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Husqvarna brush cutter review 2024: Your guide to comparing and finding the best product

Guide: The decisive criteria when buying Husqvarna Weed Eater – What you need to know

Go all out with the Husqvarna brush cutter – comparison and rating

If you are looking for sturdy and powerful equipment that will make your gardening work a lot easier, then this should be it Husqvarna Brush Cutter are on your shortlist. This machine is not a children's toy. It packs a serious punch when it comes to banishing thickets and weeds. Their features are both impressive and appropriate, with a mix of performance, endurance and ease of use. Particularly noteworthy is the powerful motor and the ergonomic handle, which together form an unbeatable team. Perfect for those slightly tougher garden jobs or when you just don't feel like doing things by halves. Husqvarna won't let you down. Gardening is fun again. So if you are looking for a strong ally in the fight against the green stuff, don't hesitate. The Husqvarna brush cutter can be your game changer.

Best recommendation
Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna brush cutter 553RBX
Price-performance winner
Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna brush cutter 555RXT
Husqvarna brushcutter Husqvarna 966628901, 535 RXT
Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna brush cutter 545 RX
Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna 966776801 brush cutter 525 RX
Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna brush cutter 129 R, 967193301
Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna brush cutter 533 RS
Husqvarna brushcutter Husqvarna 966776901, 525RXT
Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna brush cutter 543 RS
Model Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna brush cutter 553RBX Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna brush cutter 555RXT Husqvarna brushcutter Husqvarna 966628901, 535 RXT Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna brush cutter 545 RX Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna 966776801 brush cutter 525 RX Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna brush cutter 129 R, 967193301 Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna brush cutter 533 RS Husqvarna brushcutter Husqvarna 966776901, 525RXT Husqvarna brush cutter Husqvarna brush cutter 543 RS
Brand Husqvarna Husqvarna Husqvarna Husqvarna Husqvarna Husqvarna Husqvarna Husqvarna Husqvarna
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Husqvarna brush cutter
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,9goodHusqvarna brush cutter
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodHusqvarna brush cutter
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodHusqvarna brush cutter
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodHusqvarna brush cutter
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodHusqvarna brush cutter
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodHusqvarna brush cutter
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodHusqvarna brush cutter
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodHusqvarna brush cutter
speed at maximum power 9.500 U / min 9.000 U / min 8.400 U / min 9.000 U / min 8.500 U / min 8.000 U / min 8.000 U / min 8.500 U / min 9.000 U / min
High performance +++ 2,3kW +++ 2,8kW ++ 1,6kW +++ 2,1kW + 1kW + 0,85kW + 1kW + 1kW ++ 1,5kW
tank capacity 0,8 l 1,1 l 0,6 l 0,9 l 0,5 l 0,34 l 0,7 l 0,5 l 0,75 l
Additional scope of delivery Grass knife Multi 275-4 comfort belt trimmer head T45X M12 Grass knife Multi 350-3 belt Balance XT trimmer head T55X M12 Gurt Balance X™ Grass Knife Multi 300-3 Trimmer Head T35 M12 Grass knife Multi 300-3 belt Balance X™ trimmer head T45X M12 Grass knife grass 255-4 belt balance 35 trimmer head T35 M10 Grass knife Grass 255-4 standard double belt trimmer head R25 two-hand handle Grass knife Grass 255-4 belt standard double belt trimmer head T35 M10 Grass knife grass 255-4 belt balance 55 trimmer head T35 M10 Grass knife Multi 275-4 belt standard double belt trimmer head T35 M12
lightness + 15,2kg + 9,2kg ++ 8,5kg + 8,9kg +++ 4,9kg + 10,9kg +++ 7,1kg +++ 7,4kg +++ 7,4kg
  • An engine with an extraordinarily large displacement
  • which has a remarkably high performance
  • and offers an extremely high maximum speed.
  • The engine has an exceptionally large displacement
  • which includes very high performance and a large tank.
  • With a considerable displacement
  • solid performance
  • and a lightweight construction.
  • This engine has a particularly large displacement
  • which has an exceptionally high performance
  • and enables a very high maximum speed.
  • An engine that has a large displacement
  • but is still easy to carry
  • and offers a high maximum speed.
  • An engine with a large displacement and a high maximum speed.
  • A large displacement engine
  • which is easy to transport
  • and offers a high maximum speed.
  • This engine has a significant displacement
  • However, it is still easy to transport
  • and offers a high maximum speed.
  • An engine with an extraordinarily large displacement
  • which produces very high performance and is easy to carry.
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The best Husqvarna brush cutters in the test and comparison:
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Ultimate buying guide: Discover the top Husqvarna brushcutter comparisons - your guide for 2024
The presented comparison of Husqvarna brush cutters will guide you to an informed product choice

At a glance
  • The Husqvarna brush cutter is a powerful one garden tool, known for their high-quality workmanship and durability. It impresses with its high power development and balanced weight ratio, which enables longer work periods without tiring.
  • With an ergonomically designed handle and low-vibration operation, the Husqvarna brush cutter maximizes operating comfort for the user. Thanks to comprehensive safety features and a robust design, it offers a reliable way to effectively combat even dense weeds and bushes.
  • The Husqvarna brush cutter is a reliable companion for every garden owner and professional landscape designer. Their general popularity and consistently positive reviews underline their outstanding position on the garden tools market.

The powerful Husqvarna brush cutter - for a perfect garden and clean lawn edges

The Husqvarna brush cutter is the ideal garden tool for the precise weed removal and effortless trimming of lawn edges. With its powerful performance it enables a perfect Garden and clean lawn edges. Whether you want to remove weeds or trim lawn edges, the Husqvarna brush cutter is the best solution for your gardening.

Key Findings:

  • The Husqvarna brush cutter is ideal for the weed removal and trimming lawn edges.
  • It offers powerful performance to ensure a perfect Garden to realize.
  • The Husqvarna-Brush Cutter is a reliable garden tool.
  • It is suitable for use in private gardens as well as for professional applications.
  •  Husqvarna-Brush Cutter you can do your gardening work efficiently and effortlessly.

Husqvarna brush cutter: performance and durability combined

The Husqvarna-Brush Cutter impresses with its performance and durability. Whether as free tailor or grass trimmer, it offers strong and efficient performance. The Husqvarna brush cutter is both Petrol Brushcutter as well as electric brush cutter available, so you can choose which drive best suits your needs.

The Petrol Brushcutter from Husqvarna impresses with their high performance and their independence from power sources. It is particularly suitable for use in large gardens or extensive areas where a long running time and quick refueling are important. With a Petrol Brushcutter you can work efficiently and handle large areas effortlessly.

For those who prefer a more environmentally friendly option, Husqvarna also offers electrical brushcutters at. These are quiet, low-emission and easy to handle. They are ideal for use in smaller gardens or in residential areas where noise emissions must be limited. With an electric Brush Cutter you can carry out precise trimming work and protect the environment.

Comparison table: petrol and electric brushcutter

Category Petrol Brushcutter Electric brushcutter
Performance High performance for efficient work on large areas Sufficient power for precise trimming work in smaller gardens
Runtime Long running time with easy refueling Limited runtime, depending on battery capacity
Noise emissions Higher noise emissions Low noise emissions
Environmental impact Emission pollution from combustion engines No emissions, more environmentally friendly
Handling A little heavier, but more powerful Light and handy

The choice between a petrol and a electric brush cutter depends on your personal It depends on your preferences, the needs of your garden and the environmental impacts you want to take into account. Both variants offer Husqvarna's renowned quality, performance and durability, so you can be confident that your brush cutter will meet your gardening needs.

The most important functions at a glance

The Husqvarna brushcutter is characterized by a variety of functions that make it versatile garden tool make. Her Robust design was specially developed for long-term use under difficult conditions and ensures high durability. The removable shaft also makes it easy to change the combination attachments, so you can flexibly adapt the brush cutter to your needs.

With light and powerful engines, the Husqvarna brush cutter offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio. This allows you to work efficiently and effortlessly without sacrificing performance. The brush cutter is versatile and is suitable for both precise weed removal as well as for trimming lawn edges.

In addition to its robust and powerful design, the Husqvarna brushcutter also impresses with its easy operation. The intuitive Control panel The 500 series makes it easier to start the machine while the Smart Start feature reduces the pulling resistance and enables almost fail-safe starting. With this brush cutter you get a reliable and efficient one garden tool, which will help you achieve a perfect garden and clean lawn edges.

Features Benefits
Robust design High durability under difficult conditions
Removable shaft Easy changing of the combination attachments
Light and powerful engines Excellent power to weight ratio
Intuitive Control panel Easy to start the machine
Smart start function Reduced pulling resistance and almost fail-safe starting

Performance you can rely on

Whether you choose a petrol or battery-powered option, the Husqvarna brush cutter offers impressive performance to help you get the job done with ease. Thanks to its powerful motor and reliable performance, you are able to effortlessly remove weeds and precisely trim lawn edges. The petrol-powered brush cutter delivers constant power, while the battery-operated version scores with wireless freedom.

The Husqvarna brush cutter allows for quick and easy starting, regardless of the drive type chosen. With just a few simple steps you are ready to start your gardening. You don't need to worry about annoying things Cables or handling fuel. The battery-operated brush cutter also offers a more environmentally friendly alternative as it operates emission-free.

Ob petrol powered or battery operated, the Husqvarna brush cutter is your reliable partner for a well-kept garden. With their powerful performance and easy handling, you are well equipped to do your gardening work efficiently.

Rely on the power of the Husqvarna brush cutter and do your gardening work effortlessly and effectively. No matter whether you choose a petrol or battery-powered brushcutter, you will be impressed by the powerful performance and ease of use.

Brush Cutter Performance Power Type
Husqvarna 123R 1,2 kW petrol powered
Husqvarna 520iRX 1,1 kW battery operated
Husqvarna 525RX 1,3 kW petrol powered

Low vibration and maximum comfort

When using a brush cutter, it is important to pay attention to comfort during the work process. Most petrol-powered Husqvarnabrushcutters are equipped with efficient vibration dampers that absorb vibrations and protect your arms and hands. This allows you to work comfortably, even over longer periods of time.

However, if you want even less vibration, we recommend using battery-powered machines. Battery operated brushcutters generally produce significantly less vibration than petrol-powered models. This increases comfort and reduces fatigue during the work process.

In addition, the Husqvarna brushcutters offer adjustable handles that offer you even more comfort. By adjusting the handle to your individual needs, you can adopt a more ergonomic working position, further minimizing the strain on your arms and hands.

Comparison: Vibrations between petrol-powered and battery-powered brushcutters

Brush Cutter Average vibration values ​​(m/s²)
Husqvarna petrol powered brushcutter 3,8
Husqvarna battery-powered brush cutter 2,2

“The Husqvarna brushcutters not only offer powerful functions, but also maximum comfort for the user. The efficient ones vibration damper and the ability to adjust the handle guarantee a comfortable working experience, even during long periods of work.” – Our expert

Optimized cutting equipment for optimal results

To get the best results Trimming and free cutting To achieve this, Husqvarna offers a wide range of Trimmer linesGrass blades and grass knives that are specially tailored to the Husqvarna brushcutters. By using the appropriate cutting equipment you can perfect finish achieve.

The Trimmer lines from Husqvarna are made of high-quality material and offer high wear resistance. They are in different diameters and shapes available depending on what type of grass or weed you want to cut. The Trimmer lines can be easily inserted into the brush cutter and ensure precise and clean Cuts.

If its about particularly thick or robust grass Weeds are the ones Grass blades and Grass knife from Husqvarna is the ideal choice. They are particularly durable and robust and enable you to effortlessly cut stubborn growth. The Grass blades and Grass knife can be easily replaced so you can use the right cutting equipment for every application.

Other advantages of the Husqvarna brush cutter:

  • Easy replacement of cutting equipment for versatile applications
  • Reliable performance and precise cuts
  • Durable materials for a long service life
  • Easy to use and easy to replace cutting equipment

“With the Husqvarna brushcutter and optimized cutting equipment, you can get your garden into perfect shape and achieve a clean finish.” – Garden expert

With Husqvarna's optimized cutting equipment, you can use your Husqvarna brush cutter in even more versatile ways and achieve optimal results. Whether you want to trim lawn edges or remove stubborn weeds, the right cutting equipment is available to you.

cutting equipment Application
Trimmer lines Trimming grass and weeds
Grass blades Cutting thick grass
Grass knife Removing hardy weeds

Husqvarna brushcutter: Extremely easy to start

The Husqvarna 500 series brushcutters come with an intuitive Control panel equipped to make starting the machine easier. The Smart start function reduces pulling resistance and the start switch automatically returns to the “ON” position, making starting almost fail-safe.

The Husqvarna brushcutter control panel gives you full control over the starting process. The Smart Start function reduces the pulling resistance of the starter rope by up to 40%, allowing for effortless starting. As soon as the Motor Once started, the start switch automatically returns to the “ON” position so you can start working straight away.

The Husqvarna brushcutter's Smart Start function is particularly useful if you need to turn the machine on and off frequently. Quick and easy starting saves time and ensures efficient working. With the Husqvarna brush cutter you can rely on a reliable start, whether you are using the machine to trim lawn edges or remove weeds.

Control panel functions Benefits
Intuitive design Easy handling
Smart start function Effortless starting
Automatic reset of the start switch Quick start to work

Husqvarna brushcutters for a perfect finish in hard-to-reach areas

Our powerful and reliable grass trimmer are the perfect choice to decorate your garden perfect finish to rent and mow in hard-to-reach areas. With the Husqvarna brush cutter you can easily trim lawn edges and tackle difficult terrain. she is Easy to handle and allows you to work effortlessly.

With the  grass trimmer With Husqvarna, you can achieve precise, clean cuts to keep your lawn and garden areas in tip-top shape. The robust construction and the powerful brush cutter make it possible perfect finish, even in hard-to-reach areas. No matter whether you have thick grass, weeds or other difficult ones plants need to remove, the Husqvarna brush cutter is the right choice.

The Husqvarna grass trimmer is equipped with a variety of features that make your work easier. Adjustable handles ensure maximum comfort and control during use. In addition, the light allows Weight The brush cutter is easy to use, even for longer work assignments.

Brush cutters for effortless cutting

The Husqvarna brushcutters are ideal tools for effortlessly cutting thick grass, dense bushes and bushes. Her low weight and their robust construction enable comfortable use, even at high performance. With Husqvarna brushcutters you can work efficiently and make the most of your time in the garden.

Our brush cutters are specifically designed to make your work as easy as possible. They are light and Easy to handle, so that you can handle long periods of work without feeling tired. Whether you are looking for a powerful model for professional use or a reliable option for everyday use, Husqvarna brushcutters offer you the best solution.

With Husqvarna brushcutters you can get your garden in top shape in no time. The devices are designed to meet the needs of landowners, horticultural professionals and landscapers. They offer effortless operation, outstanding performance and a long service life. Choose a Husqvarna brush cutter and experience the pleasure of a perfectly maintained garden.

Models Weight Construction
Husqvarna 535RXT 5,8 kg Robust construction made of high quality Materials
Husqvarna 535RX 6,2 kg Durable housing made of durable plastic
Husqvarna 525RXT 5,4 kg Stable aluminum housing for a long service life

Forestry brush cutter for tough work

The HusqvarnaForestry brush cutter are the ideal choice for tough work. With their robust construction and angled gear, they offer the necessary stability and maneuverability to efficiently fell trees in dense stands. Thanks to their strong performance and reliability, they meet the needs of forestry professionals and landscape gardeners alike.

The Forestry brush cutter from Husqvarna are specifically tailored to the needs of tree felling and landscape maintenance. Its short, smooth shaft allows for precise machine guidance, while the angled gear provides a comfortable working position and improved access to hard-to-reach areas. This combination of functionality and performance makes the HusqvarnaForestry brush cutter to indispensable tools for demanding work tasks.

With Husqvarna forest brush cutters you can work effectively even in difficult conditions. Whether dense trees, thickets or bushes - the powerful ones Motors and the robust construction allow you to cut through the material effortlessly. This means you can complete your tasks quickly and work efficiently. Rely on Husqvarna forestry brush cutters to successfully tackle even the toughest jobs.

Advantages of Husqvarna forest brush cutters
Robust construction for tough work
Angled gear for a comfortable working position
Short, smooth shaft for precise guidance
Powerful motors for effective work
Robust design for a long service life

Full-time commercial use with the 500 series

The Husqvarna 500 series brushcutters are specifically designed for commercial use Full time commitment been developed. They meet the requirements of professional landscape and green space managers as well as forestry professionals. During development, both Performance of the machine as well as that of the user.

With the Husqvarna 500 series brushcutter you can get your work done efficiently while guaranteeing high quality results. The robust design and powerful motors ensure that you can operate even under demanding conditions Reliable can work. Regardless of whether you need to trim lawn edges, remove weeds or clear dense vegetation, the Husqvarna brush cutter is ideal for it.

With the Husqvarna 500 Series brushcutter you can use it commercially Full time commitment count on longevity and reliability. It is designed to withstand the high demands of the professional sector and to make your work easier. From precise weed removal to effortless trimming of lawn edges - the Husqvarna brush cutter is your reliable partner for a perfect garden and clean lawn edges.

Husqvarna 500 Series Brushcutter Features Benefits
Robust design – Longevity and reliability
– Stability under demanding conditions
Powerful engines – Efficient work
- High quality the Results
Versatile application possibilities – Trim lawn edges
- Remove weeds
– Clearing out dense woody plants

Powerful forest brush cutters from Husqvarna

Our powerful Husqvarna forestry brush cutters are the perfect choice for demanding forestry and landscape work. With their impressive performance and low fuel consumption, they ensure that you achieve optimal results even in tough jobs.

One of our outstanding ones Model is the Husqvarna 555FXT. In addition to its high performance, this forestry brush cutter is equipped with a Heated handles equipped, which ensures pleasant comfort even in cold weather conditions. This means you can work efficiently even in adverse conditions.

“Husqvarna forestry brush cutters offer high performance and low fuel consumption. The Husqvarna 555FXT is my personal favorite thanks to its Heated handles, which allows me to work comfortably even in cold weather.” – Markus, professional forestry worker

Our forest brush cutters are robust and durable built to withstand the rigors of daily use. They are perfectly suited for felling trees in dense stands and enable you to work efficiently and safely. Rely on the powerful forest brush cutters from Husqvarna for demanding tasks in forestry and landscape maintenance.

Model Power kW) Fuel consumption (l/h) Heated handles
Husqvarna 555FXT 3,6 0,77 Ja
Husqvarna 545FX 2,8 0,60 No
Husqvarna 535RX 2,1 0,51 No

Versatile brushcutters for professional use

Our selection of Husqvarna brushcutters offers a variety of models specifically designed for professional applications. With their powerful performance, reliability and Robustness makes them the ideal Tools for landscape and green space maintainers, forestry professionals and others who need a brush cutter for the demanding Full time commitment need.

The Husqvarna brushcutters 535FBX, 555RXT and 545RXT are special powerful and offer you the best work support. They have low vibration and emission values, which results in pleasant working comfort. The Balance XT Strap ensures optimal weight distribution and relieves strain on your back and shoulders, even during longer work periods.

The versatility of brushcutters allows you to complete a variety of tasks. No matter whether you are trimming lawn edges, removing weeds or difficult to access areas If you need to mow, you are well equipped with Husqvarna brushcutters. The robust construction and the high quality guarantee a long service life and reliable performance, day after day.

With Husqvarna brushcutters you are always on the safe side. They offer you powerful performance, the best ease of use and long-lasting quality. Whether you are a professional landscape gardener, an experienced forestry professional or a dedicated one landowner Husqvarna brushcutters won't let you down.

Brush cutter model Features
Husqvarna 535FBX Powerful motor, low vibrations, Balance XT carrying strap
Husqvarna 555RXT High performance, low emissions, Ergonomic handle
Husqvarna 545RXT Robust construction, easy to use, versatile

Powerful brush cutters for everyday use

The Husqvarna brushcutters 535RXT, 535RX and 525RXT are robust and fuel-efficient brushcutters specifically designed for everyday use. With their ergonomic design and raised handle They offer optimal ease of use, which ensures pleasant handling even during longer working hours.

Husqvarna brushcutters are characterized by their longevity and reliability. They can easily be used in agriculture, gardening and landscape maintenance to complete jobs efficiently and precisely.

With their strong performance and robust Design, these brush cutters are ideal for everyday use. Whether you want to trim grass, remove weeds or do other work in the garden, Husqvarna brushcutters provide you with the strength and endurance you need.

Comfort and performance combined

The raised handle allows you to handle the brushcutters comfortably and safely. The handle is ergonomically shaped and ensures optimal balance while working. This allows you to make precise and controlled movements to achieve a perfect result.

The robust construction of the brush cutters ensures a long service life and holds up even under demanding conditions stand. They are designed to Reliable to function and withstand daily stress.

Model Performance Weight
Husqvarna 535RXT 2,1 kW 7,4 kg
Husqvarna 535RX 1,34 kW 7,9 kg
Husqvarna 525RXT 1,0 kW 4,9 kg

With a wide range of performance and different weights, the different models of Husqvarna brushcutters offer the flexibility to meet individual requirements.

If you are looking for a powerful and reliable brushcutter for everyday use, the Husqvarna 535RXT, 535RX and 525RXT are the right choice. With their elevated handle and robust construction, they allow you to work comfortably while delivering the power required for professional results.

Husqvarna brushcutters for landowners

As the  landowner It is important that you have reliable and easy to use garden Tools to keep your garden in top shape. This is where Husqvarna brushcutters come into play. With their strong performance and ease of use, they are the ideal choice for everyone landowner, the of high quality want to achieve results.

Husqvarna landowner brushcutters, such as the 553RS, 543RS and 533RS, are reliable partners in property maintenance. With the included cutting equipment you can do both Free cutting as well as trimming of grass can be easily done. Whether you want to remove thick grass or shape your lawn edges to perfection, these brush cutters will get the job done efficiently and effortlessly.

Husqvarna landowner brushcutters focus on ease of use. They are Easy to handle and offer an ergonomic design that enables optimal ease of use. With their strong performance and reliability, you can rely on these brushcutters to keep your garden in tip-top shape. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner, Husqvarna landowner brushcutters are perfect for everyone.


  • The Husqvarna brushcutters for landowners are Reliable and easy to use.
  • With the included cutting equipment, you can easily do both clearing and trimming grass.
  • The brush cutters offer an ergonomic design and optimal ease of use.
  • They are strong, reliable and ideal for any landowner.

Invest in a Husqvarna brush cutter and make garden maintenance a breeze. Whether you want to trim your lawn, remove weeds or mow grass in hard-to-reach areas, these brushcutters offer you the best solution.

Model Performance Easy handling Reliability
553RS 4,3 PS Ja Ja
543RS 3,3 PS Ja Ja
533RS 2,5 PS Ja Ja


The Husqvarna brush cutter is the ideal choice for anyone who wants a perfectly maintained garden and clean lawn edges. With its powerful performance, robust design and versatile application options, it is the optimal one gardening equipment. Regardless of whether you have one Buy a brush cutter want to trim lawn edges or remove weeds, the Husqvarna brush cutter offers you the best solution.

Our Husqvarna brushcutters make  powerful, reliable and easy to use. They are suitable for full-time commercial use, but also for daily use in the garden. They are an ideal choice for both professionals and landowners.

If you have a Buy a brush cutter If you want, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide range of Husqvarna brushcutters to suit your needs. Trust in our many years of experience and let the quality of our products convince you.


What functions does the Husqvarna brush cutter have?

The Husqvarna brush cutter is versatile and has a removable shaft that allows the combination attachment parts to be easily changed.

Is the Husqvarna brush cutter petrol or electric powered?

The Husqvarna brush cutter is available as both a petrol brush cutter and as a electric brush cutter .

What advantages does the Husqvarna brushcutter offer?

The Husqvarna brushcutter impresses with its robust design, performance and durability. It also offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio and enables quick and easy starting.

How is vibration reduced on Husqvarna brushcutters?

Most petrol-powered Husqvarna brushcutters are equipped with efficient vibration dampers to absorb vibrations. Battery-operated machines generally produce less vibration. There are also adjustable handles to ensure maximum comfort during long work sessions.

What cutting equipment is available for the Husqvarna brush cutter?

Husqvarna offers one wide range of trimmer lines, grass blades and grass knives that are specially tailored to the Husqvarna brushcutters.

How do you start the Husqvarna brush cutter?

The Husqvarna 500 series brushcutters are equipped with an intuitive control panel that makes starting the machine easy. The Smart Start function reduces pulling resistance and the start switch automatically returns to the “ON” position, making starting almost fail-safe.

What areas of application is the Husqvarna brushcutter suitable for?

Husqvarna brushcutters are suitable for professional use in agriculture, horticulture, landscape maintenance and forestry, as well as for use by landowners.

Where can you buy the Husqvarna brush cutter?

The Husqvarna brush cutter is available from authorized Husqvarna dealers.

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