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Imagine a relaxing weekend serving your family and friends impressive meals on your Premium gas grill serve. With its sleek design and unmatched performance, this one delivers Gas grill the perfect balance between style and functionality. Whether you are an experienced grill master or just starting out in the world of grilling, this Gas grill offers easy operation and excellent results. The grill surface is generously sized and the heating output can be precisely controlled, which ensures an even and optimal cooking result. Cleaning and maintenance are also uncomplicated thanks to high-quality materials and a well-thought-out design. Whether juicy steaks, crunchy vegetables or delicate fish - with this one Gas grill You can conjure up a top-class BBQ experience for your guests in no time. Discover the diverse possibilities of grilling with gas now!

Best recommendation
Gas grill Weber 50060079 Q1000, titanium, camping grill,
Price-performance winner
Enders ® URBAN gas grill, table grill, grilling, cooking and baking
Gas grill Char-Broil, stainless steel Advantage Series 225S-2, 2 burners
Gas Grill Char-Broil Gas2Coal® 330 Hybrid Grill - 3 Burners
Gas grill Weber 44000179 Spirit II S-210 with GBS, stainless steel housing
Gas Grill Rösle RÖSLE BBQ-Station Videro G3 Black
Gas Grill Rösle RÖSLE BBQ-Station VIDERO G4 Black
Gas grill Enders ® BOSTON BLACK 2 TURBO, 2-burner stainless steel
Gas grill Enders ® BOSTON BLACK 3 K TURBO, 3-burner stainless steel
Model Gas grill Weber 50060079 Q1000, titanium, camping grill, Enders ® URBAN gas grill, table grill, grilling, cooking and baking Gas grill Char-Broil, stainless steel Advantage Series 225S-2, 2 burners Gas Grill Char-Broil Gas2Coal® 330 Hybrid Grill - 3 Burners Gas grill Weber 44000179 Spirit II S-210 with GBS, stainless steel housing Gas Grill Rösle RÖSLE BBQ-Station Videro G3 Black Gas Grill Rösle RÖSLE BBQ-Station VIDERO G4 Black Gas grill Enders ® BOSTON BLACK 2 TURBO, 2-burner stainless steel Gas grill Enders ® BOSTON BLACK 3 K TURBO, 3-burner stainless steel
Brand Weaver Enders Char-Broil Char-Broil Weaver Rösle Rösle Enders Enders
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Gas grill
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,2goodGas grill
TOP Productscoreprice.com1,6goodGas grill
TOP Productscoreprice.com1,7goodGas grill
TOP Productscoreprice.com1,8goodGas grill
TOP Productscoreprice.com1,9goodGas grill
TOP Productscoreprice.com2,0goodGas grill
TOP Productscoreprice.com2,3goodGas grill
TOP Productscoreprice.com2,4goodGas grill
Weight 11 kg. 14 kg. 41 kg. 47 kg. 46 kg. 40 kg. 46 kg. 31 kg. 45 kg.
Performance 2,49 kW 2 x 2,2 kW 7 kW 10,1 3,5 kW 7,7 kW 3 x 3,5 3kW 4 x 3,5 3kW 1 x 3,5 1 x 4,2kw 2 x 3,5 1 x 4,2kw
Number of burners 1 2 3 + side burners 3 + side burners 2 3 + side burners 4 + side burners 2 3 + side burners
Side burner for sauces
Grill grate material Enamelled cast iron Enamelled cast iron Porcelain-coated cast iron cast iron Enamelled cast iron Enamelled cast iron Enamelled cast iron Enamelled cast iron Enamelled cast iron
Material stainless steel | Cast iron particularly high quality Stainless steel particularly high quality stainless steel | Cast iron particularly high quality stainless steel | Cast iron particularly high quality Stainless steel particularly high quality Stainless steel particularly high quality Stainless steel particularly high quality Stainless steel particularly high quality Stainless steel particularly high quality
Shape camping grill camping grill Grillwagen Grillwagen Grillwagen Grillwagen Grillwagen Grillwagen Grillwagen
rust size 43x32 inch 48x32 inch 64x41 inch 64,2x44,1 inch 52 x 45 60x45 inch 70x45 inch 45x43 inch 45x43 inch
shape of the rust rectangular rectangular rectangular rectangular rectangular rectangular rectangular rectangular rectangular
  • Stand can be purchased separately
  • ideal for barbecues on small balconies
  • quality construction
  • Easy to use
  • easy to transport
  • with side shelves
  • reliable and accurate thermometer
  • good workmanship
  • Side shelf included
  • Warming grill included
  • Electronic Surefire ignition - ignites all burners at the push of a button - without any open flame
  • good grilling results thanks to the innovative TRU infrared grilling system for better heat transfer and easier cleaning
  • three stainless steel burners with heavy duty cast iron grates
  • high quality
  • can be converted from a gas to a gas in less than 60 seconds Charcoal grill convert
  • Easy to use
  • save space
  • foldable side tables
  • GS4 high performance grilling system
  • integrated fat collection system
  • including six cutlery holders
  • high quality
  • Easy to handle
  • easy to transport
  • Lid with glass insert
  • lots of storage space in the cupboard
  • good workmanship
  • Easy to use
  • Lid with glass insert
  • lots of storage space in the cupboard
  • good workmanship
  • high performance
  • also suitable for large gas cylinders
  • with turbo zone
  • good barbecue results
  • good workmanship
  • high performance
  • also suitable for large gas cylinders
  • including side burner
  • good toasting results
  • with turbo zone
  • good construction
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

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Expert recommendations for gas grills:
In the gas grill test & comparison you will find out how to choose the right product

At a glance
  • Gas grills are a convenient option for outdoor grilling and are quick and easy to set up. They are ideal for people who are short on time but still want a great grilling experience. Gas grills are also a great option for grilling outside in the winter.
  • Gas grills have many advantages over traditional charcoal grills. They are easier to clean and require less maintenance. Gas grills are also more environmentally friendly as they don't give off smoke or ash. They can also typically reach higher temperatures than charcoal grills, which is ideal for quickly searing steaks and other meats.
  • There are different types of gas grills, including freestanding grills, tabletop grills, and built-in grills. Most gas grills can also be expanded with special accessories such as grill pans and rotisserie kits. When considering buying a gas grill, you should pay attention to the size that suits your needs, as well as the quality of the material the grill is made of to ensure it is durable and strong.
Gas grill

Everything you need to know about the gas grill

So there you sit, thinking about what the next big step in your grilling life could be. Was I right? Naturally! Otherwise you wouldn't have ended up here. So let's chat about the gas grill. But beware! I heard this “gas grill test” can be quite informative. And “gas grill comparison”? You will be amazed at what comes to light.

What exactly is a gas grill?

Somewhere between the cozy glow of a charcoal grill and the modern convenience of an electric grill, there you will find the gas grill. A real all-rounder if you ask me. It's a grill that runs on - you guessed it - gas. Propane or natural gas, depending on model. And it is this fuel that brings the grill grate to the perfect temperature. For sizzling, grilling, stewing – you name it!

Who invented the gas grill?

Well, the exact identity of the mysterious gas grill inventor is a bit controversial. Some sources claim it was a certain Mr. Stephen, a meat lover from Chicago. Others swear it was the Chicago Combustion Company that brought the gas grill to life in the 1950s. No matter who it was, we are grateful!

Where does the gas grill come from?

Well, here we are again at our dear Windy City. Whether it's Stephen or the Chicago Combustion Company, the gas grill has its roots in the USA. And from there it spread to every corner of our world. No wonder, given the comfort it offers!

How does a gas grill work?

The technology behind it is actually quite simple. The gas from the bottle or pipe flows into the burners of the grill. A spark, usually generated by a piezo ignition system, ignites the gas. Voila, you have fire! You can control the temperature via the gas supply. As simple as that.

When should I use a gas grill?

Anytime, whenever you want! But seriously, a gas grill is perfect for quick, convenient cookouts. No waiting for the perfect embers, no complicated cleaning. Just you, your grilled food and the open flame.

What is a gas grill used for?

Let me put it to you this way: A gas grill is the answer to all your grilling problems. Too little heat? Too much smoke? Too much effort? Not with the gas grill. It is the all-rounder among grills and is ready to change your grilling life.

Our Gas grill Recommendation on Amazon:

Weber Q1000 gas grill, 43 x 32 cm, titanium (50060079)
  • Lid and housing made of sturdy cast aluminum: long service life
  • 2-part, porcelain-enamelled cast grillage with integrated aroma rail
  • Glass fiber reinforced nylon frame: durable, heat and weather resistant

Types of gas grills

There are different types of gas grills, each with their own advantages.

table grill:

Small and compact, perfect for balcony or terrace. Easy to transport and ideal for smaller barbecue parties or excursions.

standing grill:

Large and stable with multiple burners. Offers more space for grilled food and often additional storage space. Ideal for larger barbecues.

Built-in grill:

For integration into an outdoor kitchen. Usually higher priced and equipped with many extras. Offers the ultimate grilling experience for discerning grill masters.

Compact grill:

The perfect mix of table and free-standing grill. Offers more space than a table grill, but is more compact and lighter than a freestanding grill.

Clean the gas grill properly

  1. Grill grates are best cleaned when they are still warm. A bit of soaked newspaper and it almost takes care of itself.
  2. A special one helps with stubborn dirt Grill cleaner – your “gas grill experiences” will be more pleasant.
  3. Remember to also clean the gas nozzles. A small wire or special brush will do the job.

Our gas grill bestseller on Amazon:

Weber 44000179 gas grill Spirit II S-210 with GBS, stainless steel housing, 2 stainless steel burners, GS4 high-performance grill system, foldable ...
  • GS4 high-performance grill system: Infinity Ignition - Electric ignition system, 2 powerful stainless steel burners, Flavorizer...
  • GBS grill made of porcelain-enamelled cast iron, warming rack, fold-down side table with 6 cutlery hooks
  • Unlimited grilling possibilities with the GBS grill rack, which you can customize according to your taste with inserts for chicken, pizza, cake...

Gas grill Advantages disadvantages


  • Fast reaching of the operating temperature
  • Easy temperature control
  • Little smoke development
  • Easy to clean


  • Higher purchase price compared to charcoal grills
  • Taste of charcoal is missing
  • Gas bottles must be purchased and stored

Operate the gas grill safely

  1. Make sure all connections are tight before you start grilling. Safety always comes first!
  2. Always change gas cylinders outdoors and turn off the gas supply before disconnecting an empty cylinder.
  3. Make sure there is enough distance from combustible materials and never leave the grill unattended.
gas grill

How do I choose the right gas grill for my needs?

Choosing the right gas grill depends on a number of factors. Consider how many people you typically grill, how much space you have available, and what your budget is. Also consider the additional features that some grills offer, such as side burners or rotisserie kits. Read reviews and get an idea of ​​the experiences of other users. Finally, remember that the most expensive grill is not always the best - choose the grill that best suits your individual needs.

What is an outdoor gas grill?

A "Outdoor “Gas grill” is basically any gas grill designed for outdoor use – and that’s most of them. They are usually portable and can be used on a patio, in a Garden, at a campsite or even at a picnic in the park. They are popular because they preheat quickly, regulate heat well, and are easy to clean.

What is the advantage of a stainless steel gas grill?

A “stainless steel gas grill” has the great advantage of being extremely durable and robust. Stainless steel is rustproof and can withstand the elements, making it ideal for outdoor use. Additionally, stainless steel distributes heat evenly, resulting in even cooking of your grilled food. And last but not least, a “stainless steel gas grill” looks chic and can be a real eye-catcher in your home Garden .

When should I buy a large gas grill?

The decision for a “large gas grill” essentially depends on your individual needs. If you often grill for a lot of people, such as at large family gatherings or parties, a “large gas grill” is an excellent choice. It offers more grilling surface and often additional functions such as multiple burners or side cooking zones. But even if you only occasionally grill for a lot of people, the investment could be worth it. It's just nicer to grill everything at once instead of having to work in shifts.

How safe is a gas grill?

A gas grill is generally very safe as long as you follow a few basic precautions. This includes never leaving the grill unattended while it is in use and ensuring that all gas connections are tight. Additionally, you should always use the grill in a well-ventilated area and ensure it is stable. It is also important to store and transport the gas cylinder safely.

How do I properly care for my gas grill?

Proper care of your gas grill can significantly extend its lifespan. Clean the grill grates after each use and regularly check the gas lines for leaks. Use a grill cover to protect your grill from the elements when not in use. Additionally, you should thoroughly clean your grill at least once per season to remove built-up grease and other debris that can pose a fire risk.

Why should I choose a gas grill with a side burner?

A “gas grill with side burner” offers additional cooking options. You can use the side burner to heat sauces or side dishes, cook vegetables, or even stir-fry while you grill meat or fish on the main grill. A “gas grill with side burner” can be an extremely versatile addition to your outdoor cooking equipment.

Alternatives to the gas grill

There are several alternatives to gas grills, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Charcoal grill

The classic Charcoal grill is still a popular choice for many grill masters. It delivers that smoky aroma that many associate with one BBQ associate. However, lighting the coals can take a little longer and requires a bit of skill.

2. Electric grill

The Electric grill can be a good option if you live in an area where open fires or grilling with gas or charcoal are prohibited. It heats up quickly and is easy to use, but doesn't offer the same smoky flavor as a gas or charcoal grill.

3. Pellet grill

A pellet grill uses hardwood pellets for heat and smoke. It allows for very precise temperature control and can be used for a variety of cooking methods including grilling, smoking, roasting and Baking.

4. Kamado grill

A kamado grill is a type of ceramic grill that offers excellent heat retention. It can reach very high temperatures and is good for grilling steaks, slow smoking meat and even baking pizza.

Make the most of the gas grill

  1. Learn how to control the heat on your grill. Even heat is the key to perfectly grilled food.
  2. Keeping the lid closed while grilling helps retain heat and cook food evenly.
  3. Don't forget to preheat your grill. 10-15 minutes should be enough.

Our Gas grill Insider tip on Amazon:

Char-Broil Advantage 225S - 2 burner gas grill, stainless steel
  • TRU-INFRARED grill system - even heat, up to 50% juicier grilled food, up to 30% more economical in consumption.
  • Enamelled grillage and emitter in one for easy grilling and easy cleaning.
  • Electronic SureFire ignition to light the grill at the push of a button without an open flame.

What you should consider before buying a gas grill

When purchasing a gas grill, there are a few factors you should consider. How much space do you have? How often do you plan to grill? What is your budget? Do you want a “gas grill test winner” or is a simpler model sufficient? With these questions in mind, it becomes easier to make an informed purchasing decision.

Why it's worth buying a gas grill

There are many good reasons to choose a gas grill. On the one hand, it is easy to use and heats up quickly - no tedious lighting like with a charcoal grill. It's also easier to regulate the temperature on a gas grill, which helps you grill your food exactly how you want it. Additionally, gas grills are often easier to clean and maintain than other types of grills. Finally, you can use a gas grill to cook a wide variety of dishes, from steaks and sausages to fish and vegetables.

What you should definitely know about gas grills

An important aspect to consider when using a gas grill is safety. Make sure the grill is stable and keep it away from flammable materials. Regularly check the gas pipes and connections for leaks. And always turn off the gas when you're finished grilling.

Where can I buy a gas grill?

You can buy a gas grill from many different stores and online platforms. Some of the most popular retailers for grills include Home Depot, Lowe's and Ace Hardware. You can buy grills online Amazon, eBay and in specialized barbecue shops. Look out for “gas grill deals” to get the best value for money.

Well-known manufacturers of gas grills

There are many manufacturers that produce gas grills. Some of the most famous brands are Weaver, Napoleon, Broil King, Enders, Char-Broil and Campingaz.

Gas grill bestseller

The current bestsellers among gas grills include the Weber Spirit II E-310, the Napoleon Rogue SE 425 and the Char-Broil Performance Series T47G.

Our gas grill bestsellers on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
TAINO BASIC 4+1 BBQ gas grill grill trolley stainless steel burner + side cooker grill TÜV (BASIC 4+1 gas grill)
  • Perfect size for the terrace, garden, balcony or your own outdoor kitchen - practical grill trolley with side burner for ...
  • 4 powerful stainless steel burners with piezo ignition, infinitely adjustable and therefore ideal for indirect grilling or...
  • Spacious cooking chamber with 2 pcs. Grill surface (approx. 61x32 cm), temperature can be reliably adjusted thanks to the thermometer in the lid...
DiscountBestseller no. 2
ProfiCook® gas grill with 2 stainless steel burners | Table grill including gas pressure reducer & gas hose | Grill with sturdy metal hood &...
  • Freedom when grilling: With 2 heating zones and infinitely variable temperature settings, you will experience an incomparable...
  • Flexible and mobile: experience barbecue fun anywhere - in the park, on the balcony or when camping. Due to the low weight,...
  • Stylish and durable: the stainless steel control panel and the sturdy metal hood with built-in temperature display of the...
Bestseller no. 3
Juskys BBQ gas grill Louisiana 3 burners 8,1 kW - Gas grill trolley incl. Grill grate, lid - Grill with thermometer, warming rack & ...
  • ✔ Pure grilling pleasure: With the BBQ gas grill made of powder-coated steel with 3 burners, you can enjoy delicious ...
  • ✔ Powerful: 3 stainless steel burners with an output of 8,1 kW enable powerful direct and indirect grilling; 3...
  • ✔ Large grilling surface: Meat, sausages, fish or ... can be grilled on the 52 x 38 cm grill made of enamelled steel.

This is how gas grills are tested

Gas grills are tested in different ways. This includes checking overall build quality, ease of use, safety features, and of course grill performance.

The testers pay attention to how well the grill heats and whether the heat is evenly distributed. They check how well it maintains high and low temperatures and whether the temperature controls are precise and easy to use. They also test how well the grill handles different types of food - from steaks and burgers to vegetables and fish.

In addition, testers also check the durability of the grill, including the quality of materials, construction, and manufacturer's warranty. And they also consider ease of use, including assembly, cleaning and the size and arrangement of the cooking surface and shelves.

Where are gas grills tested?

There are many different places that test gas grills. Some of the most well-known and respected are specialist magazines such as “Grillmeister”, “Outdoor Cooking” and “BBQ Enthusiast”. These magazines regularly carry out extensive tests and comparisons of grills.

Conclusion on the gas grill product

In summary, a gas grill is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys grilling often. With its easy operation, precise temperature control and versatility, it is a great tool for any type of barbecue. Whether you're an experienced grill master or just starting out, a gas grill can take your grilling skills to the next level.

Please let us know what you think Gas grill in the comment field with

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On average, how often do you grill per month?

What do you like to grill on your gas grill?

Do you have any specific care tips for your gas grill that you would like to share?

Would you recommend a gas grill to a friend?

Which brand would you say is the best for gas grills?

Youtube video recommendation for the gas grill test & comparison:

Gas grill - what to look for when buying? | Ironically | WDR


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Who are the main manufacturers of gas grill products in comparison?

In our gas grill comparison, a wide variety of manufacturers are represented in order to do justice to the extensive gas grill offer and to facilitate the largest possible selection for you. You will find such well-known manufacturers as Weaver, Enders, Char-Broil, Char-Broil, Weaver, Rösle, Rösle, Enders and Enders.

How expensive or affordable are the products from the gas grill comparison?

High-quality gas grill products have their price. You have to expect costs of up to approx. €599,00. More affordable products are available from us starting at around €176,99.

Which product has the right price and performance in a gas grill comparison?

As the gas grill item presented with the best price-performance ratio, the Enders ® URBAN gas grill, table grill, grilling, cooking and baking from us the classification regarding the best constellation.

Which products were taken into account by the editors in the gas grill comparison?

What placement have the editors decided on in the gas grill?

After a thorough determination of the task and purpose of the article as well as research into the test results of the Stiftung Warentest and other specialist portals, our editorial team determined the following ranking: The article received first place Gas grill Weber 50060079 Q1000, titanium, camping grill,, followed by Enders ® URBAN gas grill, table grill, grilling, cooking and baking, Gas grill Char-Broil, stainless steel Advantage Series 225S-2, 2 burners, Gas Grill Char-Broil Gas2Coal® 330 Hybrid Grill - 3 Burners and Gas grill Weber 44000179 Spirit II S-210 with GBS, stainless steel housing.

In addition to the comparison and price-performance winner, what other top products were used in the gas grill test & comparison?

In every gas grill test & comparison, the focus is usually on 5 products with high sales figures. One of them received the “Best Recommendation” seal and one product received the “Price-Performance Winner”. The products were also rated as equal Gas grill Weber 50060079 Q1000, titanium, camping grill,, Enders ® URBAN gas grill, table grill, grilling, cooking and baking and Gas grill Char-Broil, stainless steel Advantage Series 225S-2, 2 burners, the other ranks.

Further links and sources too gas grill

  • Wikipedia: More information about the Gas grill can be found on Wikipedia, a well-known free encyclopedia on the Internet.
  • Youtube: Look on Youtube to learn more about Gas grill to experience.
  • Amazon: Discover the variety Gas grill products on Amazon.
  • ebay: has a large selection of other products for Gas grill Products.

How did you like our gas grill comparison?

4.9/5 - (41 reviews)

  1. Timo Frederick says:

    How many burners does this gas grill have?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Timo Frederick,

      We are sincerely grateful for your comment and your interest in our gas grill comparison. Your presence makes a difference!

      This gas grill has three burners that can be regulated individually. This allows you to adjust the heat zones on the grill while cooking different foods at different temperatures.

      From the support department to Bad Herrenalb – Greetings!

  2. Tuncay says:

    How much heat can the gas grill generate?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Tuncay,

      Your commitment to our gas grill test & comparison is remarkable. Thank you for supporting our work with your comment!

      The gas grill is capable of producing high heat that is perfect for grilling. Depending on the model and setting, the heat can be flexibly regulated. Gas grills offer a fast heat-up time and allow you to precisely set the temperature you want. Whether you want to sear steaks or gently cook more delicate fish, the gas grill gives you the heat and control you need to get the grilling results you want.

      Kind regards from us in support to Gersthofen.

  3. Timo Frederick says:

    How can I clean the grill grate?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Timo,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our gas grill test & comparison. Thank you!

      To clean the grill grate, preheat the grill on high for 10-15 minutes and then brush the grate thoroughly with a grill brush. Alternatively, you can soak the grate in a solution of water and dish soap and then rinse it off. Avoid treating the grate with abrasive cleaners or steel wool as this can damage the finish.

      Best regards to Ohrdruf.

      support specialist

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