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Induction hob (2 plates) product comparison: How to find the best product for your needs in 2024

Expert Guide: Discover how to choose the perfect induction cooker (2 fields) for your needs

A 2 ring induction hob is a perfect solution for small kitchens or as a complementary cooking system for larger kitchens. These induction hobs are available in different sizes and offer you a fast and precise cooking option for your favorite dishes. With their ease of use and quick heating, induction hobs are the ideal choice for any modern kitchen.
Best recommendation
Induction hob (2 plates) Aobosi, sensor touch control
Price-performance winner
Induction hob (2 plates) ProfiCook PC-DKI 1067, timer
Induction hob (2 plates) KITCHEN CREW, Touch Control
Induction hob (2 plates) Steba IK 750, Touch Control
Induction hob (2 plates) WMF Kult X, 8 power levels
Induction hob (2 plates) Rommelsbacher CT 3410/IN
Induction hob (2 plates) MEDION MD 15324, LED display
Induction hob (2 plates) Tristar IK-6179, 8 power levels
Model Induction hob (2 plates) Aobosi, sensor touch control Induction hob (2 plates) ProfiCook PC-DKI 1067, timer Induction hob (2 plates) KITCHEN CREW, Touch Control Induction hob (2 plates) Steba IK 750, Touch Control Induction hob (2 plates) WMF Kult X, 8 power levels Induction hob (2 plates) Rommelsbacher CT 3410/IN Induction hob (2 plates) MEDION MD 15324, LED display Induction hob (2 plates) Tristar IK-6179, 8 power levels
Brand aobosi professional cook kitchen crew Steba wmf Rommelsbacher Medion Tristar
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Induction hob (2 plates)
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,7goodInduction hob (2 plates)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodInduction hob (2 plates)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodInduction hob (2 plates)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodInduction hob (2 plates)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodInduction hob (2 plates)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodInduction hob (2 plates)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodInduction hob (2 plates)
Overall performance more powerful disk | inferior disk 3.500W2.000W | 1.500W 3.500 wk. A | k. A 3.500W2.000W | 1.500W 3.500W1.800W | 1.700W 3.500 W max. 2.100W | max. 2.100 W 3.400W2.000W | 1.400W 3.500 Wk.A. | no 3.400W2.000W | 1.400W
Scratch-resistant & easy-care material of the hotplates Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
dimensions (w 58 x 35 x 5,5 cm 60,5 x 36,5 x 6,5 cm 60 x 36 x 4,5 cm 61 x 37,5 x 6 cm 59 x 38,5 x 4,8 cm 60 x 36 x 6,7 cm 60 x 36 x 7 cm 68 x 36 x 6 cm
Suitable for induction cookware with a diameter of 12 - 26 cm 15 - 28 cm 16 - 26 cm 12 - 23 cm 18 - 28 cm 12 - 23 cm kA Up to 24 cm
touch operation
Preconfigured preparation programs
adjustable power levels
Child lock/safety lock
Fields can be interconnected to form a large hotplate
Adjustable temperature levels
Advertising LED display LED display LED display LED display LED display LED display LED display LCD Display
overheating protection
Residual heat indicator
  • High overall performance
  • particularly low weight
  • High overall performance
  • suitable for cookware with a relatively large base diameter.
  • Also available as a single induction cooker with 2.000 W
  • high overall performance
  • particularly low weight.
  • Left hob with boost function (2.000 W) for fast cooking and high overall performance.
  • High overall performance
  • 6 preconfigured types of preparation available at the push of a button
  • intelligent PowerSharing technology (if both hobs are used
  • the total power is divided accordingly)
  • High overall efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Particularly low weight
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best induction hob (2 plates) in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Top buyer's guide: Important buying tips and recommendations for induction hob (2 plates) - your ultimate checklist

At a glance
  • A two-burner induction hob offers a quick and effective way to cook. By cooking with electromagnetic induction, the heat is generated directly in the bottom of the pot and not emitted via the hob, which saves time and energy. Easy to use and clean, it's ideal for smaller kitchens or as an extra hob.
  • Induction cooktops offer precise temperature control and react quickly to changes, which is ideal for delicate foods such as sauces or chocolate. They are also safer than conventional hobs, as the hob itself does not get hot and only turns on when it comes into contact with a suitable pot. Many models have additional functions such as a timer, booster mode or automatic switch-off.
  • When choosing an induction hob, it is important to pay attention to the size of the hotplates, the power and the number of additional functions. Design can also be a factor, as some models can be flush-fitted into a countertop. Popular brands include Siemens, Bosch and AEG. Induction hobs are a good choice for anyone who wants to cook quickly and safely without taking up too much space in the kitchen.
Induction hob (2 plates)

Efficient cooking with the powerful induction hob (2 plates)

The  Induction hob with 2 plates offers a powerful and efficient solution for this Cooking in the kitchen. With its quick heat-up time, easy cleaning and energy saving, it enables a new level of kitchen efficiency.


  • Induction hobs with 2 plates offer an efficient cooking solution.
  • They are characterized by quick heating times and easy cleaning.
  • Using induction hobs saves energy.
  • Thanks to their powerful features, they are a good choice for anyone who values ​​quality and Efficiency lay.

Amazon’s induction hob: Space-saving power for your kitchen!

Induction hob, Aobosi induction hob, double induction hob, portable electric hob, sensor touch control and...
  • 🧁【Slim and portable design】 Aobosi double induction hob offers a convenient cooking method that makes it suitable for parties ...
  • 🍤【Adjustable power, temperature and timer】Aobosi double induction hotplate with bright and sensitive ...
  • 🍜【Keep warm, energy efficient】With maximum and minimum function buttons, one-button setting. The...

The best double induction hotplates in comparison

When it comes to that Cooking in the cuisine goes, are Double induction hotplates a powerful and practical solution. Not only do they offer the option of two Pots or pans at the same time, but are also energy efficient and easy to clean. In this Compare we provide you with the best Double induction hotplates that are currently available on the market.

Rommelsbacher CT 3410/IN

One of the top options in this Compare is the Rommelsbacher CT 3410/IN double induction hotplate. This hotplate is characterized by high performance and quality. It has nine power levels and nine temperature settings, allowing you to adjust the heat exactly to your preferences. It also offers a timer function that helps you keep track of the cooking time of your dishes.

Amzchef FYM35-S16

Another recommendation in this one Compare is the Amzchef FYM35-S16 double induction hotplate. With its compact size and stylish design, it easily fits into any kitchen. This hotplate has built-in overheating protection and an automatic shut-off function that is convenient for your Safety care for. With its 10 power levels and 10 temperature levels, it offers precise control over the cooking temperature.

Severin DK 1031

The Severin DK 1031 double induction hotplate is another option you should consider. This hotplate has an intuitive

Induction hob (2 plates)

Maximum flexibility in the kitchen: The versatile induction hob with 2 plates.

Control panel with LED indicators that show you the current status of the cooking zone. It offers ten power levels and ten temperature levels, giving you precise control over the Cooking make possible. It is also equipped with automatic pot detection Heating only activated when there is a cooking vessel on the cooking zone.

The above Double induction hotplates are just a few examples of the best options on the market. Each of them offers unique features and Benefits, which can improve your cooking experience. Familiarize yourself with each model and choose the one that best suits your needs.

High-quality materials for a long service life

The  Induction hob with 2 plates is made of high quality materials that ensure its durability and high resistance to heat and wear. The hob housing is made of stainless steel. This material is not only sturdy, but also easy to clean, allowing you to keep the hob in perfect condition.

The glass ceramic hob of the induction hob is also of high quality. Its smooth surface makes it easy to keep clean and also offers an attractive look. The glass ceramic plate is heat-resistant and can easily withstand high temperatures.

With these high quality materials you can be sure that Induction hob will last a long time. It is an investment worth making as it provides you with a reliable and long-lasting solution for cooking in your kitchen.

Smart features for your safety and comfort

The induction hob offers a variety of intelligent functions that your Safety and your `s Comfort improve in cooking. A pot detection system ensures that the heating is only activated when there is a cooking vessel on the cooking zone. This saves you energy and minimizes the risk of burns. The LED indicators show the operating status of the hob and give you clear information about the active cooking zones and the remaining heat.

Another smart feature is the automatic switch-off function, which switches off the hob after a certain period of inactivity. This reduces the risk of unattended cooking and the Safety elevated. In addition, the induction hob has a child lock to prevent children from accessing the cooking zones.

“The induction hob with its intelligent functions makes cooking safer and more comfortable. The pot detection system and the automatic shut-off function give me a good feeling of security, even when I'm distracted. I also find it super practical that the LED displays give me all the important information at a glance.” – Satisfied user

More features for your convenience

  • Flexible cooking zone arrangement for different pot sizes and shapes
  • Touch control panels for easy and precise control
  • Timer function for precise timing of the cooking process
  • Residual heat indicator to avoid burning yourself

With these smart features you can maximize your cooking experience and ensure that cooking in your kitchen is not only efficient, but also safe and comfortable.

Discover Amazon’s induction hob: Efficient cooking in the smallest of spaces!

ProfiCook® induction hob with glass ceramic surface | Induction hob 2 plates | Hotplate with 180 min. timer & 16 levels |...
  • Discover the induction plate from ProfiCook with heating in seconds - thanks to advanced induction technology...
  • The double hotplate with ECO-Save technology offers energy-saving cooking without a preheating phase - environmentally friendly and...
  • The automatic pot detection, the 16 function levels and the precise temperature control enable precise...

Practical design for easy operation

The induction hob has been developed with a practical design that makes it easy to use. It has clearly visible markings for the

Induction hob (2 plates)

Space-saving design, large cooking surface: The compact induction hob with 2 plates.

Cooking zones so you can store your pots and Pans can be positioned correctly without any problem. This makes cooking more efficient and saves you time and energy.

The control buttons are specially designed to prevent water from entering, ensuring long-lasting functionality. They are easy to grip and turn, allowing for easy and precise adjustment of the cooking levels. Whether you want to increase or decrease the heat, the convenient design of the induction hob always puts you in control of cooking.

The practical design of the induction hob allows for convenient and effortless operation, allowing you to fully concentrate on cooking.

The induction hob is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. With its sleek and modern design, it fits perfectly into any kitchen. It fits seamlessly into the overall picture and gives your kitchen a touch of elegance. In addition, the induction hob is easy to clean, so you can always keep it in top condition.

Robust construction for a long service life

The robust construction The induction hob ensures high heat and mechanical resistance to meet the requirements of a

Induction hob (2 plates)

Fast heating, precise temperature control: The powerful induction hob with 2 plates.

to withstand intensive use. The enameled cast iron material of the fireplace ensures a long lifetime and allows you to use the hob reliably over a long period of time.

With this sturdy construction, you don't have to worry about the induction hob being damaged with frequent use. It can withstand heat and is also resistant to mechanical influences, so it will last a long time even in a busy kitchen.

Thanks to the carefully selected materials and high-quality workmanship, you can rely on long-lasting performance and use your induction hob efficiently. The robust construction is another reason why this cooktop is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and long-lasting kitchen appliance.

Technische Eigenschaften

The induction hob with 2 plates impresses not only with its performance and Efficiency, but also with its technical characteristics. Here are some important details you should know about this cooktop:

  1. Size: The induction hob has a dimension of 400mm x 730mm x 250mm, making it a compact and space-saving option for your kitchen.
  2. Weight: Weighing 28kg, the hob is sturdy and robustly constructed to withstand the demands of everyday use.
  3. Voltage and frequency: The induction hob operates at a voltage of 400V and a frequency of 50/60Hz, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.
  4. Electrical power: With an electrical output of 7 kW, the hob offers the energy required to prepare your food quickly and efficiently.
  5. Cooking zones: The hob has two cooking zones, each with a diameter of 220 mm, which offers enough space for different pot sizes.

With these technical features, the 2-plate induction hob offers a reliable and powerful cooking solution for your kitchen. Its compact size, stable weight and efficient power supply make it an ideal choice for everyone Budget.

The best of both worlds: Amazon’s induction hob with two powerful plates!

The best built-in double induction hotplates in comparison

When choosing a built-in double induction hob, it is important to compare different models to find the best option for your needs. In this comparison we have some of the best Built-in double induction hotplates listed that have been evaluated for their performance, quality and customer satisfaction.

Klarstein CP4-Delicatessa-D-WH

The Klarstein CP4-Delicatessa-D-WH is a high-quality built-in double induction hotplate with many practical functions. It has four cooking zones that can be controlled independently of each other. The touch control panel allows easy and precise adjustment of the cooking temperature. In addition, this hotplate is equipped with a child safety lock to ensure safety in the kitchen. With its elegant design and reliable performance, the Klarstein CP4-Delicatessa-D-WH is an excellent choice for any kitchen.

Bosch PIB375FB1E

The Bosch PIB375FB1E is another recommended built-in double induction hotplate. It offers a powerful and precise cooking solution with its flexible cooking zones. Thanks to the PerfectFry function, you can fry your food perfectly without it burning. In addition, the PowerBoost function ensures quick and efficient heating of pots and pans. With its modern design and high quality, the Bosch PIB375FB1E an excellent addition to any modern kitchen.

Klarstein CP4-Victoria-DoBK

The Klarstein CP4-Victoria-DoBK is a built-in double induction hob with a stylish design and excellent performance. It has four cooking zones, each of which can be controlled individually. The intuitive touchpad allows you to precisely adjust the cooking temperature. The booster function provides rapid heating, while the automatic pot detection saves energy. With its solid construction and elegant look, the Klarstein CP4-Victoria-DoBK is an ideal choice for modern kitchens.

Advantages of an induction hob

Induction hobs offer a variety of benefits that make cooking in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable. Here are some of the most important ones Benefits an induction hob:

  1. Energy efficiency: Induction hobs use magnetic induction to Cooking pot directly instead of heating the cooking zone itself. This means energy is used more efficiently and cooking occurs faster.
  2. Fast heating time: induction hobs heizen They open up very quickly and are therefore ready for immediate cooking. This saves you time and allows you to start cooking more quickly.
  3. Precise cooking: Thanks to the precise control of the heat supply, you can adjust the heat to exactly the desired temperature. This means that every dish will be perfect without anything burning or overcooking.
  4. Easy to clean: Since the cooking zone on an induction hob is not heated itself, no food residues burn on the surface. This makes cleaning quick and effortless.
  5. Safety: Induction hobs are safer to use because the cooking zone only heats up when there is a suitable cooking pot on it. In addition cool Induction hobs turn off more quickly once the cooking process has finished.
  6. Even heat distribution: Magnetic induction distributes the heat evenly in the bottom of the pot, resulting in even cooking of the food.

With all of these benefits, it's no wonder that induction hobs are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in many modern kitchens. They provide a powerful and efficient solution for cooking and make preparing meals an enjoyable experience.

Amazon’s induction hob: compact, powerful and stylish!

Built-in induction hob (2 plates) comparison

If you are looking for one Built-in induction hob with 2 plates, we have put together some recommended options for you here. These hobs offer a powerful and efficient cooking solution and are particularly durable.

Klarstein CP4-Delicatessa-D-WH: This one Built-in induction hob is characterized by its high performance and Easy to use out of. With its 2 plates, it offers enough space for cooking different dishes at the same time. The practical design allows for easy cleaning while the robust construction für eine long lifetime provides.

  1. Bosch PIB375FB1E: This one Built-in induction hob impresses with its attractive design and excellent performance. The 2 plates offer enough space for your cooking needs and the intelligent functions ensure your safety and Comfort while cooking.
  2. Klarstein CP4-Victoria-DoBK: With this built-in induction hob you can equip your kitchen in style. It features 2 plates and offers a powerful cooking solution. Thanks to the high-quality materials and practical design, it is durable and easy to use.

These built-in 2-plate induction hobs offer you a variety of features to improve your kitchen experience. Choose the model that best suits your needs and tastes and enjoy efficient and comfortable cooking.

Cook with Amazon's induction hob: Maximum flexibility for your culinary creations!

WMF Kult
  • Contents: 1x induction plate with two hobs (38,5 x 59 x 4,8 cm, 3500 W, max. 2100 W per side, cable length 1,1m),...
  • Mobile hob ideal for small kitchens. Also ideal for cooking directly at the table or for keeping food warm...
  • Six direct selection programs (keep warm, warm up milk, simmer, steam, fry, booster function. Eight...


The 2-plate induction hob is an efficient and powerful solution for cooking in the kitchen. With its smart features, high-quality materials and practical design, it is a good choice for anyone who values ​​quality and Comfort lays.

The high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and glass ceramic, ensure a long lifetime of the hob. In addition, the practical design with easily recognizable markings and specially designed control buttons makes it possible Easy to use.

Thanks to the intelligent functions such as the pot detection system and the LED displays, the hob is not only safe but also energy efficient. The quick heating time and even heat distribution also ensure a precise cooking experience.

Similar induction hob 2 plates comparisons

Are you looking for further comparisons of induction hobs with 2 plates? We've put together similar comparisons to help you choose the best options for your needs. Here are some more comparisons that can help you find the right induction cooktop:

  1. Induction hobs with 2 plates in a comparison test – This comparison test compares various 2-plate induction cooktops, including their performance, features and prices.
  2. The most popular induction hobs with 2 plates – Discover the most purchased and highly rated 2 plate induction cooktops on the market.
  3. Induction hobs with 2 plates for small kitchens – If you have limited space in your kitchen, here is a selection of 2-plate induction hobs designed specifically for small kitchens.

These comparisons give you a variety of options to choose from to find the perfect 2 plate induction cooktop for your unique needs.

To ensure you make the best possible choice, we recommend that you read the various comparisons thoroughly to understand the pros and cons of different models. This will help you make an informed decision and find the 2-plate induction cooktop that suits you best.

Recommendations for induction hobs (2 plates)

Based on the comparisons and reviews of the best 2-plate induction hobs, we recommend three reliable and powerful options: the Rommelsbacher CT 3410/IN, the Klarstein CP4-Delicatessa-D-WH and the Bosch PIB375FB1E.

The Rommelsbacher CT 3410/IN offers a powerful cooking solution with 2 plates and impresses with its high quality and customer satisfaction. With its smart features and high-quality materials, it is a reliable choice for efficient cooking in the kitchen.

The Klarstein CP4-Delicatessa-D-WH is another recommended induction hob with 2 plates. It convinces by being practical design and its ease of use. With easy-to-see markings and specially designed control buttons, it is ideal for anyone who values ​​a user-friendly cooking solution.

Last but not least, the Bosch PIB375FB1E is a reliable and powerful 2-plate induction cooktop. With its high quality and durable design, it offers a safe and efficient cooking solution for your kitchen. The pot detection system and LED indicators ensure increased safety and ease of use.


What are the best double induction hotplates in comparison?

The best double induction hotplates in comparison are Rommelsbacher CT 3410/IN, Amzchef FYM35-S16, Severin DK 1031 and many others.

What materials are used for the induction hob?

The induction hob is made of high-quality stainless steel and glass ceramic, which are durable and easy to clean.

What intelligent functions does the induction hob have?

The induction hob has a pot detection system that only activates the heating when there is a cooking vessel on the cooking zone. LED indicators show the operating status.

Is the induction hob easy to use?

The induction hob is equipped with clearly visible markings for the cooking zones and the control buttons are specially designed to prevent water from entering.

How long does the induction hob last with intensive use?

The induction hob has a robust construction with an enamelled cast iron chimney, which ensures high heat and mechanical resistance and therefore lasts a long time even under intensive use.

What technical characteristics does the induction hob have?

The induction hob has a size of 400 mm x 730 mm x 250 mm, weighs 28 kg and has a voltage of 400 V and a frequency of 50/60 Hz. The electrical power is 7 kW and the capacity includes cooking zones with a diameter of 220 mm each.

Which are the best built-in double induction hotplates in comparison?

The best Built-in double induction hotplates In comparison are Klarstein CP4-Delicatessa-D-WH, Bosch PIB375FB1E, Klarstein CP4-Victoria-DoBK and other models.

What are the advantages of an induction hob?

Induction cooktops offer fast heat-up time, precise cooking, energy efficiency and easy cleaning. They are safer to use and offer even heat distribution.

Which are the best built-in induction hobs (2 plates) in comparison?

The best built-in induction hobs (2 plates) in comparison are Klarstein CP4-Delicatessa-D-WH, Bosch PIB375FB1E and Klarstein CP4-Victoria-DoBK.

Are there similar comparisons of 2 plate induction cooktops?

Yes, there are similar 2 plate induction cooktop comparisons that can help you find the best options for your needs.

Which induction hobs (2 plates) are recommended?

Based on the comparisons and reviews, Rommelsbacher CT 3410/IN, Klarstein CP4-Delicatessa-D-WH and Bosch PIB375FB1E are recommended as reliable and powerful options.

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      This induction hob heats up exceptionally quickly. By using electromagnetic induction currents, the heat is generated directly in the bottom of the pot and no longer via the stove. This significantly reduces the heat-up time, so you can start cooking quickly. You'll have your stir-fries or soups on the table in no time.

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