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Handheld spotlights 2024: Independent comparison tests for smart purchasing decisions

Flashlight: Your comprehensive guide that objectively examines the advantages and disadvantages

A handheld torch is an essential tool for anyone who works outside or enjoys being in nature. Whether camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or on the construction site - a hand lamp ensures that you have everything in view even in poor light conditions. With a high luminosity and a long battery life, it offers a reliable light source that you should always have with you. There are different models with a wide variety of functions: from rechargeable batteries to different light modes or an integrated warning light. The robustness and weight can also vary depending on the intended use. A high-quality hand lamp is therefore a practical companion for everyone who always wants to be on the safe side.
Best recommendation
Hand lamp LE D 1000 lumen, rechargeable CREE battery
Price-performance winner
Hand lamp Camelion 30200033 - LED with 16 LEDs
Hand lamp LE D, rechargeable super bright 500lm CREE D
Hand lamp ERAY Rechargeable, LED battery 11000 lm
Portable Searchlight MAYTHANK Super Bright Led Searchlight
Flashlight MAYTHANK Extremely bright Cree LED flashlight
Hand lamp Homealexa LED camping lantern
Model Hand lamp LE D 1000 lumen, rechargeable CREE battery Hand lamp Camelion 30200033 - LED with 16 LEDs Hand lamp LE D, rechargeable super bright 500lm CREE D Hand lamp Varta INDESTRUCTIBLE BL20 Pro BLILB Hand lamp ERAY Rechargeable, LED battery 11000 lm Portable Searchlight MAYTHANK Super Bright Led Searchlight Flashlight MAYTHANK Extremely bright Cree LED flashlight Hand lamp Homealexa LED camping lantern Hand lamp Varta 3W LED INDESTRUCTIBLE LANTERN 4C
Brand Le camelion Le Varta Eray Maythank Maythank HomeAlexa Varta
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Handscheinwerfer
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,2goodHandscheinwerfer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodHandscheinwerfer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodHandscheinwerfer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodHandscheinwerfer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodHandscheinwerfer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodHandscheinwerfer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodHandscheinwerfer
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodHandscheinwerfer
Brightness 1.000 lm 32 lm 500 lm 400 lm 1.000 lm 6.000 lm 2.000 lm 1.000 lm 150 lm
Battery Capacity 3.600 mAh no manufacturer information 2.600 mAh no built-in battery 9.600 mAh 10.000 mAh 10.000 mAh 4.400 mAh no built-in battery
side light
Weight 848 g 450 g 155 g 518 g 520 g 680 g 630 g 400 g 490 g
brightness levels 2 levels 1st stage 2 levels 2 levels 2 levels 2 levels 2 levels 2 levels 2 levels
Battery life(at full brightness) 2 hours no manufacturer information 6 hours 85 hours 10 hours 10 hours 10 hours 5 hours 20 hours
flashing light | SOS mode No | Yes No | No No | Yes No | No No | Yes Yes | No Yes | Yes No | Yes No | No
Lighting range approx. 600 m 150m 350m 400m 800m 800m 800m no manufacturer information 350m
Color filter
Protection against dust and moisture IPX4 No IPX4 IP67 IPX4 IPX6 IPX6 no manufacturer information IPX4
  • with SOS mode
  • Especially bright
  • very good light range
  • very bright
  • stable
  • with SOS mode
  • dimmable with a range of 360° and 180°
  • very good light range
  • particularly long service life
  • very bright
  • with integrated power supply
  • Especially bright
  • particularly high range
  • good running time
  • with SOS mode
  • with side light
  • Especially bright
  • particularly large range
  • particularly long battery life
  • particularly high battery capacity
  • Especially bright
  • particularly large range
  • with SOS mode
  • Especially bright
  • with integrated power supply
  • particularly long battery life
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best hand lamps in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Before you purchase a handheld spotlight, please note the following recommendations: Important purchasing advice and useful tips for making an informed decision
We have put together all the essential information for you to make your decision to purchase a handheld spotlight easier.

At a glance
  • A handheld searchlight is a portable lighting device often used by police and emergency services. It is also useful for home use, e.g. B. when camping or repairing cars. The hand lamp usually has a high luminosity and can be operated via a rechargeable battery or mains operation.
  • There are different types of portable headlights, including LED, halogen and xenon headlights. LED hand lamps are particularly durable and energy-efficient and often have a longer burn time than other types. Some hand lamps also have additional functions such as flashing lights or zoom functions.
  • When buying a hand lamp, you should pay attention to the brightness, the burning time, the type of light source, the battery or mains supply and the additional functions. Handheld spotlights come in a variety of designs and sizes, including waterproof models for outdoor use. A good flashlight can be an essential tool and help you stay focused in dark situations.

Powerful handheld spotlight for all outdoor adventures

An Handscheinwerfer is an essential tool for outdoor adventures and provides optimal lighting in various situations. There are different types of handheld lights such as flashlights, LED handheld spotlightBattery handheld spotlight and waterproof Handscheinwerfer. These provide bright and reliable lighting for camping, Hiking, emergencies and other outdoor activities. A Handscheinwerfer is versatile and an important part of outdoor equipment.

Key Findings:

  • A handheld spotlight is an essential Tools for outdoor adventures.
  • flashlights, LED handheld spotlightBattery handheld spotlight and waterproof handheld spotlights provide optimal lighting.
  • Handheld spotlights are versatile and are an important part of outdoor equipment.

Powerful lighting for every situation

A handheld spotlight is a versatile solution for providing optimal lighting in various situations. With advanced features like a Power Bankfeature makes it ideal for outdoor adventures where mobile power is required. One Cordless Flashlight provides reliable lighting and is environmentally friendly as it is rechargeable. One Hand lamp is compact and portable, perfect for on the go. Whether you're camping, hike or you simply need light for an emergency, you are optimally equipped with a powerful handheld spotlight.

A handheld spotlight offers you the opportunity to move safely and comfortably in any situation. Be it for nighttime outdoor activities, repairs in dark rooms or just as emergency lighting, one rechargeable flashlight is a reliable companion. You can also bring a handheld spotlight Power Bank-Choose function to charge your other devices during your adventures or in emergency situations. Such outdoor lighting is practical and versatile.

An rechargeable flashlight is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-saving because you don't have to Batteryn have to buy. In addition, modern handheld spotlights have a high light output equipped so that you have optimal visibility even in dark environments. One Hand lamp is easy to use and offers a long operating life. With a powerful handheld spotlight you are prepared for every situation and can fully enjoy your outdoor activities.

Powerful lighting for every situation – at a glance:

Table: Comparison of the different handheld spotlight models

Model illumination battery type light output Features
Cordless Flashlight LED Rechargable High Power bank function
Hand lamp LED Battery Medium Compact and portable
outdoor lighting LED Rechargable High Robust and waterproof

Versatility and durability for outdoor use

A handheld spotlight is versatile and designed for outdoor use. Regardless of whether you are camping in nature, going on a night hike or needing light in an emergency situation, a handheld spotlight offers you the optimal lighting. There are different types of handheld spotlights, each with their own benefits and features.


The Flashlight is a popular choice for outdoor use. It offers a focusable beam of light and is ideal for exposing long distances. No matter whether you are on the night at night hunt are or are going on a remote hike, one Flashlight offers you the light you need.

Led lamp

LED lamps are known for their long lifespan and high lighting range. They provide bright and reliable lighting and are ideal for outdoor activities. Whether you want to spend a night outdoors or light up your patio, a Led lamp is a practical choice.

Alarm system, night light and hunting light

A handheld spotlight can also be used as a Alarm systemnight light or Hunting light be used. You can use the corresponding functions to adapt the handheld spotlight to your needs. A handheld spotlight with Alarm system can provide you with security in emergency situations. A night light can light your way in the dark. A Hunting light is specifically designed for hunting and has features to help you with night vision.

Whether you need a handheld spotlight for outdoor use, security, or specialized activities, the versatility and durability of a handheld spotlight ensures reliable performance, even in harsh conditions.

Type of handheld spotlight Benefits
Flashlight – Focusable light beam for longer distances
– Ideal for hunting and outdoor activities
Led lamp – Long service life and long beam range
– Bright and reliable lighting
Alarm systemnight lightHunting light – Additional functions for special applications
– Ensure safety and lighting in various situations

Reliable emergency lighting for emergencies

In emergency situations, reliable lighting is crucial. A handheld spotlight can be used as Rescue lampEmergency light or Survival lamp serve and offers you light and orientation in emergency situations. With a long battery life and various lighting options, a handheld spotlight is an important part of your emergency kit.

A handheld spotlight with high light output and a reliable beam range allows you to keep your bearings even in dark environments. The Rescue lamp can serve as a signal light to draw attention and request help. One Emergency light provides constant lighting and is ideal for use during power outages or other emergencies.

A handheld spotlight is more than just a light source. It is an indispensable tool that offers us security and orientation in critical situations.

Survival lamp lighting options

An Survival lamp has various lighting options that allow you to use different light modes depending on your needs. This includes:

  • SOS mode: A flashing light signal that is clearly visible to emergency services.
  • Strobe light: A quick flashing light that can be used to disorient attackers or for signaling.
  • Dimming function: An adjustable brightnessto save energy and extend battery life.

The combination of these features makes one Survival lamp an indispensable tool in emergency situations. Not only does it provide reliable lighting, but also a way to draw attention to yourself and request help.

Light mode Description
SOS mode Flashing light signal for emergency services
Strobe light Fast flashing light to disorient attackers or as a signal
dimming Adjustable brightness for energy saving and battery life

A handheld spotlight is an essential tool in emergency situations. With reliable lighting and various light modes, it offers you safety and orientation. Always keep one Rescue lampEmergency light or survival lamp to hand so that you are optimally prepared in an emergency.

Ideal lighting for outdoor activities

When it comes to outdoor activities like fishing or camping, reliable lighting is essential. A handheld spotlight offers the ideal solution to these needs, allowing you to break through the darkness and carry out your activities safely and effectively. Here are some of the best handheld spotlights specifically designed for outdoor activities.

Fishing lamp

The Fishing lamp is specially designed for fishing and provides enough light to catch your prey. With a high light output and a wide spread of the light beam Fishing lamp optimal visibility, even in the dark. You can rest assured that you can clearly see all the details of your fishing activities.

Traffic lights

When you're on the road, your safety is of utmost importance. A Traffic lights is just the thing to increase your visibility and draw the attention of other road users. It provides a strong and bright beam of light Traffic lights ensure that you are safe on the move even in poor lighting conditions.

LED hand lamp rechargeable

A rechargeable one LED handheld spotlight is a practical solution that is both durable and environmentally friendly. With battery life sufficient for most outdoor activities, you can be confident you have enough light to get the job done. The rechargeability also saves you costs Batteries and make a contribution to environmental protection.

Waterproof handheld spotlight with battery

When it comes to outdoor activities, the weather can be unpredictable. A waterproof handheld spotlight with battery is the perfect choice to ensure you have optimal lighting even in rain or other adverse conditions. These handheld lights are robust, durable and provide reliable performance regardless of external conditions.

Choose the handheld spotlight that best suits your needs and enjoy your outdoor activities with the ideal lighting.

Handscheinwerfer Features
Fishing lamp – High light output
– Wide spread of the light beam
– Specially developed for fishing
Traffic lights – Increased visibility in road traffic
– Strong and bright light
– Optimal safety in poor lighting conditions
LED hand lamp rechargeable – Durable and environmentally friendly
– Sufficient battery life for outdoor activities
– Cost savings through rechargeability
Waterproof handheld spotlight with battery - Robust and durable
– Reliable performance in adverse conditions
– Waterproof design

Practical functions for the workspace

An Cordless handheld headlight with power bank function is an extremely practical lighting solution for the work area. With this function you can not only charge the handheld lamp, but also other devices such as your cell phone or Tablet. This guarantees that you always have a mobile power supply for your electronic devices no matter where you are.

If you like frequent outdoor activities Camping or hiking company is one Camping light the ideal lighting option for you. One Camping light is specifically designed for outdoor use and provides reliable and long-lasting lighting. Thanks to her portable size and its robust Construction makes it perfect for use in a variety of conditions, including inclement weather and harsh environments.

One is for working in dark environments Work light with magnetic base extremely practical. Thanks to the magnetic base, the Work Light Easily attach to metal surfaces, leaving your hands free to do your work. These work lights also typically come with different lighting modes so you can adjust the brightness and beam to suit your needs.

Practical functions for the workspace at a glance:

  • Cordless handheld headlight with power bank function for charging devices
  • Camping light for reliable lighting for outdoor activities
  • Work light with magnetic base for hands-free working in dark environments

No matter your specific job or work environment, these convenient workspace features provide the lighting and flexibility you want. Choose the right handheld spotlight with the appropriate features to improve your work performance and ensure that you are optimally equipped in every situation.

Key Features Cordless handheld headlight with power bank function Camping light Work light with magnetic base
Environment Work area, outdoor activities Outdoor activities such as camping, hiking Working in dark environments
characteristics Device charging, mobile power Robust construction, long-lasting lighting Hands-free work, different lighting modes
Benefits Always ready for use, no worries about empty ones Batteries Reliable outdoor lighting, portable Hands free, customizable lighting

Practical features and accessories

A handheld spotlight is not only a simple lighting tool, but also offers a variety of practical features and accessories that increase its functionality. Here are some of the useful features you can find in a quality handheld spotlight:

LED flashlight including batteries

Some handheld spotlights come with batteries already included, so you can use them immediately after purchase. This is particularly convenient as you don't have to buy additional batteries and have a reliable lighting solution at your fingertips.

Emergency lamp with flashing function

An Emergency lamp with flashing function is particularly helpful in emergency situations where you want to attract attention. By the Flashing light You can draw other people's attention and potentially call for help.

Searchlight with zoom function

An Suchscheinwerfer with zoom function allows you to adjust the light beam to your specific needs. You can expand the beam of light to illuminate a larger area or focus the beam to illuminate distant objects more accurately. This feature is particularly useful during search and rescue operations or for outdoor activities such as night hikes.

feature Description
LED flashlight including batteries Included with purchase, no additional batteries required
Emergency lamp with flashing function Allows you to attract attention in emergency situations
Suchscheinwerfer with zoom function Allows you to adjust the light beam to specific needs

A handheld spotlight with these practical features and accessories makes it even more versatile and functional. When choosing a handheld spotlight, consider these features and find the handheld spotlight that best suits your needs.

Robust and waterproof handheld spotlights

When it comes to handheld spotlights for outdoor use, robustness and waterproofness are crucial. A waterproof and dustproof one LED spotlight is ideal for use in harsh conditions. Whether camping, hiking or other outdoor activities, this handheld spotlight can withstand the elements and provide reliable lighting regardless of the weather conditions.

A compact one flashlight with one Holster is a practical solution for on the go. With its robust design and the ability to hold it securely on Belts to attach it, it is always ready to hand. These handheld lights are easy to transport while still providing powerful lighting whenever it's needed.

outdoor lighting for Garden and the terrace is also an important area of ​​application for handheld spotlights. They create a pleasant atmosphere and ensure safety outdoors. Whether at Grilling or relaxing on the terrace, a robust and waterproof handheld spotlight is perfect for illuminating the surroundings and creating a cozy atmosphere outdoors.

Innovative functions for special requirements

A handheld spotlight with special functions opens up new possibilities for special requirements. One Flashlight with strobe light is ideal for emergencies or self-defense, for example. Due to the rapid sequence of flashes of light, the strobe light creates an irritating effect and can deter potential attackers. This function increases your personal safety and gives you a feeling of security in dangerous situations.

Another innovative feature is a Cordless handheld spotlight with swivel head. This function allows you to direct the light beam in different directions and adjust the lighting angle. This is particularly useful if you work in narrow or difficult-to-reach areas or want to specifically illuminate certain areas. The swivel head gives you maximum flexibility and unrestricted visibility in every situation.

These innovative functions make a handheld spotlight even more versatile and also meet special requirements. Whether you want additional safety or have specific lighting needs, a handheld spotlight with a strobe light or a swivel head offers you the solution.

Long-lasting and sustainable lighting

An rechargeable flashlight with overcharging protection is a reliable and sustainable lighting option. Through the Integrated protection mechanism is the battery Protected from damage caused by overcharging, extending its lifespan. These flashlights therefore offer a sustainable solution and are environmentally friendly.

An Hand lamp with dimming function is particularly practical as it allows you to adjust the brightness to suit your needs. You can increase or decrease the light intensity to save energy or ensure glare-free lighting. With the dimming function you have full control over the lighting and can make optimal use of the performance.

A portable one Led lamp with an integrated carabiner is extremely practical and easy to transport. You can put them on your backpack, on your Belt loop or attach it to other objects. This means you always have a reliable light source at hand, no matter where you go. These portable ones Lamps are ideal for on the go and offer flexible lighting.

flashlight Protection against overcharging Dimming function Integrated carabiner
rechargeable flashlight Ja Ja No
Hand lamp No Ja No
portable LED lamp No Ja Ja

Versatile uses in everyday life

A handheld spotlight is not only suitable for outdoor activities, but can also be used in a variety of ways in everyday life. It can be used as outdoor lighting for activities such as barbecuing Garden or working outdoors. One Work Light provides reliable lighting indoors and workshops, A Emergency lamp can be helpful during power outages or emergencies. A hunting light offers special functions for hunting and night vision.

Outdoor lighting:

  • barbecue in the garden
  • Working outdoors
  • Camping

Work light:

  • Inside
  • workshops
  • construction sites

Emergency lamp:

Hunting light:

  • night vision
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Safety
usage types Use Cases
outdoor lighting Barbecuing in the garden, working outdoors, camping
Work Light Interiors, workshops, construction sites
Emergency lamp Power outages, emergencies, roadside assistance
Hunting light Night vision, wildlife observation, security

Technologically advanced handheld spotlights

Technologically advanced handheld lights offer additional features and are perfect for outdoor activities and emergencies. An example of such a handheld spotlight is the LED hand lamp with SOS rescue signal. This innovative handheld spotlight has an integrated SOS function that can help in emergency situations. Activating the SOS rescue signal generates an internationally recognized Morse code that can be recognized by others as an emergency call. The LED hand lamp with SOS rescue signal thus offers additional security and is a reliable companion on outdoor adventures.

Additional features for every situation

The LED hand lamp with SOS rescue signal In addition to the SOS function, it also offers other practical features. Some Models have different Light modes that allow you to adjust the brightness to your needs. From a bright, long-range beam of light to a dimmed nightlight mode, this handheld spotlight offers a variety of uses in a variety of situations. In addition, many handheld spotlights are waterproof and robustly built, so that they work reliably even under adverse conditions.

The LED handheld spotlight with SOS rescue signal is a technological masterpiece that can provide you with valuable services in emergency situations or during outdoor activities. With its additional features and the robust design It is an indispensable tool for anyone who values ​​reliable lighting and security.

Our recommendation: LED hand lamp with SOS rescue signal

If you are looking for a technologically advanced handheld flashlight that can help you in outdoor activities or emergency situations, we recommend the LED handheld flashlight with SOS rescue signal. This handheld spotlight not only offers bright and reliable lighting, but also an integrated SOS function that gives you additional security. With its practical features and the Its robust design makes it the ideal one Companion for all your outdoor adventures.

characteristics Benefits
LED technology Provides bright and reliable lighting
SOS rescue signal Signals help in emergency situations
Different light modes Allow adaptation to different situations
Waterproof and robust Works reliably even under adverse conditions

reviews and recommendations

When choosing a handheld spotlight, it is often helpful to Reviews and recommendations from other customers to be taken into account. Reading customer reviews will give you insight into other users' experiences and opinions, allowing you to better assess the quality and performance of different handheld lights.

Positive Reviews can help you confirm the reliability and functionality of a handheld spotlight while negative Reviews can highlight possible deficiencies or limitations. Experiences from other customers can also help you choose the most suitable handheld spotlight for your needs.

Additionally, recommendations from friends, family members, or other trusted sources can be a valuable source of information. By considering personal experiences and recommendations, you can ensure that the handheld spotlight you choose meets your needs and expectations.

Rating Comment
5 star “The handheld spotlight is very bright and robust. I can recommend it to anyone recommend! "
4 star "A good Price-Value for money. The handheld spotlight meets my expectations.”
3 star “The handheld spotlight works well, but the battery life could be longer.”
2 star “Unfortunately, the handheld spotlight stopped working properly after a short time.”

It is important to note that reviews can be subjective and relate to customers' individual experiences and preferences. Therefore, it is advisable to read multiple reviews and consider different opinions to make an informed decision.

Product information and technical details

When it comes to purchasing a handheld spotlight, it is important to know the correct product information and technical details. This information will help you choose the best handheld spotlight for your needs. Here are some important data to consider when making your decision:


The Manufacturers of a handheld spotlight can give you important information about the quality and reliability of the product. Look out for well-known ones Manufacturers with a good reputation in the lighting industry.

Item number:

Each handheld spotlight comes with a unique one Item number to help you identify and select the model you want. The Item number can also be useful for customer support purposes in case you need help or support.

Packaging dimensions:

The Packaging dimensions give you an idea of ​​the size and weight of the handheld spotlight. This can be important if you have the headlight in one, for example Store in a backpack or when traveling want to take with you.


Check whether the handheld spotlight requires batteries and whether these are included in the scope of delivery. If Batteries not included Make sure you have the right type and quantity on hand to use the handheld spotlight right away.

Prices and availability

Prices for handheld spotlights can vary depending on the model, features and Manufacturers vary. There are a variety of retailers that offer handheld spotlights, both online and in stores. To the best Price To find the handheld spotlight you want, it is advisable to compare different offers.

It is also important that Availability to be taken into account as some models may not be available everywhere. The Availability may vary from dealer to dealer and may also depend on your location. It is advisable to visit the dealer websites or contact them directly to find out whether the handheld lamp you want is in stock.

When buying a handheld spotlight, also pay attention to the dealer's return guarantee and conditions. This ensures that you are optimally protected in the event of any problems or dissatisfaction with your purchase.


A handheld spotlight is an essential tool for outdoor adventures and provides optimal lighting in various situations. With a variety of functions and models, there is a suitable handheld spotlight for every need.

Compare prices, read customer reviews and choose the handheld spotlight that best suits your needs. Keep yourself safe and enjoy all your outdoor adventures with a powerful handheld spotlight.

Remember: A handheld spotlight is versatile, durable and provides reliable emergency lighting. With innovative functions and practical accessories, it is the ideal companion for all outdoor activities.


What types of handheld spotlights are there?

There are different types of handheld lights such as flashlights, LED handheld lights, battery-powered handheld lights and waterproof handheld lights.

What can I use a handheld spotlight for?

A handheld spotlight is versatile and suitable for camping, hiking, emergencies and other outdoor activities.

Are handheld spotlights durable and hard-wearing?

Yes, handheld spotlights are reliable even under adverse conditions due to their durability and robustness.

Why is reliable lighting important in emergencies?

In emergency situations, reliable lighting is crucial for orientation and safety.

What functions do handheld spotlights offer for outdoor activities?

Handheld headlights offer features such as high light output, SOS function, waterproof design and long battery life.

How can I use a handheld spotlight in the work area?

Handheld spotlights with a power bank function or magnetic base are ideal for use in the work area.

What practical features and accessories are available with handheld spotlights?

Handheld spotlights can be supplied with batteries, have a flashing function or a zoom function for the light beam.

Are handheld spotlights waterproof and dustproof?

Yes, there are waterproof and dustproof handheld spotlights that are suitable for use in harsh conditions.

What possible uses do handheld spotlights have in everyday life?

Handheld spotlights can also be used in everyday life as outdoor lighting, work lights, emergency lights or hunting lights.

Do handheld spotlights offer technologically advanced features?

Some handheld lights have technologically advanced features such as an SOS rescue signal.

How important are reviews and recommendations when choosing a handheld spotlight?

Reviews and recommendations from other customers can be helpful in assessing the quality and performance of a handheld spotlight.

What information is important when choosing a handheld spotlight?

Important information is manufacturer, Item numberPackaging dimensions, batteries and other technical details.

How can I find the best price for a handheld spotlight?

It is advisable to compare different offers to find the best one Price for the desired handheld spotlight.

Are handheld spotlights always available?

Availability may vary by retailer and location.

Is there a conclusion about handheld spotlights?

Handheld spotlights are essential tools for outdoor adventures and provide optimal lighting in various situations.

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