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Garden shower 2024 – decision-making aid, test & comparison: How to find the right product

How outdoor showers can enrich your experience: A comprehensive guide

A garden shower is not only a refreshing way to cool down on hot summer days, but also a stylish highlight for your garden. Whether as a free-standing design object or wall-mounted, garden showers are available in many different versions and offer the right model for every garden. There are also technically sophisticated models that are heated by solar energy and therefore do not require additional power sources. Discover the many possibilities of a garden shower and turn your garden into your own wellness paradise.
Best recommendation
Garden shower well2wellness ® solar shower 2-piece made of PVC 20 liters
Price-performance winner
Garden shower Gardena solo: Shower pleasant spray
Garden shower Gardena trio: shower with 2 spray types
Garden shower Kärcher Height: 1,50 - 2,20 m, detachable shower rod
Garden shower Berlan BSD35 solar shower 35 liters with foot shower
garden shower KESSER ® solar solar shower bow | 20 liters
Garden shower Cellfast ERGO, 53-470
Garden shower @tec Outdoor shower made of solid teak wood
Garden shower GF GARDEN, solar shower Sunny Style Premium
Garden shower Nemaxx SD20X stainless steel solar shower - silver
Model Garden shower well2wellness ® solar shower 2-piece made of PVC 20 liters Garden shower Gardena solo: Shower pleasant spray Garden shower Gardena trio: shower with 2 spray types Garden shower Kärcher Height: 1,50 - 2,20 m, detachable shower rod Garden shower Berlan BSD35 solar shower 35 liters with foot shower garden shower KESSER ® solar solar shower bow | 20 liters Garden shower Cellfast ERGO, 53-470 Garden shower @tec Outdoor shower made of solid teak wood Garden shower GF GARDEN, solar shower Sunny Style Premium Garden shower Nemaxx SD20X stainless steel solar shower - silver
Brand Well2Wellness Gardena Gardena Kärcher Berlan Better Cellfast @Tec GF Garden Nemaxx
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!garden shower
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,6goodgarden shower
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodgarden shower
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodgarden shower
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodgarden shower
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodgarden shower
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodgarden shower
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodgarden shower
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodgarden shower
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodgarden shower
Swivel shower head
height adjustable
Valve Single lever valve, rotary valve rotary valve rotary valve Single lever valve, rotary valve Single lever valve, rotary valve single lever valve rotary valve rotary valve rotary valve single lever valve
water tank
Material Plastic Plastic, aluminum Plastic, aluminum PVC, metal PVC PVC, metal Aluminium aluminum, teak Plastic PVC, metal
Number of shower heads 1shower 1shower 1shower 1shower 2 shower and foot shower 1 shower 1shower 1 water fountains 1 shower 1shower
  • simple construction
  • with hot water
  • robust construction
  • simple
  • two different nozzles selectable
  • detachable shower head
  • with movable shower head (180°) with wide shower jet
  • detachable overhead shower and spray head
  • with on/off switch for the water flow
  • elegant design
  • with hot water
  • large tank for multiple showers
  • including floor mounting accessories
  • elegant design
  • with hot water
  • large tank for multiple showers
  • including accessories for floor mounting
  • Choice of several water jets
  • quick installation
  • can be installed anywhere
  • particularly light and compact
  • innovative system
  • can be placed anywhere
  • with hot water
  • easy installation
  • Floor mounting accessories included
  • Easy to mount
  • Particularly stable stand thanks to the metal base
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The best garden shower in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Important recommendations for buying a garden shower: expert advice and buying guide for 2024
The garden shower comparison above serves as a guide to selecting the right product.

At a glance
  • A garden shower is an ideal way to take a shower outside and enjoy the summer weather. It can be installed in minutes and is perfect for use in gardens, on patios or by the pool. The garden showers are available in different designs and materials ranging from simple plastic showers to luxurious stainless steel showers.
  • When choosing a garden shower, there are a number of factors to consider, such as the water source, the size of the garden and the budget available. There are also eco-friendly models that use water recycling technology to reduce water consumption. In addition, some garden showers offer additional features such as rain shower heads and massage jets to provide a premium showering experience.
  • A garden shower is not only a practical addition to the garden, but can also increase well-being and relaxation. It offers a refreshing way to cool off on hot days and is a hygienic alternative to using public showers or entering the home in wet bathing suits. With proper care, a garden shower can last for many years, making it a worthwhile investment for any garden owner.
garden shower

Garden shower: great refreshment for the summer

When it's hot outside and you've been working in the garden for a long time or just sunbathing, there's nothing more refreshing than a cool shower - preferably in the garden. If you have a swimming pool, you can do before and after swimming have a shower. There are practical garden showers for this. Some models also have warm water flowing out of them cool Spring, on the other hand, is very pleasant.

There are basically two types: pure cold showers and showers that provide warm and cold water. Cold showers help to cool down in the hot summer. These include models that are very easy to use, quick to set up, and inexpensive. There are different versions of cold and hot water shower. The one connected to the garden hose is particularly environmentally friendly solar shower. They have an integrated aluminum water tank or a small plastic tank in which cold tap water of 8 to 12°C is stored and heated by natural sunlight within a few hours. The water tank usually has a black outer wall so that the water can heat up as quickly as possible.

Many camping showers also use solar energy, which is particularly suitable for mobile use Outdoor- Suitable for use and festivals. They are filled with water and quickly and easily attached to branches or the like with hangers.

Our pool shower recommendation on Amazon:

vidaXL garden shower shower column pool shower outdoor shower garden stainless steel curved
  • This multifunctional shower panel system features a stylish design and will make a great addition to your...
  • It has two functions: rain shower and hand shower, which can be easily selected with a button
  • Enjoy a truly relaxing shower experience and the modern style of this beautifully designed...

Garden shower different materials: aluminium, stainless steel, wood and plastic

No matter what type of shower you choose, different materials can be used. these are:

  • Aluminum garden shower: light weight, therefore easy to transport and install, slightly less stable than stainless steel
  • showerhead made of stainless steel: rustproof and robust material; ideal for outdoor use; looks elegant and timeless
  • Wooden model: very elegant appearance, natural materials are perfect for the Garden
  • Variants made of plastic: mostly inexpensive

Our solar shower recommendation on Amazon:

STILISTA garden shower Cascata, FSC®-certified Shorea hardwood, oiled including hand shower
  • STILISTA wooden garden shower made of FSC-certified Shorea hardwood with additional hand shower
  • Height: approx. 210 cm / footprint: 61 cm x 61 cm / shower head: ø 15 cm with freely rotating ball head / stainless steel tube: ø 1,7...
  • Incl. additional hand shower: ø 6 cm with 97,5 cm shower hose Universal water connection (3/4 inch) - for...

faucet, shower, shower

The selection of accessories ranges from simple rotary valves to easy-to-use single-lever mixers that can be used to easily adjust the water temperature and jet intensity. Some garden showers even have additional hand or foot showers.

The models with rain shower heads are very popular and ensure a healthy feeling when showering. The water does not spray out forcefully, but drips gently Head and shoulders. The rotating shower head is very practical and can be adjusted as needed.

The capacity of the water tank in the shower also varies. A volume of around 10 to 35 liters is usual. When it comes to water connections, you can choose between a permanent connection and operation via a garden hose. The advantage of the model with a floor is that you don't have to stand directly on it when showering race to stand.

Our garden shower recommendation on Amazon:

Arebos solar shower 35L & floor element anthracite | including cover | with integrated thermometer & foot shower | with...
  • [FLEXIBLE USABLE] The shower can be used in gardens, on terraces, in swimming pools and even when driving in a mobile home, etc. ...
  • [HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL] This elegant as well as inconspicuous solar shower consists of a high-quality PVC material, which ...
  • [TEMPERATURE CONTROL] Use the mixer tap on the solar shower body to adjust the water temperature to your needs ...

Our garden shower pool shower bestseller on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
Kärcher garden shower (height: 1,50 - 2,20 m, removable shower rod, movable spray head 180 °, tripod and spikes)
  • Built within 3 minutes
  • Height adjustable from 1,50 - 2,20 m
  • Movable spray head (180 °)
Bestseller no. 2
Juskys solar shower Victoria 20 liters - 220 cm - up to 60°C - with swiveling shower head, foot shower & garden hose connection...
  • ✔ Classic design and easy to use: Thanks to its simple black design, our solar shower fits perfectly...
  • ✔ Swivel shower head with rain shower: The individually adjustable shower head with large rain shower ensures...
  • ✔ Temperature control: The 20 l tank and stepless temperature control ensure optimal supply up to...

Youtube video recommendation for garden shower comparison:

Outdoor shower Build your own garden shower Garden ideas Sauna outdoor shower


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  1. Luke Meyer says:

    Can I connect the garden shower to my existing garden hose line?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Lukas Meyer,

      Your comment on our garden shower comparison is an enrichment for us. Thank you very much for your participation and your commitment!

      Yes, most garden showers can easily be connected to a standard garden hose line. However, make sure that you use a suitable adapter to connect the garden shower to the garden hose. These adapters are usually included with the garden shower. However, check the product description or contact the manufacturer to ensure you are using the correct adapter.

      A greeting from the support team to Sankt Augustin.

  2. Moritz says:

    Can I connect a garden shower to my garden hose?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Moritz,

      Your opinion and your interest in our garden shower test & comparison mean a lot to us. We say thank you very much for that!

      Yes, a garden shower can usually be connected to a garden hose without any problems. Most garden showers have a standard garden hose connector that simply screws onto the hose. This directs the water through the shower and you can enjoy a refreshing shower in the garden. Some models also offer different water jet settings so you can choose the intensity you want.

      A warm greeting from the backend team for Döbeln!

  3. Simon Hoffman says:

    Does the garden shower have to be dismantled in winter?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hi Simon,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our garden shower test & comparison. Thank you!

      It is advisable to dismantle the garden shower in winter and store it in a sheltered area to avoid damage from frost. It is also important to drain the water line before the freeze to prevent freezing. Regular cleaning and care of the garden shower can also extend its lifespan.

      Best regards to Hattingen.

      support specialist

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