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Top hand saw in comparison: Find out which one is best for you

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Handsaw: The handsaw is a tool for quick cutting of wood and other materials. The saw blade length of 300 mm and a toothing of up to 12 teeth per inch allow clean and smooth cuts. The handsaw is an essential tool for DIYers and professionals alike.
Best recommendation
Hand saw Stanley JetCut fine 550 mm length, 11 teeth/inch
Price-performance winner
Hand saw Draper Tools vst500 First Fix Venom triple ground
Handsaw Bahco -ERGO™ foxtail 550mm long, 9/10 per inch
Hand saw Bahco 2700-24-XT7-HP BH2700-24-XT7-HP-A 600mm
Hand saw Hultafors HBX-22-7, 590703 with powder coating
Hand saw 500 mm professional foxtail saw hardened length
Handsaw Spear & Jackson B98SF Second Fix Predator saw
Hand saw S&R WOLFZAHN fine 475 mm length - 11 teeth/inch
Hand saw Stanley Sharpcut 20″/500 mm, foxtail 7 teeth
Hand saw Multiblade Professional 550mm, 11TPI, SK5
Model Hand saw Stanley JetCut fine 550 mm length, 11 teeth/inch Hand saw Draper Tools vst500 First Fix Venom triple ground Handsaw Bahco -ERGO™ foxtail 550mm long, 9/10 per inch Hand saw Bahco 2700-24-XT7-HP BH2700-24-XT7-HP-A 600mm Hand saw Hultafors HBX-22-7, 590703 with powder coating Hand saw 500 mm professional foxtail saw hardened length Handsaw Spear & Jackson B98SF Second Fix Predator saw Hand saw S&R WOLFZAHN fine 475 mm length - 11 teeth/inch Hand saw Stanley Sharpcut 20″/500 mm, foxtail 7 teeth Hand saw Multiblade Professional 550mm, 11TPI, SK5
Brand Stanley Draper Bahco Bahco Hultafors Spear & Jackson S & R Stanley multiblade
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!hand saw
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,2goodhand saw
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodhand saw
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodhand saw
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodhand saw
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodhand saw
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodhand saw
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodhand saw
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodhand saw
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodhand saw
ruler at the top edge
for large cuts saw blade length 55 cm 50 cm 55 cm 60 cm 55 cm 50 cm 56 cm 48 cm 50 cm 55 cm
further variants 38 cm long 45 cm long 50 cm long 550 mm save 55 cm long with 9 teeth with 11 teeth save save with 8 teeth with 8 teeth 380 mm with 7 teethwith 9 teeth
angle stop
Type foxtail foxtail foxtail foxtail foxtail foxtail foxtail foxtail foxtail foxtail
Weight 450 g 450 g 525 g 540 g 450 g 470 g 480 g 450 g 400 g 700 g
Toothing Number of teeth per inch fine 11 teeth roughly 8 teeth fine 10 teeth roughly 7 teeth roughly 8 teeth roughly 7 teeth fine 10 teeth fine 11 teeth roughly 7 teeth fine 11 teeth
  • also available in other lengths
  • robust bi-metal handle
  • with soft grip
  • available in other lengths
  • long saw blade
  • three-component grip
  • available in other lengths and teeth
  • extra long saw blade
  • ideal for lumber
  • hardboard
  • Chipboard and MDF
  • versatile saw with hardened teeth
  • including mouthguard
  • extra long saw blade
  • also available with other tooth pitches
  • extra long saw blade
  • also available with other tooth pitches
  • with soft grip
  • extra long saw blade
  • including mouthguard
  • extra long saw blade
  • ruler at the top
  • also available with other tooth pitches
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The best handsaws in the test & comparison:
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Handsaw Buying Recommendations in 2024: Ultimate Guide and Current Trends
This is how you make the right product choice based on the hand saw comparison mentioned above.

At a glance
  • A handsaw is a manually operated tool used to cut wood and other materials. It consists of a saw blade with teeth and a handle to hold the tool. Hand saws come in different sizes and designs and can be used for different applications. Popular types of hand saws include the hacksaw, foxtail saw, and folding saw.
  • The saw blade of the hand saw is usually made of hardened steel and is available in different lengths. The teeth of the saw blade can be coarse or fine depending on the application and are usually filed on one side of the blade. Most hand saws have a blade tensioning device to ensure it doesn't wobble or loosen during use.
  • Hand saws are a popular tool for joiners, carpenters, and DIY enthusiasts. They are used for a variety of tasks including cutting boards, beams, pipes and PVC. When using a handsaw, it is important to hold the work securely and apply enough pressure on the blade to get a clean cut.
hand saw

Hand saw test & comparisons

There are always activities in the family where knives, scissors or pliers do not lead to the desired success. Therefore, almost every family can use a handsaw. The curtain rod or shelf may be too long and need to be trimmed. In other cases, the screws are stuck and can no longer be loosened, or when erecting the shelf, it turns out that the wooden dowels have to be replaced and sawn out of the block. Depending on the material to be sawn, the thickness and the precision of the cut, you will need a special hand saw or a special saw blade. To find the best saw for your own use, consider these points before you buy.

Our hand saw recommendation on Amazon:

Fiskars hand saw for fresh wood, coarse teeth, saw blade length: 16 cm, retractable, stainless steel saw blade, black / orange, ...
  • Hand saw (saw blade length: 16 cm) for fresh wood, e.g. B. branches, hedges, bushes up to Ø 12 cm, suitable for right / and ...
  • Firm hold when cutting thanks to the non-slip surface on the handle, optimal finger protection thanks to the curved end of the handle,...
  • Clean cutting results thanks to special, coarse toothing, sawing in the pulling direction, minimized risk of injury from...


What types of saws are there?

Basically, a saw is a tool that can be used to cut solid materials such as wood, metal, plastic or stone. The hand saw consists of a saw blade, which can have different lengths and widths, and a handle made of wood, metal or plastic. Since the sawing movement sometimes exerts a lot of force on the saw blade, the saw blade must be sufficiently stiff and stable. This can be achieved by using a sheet of appropriate thickness or by clamping and tightening on both sides. Therefore, there are two main types of buildings:

  • Clamping saw, hacksaw
  • No clamp saw - fine saw, hand saw, Japanese saw

With a hacksaw, the blade is clamped on both sides in a stable oval holder and tightened with the help of a screw device. Most hacksaws and many pruning saws are of this type. Either they have an attached handle or the stand is just that. The gang saw consists of a rectangular wooden frame with saw blades also attached on both sides. The sheet metal is stretched over the bars of the frame with tension wires. Today such handsaws only play a subordinate role. The leaves of both Saw can be exchanged at any time and can be used in a variety of ways.

Untensioned handsaws consist of a saw blade with a handle. Traditionally, these saws were used for pressure cutting. Due to the forces generated, the plates can be easily replaced. To counteract this, they either have a larger blade thickness or are equipped with nets. At the same time pull saws are also offered. With them, the saw blade can be significantly thinner. Typical of these saws are the Japanese saws. The cutting depth of a saw without a bar and stand is not limited, so very thick materials can also be cut. Probably the best-known representative of this saw is the foxtail.

Our hand saw recommendation on Amazon:

Japanese saw 300 mm super sharp and rustproof - including holster for belt UK-3000 MADE IN JAPAN
  • kidsnado
  • Japanese saw 300 mm super sharp and rustproof - including holster for belt UK-3000
  • SEEN


The action of saw blades in cutting

The saw blade used is just as important. Its properties determine service life, cutting quality and sawing progress.

The hardness of the material used is decisive for the service life. The harder it is, the longer it stays sharp. Since durable saw blades are expensive to manufacture, they are correspondingly expensive. However, high-quality blades usually become cheaper in the long run. Common saw blade materials are:

  • CV steel (chromium vanadium steel) - for wood, fiberboard and plastic
  • HSS steel (High Speed ​​​​Steel) - for metals, iron, steel and aluminum
  • Carbide steel (hard metal) – suitable for all materials, very wear-resistant
  • Bimetal (composite) - for wood and metal

The number of teeth is decisive for feed and cutting quality. It is given in teeth per inch per blade. A saw blade with a small number of teeth will not jam too much. Your progress can be significant. Preferably they are used for cutting along the fibers. Pruning methods are often difficult to use because they are easily misjudged. Your cut is rough. Knives with a medium number of teeth usually achieve very good cutting qualities, especially when cutting grains crosswise. In the longitudinal direction, it clogs quickly. If a particularly high cutting quality is required when using a hand saw, use a saw blade with many teeth. Fine teeth can usually only be achieved with CV steel, which is why it is particularly suitable for softer materials such as wood and plastic. In general it can be said:

  • Low number of teeth - high feed, poor quality of cut
  • Multi-tooth – low feed, high cutting quality

The deeper the blade goes into the material, the more difficult it is to cut and the more likely it is that the blade will get stuck. This is because there is not enough room for the saw blade to move. Use interlocking teeth so the width of the saw is greater than the thickness of the blade. Slightly curved outwards at the teeth.

This widens the cut and gives the blade more play. It should be noted that the cut quality decreases with increasing twist.

Our hand saw recommendation on Amazon:

Famex 5505 professional Japanese saw - Japanese pull saw 300mm - carpenter's saw - Kataba - for the demanding user and trade
  • 100% MADE IN JAPAN - This hand saw is not a cheap copy, but the original made by Takagi in Japan, ...
  • TECHNICAL DATA - Usable length of the saw blade: 30 cm - Saw blade thickness: only 0,6mm - Cutting width: only 0,9mm -...
  • SPECIAL TOOTHING - The special “SHARK” saw teeth with 3 diamond-ground and additionally inductively hardened...


Which hand saw is used for which purpose?

Today there are specially adapted saws for every event. Depending on the material, application and desired quality, the right model can be selected.

Foxtail grass has traditionally been thought of as an all-purpose hand saw for woodworking. In general, it is used for push cuts, so requires a stable, thick plate, which means the cutting width is large. Many models have blades between 300 mm and 750 mm in length with different numbers of teeth. Most blades have 7 to 9 teeth per inch and are only suitable for regular cuts. Plates with 9-12 teeth per inch can be used for high quality fine cuts. This saw is particularly useful for trimming boards and battens, or for trimming individual knots of minor importance. In addition, there are a variety of other wood saws that are suitable for different applications. The chainsaw to be mentioned here, with which you can achieve the best sawing results and is often used for sawing intricate shapes from chipboard.

Customers who are looking for a hand saw suitable for woodworking are happy to buy a wood saw from Bahco or Stanley . These manufacturers offer a wide range of quality products

Special metal saws are available for sawing metal. In most cases, these are hacksaws. In modern models, an ergonomic handle is integrated into the stand. There are very small hand saws with a blade length of just 150 mm that fit in any tool box, as well as large hand saws with a blade length of up to 600 mm. Hacksaw blades typically have 24 to 25 teeth per inch. Due to the hardness of the metal, even small sawing jobs are rather tedious and the blade has a short lifespan. Metal saws are already available very cheaply from Mannesmann. They are an option for customers who only occasionally need small jobs and quality is secondary.

A manual miter saw is mounted on a rotary table using a special mechanism. This allows precise sawing angles to be set, and the saw can also be guided very precisely. For example, you can cut baseboards or cable ducts for the corners of the room. Küpper offers very good miter saws. They guarantee good guidance and precise angle adjustment.


In none Budget should a hand saw be missing, which can be used for sawing wood or metal. The board has to be shortened again and again or the tube has to be sawn off. Since the materials have very different hardnesses, different saws with different blades are required. Unfortunately, there is no all-purpose saw that can quickly saw any material with the highest quality of cut. Compromises always have to be made or several saws have to be purchased at the same time. Good advice is important here.

Our handsaw bestseller on Amazon:


DiscountBestseller no. 1
Fiskars Plus folding saw, For thick trunks and branches, 3 cutting positions, Sharp Power Tooth blade, Coarse teeth, Blade length: 15 ...
  • Folding saw (blade length: 15 cm) for quick, clean cuts through thick trunks and branches
  • 3 cutting positions: undercut for clean initial cuts, straight for general cuts and pistol grip for...
  • Very sharp Power Tooth blade with triple ground teeth (3 TPI), secure locking mechanism for the blade
Bestseller no. 2
Hand chainsaw chainsaw, carbon steel hand chainsaw, folding chainsaw with handle including belt bag, quick wood tree cutting...
  • 【Durable material】The pocket chainsaw is made of heat-treated high-quality material high manganese steel, ...
  • 【Suitable size】 The total length of the pocket saw is 103,1 cm, the length of the saw is 65 cm, and the ...
  • 【Portable and practical】Light weight, small size, compact and exquisite, the chain can be folded, very ...
Bestseller no. 3
Nature is Adventure More bite with 33 teeth made of carbon steel hand chain saw incl. belt pouch - Premium Survival AST saws ...
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: 33 sharp saw teeth made of high-quality carbon steel ensure that the pruning saw easily ...
  • UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE & EVERYWHERE: The professional outdoor saw is your reliable companion for ...
  • SAWS IN BOTH DIRECTIONS: The saw teeth are arranged in opposite directions so that nothing cant and the sawdust ...

Youtube video recommendation for hand saw comparison:

Straight cuts guaranteed: This is how you SAW correctly! | Tips from the master carpenter | Jonas Winkler


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  1. Anton Bauer says:

    What kind of teeth does this hand saw have?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Anton Bauer,

      We are grateful for your comment and your interest in our handsaw comparison. Your words are an encouragement for us!

      This hand saw has hardened, sharp teeth suitable for cutting wood. The special teeth ensure an efficient cut and a good grip during the sawing process.

      With recommendations from the service desk for Friedrichshafen.

  2. Mia says:

    Can I also cut metal with this saw?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Mia,

      Your interest in our hand saw test & comparison is an enrichment for us. Thank you for your valuable thoughts and contribution!

      No, this hand saw is specifically designed for woodwork and is not suitable for cutting metal. For metal work, we recommend a hacksaw that has special teeth and a different design.

      May our greetings travel to Munster - the support team.

  3. Kevin Schreiber says:

    How often do I have to sharpen the handsaw?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Kevin,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our handsaw test & comparison. Thank you!

      The sharpness of the hand saw depends on the frequency of use, it is recommended that the saw blades be sharpened or sharpened after regular use. Use sharpening tools like whetstones and files to keep your handsaw blade in tip-top shape.

      Best regards to Dorsten.

      support specialist

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