideal choice. Our high-quality stirrups offer innovative technology that reduces pressure on the ankle and gives you more stability and agility. They are also an important piece of riding gear and can help make you feel more confident and confident. Choose from different colors and designs to suit your taste and style. Discover our top selection of Freejump stirrups now and take your riding to a new level!
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Freejump stirrup freejump Soft Up Pro Premium Stirrups Silver
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Freejump stirrups freejump stirrups new Soft Up Lite
Freejump stirrup freejump Soft Up Lite Stirrups Red
Freejump stirrups freejump Soft Up Lite Navy
Freejump stirrups freejump SOFT UP CLASSIC Safety
Model Freejump stirrup freejump Soft Up Pro Premium Stirrups Silver Freejump stirrups freejump stirrups new Soft Up Lite Freejump stirrup freejump Soft Up Lite Stirrups Red Freejump stirrups freejump Soft Up Lite Navy Freejump stirrups freejump SOFT UP CLASSIC Safety
Brand Free jump Free jump Free jump Free jump Free jump
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Freejump stirrups
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,7goodFreejump stirrups
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodFreejump stirrups
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodFreejump stirrups
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodFreejump stirrups
Quantity 2 in a set 2 in a set 2 in a set 2 in a set 2 in a set
disciplines Jumping, eventing: terrain and course Jumping, eventing: terrain and course Jumping, eventing: terrain and course Jumping, eventing: terrain and course Jumping, eventing: terrain and course
Material robust spring steel flexible Ellastolan elastic fiberglass polyacrylamide unbreakable ABS plastic flexible Ellastolan elastic fiberglass polyacrylamide unbreakable ABS plastic flexible Ellastolan
stirrup Yes Mono stirrup leathers narrow or wide Yes Mono stirrup leathers narrow or wide Yes Mono stirrup leathers narrow or wide Yes Mono stirrup leathers narrow or wide Yes Mono stirrup leathers wide or narrow
Safety JaJa flexible side arm that opens automatically in the event of a fall JaJa flexible side arm that opens automatically in the event of a fall JaJa flexible side arm that opens automatically in the event of a fall JaJa flexible side arm that opens automatically in the event of a fall JaJa flexible side arm that opens automatically in the event of a fall
tread widened tread rivets for more grip widened tread replaceable studs for more grip fiberglass reinforced tread non-slip cleats carbon fiber reinforced tread raised cleats backwards inclined step surface stainless steel cleats
Color Silver BlueBlack Red Black NavyBlack NavyBlack
  • Rivets increase the stability of the stand and automatically open the side panels in the event of a fall
  • Suitable for narrow feet
  • stable material
  • interchangeable cleats
  • Side panels open automatically in the event of a fall
  • Anti-slip cleats
  • particularly stable pedals
  • Side panels open automatically in the event of a fall
  • Reinforced tread
  • extra high studs
  • Side walls open automatically when dropped
  • Beveled tread for better leg positioning
  • Side panels open automatically in the event of a fall
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

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Ultimate buying guide: Discover the top comparisons in the field of freejump stirrups - your guide for 2024
The presented comparison of freejump stirrups will guide you to an informed product choice

At a glance
  • Freejump stirrups are innovative and lightweight stirrups that improve rider comfort and safety while riding. The stirrups are made of high quality material and offer optimal slip resistance and stability. They are particularly suitable for dressage, show jumping and eventing.
  • The special construction of the Freejump stirrups enables an optimal weight distribution on the rider's feet, which minimizes the pressure on the knees, ankles and hips. A flexible contact surface ensures that the rider's foot does not remain in a fixed position, but can remain active. This promotes blood circulation and prevents signs of fatigue.
  • The Freejump stirrups are available in different colors and designs and can be individually adapted to the needs of the rider. They are also compatible with different saddle and belt systems and thus offer a wide range of possible uses. Whether you are a recreational rider or a competitive rider, Freejump stirrups are a good investment in riding comfort and safety.

Innovative freejump stirrups for maximum riding comfort and safety

The  Equestrian sport Schockemöhle We offer a large selection of high-quality stirrups from renowned brands such as Freejump. These innovative stirrup are characterized by their flexibility, lightness and slip resistance, which leads to a high level of riding comfort and improved safety. They are made from high quality materials and offer a ergonomic shape for an optimal foot position. Additionally, they can be customized to suit the needs and preferences of each individual rider.


  • Freejump stirrups offer the highest level of riding comfort and safety.
  • You are flexible, light and non-slip.
  • Made from high quality materials and offer an ergonomic shape.
  • Individually customizable to the needs of every rider.
  • High quality stirrups for an optimal riding experience.

Advantages of the freejump stirrups

The Freejump stirrups offer a variety of benefits for riders. Here are some of the most important ones:

More comfort when riding

The Freejump stirrups are known to offer a high level of comfort. Thanks to their construction and materials, they ensure a pleasant feeling when Riding. The flexible soles absorb shock and reduce stress on the feet joints of the rider. This increases riding comfort and improves the overall riding experience.

Stability and security

The Freejump stirrups are not only comfortable, but also extremely stable. They have been specially developed to offer the rider a secure and firm hold. Their non-slip surface and innovative design ensure that the rider's foot does not accidentally slip out of the bracket. This increases safety when riding and minimizes the risk of accidents.

A wide selection of colors and designs

To accentuate each rider's personal style, Freejump stirrups are available in a variety of colors and designs. From classic shades to bright colors there is something for every taste. In addition, the stirrups are also available in various elegant designs that make every rider look stylish. This means every rider can choose their stirrups according to their own taste and style.

Thanks to their comfortable features, stability and wide range of colors and designs, Freejump stirrups are the perfect choice for any rider looking for maximum riding comfort and improved safety.

Choosing the right stirrups

Choosing the right stirrups is crucial for comfort and safety while riding. Freejump has a variety of options available to suit the needs and preferences of every rider.

Stirrups with flexible sole

Stirrups with flexible sole provide improved comfort and shock absorption. They absorb shock and reduce the stress on the joints of the rider. This type of stirrups ensure a comfortable riding experience, especially during longer rides or intensive training sessions.

Ergonomic stirrups for riders

Ergonomic stirrups improve the foot position and reduce the strain on the feet joints. They are shaped to allow optimal alignment of the foot and increase riding comfort. Ergonomic stirrups make riding more comfortable and at the same time minimize possible strain on the rider.

High grip stirrups

High grip stirrups provide additional security and stability. They ensure that the foot remains firmly in the stirrup and does not slip. This is particularly important in situations where quick reactions are required or when the terrain is challenging. With high grip stirrups, the rider has better control of the stirrup.

Adjustable stirrups for different foot sizes

Stirrups that can be adjusted to fit different foot sizes are ideal for meeting the needs of different riders. Thanks to the possibility of individual adjustment, the stirrups can be optimally adjusted to the rider's foot size and leg length. This allows for better positioning of the foot and a more comfortable riding experience.

History and development of stirrups

The history of stirrups goes back a long way. The first stirrups were used in China as early as the 4th century and were further developed over time. Originally they were from wood or metal manufactured. Nowadays most models consist of high quality stainless steel. In addition to stainless steel, there are also stirrups made from other materials such as aluminum, plastic or leather, which were specifically developed for western riding style.

The use of wooden stirrups and metal stirrups is a testament to the long tradition of these riding implements. The development of stainless steel stirrups has led to an improvement in durability and stability. Aluminum stirrups are lighter than their predecessors and still offer sufficient stability. Plastic stirrups are a modern alternative that is both lightweight and durable. Leather stirrups have their own charm and are particularly popular with western riders. They are often ornately decorated and demonstrate craftsmanship.

“The history of stirrups is closely linked to the history of horse riding itself. They have evolved over time and become an essential part of riding equipment.”

Wooden stirrups

The use of wooden stirrups dates back to the beginnings of horse riding. They were out often solid wood manufactured and offered a simple, yet effective way to fix the rider's foot. Wooden stirrups however, have lost popularity over time as they are not as durable and stable as Metal models or stainless steel.

Metal stirrups

Metal stirrups were considered an improvement Wooden stirrups developed. They were more robust and resistant to the stresses of riding. Metal stirrups are widespread in both traditional and modern equestrian sports. They are available in different shapes and sizes and offer a good balance between stability and Weight.

The different types of stirrups

There are different types of stirrups that differ in their shape and use. Here are some of the most common types:

Classic stirrups:

These stirrups are narrow and have integrated rubber inserts to ensure a secure hold. They are ideal for riders who value traditional stirrups.

Safety stirrups:

In the event of an unfortunate fall, a... safety Stirrups release the foot to prevent snagging. They are equipped with a special mechanism that opens the bracket when pressure is exercised from above.

Icelandic stirrups:

These stirrups are wider and provide additional stability for off-road riding. They are particularly popular with Icelandic horse riders because they offer secure footing and good grip.

Stirrups with twisted eyelets:

Stirrups with twisted eyelets enable optimal alignment of the bracket. They reduce the twisting of the bar and ensure a straight foot position for the rider.

Western stirrups:

These stirrups have a special shape and are designed for western riding style. They are usually wide and provide plenty of space for the foot to ensure a stable position.

Every rider has individual preferences and needs when it comes to stirrups. Therefore, it is important to try out the different types and choose the ones that best suit you and your riding style.

The importance of the correct stirrup size

The right Size of stirrups is crucial to ensure comfort and safety while riding. It is important to choose the stirrup size carefully to avoid problems while riding. Stirrups that are too large can cause the foot to easily slip through the stirrup and get caught in the event of a fall. This could result in injury or dangerous situations. On the other hand, stirrups that are too small make it more difficult for the foot to slip out and can also lead to problems if a rider has to get out of the stirrup quickly in dangerous situations.

To the correct ironing size To determine, you should consider your individual needs and the size of your foot. One reliable method is to measure the distance between the stirrup and the heel when the foot is placed in the correct position in the stirrup. Ideally, there should be a distance of about a finger's width between the heel and the temple. This provides enough space for a safe and comfortable position of the foot while riding.

The Stirrup width is another important factor when choosing the right stirrup size. You should make sure that the ironing size fits your foot size. One too wide or too narrow Wideness can lead to instability and affect the hold in the bracket. If you are unsure which bar is right for you, you should contact a specialist retailer or riding instructor who can help you choose the right size and width.

Tips for buying stirrups

If you Buy stirrups If you would like to do this, we recommend that you do this at a reputable one Online Store like Equestrian sport Schockemöhle to do. With us you will find a large selection of high-quality stirrups from various brands. Our experience and expertise enable us to offer you the best products.

Buying stirrups in one Online Store offers you many advantages. You can shop from the comfort of your home and have access to a wide range of products. In addition, we offer you various payment options such as on account or installment paymentto make your shopping as pleasant as possible.

At a Order from €49 delivery free shipping. We ensure that the stirrups you ordered reach you safely and quickly. You can rely on us to help you of high quality Deliver products.

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riding socks

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Riding shirts and riding jackets

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Complete the look with riding sweaters, riding jackets, riding hats and riding socks

  • Riding sweaters are perfect for cool days in the stable and provide additional warmth and comfort.
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The Freejump stirrups offer an innovative approach to maximum riding comfort and safety. Their flexibility, lightness and slip resistance ensure a comfortable riding experience and improved safety. With their high-quality workmanship and their ergonomic design they are an excellent choice for all riders.

When choosing gifts for horse lovers, it is important to consider personal tastes and needs. Riding clothing, horse accessories and Horse gifts offer a variety of options to make every horse lover happy. If Breeches, riding jackets, Horse care products or personalized gifts – there is something suitable for everyone.

In our renowned online shop you will find a large selection of high-quality branded products. Our goal is to offer you the best solutions for equestrian sports. We are happy to provide you with advice and support and help you find the perfect gift for horse lovers. Discover our wide range of riding clothing, horse accessories and horse gifts now and make a horse lover special!


What are the advantages of freejump stirrups?

Freejump stirrups are characterized by their flexibility, lightness and slip resistance, resulting in a high level of riding comfort and improved safety. They are made from high quality materials and offer a ergonomic shape for an optimal foot position.

What types of stirrups are there?

There are classic stirrupssafety StirrupsIcelandic stirrupsStirrups with twisted eyelets and Western stirrups.

How do I choose the right stirrup size?

It is important to choose the stirrup size according to the foot size to ensure comfort and safety when riding.

Where can I buy stirrups?

You can buy stirrups from reputed online stores like Equestrian sport Schockemöhle Kaufen.

What are popular gifts for horse lovers?

Beliebte Gifts for horse lovers are personalized gifts, horse accessories and riding clothing.

What other gift ideas are there for horse lovers?

Other gift ideas for horse lovers include riding vests, riding socks, Riding shirts, riding jackets, KeyringsProtective glovesRiding sweatshirts and warmer riding coat.

Which care products are suitable as a gift for horse lovers?

Care products like Horse cosmeticsGrooming products, hoof care products, Care products for mane and tail and Leather goods care are popular gifts for horse lovers.

What are practical gifts for horse lovers?

Practical gifts for horse lovers include cleaning supplies, Cleaning caseHorse storage containersRiding cropsLunging accessoriesstable accessories and Horse care products.

What should I consider when buying horse gifts?

When buying horse gifts, it is important to choose a reputable online store high quality brands to choose and take into account the individual taste and needs of the horse.

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