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Washing & Drying: For clean laundry and efficient household management

Who does not know it? Washing and drying laundry is a constant household chore. But thanks to modern technology, these processes can now be made more efficient and convenient than ever before. Here is an overview of common devices that support us in everyday life:

Front loaders

The Front loaders is a common type of washing machine in which laundry is loaded from the front through a door. These models are often space-saving because they can be slipped under a countertop or stacked on top of each other with a dryer.


The condenser The moist air from the laundry condenses and collects the water in a container. This makes it flexible in placement as no exhaust hose to the outside is required.

Top loading washing machine

The Top loading washing machine is characterized by its opening at the top. It is ideal for places with limited space as they are narrower than front loaders.

heat pump dryer

The heat pump dryer is an energy efficient type of dryer. It uses a heat pump to generate the heat needed for drying while removing moisture from laundry.

Washing Machines

General Washing Machines are a must in every modern household. With different programs and settings you can clean a variety of textiles and keep them fresh.

Comfort and efficiency in the home

By choosing the right washing and drying equipment, everyday laundry can be made much easier. Modern appliances offer a combination of energy efficiency, thorough cleaning and user-friendly handling that makes household tasks easier in no time.