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Cable receiver test & comparison 2024: Discover the top selection of this year

Recommended satellite receivers: Our top 5 articles in comparison

Cable Box: A cable box is an important part of any TV setup that allows you to receive digital signals over cable. With a cable box you can receive all digital TV channels, including HD channels provided by most broadcasters. Most cable receivers also offer additional features, such as the ability to record to attached hard drives. When purchasing, you should make sure that the receiver is compatible with your cable provider and offers the desired functions.
Best recommendation
Cable Receiver Xaiox [TEST GOOD * Anadol 111c Digital Full HD
Price-performance winner
Cable receiver Edision Hybrid lite DVB-C HD, USB WiFi support
Cable receiver TechniSat TECHNISTAR K4 ISIO with quadruple tuner
Cable receiver PremiumX cable receiver DVB-C FTA 530C digital
Cable receiver Xoro HRK 7660 HD receiver, HDMI, SCART, USB 2.0
Cable receiver RED OPTICUM AX C100, PVR recording function
Cable receiver hd-line cable receiver cable receiver + HDMI cable
Model Cable Receiver Xaiox [TEST GOOD * Anadol 111c Digital Full HD Cable receiver Edision Hybrid lite DVB-C HD, USB WiFi support Cable receiver TechniSat TECHNISTAR K4 ISIO with quadruple tuner Cable receiver PremiumX cable receiver DVB-C FTA 530C digital Cable receiver Xoro HRK 7660 HD receiver, HDMI, SCART, USB 2.0 Cable receiver RED OPTICUM AX C100, PVR recording function Cable receiver hd-line cable receiver cable receiver + HDMI cable
Brand Xaiox Edition technician Premiumx xoro Red Opticum HD Line
The Best Suggestionsscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Cable receiver
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,0goodCable receiver
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodCable receiver
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodCable receiver
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodCable receiver
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodCable receiver
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodCable receiver
Twin tuners
USB port
Ci+ module
LAN-WLAN connection No no No no Haha No Yes Yes No No no Yes No
HDMI port
Scart connection
  • Easy to handle
  • small and compact
  • with integrated media play
  • USB WiFi possible
  • small and compact
  • good picture quality
  • good picture quality
  • Easy to use
  • quad cable tuner
  • small and compact
  • with integrated media play
  • Easy to use
  • small and compact
  • many connection options
  • HD quality
  • childlock
  • teletext
  • Subtitle.
  • Easy to handle
  • small and compact
  • can also receive the terrestrial DVB-T signal
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best cable receivers in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Ultimate buying guide: Discover the top comparisons in the cable receiver sector - your guide for 2024
The presented comparison of cable receivers will guide you to an informed product choice

At a glance
  • A cable box is a device that enables the reception of cable TV signals. It can receive digital, HD and even 4K signals and transmit them to the TV via HDMI or Scart. Cable receivers offer many functions, including an electronic program guide (EPG) or a recording and playback function.
  • There are different types of cable receivers on the market, such as standard receivers, smart receivers or hybrid receivers. Standard receivers only receive TV signals, while smart receivers offer additional functions such as internet access and streaming capability. Hybrid receivers combine the advantages of cable and satellite reception in one device.
  • Choosing the right cable receiver depends on individual needs. Most cable providers offer their own receivers, but it is also possible to purchase your own receivers on the open market. When choosing a cable box, factors such as signal quality, features, price, and compatibility should be considered.
Cable receiver

How to find the best product in the wired receiver comparison

If you want to receive TV programs digitally via a cable connection, you need a suitable cable receiver. But what exactly is a wired receiver? Basically, for example, a cable Receiver The DVB-C model is a device that can be used to decode transmitted television signals. If you want to connect a wired receiver, it usually needs to be between the TV and the wired connection. If you want to find a suitable wired receiver, you can use it e.g. B. in the wired receiver test. Stiftung Warentest has already tested several receivers, so you can look around for a suitable model in the Stiftung Warentest receiver test, for example.

Good Cable receiver Offers not only offered by specialist retailers. At the Cable receiver buy online are Cable receiver Prices usually lower than in a specialist shop.

You can look up receiver test reviews online that compare receivers from different brands. Some of the best receivers are featured in these comparisons, such as Telestar and TechniSat-Receiver. Additionally, you will find a wide variety of receivers to choose from while browsing the web.

Our cable receiver recommendation on Amazon:

TechniSat TECHNISTAR K4 ISIO - cable receiver with quadruple tuner (HDTV, HDMI, USB, DVRready, ISIO Internet function, HbbTV, PiP, PaP,...
  • The digital cable receiver with cable QuattroTuner (4 x DVB-C), for television in Full HD, can be operated both via the remote control...
  • After connecting a hard drive or NAS, the quadruple cable tuner enables up to three programs to be run simultaneously...
  • With the PVR recording function, unencrypted digital TV and radio programs can be easily recorded...

Overview of different receiver types

Im Cables Receiver Test you will find a lot of information about different cable receiver DVB-C models. In addition to these, there are also some other receiver types

DVB-C receiver

A wired receiver is also known as a DVB-C receiver. They usually have one black design and are ideal if you want to receive cable digitally. If you use a wired receiver DVB-C model, you need to pay for the receiver. There are generally no additional acquisition costs. However, in order to receive cable TV, you have to pay a certain monthly fee. This will be billed by the cable provider. On the other hand, you can usually watch TV shows in very good quality without the picture being influenced by the outside world.

DVB-S receiver

You can receive various programs with a satellite receiver or DVB. These receivers can receive German and foreign programs. As a rule, you have to expect higher acquisition costs. Because who has one? satellite receivers If you want to use it, you don't just have to buy a receiver. You also need a satellite key and an LNB (a noise converter, so to speak). Finally, you need to attach the LNB to the satellite key. The signal is then forwarded to the satellite receiver via the LNB. Also note that reception is sometimes poor due to weather conditions. If you use a satellite receiver, there are no monthly cable fees.

DVB-T receiver

With a DVB-T receiver you can pass the antenna. Among other things, the reception is good or bad depending on where you live. Reception is good in many large cities. In rural areas, programs are usually only received in poor quality. In most cases, only public television stations have good reception. How many programs can be received with this receiver also depends on the region. In addition, DVB-T receivers are more susceptible to interference. But even if you watch TV with an antenna and a DVB-T receiver, you don't have to pay your monthly cable bill.

Pros and cons of different types of receiver types

There are wired receivers or DVB-C receivers, everyone has its advantages and disadvantages. However, there is more than just wired receivers. You will find just as many satellite receivers on the market. In addition to satellite and cable receivers, there are DVB-T receivers that can receive TV programs via an antenna. The advantages and disadvantages of the individual receiver types can be found in the following overview.

recipient typeBenefitsDisadvantages
DVB-C receiver Low acquisition costs
Good program quality
Do not affect reception
Monthly fees
DVB-S receiverNo monthly bills
Lots of channels to choose from
Higher acquisition costs
Necessary for satellite dish  
Reception dependent on weather
DVB-T receiverNo monthly cable billsOften bad reception
Partly bad quality

Our cable receiver bestsellers on Amazon:

Hybrid lite DVB-C HD cable receiver suitable for all German cable providers, media player, PVR recording function and timeshift, USB...
  • Cable receiver ideally suited for receiving all free TV and radio stations via your TV cable connection
  • Integrated Conax card reader, USB 2.0, HDMI output, WLAN support via USB dongle
  • Youtube, Web TV, RSS News, weather forecast via optional WiFi stick possible (not included)

Which wired receiver is right for you? 

If you use a cable receiver to watch a show and want to record a movie, please make sure it is a receiver with recording function. No additional recording device is required for this function. There are two options: choose either a PVR-enabled wired receiver or a PVR-enabled receiver. With PVR cable receivers hard drives Programs are usually stored on the internal hard drivee saved. So if you only want to watch recorded programs on your TV, this receiver is for you. On the other hand, PVR Ready cable receivers can store recorded programs on external storage media. You usually have to via USB connection. This way you can record many different TV shows. Finally, you can use a variety of storage media to store programs. In this case, however, you must always have an external storage medium available.

When do I need a channel search? 

Channel search makes sense if you can receive new channels or other changes occur in your reception area. In some cases, the receiver can detect these changes automatically, so channel scanning is sometimes not necessary. It's also worth doing a channel search if some TV shows only show interference. However, before searching, you should consider that your previously saved channels will be lost. This means that you have to save the channel again or create your favorites list again.

Does the wired receiver support WiFi? 

Some wired receivers have a wired or wireless connection. If the receiver with an internet connection equipped, you can use it to watch a series or film from services such as Netflix and one or two videos from YouTube, e.g. b. TV, stream. However, many TVs these days are Smart TV devices that can connect to the Internet. Hence the WLAN functionality of the wired digital receiver not always mandatory.

Does the wired receiver need a card reader module? 

If you have a wired connection, you can received many television and radio programs. These channels depend on your cable provider, TV package and where you live. In addition to free channels, there are also encrypted programs. A smart card is usually required to enable this feature. Around to decode this map, the wired receiver should have a card reader module.

Cable receiver

Where can I buy a wired receiver? 

If you want to buy a wired receiver, you can Amazon, go eBay and search for a suitable model in many online shops. In these shops you can buy satellite and cable receivers as well as DVB-T receivers. Alternatively, you can also buy a cable digital receiver from Saturn, Media Markt or other consumer electronics stores. The advantage over online shopping is that you directly Get opinions from employees can. Sometimes you can buy receivers at discount stores or supermarkets. .Take Real for example, buy. You can also rent cable boxes from your cable provider. For example, if you book a TV package with Unitymedia, you can rent a cable box of the Unitymedia model. But you can also  and TV packages with other cable providers such as Vodafone, Kabel Deutschland or order Telekom. Wired receivers are usually also available separately.

The most popular brands and manufacturers of cable boxes

You can rent or buy a cable receiver when you take out a TV package, for example from Kabel Deutschland or Vodafone, Telekom or Unitymedia. Alternatively, you can purchase a wired receiver from another manufacturer. Well-known cable receiver brands include the following manufacturers:

  • Telestar 
  • TechniSat 
  • Edison
  • humax 
  • xoro 
  • Vantage 

Our cable receiver insider tip on Amazon:

XAiOX [Test GOOD * Anadol 111c digital Full HD cable receiver - USB recording function, [switch from analogue to digital] HDMI cable (HDTV, ...
  • ✅ CABLE RECEIVER WITH BEST PICTURE AND SOUND QUALITY! - Recording, time shift. Multimedia on USB stick and ext. hard drives...
  • ✅ MULTIMEDIA FORMATS: mp3 ,wav,ogg,aac,flac, mkv,mp4,avi,mpg,dat,vob,ts,mov,m2ts,flv,wmv,jpg,bmp,gif - Connections:...
  • ✅ FUTURE-PROOF high-tech CABLE receiver with Full HD media player - HD video formats in brilliant Full HD resolution up to ...

Buying guide for wired receivers

If you want to buy a cheap wired receiver, you can look for used models. Or you may have to sacrifice some functions or features for a new and relatively inexpensive one find model. However, you shouldn't just look at the price of the device. After all, wired receivers should be as long as possible good quality. But image quality, range of functions and interfaces are also decisive. Which receiver is the best wired receiver for you depends on your requirements and needs.

  • Image Resolution: Do you have receivers with a cable provider, e.g. B. Rent cable receivers from Unitymedia models, or buy or buy receivers from other companies such as Telestar or TechniSat – you should always first check the image resolution. According to the wired receiver test, wired receivers can basically be divided into three variants. On one side is the SD receiver. The abbreviation SD stands for Standard Definition. SD receivers usually offer one very low resolution. On the other hand, you can choose the HD model of the wired receiver (HD stands for High Definition). HD models of these wired receivers are now widespread and can be used at higher resolutions convince. Alternatively, you can opt for a wired UHD receiver. This allows you to have one better image quality benefit. What resolution and quality the image should have in the end depends primarily on your requirements. A wired receiver usually comes with a remote control.
  • Connections: When purchasing a wired receiver, you should look at ports and advanced interfaces. Many wired receivers, such as the LED receiver Edision Progressive Hybrid Lite, are with a USB port fitted. These sometimes allow you to do more than just firmware updates, as wired receivers often come with a media player, allowing you to connect external storage media to the wired receiver via the USB port. With that you can Play data from external storage media on the TV. You should also check if the wired receiver has an HDMI port. In this case, you can watch TV in HD quality. However, you should note that older televisions do not have an HDMI connection, but rather a Scart connection.
  • Function: Most wired receivers have a media player. This allows you to play video and audio files from external storage media. In addition, many receivers have some other additional features, some of which can be very useful. For example, some receivers offer time shifting functionality. Here's how you can stop a TV show and watch again later. So you don't have to wait for commercials or miss something on the show, for example if you're in the middle of a drink or get a call. Some receivers are also equipped with a recording function, also known as a PVR function. With this feature you can Save TV Shows. Some wired receivers even come with hard drives. This cable receiver with hard disk therefore offer the possibility of saving files directly on the integrated hard disk. Also, some wired receivers are equipped with video games.
  • Tuner: If you watch TV with your cable receiver and want to record another at the same time, you need a receiver: the cable receiver compares the two tuners. In this case, you should make sure that the wired receiver two tuners has. Such recipients are often associated with higher purchase prices. However, if you have a TV with a tuner, it is usually sufficient if the cable box has a tuner. In this case you need the TV via the cable output of the receiver connect to the cable receiver.

Which aspects lead at Stiftung Warentest Cable receiver Choice for test winner?

In order to determine a test winner, Stiftung Warentest first has to determine all the important test points in conjunction with consumer advocates, independent experts and suppliers. These aspects will be examined later. Depending on how a product from the Stiftung Warentest Cable receiver If the selection falls short of the requirements, it receives a corresponding place in the ranking.

Our cable receiver bestsellers on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
Premium X cable receiver DVB-C FTA 531C Digital FullHD SCART HDMI USB media player, TV receiver cable television
  • Cable receiver for digital cable television in HD and SD. Image signals are transmitted via HDMI or SCART connection
  • Scope of delivery > Cable receiver, external power supply 1m, operating instructions in German, remote control with batteries, HDMI cable...
  • Television via cable connection > Simple multilingual menu, switching time under 1 second, EPG, teletext, child lock,...
DiscountBestseller no. 2
Premium X Cable Receiver DVB-C FTA 530C Digital FullHD TV Auto Installation USB Media Player SCART HDMI Cable TV for everyone...
  • Cable receiver > For unencrypted digital cable TV in HD and SD. Image signals via HDMI or SCART connection > Can...
  • Scope of delivery > Compact Premium X cable receiver, detailed operating instructions in German, remote control with two...
  • TV > 4000 TV and radio program memory slots, simple multilingual menu, switching time under 1 second, EPG,...
Bestseller no. 3
Cable receiver DVB-C digital terrestrial decoder, combo (HD1080p/H.264, MPEG-2, HDTV, DVB-C, SCART, USB 2.0, PVR FullHD TV...
  • 【Cable receiver】:For unencrypted digital cable TV in HD and SD. Receiver for every cable provider with ...
  • 【Supports USB Wi-Fi】:wired LAN and USB Wi-Fi (except USB Wi-Fi adapter).The aluminum alloy body ...
  • 【Free PVR TV recording】:Record all your favorite TV shows at any time, the recorded video will ...

Youtube video recommendation for the cable receiver test & comparison:

SKY+ Q 4K Receiver Cable and Setup 7 Months Review Simply awesome


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