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Multi-gym test & comparison 2024: The ultimate guide to the best products of the year

The Best Fitness Station Products: Your Ultimate Guide to Top Picks!

A multi-gym is the ultimate training device when it comes to building up your muscles and physical strength. With a multi-gym, you can do many different exercises to train your muscles effectively. Whether you want to strengthen your chest, shoulders, back or arms, or need targeted training for specific parts of the body, a multi-gym offers you numerous options for shaping and strengthening your body.
Price-performance winner
Multi-gym Fuel Fitness KS300 for home, multi-station
Multi-gym Body-Solid G-6B full body trainer home gym
Physionics ® multi-gym – with 40kg weights, adjustable
ArtSport ProfiGym 2000 multi-gym set, lat pulldown and butterfly bar
Multi-gym TecTake fitness station Power Rack Power Cage
K-Sport multi-gym: wall bars training set + dip station
Bowflex PR 1000 multi-gym
HAMMER Ferrum TX2 power station, cable pull system training station
Multi-gym Body-Solid GS348P4 Smith Gym complete package
Model Multi-gym Fuel Fitness KS300 for home, multi-station Multi-gym Body-Solid G-6B full body trainer home gym Physionics ® multi-gym – with 40kg weights, adjustable ArtSport ProfiGym 2000 multi-gym set, lat pulldown and butterfly bar Multi-gym TecTake fitness station Power Rack Power Cage K-Sport multi-gym: wall bars training set + dip station Bowflex PR 1000 multi-gym HAMMER Ferrum TX2 power station, cable pull system training station Multi-gym Body-Solid GS348P4 Smith Gym complete package
Brand FuelFitness Body solid Physionics art sport Tectake K sport bow flex Hammer Body solid
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,3goodpower station
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodpower station
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodpower station
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodpower station
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodpower station
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodpower station
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodpower station
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodpower station
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodpower station
footprint 206,0 x145,0 cm 216x127 inch 153x118,4 inch 110x142 inch 120,0x142,5 inch 78,3x20,0 inch 203x113,5 inch 150x120 inch 180x170 inch
adjustability very well great very well great great great very well great great
Peculiarity extremely robust steel cables without weight discs Training weight is implemented using deflection rollers and levers individually adjustable load easy assembly easy assembly Wall mounting, hanging option for a punching bag Resistance via flexible weight bars without weight discs Training weight is implemented using deflection rollers and levers extremely robust steel cables
Integrated devices/exercises Lat station, adjustable chest and shoulder press, ab cable, side pulleys, leg curls, and lower pulley overview Lat Pulldown, Butterfly, Negative Butterfly, Leg Extensions/Cursions, Rows, Biceps Curls, Triceps Extensions, Sit-ups Overview Bench press, butterfly, leg curl, arm curl - fitness station, multi-station, training station, multi-function weight bench Lat pulldown, cable pulldown, biceps curl bar, leg extension, bench press station, pullup bar, butterfly overview Lat pulldown, pull-up double bar, attachable dip bars and barbell decreases overview Pull-up machine, dip machine, incline bench, wall bars overview Pulley, bicep curl bar, leg extension, leg press, bench press station, butterfly, leg curl, rowing overview Curl station, lat bar, butterfly or bench press unit, metal step plate, cable module, leg curl, rowing overview Multi press, weight bench, lat pulldown, butterfly overview
maximum load 120 kg k. A. 200 kg 100 kg 100 kg 250 kg 136 kg 120 kg 400 kg
Height 203 cm 213 cm 203 cm 201 cm 215 cm 215 cm 209 cm 198 cm 212 cm
Weight 171 kg 248 kg 84 kg no manufacturer's information 58 kg 45 kg 59,5 kg 119 kg 135 kg
weights included
number of possible exercises many many many many many many lots of lots of different lots of many many lots of
  • ball-bearing pulleys
  • very stable
  • individual adjustment of seats
  • handles and leg pads
  • rubber-coated steel cables
  • 50 exercise options
  • also suitable for very tall people (over 2 m).
  • 1 x multilingual manual (DE/EN/FR)
  • more than 30 exercise options
  • 1 x fitness station FNST01 self-assembly kit
  • 9 x 4
  • 5 kg weight plates
  • also suitable for beginners
  • can be assembled by one person
  • also suitable for beginners
  • can be assembled by one person
  • save space
  • wall mounting
  • suitable for beginners
  • 26 exercise options
  • can be assembled by one person
  • individual adjustment of seats
  • handles and leg pads
  • Resistance increases with movement
  • many exercises possible
  • stable
  • many exercises possible
  • very stable
  • also suitable for very tall people (over 2 m).
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best multi-gym in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Multi-gym 2024: Expert advice for tailored product solutions – Ultimate buying guide and professional tips
Use these tips to find the optimal product in our multi-gym comparison

At a glance
  • A multi-gym is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that is used for an effective full-body workout. With a multi-gym you can build muscles, increase your condition and improve your mobility. The station usually includes weights and workouts to target different muscle groups.
  • Most multi-gyms offer the ability to perform a variety of exercises, including squats, push-ups, pull-ups, rows, bench presses, and more. Some stations are even equipped with a stepper function. And the best part is, you don't have to go to the gym to get a great workout.
  • There are many different types of gyms, from simple models for beginners to more advanced machines for the more experienced fitness enthusiast. Look for quality devices that are rugged, durable, and secure. Exercise routines on a multi-gym can help correct posture problems, reduce body fat, and increase your strength and endurance.
power station

What you really should know about multi-gyms

Multi-gyms are really great if you want to really work out at home without having to constantly run to the gym. But wait a minute, with so many offers, Tests and comparisons Out there, it can make you dizzy, right? Don't panic, here we'll clarify the five most burning questions that you've probably already asked yourself.

Why is a multi-gym test so important?

Well, look, a test just gives you an objective overview of them different models out there. It's kind of like becoming a... Cars want to buy and test drive it first. A multi-gym test shows what the machine can really do, how stable it is, how it performs in daily use and whether the price-performance ratio is right.

What should I pay attention to when comparing a multi-gym?

Yes, this is the point where many people start to sweat. A comparison is not the same as a comparison. It's not just about putting the prices next to each other. Think about the features, the workmanship and the material. A good multi-gym comparison also takes into account longevity, ease of use and how flexible the station is for different exercises.

Is there also a compact multi-gym for small spaces?

It's clear! Not everyone has a huge place. If you have limited space at home, there are definitely compact models that don't take up half the apartment. These models are often designed to save space without sacrificing the variety of exercises. It's like a Swiss pocket knife – small, but mighty!

What is the difference between a multi-gym with a weight stack and other models?

So, a multi-gym with a weight stack is, so to speak, the classic model. Here you have a stack of Weightdiscs, and you can adjust the weight by inserting a pin. Easy and uncomplicated. Other models sometimes use elastic resistance bands or air pressure systems. These can be good too, but many people just appreciate the “real” resistance that a weight stack offers.

Is a multi-gym suitable for full-body training?

But something! The great thing about a good multi-gym is that you can train your entire body. Whether legs, arms, back or stomach – with the right exercises, anything is possible. You just have to make sure that the station actually offers the features and options that you need. It's like cooking: with the right recipe and the right ingredients, it's a feast!

The right location

Find a suitable place in your apartment or your Housewhere the multi-gym can stand. Think about the size and space required when training. Make sure you have enough room to move.

Our multi-gym recommendation on Amazon:

FUEL Fitness multi-gym KS300 for home, multi-station for whole-body strength training, home gym with cable pull, lat pull-down, chest press,...
  • FITNESS POWER STATION for HOME: The multi-gym KS300 from FUEL Fitness combines exercise and ...
  • FULL-BODY POWER TRAINING at home: Replace the gym with the multi-gym KS300 and train the entire body at home...
  • VARIABLE EXERCISE MODULES: The Homegym KS300 has a chest press that can be adjusted in multiple angles. So on this...

Different types of multi-gyms

There are different types of multi-gyms depending on what exercises and muscle groups you want to train. Here is a brief overview:

Type of power station characteristics
Multi Press Allows exercises such as bench presses, squats and more. Often with an integrated weight stack.
Cable pull station Flexible system with Cable pulls for a variety of exercises for the whole body.
Smith machine With guided Bar for safe training, ideal for beginners.
Functional Trainers Modular and customizable, ideal for functional training and rehabilitation.

quality before price

Invest in a high-quality multi-gym. Cheap models may cost more in the long run and may not provide the desired stability. A power station buy recommendation from experts can be helpful here.

Our multi-gym bestseller on Amazon:

Body-Solid G-6B multi-gym | total body trainer | including 95kg plug-in weight block | Home Gym | fitness station | Multi Gym |...
  • The Body-Solid G-6B full body trainer sets new standards in terms of precision, aesthetics, technology and...
  • A total of over 50 different exercises are possible: lat pulldowns with a wide grip (front lat pulldown), lat pulldowns in the front with...
  • All training exercises on the presser bar are carried out with the patented Body-Solid Bi-Angular technology. Ie...

Advantages and disadvantages of multi-gyms


  • Full body workout with one device
  • Time savings compared to going to the gym
  • Individual weight adjustment
  • Space-saving compared to many individual devices
  • Flexible training at any time of the day


  • Initial investment can be high
  • Some models require a lot of space
  • Can be complicated for beginners
  • Regular maintenance required

Regular maintenance

A multi-gym, like any other training device, requires regular maintenance. Check the moving parts and make sure everything is well lubricated. This will extend the life of your investment.

Our multi-gym insider tip on Amazon:

Physionics® multi-gym - adjustable, lat pulldown, butterfly, leg curl, arm curl, rowing, for home, 40kg weights - fitness station,...
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ GREAT OFFER: This multi-gym for at home offers countless training possibilities and will ...
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ VERSATILE: Our training station features a lat pulldown tower and a lower row bar. Aside from that...
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ TRAINING IN THE SMALLEST SPACE: The compact size of this multi-station (153 / 118,4 / 203 cm) allows a ...
Kern Microscope1

Alternatives to multi-gyms

weight bench

An weight bench is, well, exactly that: a bench for weight training. It can be used for a variety of exercises, from bench press to to bicep curls. Some models are also expandable so you can do more exercises.

Chin Up

The good old one Chin Up – you hang on and accelerate. It mainly trains the upper body, but is also suitable for advanced exercises such as muscle-ups. Easy to install and pretty cheap.

resistance band

Resistance bands are flexible and portable, perfect for on the go. You can do both strength and stretching exercises with them. They come in different resistance levels, from light to heavy.

Suspension trainers

It's a thing that attaches to the ceiling or a door. With a Suspension trainers, also known as a sling trainer, uses your own body weight as resistance.

How are multi-gyms tested?

It is really important to get a well-founded multi-gym purchase recommendation. That's why specialist magazines test these devices very carefully. First, they check the stability and workmanship of the device. It has to be rock solid, no wobbling allowed. Then it's about functionality: How many exercises can you do with it? Is it easy to switch between exercises? Also the Comfort plays a role. Nobody wants to sprain their back while training. In the end, there is often a multi-gym test winner who was able to convince in all categories.

Best-known manufacturers of multi-gyms

Some of the best known manufacturers are:

Bestseller among multi-gyms

The bestsellers currently include:

  • Bowflex PR3000
  • Kettler Kinetic F3
  • Matrix G3 series

Where can you buy multi-gyms?

Online shops:

  • Amazon
  • Sport Thieme
  • Intersport

Retail trade:

Before choosing a model, compare prices and read customer reviews. It is also advisable to seek personal advice from a specialist store before purchasing.

Why buying a multi-gym is worth it

First, imagine if you no longer had to go to the gym all the time. Having your own multi-gym at home will save you both time and, in the long run, money. You may think such a device would be a big investment. But take a look: You can find good multi-gym offers in many places these days. If you train regularly, the investment will quickly pay off. In addition, some of the best devices on the market are often bestsellers. Why? Because they have proven their qualities, that's clear!

What you should definitely know about multi-gyms

One thing in advance: Not all multi-gyms are created equal. Some are huge, others are more compact. First, consider how much space you have available. Then, very important: the number of exercises you can do with it. More isn't always better, but you should be able to complete an all-round workout for your whole body. And last but not least, check out the reviews. The multi-gym bestseller is not always the best device for you personally.

Our multi-gym bestseller on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
FitEngine multi-gym | Multifunctional home gym for the whole body | Weights adjustable up to 67 kg, with lat pull bar,...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The multi-gym with weights for your full-body workout at home - train all muscle groups...
  • INDIVIDUALLY INCREASE TRAINING: The weights can be adjusted up to 67 kg and can be easily changed - so ...
  • HIGH-QUALITY PROCESS: Seat, backrest, biceps padding are comfortably padded and made of sweat-repellent material...
Bestseller no. 2
Marcy Eclipse HG3000 compact multi-gym, multifunctional fitness station, multi-station with butterfly, biceps curl, lat pull-down,...
  • 68kg hard vinyl weight block, plug-in weights and safety pin | Basic construction made of heavy steel diameter...
  • Upper cable pull system with lat pull bar | lower cable pull system | Combined bench press or butterfly unit
  • Leg extension with comfortable foam rollers | height-adjustable preacher curl pad | safe...
Bestseller no. 3
ArtSport multi-gym ProfiGym 2000 with lat pull & butterfly bar, cable pull & leg extension - 9 weights with 40kg - multi station...
  • ✅ Effective strength training: Train your whole body at home with the multi-gym. Promote muscle building and...
  • ✅ Complete set: 1x butterfly bar, 1x lat pull bar, 1x biceps cable & leg trainer. 9 weight plates with a total of 40 kg...
  • ✅ Efficient full-body training at home: building strength for shoulder and arm muscles; Strengthening the chest and...

Multi-gym conclusion

When it comes to multi-gyms, the variety is really impressive and offers something for every fitness enthusiast. Whether you are just starting training or are an experienced athlete who values ​​a holistic workout: a good multi-gym can take your training at home to a new level. You save yourself the trip to the gym and can train flexibly whenever you want. It is essential to find the right device for your needs and the available space. Take your time, do your research and pay attention to quality and functionality. Because a well-chosen multi-gym is not just a temporary purchase, but a long-term investment in yours health and fitness.

Surveys about the multi-gym

  1. Which brand of multi-gyms is your favorite?
  2. How often do you use your multi-gym per week?
  3. Which feature is most important to you in a multi-gym?
  4. Would you spend more for additional features?
  5. How important are customer reviews to you when buying a multi-gym?
  6. Have you ever taken advantage of a multi-gym offer?
  7. Which device would you describe as the current multi-gym bestseller?
  8. Do you prefer compact or large multi-gyms?
  9. How important is the warranty period to you when buying a multi-gym?
  10. Do you have a fixed place for your multi-gym or do you move it around regularly?

Youtube video tip for the multi-gym test & comparison:

Multi-Gym Advice | Kettler showroom


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Comprehensive Guide to Multi-Gyms: Top Sources of Information and Products

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Comments to "power station" Comparison

  1. Luca Schaefer says:

    Which exercises can I do with the multi-gym?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Luca Schaefer,

      We would like to express our appreciation for your comment and your keen interest in our multi-gym comparison. Thank you very much!

      With the multi-gym, you can perform a variety of exercises to train your entire body. You can strengthen your pecs by doing bench presses, your leg muscles with leg presses and squats, your back muscles with lat pulldown exercises, and your arm muscles with bicep curls and tricep extensions. The multi-gym also offers you the opportunity to train abdominal muscles with crunches or leg raises. It is a convenient home exercise tool that offers you a variety of exercise options.

      Best regards from the support team to Bleicherode.

  2. Kamila says:

    Can I also train my leg muscles with the multi-gym?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Kamila,

      Your contribution to our multi-gym test & comparison is a great pleasure for us. Thank you for your interest and your comment!

      Yes, the multi-gym offers various exercise options to train your leg muscles. You can perform exercises like leg press, leg curl, and leg extension to effectively strengthen and shape your legs.

      Note from fret support team.

  3. Kevin Schreiber says:

    How much space does the multi-gym need?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Kevin,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our multi-gym test & comparison. Thank you!

      The dimensions of the multi-gym are approx. 200 cm x 190 cm x 215 cm. We recommend leaving at least 1 square meter of additional space around the multi-gym to allow freedom of movement during the workout.

      Best regards to Bünde.

      support specialist

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