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KS Cycling bike product comparison: How to find the best product for your needs in 2024

Expert Guide: Discover how to find the perfect one Mountain bike choose for your needs

Comparison test: The KS Cycling bike – designer quality at an affordable price

When it comes to quality and value for money, this stands out KS Cycling bike clearly stands out in the comparative analysis. Although offered at a price point that many would associate with 'budget', it still has the polish and appeal of a designer item without sacrificing essential features such as durability and ride comfort. When carefully selecting the components and materials, nothing was left to chance. The KS Cycling is recommended to all those emotions and enthusiasts who want a high quality Bicycle but are not prepared to spend a fortune on a designer brand. From city to off-road, this bike is suitable for all situations. Let yourself be amazed by the unexpectedly high quality driving experience surprise that this brand offers.

Best recommendation
KS Cycling bike KS Cycling women's bike city bike 28” Casino
Price-performance winner
KS Cycling bike KS Cycling children's bike youth bike
KS Cycling bike KS Cycling mountain bike MTB hardtail
KS Cycling bike KS Cycling mountain bike MTB Fully 26” Bliss
KS Cycling bike KS Cycling trekking bike men 28” Vegas
KS Cycling bike KS Cycling trekking bike men's 28” Venice
KS Cycling bike KS Cycling trekking bike men 28” Vegas white
Model KS Cycling bike KS Cycling women's bike city bike 28” Casino KS Cycling bike KS Cycling children's bike youth bike KS Cycling bike KS Cycling mountain bike MTB hardtail KS Cycling bike KS Cycling mountain bike MTB Fully 26” Bliss KS Cycling bike KS Cycling trekking bike men 28” Vegas KS Cycling bike KS Cycling trekking bike men's 28” Venice KS Cycling bike KS Cycling trekking bike men 28” Vegas white
Brand K's Cycling K's Cycling K's Cycling K's Cycling K's Cycling K's Cycling K's Cycling
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!KS Cycling bike
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,8goodKS Cycling bike
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodKS Cycling bike
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodKS Cycling bike
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodKS Cycling bike
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodKS Cycling bike
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodKS Cycling bike
further explanation Green beige no other versions available White no other versions available no other versions available no other versions available no other versions available
Suitable for Women Children Unisex Youth Men Men Men
Effective brake type ++ ‎‎Rim brakes +++ ‎‎‎Disc brakes +++ ‎‎‎Disc brakes +++ ‎‎‎Disc brakes ++ ‎‎Rim brakes ++ ‎‎Rim brakes ++ ‎‎Rim brakes
wheel size 28 inch 24 inch 29 inch 26 inch 28 inch 28 inch 28 inch
suspension fork
lightness ++ 15,5kg ++ 16kg ++ 18,5kg ++ 18kg + 19kg + 17,5kg + 19,5kg
frame material Steel Steel Steel Aluminum Aluminum Steel Steel
  • Offers numerous courses
  • has an impressive size and impresses with reliable brakes
  • Equipped with lots of gears
  • impresses with particularly good brakes and an integrated suspension fork
  • A particularly large number of gears for diverse requirements
  • exceptionally large
  • with particularly high-quality gears and an integrated suspension fork
  • Large number of gears
  • impressive size
  • particularly efficient brakes and an integrated suspension fork
  • Excellent many courses
  • extraordinarily large
  • solid braking performance and an integrated suspension fork
  • With a particularly large number of courses
  • extraordinarily large and reliable brakes
  • A lot of gears
  • very large dimensions
  • impressive braking power and an integrated suspension fork
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best KS Cycling bikes tested & compared:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Top Buyer's Guide: Important KS Cycling Bike Buying Tips and Recommendations - Your Ultimate Checklist

At a glance
  • KS Cycling offers an extensive range of bicycle products: mountain bikes, racing bikes, city bikes, BMX and e-bikes. Thanks to their high-quality components and sophisticated design, KS Cycling Cycles a real experience both functionally and aesthetically.
  • KS Cycling's bikes are characterized by innovative technologies and a wide variety of models tailored to different needs and preferences. Their high performance standards are due, among other things, to advanced suspension systems, high-quality gearshifts and efficient brakes.
  • KS Cycling has confirmed its firm place in the bicycle industry and stands for tailor-made solutions in the bicycle sector. Through its high quality, wide range and innovation, KS Cycling contributes to sustainable and environmentally conscious mobility.

Experience unforgettable rides with the KS Cycling bike – quality and style combined in one bike!

The  KS Cycling bike offers an unforgettable ride that combines quality and style. With our wide range you can find the perfect one Bicycle buy, whether online or in store.

Key Findings:

  • The  KS Cycling bike offers quality and style in one
  • There is a wide range of KS Cycling bikes available to purchase
  • The bike can be purchased online or in store

KS Cycling bikes – Robust frames and various sizes and models

The KS Cycling bicycles are characterized by their robust frames, which ensure durability and stability. Our focus is on you Cycles of the highest quality that can withstand demanding conditions. Thanks to the robust bike frame on our KS Cycling bikes, you can rely on your bike to serve its purpose for a long time.

At KS Cycling we also offer a variety of sizes and models to ensure everyone The right bike for the rider finds. Whether you have a small one Bike for your child If you are looking for a large bike for adults, you will find it with us. We understand that every driver has different needs, so we offer different sizes and models to meet these needs.

Our KS Cycling bikes are available in a variety of styles and finishes. No matter whether you are a Mountain bike for off-road adventures, a city bike for the urban lifestyle or a trekking bike for longer distances, we have the right bike for you. Our wide selection of models allows you to choose the bike that best suits your riding style and needs.

Model Description Price
Mountain bike Robust bike for off-road adventures 499€
City Bike Practical Bicycle for the urban Lifestyle 399€
touring bike Comfortable bike for longer distances 599€

Discover the diverse selection of KS Cycling bikes and find the perfect bike with a sturdy frame, different sizes and models. We put quality and customer satisfaction first, so you can be confident that you will receive a high quality bike that will meet your expectations.

Women's KS Cycling bicycles - comfortable riding comfort for everyday life and leisure

Our women's KS Cycling bicycles offer you a comfortable riding experience for your everyday life and leisure activities. With well thought-out details and high-quality components, these ensure Bicycles for maximum comfort and driving fun.

Stylish design

At KS Cycling we attach great importance to stylish design. Our women's bikes are not only functional, but also fashionable. With elegant Colors and shapely frame, these bikes are a real eye-catcher.

Comfortable equipment

Our women's KS Cycling bicycles are equipped with comfortable features that give you a pleasant riding experience. From padded saddles to ergonomic handlebars to suspended seat posts – we have thought of everything to offer you the highest level of comfort.

Versatile application possibilities

The women's KS Cycling bicycles are perfect for everyday life and leisure activities. Whether for the way to work, shopping or for relaxed rides through nature - these bikes are versatile and offer you a comfortable driving experience in every situation.

functions and features Benefits
Extra padded saddle Maximum seating comfort
Ergonomic handlebars Relief of the wrists
Sprung seat post Smooth driving experience on uneven roads
Stylish design Elegant appearance

With a lady KS Cycling bike Enjoy not only optimal comfort, but also a stylish appearance. Whether for everyday use or relaxed trips in your leisure – these bikes offer you a comfortable riding experience and make you look good while doing it.

Sporty adventures and excursions with men's KS Cycling bicycles

Our men's KS Cycling bicycles offer you the sporty style you are looking for for your adventures and excursions. With your robust frame and high quality Components make them the ideal choice for demanding rides, be it in the city or in nature.

The men's KS Cycling bikes are designed to give you a unique riding experience. With its dynamic design and the high-quality processing They are not only functional but also stylish. Whether you are looking for a mountain bike for off-road adventures or prefer a city bike for an urban lifestyle, you will find the right bike for your needs at KS Cycling.

Robust construction for maximum performance

Our men's KS Cycling bikes are equipped with sturdy frames that ensure stability and durability. No matter whether you want to drive over hill and dale or cover long distances, this one Bicycles can withstand the stress and offer you a safe journey.

Stylish and functional

At KS Cycling we value an attractive design that is also functional. Our Men's bicycles not only offer you a sporty look, but also practical features such as mudguards, luggage racks or lighting systems. This means you are optimally equipped for every driving situation.

Model Color Type Price
Mountain bike extremes Black / Blue Mountain bike 499€
City bike urban Grey City Bike 349€
Trekking bike Journey Brown touring bike 429€

Discover our selection of men's KS Cycling bicycles and find the perfect companion for your adventures and excursions. With their sporty style, robust construction and practical features, these bikes are the ideal choice for active men who value quality and functionality.

Youth KS Cycling bikes – Cool design for the young riders

Our youth KS Cycling bikes have been specially developed for young riders and are characterized by their cool design. With their robust frames and stylish colors, they are the ideal companion for city trips.

The youth KS Cycling bicycles not only offer an attractive look, but also High quality and security. Each bike is equipped with reliable components that ensure a safe ride. In addition, they are Bicycles light to handle so that young drivers can enjoy their mobility.

Cool features for young drivers

  • Stylish design: Our youth KS Cycling bikes are available in a variety of cool colors that complement each young rider's individual style.
  • Robust frames: The bikes are included stable Frames that meet the needs of active young riders.
  • Reliable brakes: Every Youth KS Cycling bike has reliable brakes that allow for safe deceleration and quick stopping.
  • More comfortable Saddle: The comfortable saddle ensures that young riders can travel comfortably even on longer journeys.
  • Easy handling: The bikes are easy to handle and allow young riders to enjoy their mobility without any worries.

With our Youth KS Cycling bikes, young riders can not only explore the city, but also express their individual style. The cool design and high-quality workmanship make these bikes a real eye-catcher. Discover our selection of youth KS Cycling bicycles now and let us convince you of the quality and style.

Bicycle model Recommended age Colors
Youth bike 1 10-13 years Blue, green, red
Youth bike 2 14-16 years Black, white, orange
Youth bike 3 17-19 years Gray, purple, yellow

Mountain bikes from KS Cycling – adventures on off-road routes

With our Mountain bikes from KS Cycling experience exciting adventures on off-road routes. Our bikes are specially designed for demanding terrain and give you the perfect performance to overcome any challenge.

The robust construction of our mountain bikes ensures stability and longevity, while the off-road tires offer optimal traction on a wide variety of surfaces. No matter whether it's steep descents, uneven paths or rocky terrain - with an MTB from KS Cycling you are well equipped.

Our mountain bikes are available in different models and designs to meet your individual needs. Whether you are a beginner or already have advanced riding skills, you will find the right bike for your off-road adventures.

Model frame material suspension Price
MTB 29 inches Aluminium your Front Wheel. 799€
MTB 27.5 inch Steel Front and back 599€
MTB 26 inches Aluminium Front and back 699€

Our recommendations for off-road adventures

  • MTB 29 inches: With its light aluminum frame and the suspension fork This model offers maximum maneuverability and control on demanding routes.
  • MTB 27.5 inches: The robust steel frame and full suspension make this model the ideal companion for technically demanding trails.
  • MTB 26 inches: This bike impresses with its light aluminum frame and high-quality full suspension, which ensures optimal performance.

“With an MTB from KS Cycling you can fully enjoy the freedom of off-road riding. Whether you want to climb steep climbs or enjoy fast descents, our mountain bikes give you the power and control you need.”

Experience the fascination of off-road riding and discover new adventures on challenging routes with our mountain bikes from KS Cycling. Convince yourself of the quality and performance of our bikes and start your next off-road adventure today.

City bikes from KS Cycling – practical and stylish for the urban lifestyle

At KS Cycling we not only offer robust mountain bikes and comfortable trekking bikes, but also practical city bikes that fit the urban lifestyle perfectly. Our city bikes combine style and functionality to offer you a pleasant riding experience in the city.

The practical design of our city bikes allows you to navigate through urban traffic quickly and comfortably. With a comfortable one Saddle and ergonomic handlebars They are ideal for everyday use and short distances. Whether you're on the way to work, shopping or meeting friends - with our city bikes you'll always arrive in style and on time.

Our city bikes are equipped with practical accessories such as mudguards, luggage racks and lighting systems to make your urban lifestyle even more comfortable. This means you can transport your purchases effortlessly and travel safely even in the dark. With their stylish design, our city bikes are not only practical, but also an eye-catcher on the city streets.

Why a city bike from KS Cycling?

  • Practical design for the urban lifestyle
  • Ergonomic saddle and handlebars for comfortable riding
  • Equipped with useful accessories such as mudguards and luggage racks
  • Safety through lighting systems for driving in the dark
  • Stylish design that attracts attention

Experience the comfort and variety of styles of our city bikes and enjoy your urban lifestyle two wheels. With a practical city bike from KS Cycling you are always flexible, fast and stylish.

Trekking bikes from KS Cycling – comfortable rides on longer distances

Our Trekking bikes from KS Cycling combine comfort and stability and are the ideal choice for longer distances. With your ergonomic design and high-quality components, they offer a comfortable driving experience, whether you are traveling on asphalt roads or unpaved paths.

An important feature of our trekking bikes is the robust frame, which ensures optimal stability. This means you can drive safely even on uneven surfaces. In addition, our trekking bikes are equipped with powerful brakes that give you reliable control and safe braking.

With the trekking bikes from KS Cycling you can enjoy your bike tours to the fullest. They offer enough storage space for luggage and are equipped with practical extras such as mudguards and luggage racks. This means you always have everything you need for longer journeys at hand.

Technical details of the trekking bike from KS Cycling:

frame Circuit suspension fork tires
Sturdy aluminum frame 27-course Shimano Circuit Adjustable suspension fork Robust trekking tires

With these technical details you can be sure that with a trekking bike from KS Cycling you have the best conditions for comfortable and safe rides on longer distances. The robust aluminum frame ensures good stability while the 27 gears Shimano gears Offers you a large selection of gears for different inclines. The adjustable suspension fork provides pleasant cushioning and the robust trekking tires offer sufficient grip and support on various surfaces.

Discover the world with a trekking bike from KS Cycling and experience comfortable rides over longer distances. Regardless of whether you want to leave everyday life behind you or are looking for new adventures on your bike tour, our trekking bikes offer you the comfort and stability you need.

Children's KS Cycling bicycles - safety and comfort for the way to school

Our children's KS Cycling bikes have been specially designed to provide safety and comfort for the journey to school. We understand how important it is for parents to have their Children with confidence on the bike and that is why we have carefully thought through every detail of our children's bikes. From the sturdy frame to the reliable brakes, our bikes are designed to provide young riders with a safe riding experience.

We paid particular attention to ergonomics to ensure a comfortable and healthy sitting position. The saddle height and handlebars can be easily adjusted to meet the individual needs of each child. In addition, our bikes are equipped with bright and highly visible reflectors to increase visibility in traffic.

We offer different models that suit the preferences and needs of young drivers. From colorful designs to cool patterns, there is something for every taste. Our children's KS Cycling bicycles are the ideal companion for the way to school, but also for leisure activities and adventures with friends. Let your children discover the joy of cycling and trust in the safety and quality of our bikes.

Advantages of children's KS Cycling bikes
Safe and stable frame
Ergonomic design for comfortable riding
Adjustable saddle height and handlebars
Integrated reflectors for improved visibility

Invest in a safe and comfortable children's KS Cycling bike and give your children the opportunity to experience going to school in a fun way. With us you will find a large selection of high-quality children's bikes that we have developed with great care and attention to detail. Trust in our many years of experience and enjoy the certainty that your children will travel safely on our bikes.

Comfortable riding experience with the KS Cycling e-bike

Our e-bikes from KS Cycling offer you a comfortable riding experience with electric support. With high quality Batteryn and powerful engines, they enable you to drive relaxed and cover long distances. No matter whether you are on the way to work or want to take a relaxed bike ride, KS Cycling E bike is the ideal choice.

The electric support system on our e-bikes ensures that you move forward effortlessly. Whether you have to climb a steep climb or fight against the wind, the motor supports you effectively and makes riding more enjoyable. The Batteryn of our e-bikes are high quality and offer a long running time, so you don't have to worry about running out of juice.

Riding comfort is further improved by the high-quality equipment of our e-bikes. The bikes have a comfortable seating position and a well-sprung fork that effectively absorbs bumps on the road. This means you can cover longer distances without any discomfort. Our e-bikes also offer high-quality gears and reliable brakes so that you can ride safely and in control at all times.

Discover the advantages of the KS Cycling e-bike:

  • Electric assistance for an effortless driving experience
  • High-quality batteries with a long running time
  • Comfortable seating position and well-sprung fork for maximum comfort
  • Reliable gears and brakes for a safe driving experience
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to Cars

The KS Cycling E bike completely changed my cycling experience. The electric assistance makes driving so much more pleasant and allows me to cover longer distances without much effort.” – Andreas M.

Model Battery Motor Price
KS e-bike model 1 36V 10Ah 250w 999€
KS e-bike model 2 48V 13Ah 500w 1299€
KS e-bike model 3 36V 15Ah 750w 1499€

Bicycle accessories from KS Cycling – high-quality products for the optimal cycling experience

To achieve the optimal riding experience with your KS Cycling bike, we offer a wide selection of high quality Bicycle Accessories. Our range of accessories includes everything you need to personalize your bike, increase your comfort and ensure your safety.

Lighting and security

An important element of our bicycle accessories is lighting. We offer a variety of bike lights for optimal visibility and safety while riding. From headlights to taillights to reflective elements, you will find everything you need to be clearly visible in traffic.

Bicycle bags and carriers

If you want to conveniently take your personal items with you, we also offer a selection Bicycle bags and carriers. Our bicycle bags are robust and offer enough storage space for your purchases, luggage or other utensils. With our bike rackn you can transport your bike safely and easily when you want to explore further afield.

Comfort and ergonomics

To make your driving experience even more enjoyable, we also offer accessories for comfort and ergonomics. From comfortable bicycle saddles to ergonomic handles From suspension and damping, you'll find everything you need to make riding your KS Cycling bike even more comfortable.

Bicycle Accessories Benefits
Bike lights Allow for optimal visibility and safety
Bicycle bags Offer enough storage space for personal items
bike rack Allow safe and easy transport of the bike
Comfort accessories Increase driving comfort and ergonomics

At KS Cycling, we attach great importance to high-quality accessories that fit our bikes and optimize the riding experience. Take a look at our range and find the perfect accessories to adapt your KS Cycling bike to your individual needs.

Bike Repair on KS Cycling Bikes – Quick and Easy Solutions

At KS Cycling we attach great importance to the quality and longevity of our bicycles. However, sometimes minor problems can arise, be it a flat tire or loose handlebars. But don't worry, we offer quick and easy bike repair solutions for KS Cycling bikes.

Our bikes are designed to be easily repaired. We'll provide you with one detailed instructions available so you can repair your bike yourself. From troubleshooting minor problems to brake and transmission maintenance, our guide has all the information you need.

If you need a more complex repair or feel unsure, you can also contact our local specialist dealers. Our partner workshops are very familiar with our range and can provide you with professional help with bicycle repairs.

Benefits of bike repair on KS Cycling bikes:

  • Simple repair instructions for independent repairs
  • Professional help from our local specialist dealers
  • Quick solutions for minor problems
  • Optimal quality and longevity of our bicycles

With KS Cycling you have the peace of mind that you won't be let down when it comes to bike repairs. We offer you simple solutions and support you in getting your bike fully functional again in the shortest possible time.

Problem Solution
flat tire Inflate or replace tires
Loose handlebars Tighten or adjust handlebars
Grinding brakes Adjust brakes or replace pads


We hope this article helped you get to know the KS Cycling bike better. If you're looking for quality and style in a bike, you've come to the right place. Our wide range gives you the opportunity to find the perfect bike, whether you shop online or in store.

Whether women, men, teenagers, children or adventure lovers – our KS Cycling bicycles offer the right model for every type of rider. With robust frames, comfortable riding comfort and stylish design, our bikes are the ideal choice for everyday life, leisure activities, adventures or the way to school.

And if you need additional accessories or want to repair your bike, we offer you a selection of high-quality products and quick solutions. With us you will find everything you need to optimize your riding experience and keep your KS Cycling bike in top condition.

Enjoy unforgettable rides and discover the many benefits of the KS Cycling bike. We look forward to welcoming you soon as the proud owner of one of our bikes!


What are the advantages of the KS Cycling bike?

The KS Cycling bike offers an unforgettable ride that combines quality and style.

What selection of bikes does KS Cycling offer?

KS Cycling offers a variety of sizes and models to ensure every rider can find the right bike.

What features characterize the women's KS Cycling bicycles?

Our women's KS Cycling bicycles offer a comfortable ride for everyday use and leisure activities.

What features characterize the men's KS Cycling bicycles?

Our men's KS Cycling bikes offer the perfect combination of style and functionality with their sporty style.

What characteristics characterize the youth KS Cycling bicycles?

Our youth KS Cycling bikes feature a cool design and are perfect for young riders.

What characteristics characterize the mountain bikes from KS Cycling?

Our mountain bikes from KS Cycling are specially designed for off-road adventures and offer the perfect performance on demanding routes.

What characteristics characterize the city bikes from KS Cycling?

Our city bikes from KS Cycling combine practicality and style and are perfect for the urban lifestyle.

What characteristics characterize the trekking bikes from KS Cycling?

Our trekking bikes offer riders comfort and stability over longer distances and are ideal for extended bike tours.

What features characterize the children's KS Cycling bicycles?

Our children's KS Cycling bikes are designed to provide safety and comfort for school trips.

What characteristics characterize the e-bikes from KS Cycling?

Our e-bikes from KS Cycling offer a comfortable riding experience with electric support and enable relaxed riding and long distances.

What type of bike accessories does KS Cycling offer?

We offer a wide range of high quality cycling accessories for KS Cycling bikes, from bike helmets to bike lights and bike bags.

How can I repair my KS Cycling bike?

Our KS Cycling bikes are easy to repair and offer quick solutions to minor problems. With our instructions you can easily repair your bike yourself.

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