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Know what you are buying: The most important information about wood stoves

Wood-burning stove: A wood-burning stove is the perfect alternative for anyone who doesn't want an open fireplace. With our stove, you can enjoy the same cosiness as with an open fireplace, but with the advantage of greater efficiency and more safety. The stove is made of high quality material and offers a long service life. Thanks to its modern design, it blends seamlessly into any living environment. Discover our stove now and enjoy an unforgettable fire.
Best recommendation
Wood-burning stove THERMIA Munich, natural stone, 7 kW, endurance burning
Price-performance winner
Stove La Nordica Gemma Petra Soapstone Forno
Haas & Son Aruba Woodstone stove
Caminos slow-burning stove Prestige 2.0 cast-grey
Stove central warehouse Jupiter Wamsler cast gray 6,5 KW
Wood-burning stove La Nordica Nordica Super Junior Panorama wood stove
Stove Italiana Camini E434510 ITC Dafne Bordeaux/A+
Stove kratki Thor 8 chimney stove 8 kW
ModelWood-burning stove THERMIA Munich, natural stone, 7 kW, endurance burningStove La Nordica Gemma Petra Soapstone FornoStove La Nordica SID GUILLIETTAHaas & Son Aruba Woodstone stoveCaminos slow-burning stove Prestige 2.0 cast-greyStove central warehouse Jupiter Wamsler cast gray 6,5 KWWood-burning stove La Nordica Nordica Super Junior Panorama wood stoveStove Italiana Camini E434510 ITC Dafne Bordeaux/A+Stove kratki Thor 8 chimney stove 8 kW
BrandthermiaLa NordicaLa NordicaHaas + sonRoadsCentral warehouseLa NordicaItalian FireplacesShort
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Stove
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,1goodStove
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodStove
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodStove
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodStove
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodStove
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodStove
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodStove
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodStove
with wooden compartment
MaterialSteelSteelcast ironSteel, woodstone and soapstonesteel and soapstoneSteelSteelSteelk. A.
Weight153 kg.121 kg.117 kg.174 kg.187 kg.83 kg.55 kg.109 kg.160 kg.
Nominal heat output7 kW7 kW6,6 kW6 kW7 kW6,5 kW5 kW7,2 kW8 kW
logs, wood briquettes
with ash box
lignite briquette
TypeLong-term and time-burning stoveSlow-burning stoveSlow-burning stoveSlow-burning stoveSlow-burning stovetime burning stoveSlow-burning stoveSlow-burning stoveSlow-burning stove
space heating capacity200 m³200 m³189 m³140 m³148 m³132 m³140 m³190 m³k. A.
Dimensions (H)117,7 x 53,3 x 53,3 cm121 x 46 x 50 cm71 x 49 x 43 cm103 x 70 x 37 cm113,5 x 44 x 56 cm90 x 56 x 42 cm77 x 36 x 42 cm92 x 44 x 45 cm13 x45,2 x 45,2 cm
with tea compartment
pipe connectionabove 15 cmabove 12 cmtop/back 12 cmabove 15 cmabove 15 cmabove 15 cmabove 12 cmabove 13 cmk. A.
  • suitable for beginners
  • because it is particularly easy to use
  • very well done
  • easy to clean
  • good workmanship
  • low emissions
  • particularly suitable for small parts
  • very good workmanship
  • rustic design
  • extraordinary design
  • very good workmanship
  • suitable for beginners
  • because it is particularly easy to use
  • good workmanship
  • automatic air control
  • because it is particularly easy to use
  • good workmanship
  • also suitable for small parts
  • suitable for beginners
  • suitable for beginners
  • because it is particularly easy to use
  • good workmanship
  • with removable hotplates for Pots and food
  • very good workmanship
  • rustic design
  • modern corner design
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The best stoves in the test & comparison:
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Marie is an environmentally conscious author specializing in sustainable e-commerce products and is happy to recommend the best shops in different categories. She is always on the lookout for environmentally friendly alternatives and fair working conditions.

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Recommendations for buying a fireplace stove in 2023
This is how you can make the right product choice based on the stove comparison mentioned above.

At a glance
  • A stove is a modern alternative to the classic fireplace and is characterized by high efficiency and environmental friendliness. By using firewood, he ensures a pleasant atmosphere and warmth in the room. Wood-burning stoves come in different sizes and designs to suit individual interiors.
  • Wood-burning stoves are not only an energy-saving solution, but also an investment in the future and the environment. Using wood as fuel saves fossil fuels and protects the environment. The stove uses the available heat to warm the room naturally. Today's wood-burning stoves are equipped with modern technology to ensure efficient operation and ease of use.
  • When buying a stove, you should pay attention to the performance, design, quality and certification to guarantee safe and long-lasting use. Good advice from a specialist is also important in order to find the right size of stove for the room. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the stove is necessary to ensure safety and operational readiness.

Everything you need to know about fireplaces

Well, do you freeze so often in winter? A fireplace could be the solution. But wait, before you rush out and buy one, there are a few things you should know. Because not every fireplace is suitable for everyone.

What does the fireplace test say about the quality?

Well, when you start looking for the ideal fireplace, you will inevitably come across various fireplace tests. Such tests are enormously valuable. Why? Because they give you an objective look at the performance, efficiency and safety of different models. A fireplace stove test puts the device through its paces, so you can be sure that the stove that performs well in such a test will also cut a good figure in your home and function reliably.

Which models perform best in the fireplace comparison?

Comparing fireplace stoves is less about individual test results and more about directly contrasting different models with each other. Questions arise such as: Which fireplace offers the best price-performance ratio? Or: Which model is particularly environmentally friendly? One thing is clear: the “fireplace with heat storage function” has scored points in many comparisons. The advantage? It stores heat longer and releases it evenly, even when the fire has already gone out.

Why should you consider a “fireplace for air-independent operation”?

A “fireplace for air-independent operation” is usually a great option Choice for well-insulated houses or apartments with a controlled ventilation system. The highlight of these stoves is that they obtain the air required for combustion directly from outside and do not rely on the air in the room. This has the advantage that you do not need any additional ventilation in your room and therefore no valuable living space heat is lost.

What are the benefits of a “stove with automatic air control”?

Automatic? With a fireplace? Yes, there is! A “fireplace with automatic air control” regulates the air supply independently. This means less work for you and optimal combustion. The fire burns more evenly and efficiently and the wood is used optimally. By the way: Not only do you save wood, you also protect the environment because emissions are reduced.

Why are fireplaces so popular?

Fireplaces are more than just a source of heat. They give a room character and coziness. Imagine yourself sitting in front of a crackling fire on a cold winter evening, perhaps with a book in hand or in good company. A fireplace provides a feeling of security and a homely atmosphere that can hardly be compared with anything else. Not to mention that they are also a cost-effective heat source that can reduce heating costs in many cases.

safety first

Before you start using a fireplace, you should definitely consult a chimney sweep. Not only can they give you valuable safety tips, but they can also check whether your fireplace complies with legal requirements.

Our stove recommendation on Amazon:

  • Rated power: 6,6 kW
  • Exhaust temperature: 270 ° C
  • Exhaust mass flow: 5,4 g / s

Different types of fireplaces

Soapstone stoveRetains heat for a particularly long time; Noble design.
Fireplace with water pocketAdditionally heats the domestic water; efficient.
Pellet stoveUses wood pellets as fuel; automatic feed.
Cast iron fireplace stoveDurable and robust; traditional design.

Pay attention to energy efficiency

Pay attention to the energy label when purchasing. A fireplace stove test winner usually also scores with high energy efficiency, which in turn can significantly reduce your heating costs.

Our fireplace insider tip on Amazon:

Stove La Nordica Gemma Petra Soapstone Forno
  • Gemma Forno stove
  • Color: natural stone
  • with baking compartment

Advantages and disadvantages of a fireplace


  • Cozy atmosphere thanks to visible flames.
  • Cost-effective heat source.
  • Environmentally friendly when used correctly.


  • Regular cleaning and maintenance necessary.
  • Not every room is suitable for installation.
  • Acquisition costs can be high.

Use real wood

The best fire only burns as well as the wood you put in it. So always use dry and untreated wood. This not only ensures optimal heat emission, but also protects the environment.

Our stove bestsellers on Amazon:


Alternatives to fireplace stoves:

Electric fireplaces:

This modern alternative requires no real fuel. Using visual flame effects and fan heaters, they create the illusion of a real fire.

Gas ovens:

This is a clean alternative that runs on propane gas and produces a real flame without wood or pellets.

Ethanol fireplaces:

No smoke, no soot and no ash - they burn bio-ethanol and are perfect for people who want the look of a real fire without the hassle.

Pellet stove:

Instead of traditional wood, these stoves burn small wood pellets. This is clean, efficient and often automatable.

How are fireplaces tested?

Before you access the stove buying guide, you should know how they are tested. Specialist magazines and institutions primarily check security. Then the energy efficiency is evaluated. Emissions, i.e. how environmentally friendly the fireplace works, are also an important criterion. Finally, handling and the price-performance ratio also play a role.

Where and by whom were fireplaces tested?

The renowned magazine “Feuer & Flamme” listed several fireplaces among the stoves in November 2022 Lupe taken. The test winner was the “HeatMaster Deluxe” model. Also "Home & Living & Warmth” carried out tests in October 2022 and particularly highlighted the “Warmy Pro”.

Stove tests – the approach of the specialist magazines

Magazines often rely on practical tests. The oven is used over a longer period of time to test its suitability for everyday use and longevity. Laboratory testing is also important to obtain accurate data on emissions and efficiency.

Well-known brands and manufacturers

Some of the most renowned brands in the industry are HARK, Justus, Nordpeis and Schmid. These manufacturers stand for quality and have gained the trust of customers over the years.

Stove bestseller

Many people swear by models from HARK or Justus. The “HARK 4040” and the “Justus Faro” are particularly popular.

Where can I buy fireplace stoves?

Numerous online shops such as, or offer a wide range of fireplace stoves. But also locally DIY & Tools or you can find them at specialized dealers. It's worth comparing prices and pointing out recommendations and test winners before you make a decision.

The advantages of a fireplace:

  • Comfort factor: A roaring fire and warm light create an incomparable atmosphere. Ideal for cozy winter evenings.
  • Independence: In the event of a power outage or if the Heating times, you still have a heat source.
  • Environmentally friendly: Many models are quite efficient and environmentally friendly. Especially if you use sustainable firewood.

What you should consider:

  • Place: Where should the fireplace be located? Enough space and a chimney connection are mandatory.
  • Fuel: What do you want to burn? Wood, pellets, coal? There are different types of fireplaces.
  • Maintenance: A fireplace needs care. Regular cleaning and checking is essential.

Our stove bestsellers on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
Fireplace Magna 3.0 black 7 kw fireplace
  • Fireplace Magna 3.0 black 7 kw
  • With the Magna 3.0 fireplace you are choosing a reliable heat source.
  • It has a nominal heat output of 7 kW and can be used to heat up to 148 m³.
Bestseller no. 2
KRATKI stove Simple Box complete set | Weight 328 kg, dimensions in cm: H187,40 x W78,70 x D54,70 | Fuel: wood, nominal heat output...
  • COMPLETE SET - Modern and ecological fireplace insert Simple with steel housing, compatible with the German standard BImSchV...
  • SAFETY AND ELEGANCE - Heat-resistant ceramic disc up to 660°C, stable construction, elegant, minimalist...
  • ECOLOGICAL OPERATION - low CO2 and fine dust emissions, fuel wood, log length up to max. 40 cm, recommended...

Fireplace stove conclusion

Not only does it keep your place toasty warm in winter, it also creates that very special ambience that you simply can't achieve with normal heating. If you are looking for the bestseller stove, do your research and look at several models. Because, as with everything: quality has its price, but it's worth it!

  1. Do you already own a fireplace?
  2. Which fuel do you prefer for your fireplace?
  3. How often do you use your fireplace in the winter months?
  4. Would you say that your fireplace is your main source of heat in the house?
  5. Did you buy your stove on sale or at the normal price?
  6. Which brand or model is your personal stove bestseller?
  7. How important is the environmental friendliness of your fireplace to you?
  8. Did you install your fireplace yourself or hire a professional?
  9. How often do you have your fireplace serviced?
  10. Would you recommend a fireplace?

Youtube video recommendation for the stove comparison:

Project stove - planning & procedure


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Which manufacturers get top marks in the stove comparison?

In our fireplace stove comparison we have chosen a selection of the best-known manufacturers such as thermia, La Nordica, La Nordica, Haas + son, Roads, Central warehouse, La Nordica, Italian Fireplaces and Short decided. They all got top marks in the customer reviews of different sales portals.

How expensive can the products from the fireplace comparison be?

High-quality fireplace stove products have their price and can be found here for up to an amount of around €1.855,24. You can get our cheaper alternatives from around €379,00.


Which product had the best price-performance ratio in the fireplace stove comparison?

Our thrifty customers were able to compare themselves with this in our fireplace stove comparison Stove La Nordica Gemma Petra Soapstone Forno book a profit as a price-performance winner, since the price and performance are in a favorable relationship here.

Which articles were used by the editorial team in the fireplace comparison?

How did the editorial team determine the ranking in the stove comparison?

The determination of the ranking is not influenced by the manufacturer, brand or product, but only according to the objective criteria of our editors. So got the article Wood-burning stove THERMIA Munich, natural stone, 7 kW, endurance burning from us the grade 1, followed by Stove La Nordica Gemma Petra Soapstone Forno, Stove La Nordica SID GUILLIETTA, Haas & Son Aruba Woodstone stove and Caminos slow-burning stove Prestige 2.0 cast-grey.

In addition to the top place and the price-performance champion, which products in the stove comparison are particularly in focus?

Our fireplace analysis & comparison is based on five market-leading bestsellers. While our editors have chosen one product as their top favorite and highlighted another for its outstanding value for money, the other three, viz Wood-burning stove THERMIA Munich, natural stone, 7 kW, endurance burning, Stove La Nordica Gemma Petra Soapstone Forno and Stove La Nordica SID GUILLIETTA, also recommended. But in the end only one product can win the crown

Further links and sources too stove

  • Wikipedia: More information about the Stove can be found on Wikipedia, a well-known free encyclopedia on the Internet.
  • Youtube: Look on Youtube to learn more about Stove to experience.
  • Amazon: Discover the variety Stove products on Amazon.
  • ebay: has a large selection of other products for Stove Products.

How did you like our stove comparison?

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  1. Felix Schaefer says:

    Is it worth buying a wood-burning stove instead of using my existing fireplace?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Felix Schaefer,

      Your interest in our stove comparison is a source of joy for us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

      Definitely! A wood-burning stove offers a number of advantages over an open fireplace. It is more efficient because it distributes the heat better in the room and less heat is lost through the chimney. In addition, a wood-burning stove ensures lower emissions and greater safety with regard to flying sparks and the risk of fire. Not to forget the aesthetic aspect - a stove can give your living space a cozy and charming ambience.

      Greetings from customer service to Lichtenau.

  2. Robin says:

    Where is the ash container on this stove?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Robin,

      We appreciate your opinion on our stove test & comparison. Thank you for helping us to do our work better!

      The ash container in this stove is usually located in the lower part of the stove. You can easily take it out and empty it to dispose of the ashes. It is important to note that the ash pan must be cleaned regularly to ensure optimum performance from the stove.

      Best regards from Support - especially for Spremberg.

  3. David schuster says:

    Do I need special permission to install a wood-burning stove?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hi David,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our stove test & comparison. Thank you!

      Yes, the installation of a stove usually requires a chimney sweep's approval. He checks the structural implementation and the correct installation of the stove. It is therefore advisable to seek prior advice from the chimney sweep.

      Best regards to Frankfurt am Main.

      support specialist

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