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DIY & Tools

Cleaning equipment

Your reliable helpers for impeccable cleanliness

In our range you will find a wide range cleaning devicesthat will help you keep your home sparkling clean. Discover ours hard floor cleaner for sparkling clean floors and Waschsauger, which also remove deep-seated dirt.

We offer a selection for effective cleaning upright vacuum cleaners and water vacuum cleaners, which are characterized by their performance and user-friendliness. Also discover our handy ones Handstaubsauger for quick cleaning work.

The cleaning devices in our range are designed to make your work as easy as possible. Equipped with the latest technologies, they ensure effective and thorough cleaning. The hard floor cleaners are ideal for cleaning tiles, wood and other hard surfaces, while the vacuum cleaners also look good on carpets.

Upright vacuum cleaners and water vacuum cleaners are powerful helpers when it comes to cleaning larger areas. They come with a variety of attachments that allow you to reach even hard-to-reach areas. The handheld vacuum cleaners are light and compact, ideal for quick cleaning in between.

Wash and dry

For impeccably clean laundry and efficient drying

In our Washing & Drying Category you will find everything you need for laundry care. From front loaders and Top loading washing machines to environmentally friendly Washing balls - here the laundry gets clean in no time.

We also have special ones for the perfect care of your clothes Mild detergent on offer. Discover ours condenser and washer dryer for quick and gentle drying of your laundry.

In this category we offer a wide range of Wash- and dry solutions aimed at making your everyday life easier. The front-loading and top-loading washing machines are equipped with the latest technologies that enable your clothes to be washed efficiently and gently. The washing balls are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional detergents and help to protect the environment.

The mild detergents in our range have been specially developed for the care of sensitive fabrics and ensure that your clothes stay beautiful for a long time. The condenser dryers and washer dryers are designed to do your laundry quickly and efficiently dry, without consuming a lot of energy.

kitchen Gadgets

Your assistants for culinary perfection

In our Kitchen utensil category You will find a variety of appliances to help you with cooking and baking. From hand mixers and Kitchen Torch to Coffee machines with grinder – every kitchen dream comes true here.

Complete your kitchen equipment with our multifunctional Food Processors and healthy Juicing. Our practical breakfast options ensure the perfect breakfast Egg cooker.

Our kitchen helpers are designed to make cooking and baking as easy as possible for you. The hand mixers are easy to use and help you conjure up delicious cakes and pastries in no time. The flambé burners are ideal for preparing sophisticated dishes and give your dishes that certain something.

The coffee machines with grinders ensure fresh and aromatic coffee, which makes starting your day easier. The food processors are true all-rounders and support you with a variety of kitchen tasks. The juicers help you create healthy and delicious juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. The egg cookers ensure that your eggs are always cooked perfectly, just the way you like them.

kitchen appliances

Modern technology for your dream kitchen

Equip your kitchen with the latest kitchen appliances out of. Whether an energy efficient one Freezer, a stylish one French door refrigerator or a space-saving one Built-in refrigerator – with us you will find the perfect solution for your kitchen.

For a pleasant cooking experience, we offer you modern dishwasherthat make washing up child's play. Also discover ours Hoods for fresh kitchen air and Built-in stove sets for the perfect cooking experience.

In this category you will find a wide range of kitchen appliances designed to meet your needs cuisine to be functional and stylish. The freezers offer plenty of space for your food and ensure that it stays fresh for a long time. The French door refrigerators are not only a real eye-catcher in your kitchen, but also extremely practical thanks to their generous layout.

The built-in refrigerators are the perfect solution for smaller kitchens and help you save space. The dishwashers in our range are energy efficient and ensure sparkling clean dishes without much effort. The Hoods provide fresh air in your kitchen and help to effectively remove odors and fumes. The built-in stove sets are equipped with the latest technologies and enable you to have a professional cooking experience in your own four walls.