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Toboggan in comparison test: the best variants at a glance

Sleigh – winter fun for young and old

As soon as the first snow falls, the children are guaranteed to be outside. So what could be nicer than with one? Sled bestseller Toboggan or have a snowball fight? For the kids, no matter how old they are, it's just the greatest thing. The best sled is available in different variations, but the classic wooden sleigh is still preferred. But slide plates or snow bobs are also popular alternatives when the kids are traveling alone.

Best recommendation
Sleigh Rolly Toys RollyToys rollySnow Cruiser color red, runners
Sleigh Rolly Toys 200160 - rollySnow Cruiser John Deere
Toboggan rodel-rudi Vt-Sport folding Davos With plastic bridges
Colint RPL sled with horns 110 cm with beech belt seat
Sledge Vispronet horns, load capacity 90 kg, incl. pull rope, wood
Sledge KHW Rodel, red, 91x44x27 cm
Sled Ress Rodel Davoser Art 90 cm, natural finish, quality
Sled Kathrein Rodel racing and touring sport sled two-seater
Sled KHW Rodel, anthracite, one size
AlpenGaudi DoubleRace toboggan – children for two people
Model Sleigh Rolly Toys RollyToys rollySnow Cruiser color red, runners Sleigh Rolly Toys 200160 - rollySnow Cruiser John Deere Toboggan rodel-rudi Vt-Sport folding Davos With plastic bridges Colint RPL sled with horns 110 cm with beech belt seat Sledge Vispronet horns, load capacity 90 kg, incl. pull rope, wood Sledge KHW Rodel, red, 91x44x27 cm Sled Ress Rodel Davoser Art 90 cm, natural finish, quality Sled Kathrein Rodel racing and touring sport sled two-seater Sled KHW Rodel, anthracite, one size AlpenGaudi DoubleRace toboggan – children for two people
Brand Rolly Toys Rolly Toys Rodel Rudi Colint Vispronet Khw ress Kathrein toboggan Khw Alpine fun
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Slide
TOP Productscoreprice.com1,6goodSlide
TOP Productscoreprice.com1,7goodSlide
TOP Productscoreprice.com1,8goodSlide
TOP Productscoreprice.com1,9goodSlide
TOP Productscoreprice.com2,0goodSlide
TOP Productscoreprice.com2,1goodSlide
TOP Productscoreprice.com2,2goodSlide
TOP Productscoreprice.com2,3goodSlide
TOP Productscoreprice.com2,4goodSlide
seat plastic chair plastic chair slatted seat water-repellent belt covering slatted seat plastic chair slatted seat water-repellent tarpaulin seat plastic chair plastic chair
Weight of table 4 kg. 4 kg. 4,8 kg. k. A. 4,4 kg. k. A. 3,6 kg. 9,5 kg. 3 kg. 7,8 kg.
Length 94 cm 94 cm 100 cm 110 cm 100 cm 90 cm 90 cm 132 cm 95 cm 122 cm
suitable for 1 person 1 person 1-2 native 1-2 native 1-2 native 1 person 1-2 native 1-2 native 1 person 1 person
  • very easy
  • very strong
  • very easy
  • very strong
  • Space for 2 children
  • very easy
  • collapsible
  • Space for 2 children
  • particularly stable and resilient
  • quality construction
  • Space for 2 children
  • particularly high-quality construction
  • sled
  • Space for 2 children
  • very easy
  • particularly precise in the steering
  • handmade
  • particularly stable and resilient
  • particularly fast in curves
  • particularly high quality
  • with brake
  • fast sled
  • fast sled
  • good look
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best sleds in the test & comparison:
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To buy the best sled in 2023, we recommend considering this guide.
A few criteria can help you choose the right sled. You will find all the important information in our purchasing guide.

At a glance
  • A sled is a winter means of transportation that is often used by children and adults alike. There are a variety of different sled models, for example classic wooden sleds or modern plastic sleds. But they all have one thing in common: They ensure pure tobogganing fun in the snow and promote a sense of community.
  • Safety should always be taken into consideration when sledding. A safe sleigh ride begins with the Choice the right route – it shouldn’t be too steep or too uneven. Wearing a helmet and suitable winter clothing is also mandatory. Sleds with seating and steering functions are also very popular and are particularly popular with families with children.
  • One of the best-known sled races is the annual traditional horn sled race in the Allgäu. Teams race down the mountain on self-made sleds and try to achieve the fastest time. But even away from races and sporting events, tobogganing is a great leisure activity for the whole family.

What is a sled?

A sled is actually easy to explain because it is a practical tool for going down hills or mountains in snowy conditions. The climb usually turns out to be much more strenuous, but such a rapid descent is a great reward for the immense effort. Let's take a closer look at the history of the sleigh.

As early as 10.000 BC, before the wheel was even invented, sleighs were used as a means of transport to bring building materials from one point to the next. Over the centuries the image changed somewhat and it was redesigned so that a lady could sit on it and push it across a frozen lake. It wasn't until the 19th century that the sled slowly developed into a form similar to ours, although at the beginning it was just a kick sled with a handle.  

Today, the sled comes in many different shapes, all designed to be just perfect for tobogganing. Depending on the model, it doesn't matter whether it is used by an adult or a child, because tobogganing is a Winter sports, which inspires everyone. 

Our Slide Recommendation on Amazon:

RollyToys rollySnow Cruiser (color red, runners with steel rails, with pull cord, from 3 years) 200122
  • Stable plastic sled for children
  • With high-quality steel rails on the runners
  • The sleigh is suitable for children aged three and over

What are the differences in a sled?

We have in ours Sled comparison It has already been mentioned several times that there are different models. We would like to briefly show you what these are and what the differences ultimately are:

The wooden sleigh

The most popular and best-known sleigh is without a doubt the wooden sleigh, which can easily carry two people. A rope can often be attached to the front area so that mom and dad can pull the kids through the white snow. Beech or ash wood is usually used for production as it is a very robust material. Below the wooden frame there are two runners made of metal so that you can slide quickly over the snow. 

The disadvantage of a wooden sled, however, is that it is quite heavy in terms of weight. It is also difficult to transport in the car, not least because of its enormous bulkiness. But it is durable and ensures high speeds in the snow.

Sleigh with steering wheel

If we take a look at the appearance, there is a great resemblance to a go-kart or a racing car. The contact surface on the snow is relatively large, so the sled is optimal in all snow conditions. The integrated steering wheel ensures precise steering so that you can determine the direction, especially on winding slopes. 

Plastic is predominantly used to make these sleds, which is quite heavy. The material is also very vulnerable to stones or similar things that are on the slopes.

Baby sled

Nicht only the Older children have fun in the snow, even the little ones get excited about it. So that they can find a safe place on a sled, there are special baby sleighs that have a seat and a backrest. Often there can be an additional one here Footmuff be accommodated so that the kids don't freeze. However, these sleds are less suitable for downhill runs and more suitable for pulling so that the little ones can enjoy the view.

Slide plate

At first glance the slide plate doesn't look like a sled at all. As the name suggests, it's really just a flat plate that's quite simple and plain. They are mainly made of plastic, are very light and can be easily taken anywhere. It is important to know that control is not possible and the sliding plate should therefore only be used by adults or large children if possible.


A snow bob is a small highlight among the sleds because it usually has a steering wheel so that the sleigh can be maneuvered optimally. For this reason it is perfect for driving on winding roads. However, the surface should be relatively smooth in order to achieve appropriate speeds. This in turn means that it is generally suitable for adults or older children. 

Inflatable sled

The inflatable sleigh is approximately with a air mattress to compare, as this is also a kind of air cushion. The light sled is particularly easy to use when there is a thick layer of snow, although it is also very sensitive to stones or hard ground. What is very positive, however, is that this model is quite light and can therefore be taken anywhere.

Our Slide Bestsellers on Amazon:

Rolly Toys 200160 - rollySnow Cruiser John Deere (for children aged 3 and over, steel rails, with pull cord, stable design), green
  • The sleigh is suitable for children aged three and over
  • Classic sleigh silhouette with steel rails on the runners
  • The sturdy sled has a pull cord with a handle that is suitable for children's hands

Slide Advantages disadvantages


  • Different types of sleds
  • Different weights
  • Suitable for one or two people
  • Can be used by kids and adults
  • Perfect for all snowy surfaces


  • Often relatively difficult

What should you pay attention to when buying a sled?

As soon as the first snow falls, the sledges are taken out of the cellar. However, if you don't have one yet, there are a few points you should keep in mind Buy a sleigh pay attention to it in order to really have a lot of fun with it. 

The type of sled

Like you Sled comparison As we have already seen, there are different models that you can choose between. On the one hand, there are very light models that can be easily transported. On the other hand, many models, such as the classic wooden sleigh, are very heavy and bulky and sometimes don't even fit in the trunk. But there are also various differences in the area of ​​speed, so that Sled test report is definitely very helpful.

The weight

If you have to carry the sled for long distances, wooden sleds are rather unsuitable. In this case, sliding plates or inflatable sledges are ideal, as they take up hardly any space and are very light. However, sleds with a high weight offer more stability and therefore safety for the kids, so you should think very carefully about which sled is right for you.


Not every sled is really intended for every age, so Sled experience reports can be very helpful for customers when making their selection. A sled with steering, for example, is more suitable for older kids or adults, as the direction can be easily influenced. Smaller children, for example as soon as they can sit, can be easily accommodated in a baby sleigh that has a seat with a backrest, which can also be supplemented with a footmuff. 

The material

The classic sleigh is usually made from sturdy wood. Wood is very robust and stable and therefore perfect for a sleigh. However, a wooden sled is also very heavy and therefore not so easy to transport. There are now also sledges made of plastic essential are lighter and can be easily taken anywhere. But plastic is also very sensitive because small stones or asphalt leave unsightly scratches or similar damage.

Our Slide Insider tip on Amazon:

227 rating
Colint Vt-Sport Folding Sledge Davos With Plastic Bridges Folding Sledge, Wood/Blue, 100 cm
  • Dimensions: 100 x 35 x 25 cm / folded: 100 x 10 x 34 cm
  • Seat height: 23 cm / width of the seat: 28 cm
  • max. load: approx. 75 kg. ( dynamic ) / approx. 120 kg. ( static )

Buying a sled: specialist retailers vs. Internet

In keeping with the start of winter, specialty toy stores are once again offering a small one Sleigh offer in their range. Here you can take a look at the different sledges and get extensive advice from the expert staff. You can also take the sled with you and try it out immediately if necessary.

However, you often won't find what you're hoping for in brick-and-mortar retail. This is not least because the available space is limited. Alternatively, you can of course also go shopping in the numerous online shops on the Internet. Here you can't just... Sleigh price comparison but you can directly compare all properties with each other, for example from these manufacturers:

  • Alpine racer
  • Teo & Gigi
  • Better
  • Diki
  • Colint
  • Bambinwelt
  • AlpenGaudi

Our Slide Bestsellers on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
KESSER® wooden sledge premium sledge foldable children's folding sledge up to 120 kg children's sledge 110cm made of beech wood incl. pull rope...
  • Beautiful: As soon as everything is covered with snow, the white splendor invites children...
  • Great value: Enjoy exciting winter days in the snow with the...
DiscountBestseller no. 2
COLINT horn sledge 110 cm wooden sledge sledge wood toboggan horns HCL 40110
  • Horned toboggan made of hardwood
  • Mortised seat blocks; Number of seats 2
  • Recessed seat strips
DiscountBestseller no. 3
Unknown Bob Sleigh Toboggan Snow Glider Brakes Toboggan Plastic Pull Rope 3 Colors (Red)
  • Length: 870 mm,
  • Width: 400mm,
  • with brakes (lever in green) and pull rope (without handle),

Is there a sled test from Stiftung Warentest?

In 2013, the consumer magazine published an interesting one Sled test carried out by including driving, safety and stability as well as handling as the test criteria. A total of twelve sleds were examined more closely, with their respective characteristics also being taken into account.

First, let's look at the sleds with steering. Here he could Graf Family Flizzer 105 cm successful push through. With a quality rating of 1,8, it is therefore with the Kathrein Touring toboggan put on one level.

In the area of ​​sleds without steering, it has it Mini Bob Zipflbob Made it to first place with a grade of 2,2. Closely followed by Gloco mountain toboggan, which was rated with a grade of 2,3. 

The children's sleds, on the other hand, were not really convincing, because both... Alpine fun Alpen Space as well as the Stiga Snow runner could only achieve sufficient. 

Conclusion on the sled

As soon as the first snowflakes fall, the kids can't wait any longer and want to go out into the white. In addition to fun snowball fights, sleighs are of course also very popular because they can be used to make rapid descents. The sleigh should be chosen so that it fits the child so that the joy of sledding is maintained. Often it is not easy to make the right choice, so you have to make one Slide Compare winner proves helpful.

Youtube video recommendation for the sled test & comparison:

Building a sleigh: winter fun while tobogganing with the Schmidt Max | leisure | snow | winter | Documentary | BR


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Which manufacturers dominated places 1 to 5 in the sled comparison?

From the many different manufacturers that there are in the sledge offer, we have for you in our sledge comparison such recognized manufacturers as Rolly Toys, Rolly Toys, Rodel Rudi, Colint, Vispronet, Khw, ress, Kathrein toboggan, Khw and Alpine fun selected for you.

How much do the sled products that are presented in comparison cost?

You can now buy sledge products for less than approximately €37,41. If you value high-quality products, you should expect prices starting at around €335,00.

What kind of item was rated as the product with the best price-performance ratio in the sled comparison?

Many of the products presented in the sled comparison from not only have excellent customer reviews, but the price and performance are also right. Of all of them, the one with the best ratio turned out to be the one with the best ratio.

Why did the editors include these articles in the sled comparison?

Our editorial team conducts extensive research to ensure that we consider a wide range of providers before deciding which items from which manufacturers should be compared in the sled ranking. In this case we have Sleigh Rolly Toys RollyToys rollySnow Cruiser color red, runners the top grade, followed by Sleigh Rolly Toys 200160 - rollySnow Cruiser John Deere, Und Toboggan rodel-rudi Vt-Sport folding Davos With plastic bridges. selected, which we consider to be particularly relevant and meaningful. We hope that our diligent research helps provide our readers with valuable information that can help in their purchasing decision.

Which sled is the best?

Which products were taken into account in the sled comparison in addition to the first place winner and the price-performance winner?

In our selection, the items that almost sell themselves played an important role, which is also reflected in the customer reviews. In addition to the 1st place and the price-performance winner, these top products cut Sleigh Rolly Toys RollyToys rollySnow Cruiser color red, runners, Sleigh Rolly Toys 200160 - rollySnow Cruiser John Deere and Toboggan rodel-rudi Vt-Sport folding Davos With plastic bridges also good.

Further links and sources too sled

  • Wikipedia: More information about the Slide can be found on Wikipedia, a well-known free encyclopedia on the Internet.
  • Youtube: Look on Youtube to learn more about Slide to experience.
  • Amazon: Discover the variety Slide products on Amazon.
  • ebay: has a large selection of other products for Slide Products.

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      Yes, the sleigh is suitable for adults. It is sturdily built and has a large seating area to ensure a comfortable ride even for adults. Have fun sledding!

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