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Machine table test & comparison 2024: Your comprehensive guide to the top selection of the year

Workbench comparison test: Discover the best variants at a glance

Machine table – A machine table is a tool used in many industries. It is used to load and process workpieces. A machine table is available in different sizes and can be used for a variety of applications. Machine tables are usually very stable and can easily hold heavy workpieces. They can be mounted on various machines and enable precise and safe machining of workpieces. If you are looking for a high-quality machine table, you have come to the right place. We have a wide range of models of different sizes and materials, so everyone can find the right model for their needs. Invest in a machine table and improve your work processes!
Best recommendation
Machine table Stanley FatMax foldable workbench up to 455kg
Price-performance winner
Machine table master work and clamping table 150 kg load capacity
Machine table Wolfcraft I MASTER work 1600 I 6909000
Machine table Metabo 6.31317.00 machine stand UMS
Machine table Bosch Home and Garden, PWB 600 max.: 200 kg
Machine table TRUTZHOLM ® multifunctional work table
Machine table Wolfcraft MASTER 200 clamping and work table
Machine table Wolfcraft MASTER Cut 1500 work incl. accessories
Machine table Silverline 126657 Universal machine stand
Machine table Holzmann machines router table OFT102
Model Machine table Stanley FatMax foldable workbench up to 455kg Machine table master work and clamping table 150 kg load capacity Machine table Wolfcraft I MASTER work 1600 I 6909000 Machine table Metabo 6.31317.00 machine stand UMS Machine table Bosch Home and Garden, PWB 600 max.: 200 kg Machine table TRUTZHOLM ® multifunctional work table Machine table Wolfcraft MASTER 200 clamping and work table Machine table Wolfcraft MASTER Cut 1500 work incl. accessories Machine table Silverline 126657 Universal machine stand Machine table Holzmann machines router table OFT102
Brand Stanley Master Wolfcraft Metabo Bosch Home And Garden Trutzholm Wolfcraft Wolfcraft Silverline Holzmann machines
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!machine table
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,9goodmachine table
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodmachine table
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodmachine table
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodmachine table
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodmachine table
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodmachine table
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodmachine table
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodmachine table
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodmachine table
Can also be used as Workbench Workbench, clamping table Workbench, clamping table save clamping table Workbench, trolley, transport trolley, clamping table Workbench, clamping table save save save
Max. load capacity in kilograms 9 6 6 7 6 10 6 6 0 0
Weight in kilograms 10,5 kg 7 kg 25,7 kg 12,0 kg 12,0 kg 20,5 kg 11,9 kg 17,0 kg 4,0 kg 29 kg
Max. working height in centimetres 85 cm 78,5 cm 87 cm 83 cm 83 cm 87 cm 80 cm 86,5 cm 80 cm 88 cm
Total work surface L 85x60 inch 73x15 inch 104x70 inch 57x60 inch 68x55 inch 80x40 inch 64,5x30 inch 78x50 inch Extendable 81x61 inch
  • Metal legs for more stability
  • collapsible
  • for a variety of applications
  • foldable
  • ideal work table for Saw
  • Chair Sashes
  • Clean
  • gluing and much more. Quality construction
  • particularly secure footing
  • multifunctional machine table
  • particularly large work surface
  • mobile use due to foldability
  • Mobile use thanks to foldability
  • foldable for mobile use
  • multifunctional machine table
  • particularly high resilience
  • multifunctional machine table
  • particularly large work area
  • mobile use by folding
  • Easy to use
  • universally applicable
  • adjustable table top
  • particularly light
  • Universal table top
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The best machine tables in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Machine table 2024: Comparisons and valuable tips for your purchase decision can be found here - comprehensive guide and expert opinions
Purchasing a machine table will be easier if you follow our recommendations. In this guide you will find all the essential information

At a glance
  • A machine table is a specially designed work table for processing workpieces. It offers a robust surface and can be equipped with numerous tools and devices. Machine tables are usually made of steel and can be adjusted in height and length as required.
  • Machine tables are used in various sectors, for example in the metal industry, wood processing or in the plastics industry. Customizable and flexible, they can be used for different types of tasks, such as milling, drilling, sawing or grinding. To protect against dust and chips, machine tables can also be equipped with an extraction system.
  • When choosing a machine table, it is important to consider the exact requirements of the job and choose the right equipment accordingly. Aspects such as the load capacity and stability of the table as well as the size and space requirements should also be taken into account. Thorough planning and advice from a specialist can help when choosing a suitable machine table.

Efficient machine table for every workshop – space-saving and stable

We offer you an extensive range of solidly crafted products workbenches from the leading German manufacturers. Each piece is a masterpiece “Made in Germany” and in the best industrial qualityQuality! In our huge range you will find the right work table and other workshop equipment for a wide range of operational requirements and for every professional Workshop equipment.

Key Findings:

  • Machine tables and workbenches are essential for everyone Workshop or business facility.
  • Our offer includes a large selection higher quality and more robust Models from leading German manufacturers.
  • We offer stationary workbenches, mobile rolling workbenches and height-adjustable work surfaces.
  • With our machine tables you can optimally design your workplace and work efficiently.
  • Trust in Quality and reliability when selecting your machine table.

Professional workbenches for industry and crafts

When it comes to workbenches for professional use in industry and trade, we offer you a versatile selection of high-quality models. No matter if you have a stationary Workbench with Vice and substructuredrawers or an ergonomically height-adjustable one Workbench you need – you will find it with us. Our premium manufacturers ANKE and HK offer special models for different requirements. A heavy-dutyWorkbench is characterized by its high resilience and is ideal for working with large weights. If you want to save space or a Workshop with several people, a group workbench is the one optimal solution.

Our workbenches are sturdy and durable. You can be confident that you are receiving a quality product that can withstand the demanding conditions of the industry. The workbenches from ANKE impress with a durable workbench top Beech wood, which is protected from warping by a bar-like tooth gluing. The HK workbench offers a durable table top, a sturdy base made of welded tubular steel and a scratch-resistant sheet steel-Under cabinet with plenty Storage space for tools and small parts.

The selection of workbenches also includes Combination workbenches, which combine various functions, such as retractable ones Vices or height-adjustable worktops. With a workbench from us, you not only get a practical workstation, but also an investment in the efficiency and productivity of your work Workshop.

Workbench type Description Benefits
Box workbench Stationary workbench with Vice and substructuredrawers – Permanently installed Vice for safe working
– substructuredrawers for additional Storage space
Row workbench Several workbenches arranged one behind the other – Space-saving solution for group work
– Every employee has their own workplace
Combination workbench Workbench with additional functions such as a lowerable vice or height-adjustable worktop – Flexibility for different jobs
- Ergonomic working thanks to height-adjustable countertop
Industrial workbench Workbench specially developed for use in industry - Height Resilience for working with large weights
– Robust construction for demanding use
Assembly workbench Workbench with special equipment for assembly work – Well-designed work surface for efficient assembly
– Additional Storage space for assembly tools and materials

HK workbench – quality “Made in Germany”

The HK workbench is a high-quality choice for professional users from trade and industry. She offers one durable work surface and enough storage space for a variety of everyday work tasks. The quality feature "Made in Germany" stands for solid workmanship and high-quality materials that ensure long durability.

The HK workbench is characterized by its durable table top, which can withstand even intensive use. The base frame is made of welded steel tube and ensures a stable base. A scratch-resistant one sheet steel-Undercounter cabinet with drawers and storage compartments provides enough space for tools and small items to keep the work area organized.

Depending on the model, the HK workbench has additional attractive features that meet a wide range of operational requirements. These include, for example, lowerable vices or height-adjustable worktops to enable ergonomic work. With an HK workbench you invest in Quality and reliability for an efficient working environment.

ANKE workbenches with durable workbench tops made of beech wood (BMP)

ANKE workbenches have been known for their quality and durability for over 50 years. The durable workbench tops Beech wood (BMP) are one of the outstanding features of these high-quality workbenches. Thanks to a bar-like tooth gluing on the long side, the beech wood panels offer reliable stability and are extremely resistant to warping. They are therefore ideal for demanding working environments.

The under cabinet of the ANKE workbenches is made of scratch-resistant sheet steel manufactured and has drawers and storage compartments. This gives you enough space to store tools and small parts in an orderly manner. The drawers offer 100% full extension, giving you easy access to your tools. The solid workmanship and the high-quality materials make it ANKE workbenches a reliable choice for every workplace.

Whether you need drawers for additional storage space or want a special worktop to suit your needs, ANKE workbenches have it different models with additional features. Choose between lowerable vices, height-adjustable worktops and other attractive options to customize your workbench. With ANKE workbenches you get a reliable and durable work surfacethat makes your everyday work easier.

Workbenches from HAHN+KOLB: group workbenches, box workbenches and combination workbenches

At HAHN+KOLB you will find a variety of high-quality workbenches that meet the requirements of craft businesses, workshops and Schools satisfy. Our Group workbenches offer space for up to 8 people and are therefore particularly space-saving. They are ideal for group work and also for workshops Schools, Our Box workbenches are characterized by their robust construction and offer plenty of storage space for tools and materials. The Combination workbenches from HAHN+KOLB combine various functions in one model and thus enable a wide range of possible uses.

Group workbenches

Our Group workbenches are specifically designed for use in craft businesses, workshops and Schools been developed. They can accommodate up to 8 people and are therefore ideal for teamwork and group projects. Each workstation has its own work surface and offers enough space for tools and materials. Due to their space-saving design Group workbenches Can also be used well in small rooms. With a group workbench from HAHN+KOLB you can create an optimal working environment for your team.

Box workbenches

Our Box workbenches They impress with their robust construction and offer plenty of storage space for tools and materials. They have several drawers and storage compartments where you can store your tools neatly and organized. The worktop offers enough space for carrying out various tasks. With a Box workbench From HAHN+KOLB you always have everything you need for your projects at hand.

Combination workbenches

Our Combination workbenches combine various functions in one model and thus enable a wide range of possible uses. They have a stable worktop, drawers, storage compartments and some also have lowerable vices. With a Combination workbench from HAHN+KOLB you have the opportunity to carry out various tasks in one place and always have all the tools and materials at hand.

Type of workbench Features
Group workbenches – Space for up to 8 people
– Ideal for group work and workshops
– Robust construction
Box workbenches – Plenty of storage space for tools and materials
– Various drawers and storage compartments
– Robust construction
Combination workbenches – Different functions in one model
– Stable worktop
– Drawers, storage compartments, lowerable vice (optional)

Workbenches and workshop tables with vice

workbenches and Workshop table are indispensable elements in every well-equipped workshop. When it comes to machining and assembling workpieces, a vise is extremely useful Tools. At HAHN+KOLB you will find a diverse selection of workbenches and workshop tables that are equipped with an integrated vice. These work surfaces offer you the opportunity to securely attach workpieces and carry out precise work.

No matter whether you are looking for a stationary workbench or a mobile workshop table, you will find it with us. Our workbenches and Workshop table are solidly made and offer you a stable work surface on which you can work on your projects efficiently. The integrated vice allows you to securely fix workpieces and work hands-free. This means you have both hands free to use tools and materials.

Our workbenches and Workshop table with a vice versatile and are suitable for both professional use workshops and companies as well as for the hobby sector. They are robust, durable and offer you a reliable work surface on which you can successfully implement your projects. Trust in the quality and reliability of our products and find the perfect workshop table with vice for your needs at HAHN+KOLB.

Machine workstations and height-adjustable assembly tables

A machine workstation can be placed directly next to the machine, thereby increasing the efficiency of the work process. Setup, testing and assembly work can be carried out directly next to each other with a machine workstation from HAHN+KOLB. The spatial proximity saves time and travel, which leads to an increase in productivity.

Height-adjustable assembly tables are ideal for meeting the individual needs of each employee. By adjusting the working height you can... ergonomic workplace design can be achieved that promotes the health and well-being of employees. An ergonomically designed workplace can prevent back and neck problems and increase productivity.

“A machine workstation right next to the machine enables efficient working.”

At HAHN+KOLB you will find a variety of machine workstations and height-adjustable assembly tables that are perfect for your individual requirements. Choose from different models and designs to find the optimal workplace for you workshop or your company to accomplish.

Products Features Benefits
Machine workstation – Can be placed directly next to the machine
– Time and travel savings
– Efficient way of working
– Increase productivity
– Optimal use of the work space
Height-adjustable assembly table - Customizable working height
Ergonomic workplace design
– Improve employee health and well-being
- Increase of productivity

High-quality group workbenches for craft businesses, workshops and schools

Group workbenches are the ideal solution when various tasks need to be carried out by several people at the same time. Not only do they offer enough space for up to 8 people, but they are also extremely space-saving. This makes them perfect for craft workshops, workshops and even schools where they are used in workshops.

Our high-quality group workbenches are manufactured by leading German manufacturers and meet the highest quality standards. They are robust, durable and offer a stable work surface for various craft activities. The group workbenches are available in different versions, depending on the individual requirements of your workshop or craft business.

The space-saving design of group workbenches allows several people to work at one table at the same time without overcrowding the work area. This not only improves efficiency, but also encourages collaboration and the sharing of ideas and skills.

Advantages of group workbenches:

  • Space-saving and ideal for group work
  • Robust construction for high resilience
  • Durable work surfaces for various craft activities
  • Optimal collaboration and exchange of ideas
  • Suitable for craft workshops, workshops and schools

Invest in high-quality group workbenches and optimize the work area in your workshop, craft business or in your Schooling. Benefit from the space-saving design, the robust quality and the possibility of multiple people working together at the same time. Our group workbenches offer you the perfect solution for successful and efficient group work.

Further information:

You can find further information about our high-quality group workbenches and other workshop equipment in our extensive range. Contact us today and let our experts advise you. Together we will find the right solution for your individual requirements.

Robust heavy-duty workbenches with solid beech top (BMP)

Heavy duty workbenches are specifically designed to be large weights and carrying heavy tools. One of the main features is the robustness Solid beech plate (BMP), which offers high resistance and longevity. The extra thick worktop is special durable and withstands the strain of heavy work.

The Heavy duty workbenches at HAHN+KOLB are equipped with stable frames that can withstand the highest loads. Through the use of high-quality materials and careful workmanship, these workbenches offer a reliable and safe work surface for professional users.

Features of heavy-duty workbenches with solid beech top (BMP)

Thanks to the high load capacity and the stable work surface, they are suitable Heavy duty workbenches with Solid beech plate (BMP) is particularly good for use in workshops, industrial plants and other work environments where heavy loads have to be moved and processed.

characteristics Benefits
Extra thick solid beech board High resistance and longevity
Stable frame High load capacity and stability
Versatile Suitable for various industries
Safe and reliable Optimal working conditions and protection for heavy loads

Mobile and mobile workbenches for flexible workplaces

At HAHN+KOLB we are aware that in some situations it is necessary to use your workbench flexibly and quickly move it to another location. That's why we offer a variety of mobile and mobile workbenches that are perfect for versatile use. These workbenches give you the ability to customize your workspace as needed and get your work done efficiently.

High-quality rolling workbench for maximum flexibility

One of the options we offer you is the Box workbench with driving device. This workbench is equipped with 2 swivel castors and 2 fixed casters, making it easy to move and use in different locations. The box workbench gives you the same comfort and stability as a stationary workbench, but with the added ability to move it if necessary. This means you have a flexible workplace that adapts to your needs.

Our mobile Workbenches are robust, durable and offer you the flexibility you need for your work.

We attach great importance to quality and reliability, so you can rely on our mobile and mobile workbenches are made from high quality materials and have a long service life. Regardless of whether you work in the workshop, on the construction site or at another location, our workbenches offer you the opportunity to successfully implement your projects and optimize your work processes.

Features of mobile workbenches:
Robust construction
Driving device with swivel and fixed castors
Flexible application options
High quality manufacturing

Practical work tables for your workshop

A good Work table is an integral part of every workplace. At HAHN+KOLB you will find a diverse selection of high-quality Work tables, which are perfect for your workshop. Our Work tables are characterized by robust worktops that can withstand a wide range of activities. You can also use the tables with drawer boxes, workbench structures or others Accessories individualize to optimally design your workplace.

In particular, ours are height adjustable Work tables very popular because it improves everyday working life for employees essential make it more pleasant. The ability to adjust the height of the work table makes one ergonomic workplace design enabled. This contributes to the long-term health of employees and reduces the risk of back pain or other health problems.

Our work tables not only offer you a solid work surface, but also the flexibility to adapt your workplace to your individual needs. Whether in the workshop, craft business or school – our work tables are the perfect solution for every workplace.

Height-adjustable work tables for ergonomic workplace design

Height-adjustable work tables are becoming increasingly important in almost every work area because they contribute to the long-term health of employees. Those who adopt a healthy posture at work are less likely to develop back problems or other health problems. At HAHN+KOLB you will find the height-adjustable machine side table, but you can also have one Height-adjustable table frame Buy with a separate worktop.

Ergonomic workplace design

Ergonomic workplace design is of great importance in order to promote the long-term health and well-being of employees. The ability to individually adjust the height of the work table means that an optimal working height can be achieved that meets the individual needs of each employee. This supports a healthy posture and reduces the strain on the back, neck and shoulders reduced.

A height adjustable one Work table allows employees to adjust their working height as needed and thus adopt an ergonomic working position. This can help reduce muscle tension and increase well-being in the workplace.

Advantages of height-adjustable work tables

  • Individual adjustment of the working height for an ergonomic working position
  • Reduction of muscle tension and back pain
  • Increasing well-being in the workplace
  • Flexibility for different tasks and ways of working
  • Supporting employee health and productivity
Benefits Example
Individual adjustment of the height The height adjustable Work table enables employees to individually adjust the optimal working height.
Ergonomic working position A healthy posture is promoted and the strain on the back, neck and shoulders is reduced.
Reduction of muscle tension Adjusting the working height can help reduce muscle tension and prevent discomfort.

And finally ... Height-adjustable work tables are a sensible investment for every work area to promote the health and well-being of employees. By individually adjusting the working height, ergonomic working positions can be adopted that reduce muscle tension and increase well-being in the workplace. At HAHN+KOLB you will find a selection of high-quality, height-adjustable work tables that meet the requirements of different work areas.


Our extensive selection of high-quality machine tables and workbenches from leading German manufacturers such as ANKE and HK offers you the perfect solution for your projects. Whether you need a stationary workbench, a mobile rolling workbench or a height-adjustable work surface, we have the right one Workshop equipment for her.

With our machine tables and workbenches you can optimally design your workplace and get your work done efficiently. The High quality and reliability of our products ensure a long service life and a robust work surface for a wide range of tasks.

Trust in our expertise and be inspired by our large selection of machine tables and workbenches. Regardless of whether you want to set up your workshop or optimize your existing workplace – we have the right solution for you. Invest in a high quality one Workshop equipment, which will serve you well for years.


What types of machine tables do you offer?

At HAHN+KOLB we offer a wide range of machine tables, including stationary workbenches, mobile rolling workbenches and height-adjustable work tables.

Which workbench is suitable for industrial and craft use?

Our professional workbenches offer high quality and are suitable for both industry and trade. These include box workbenches, row workbenches, Combination workbenches and industrial workbenches.

What sets the HK workbench apart?

The HK workbench impresses with its durable work surface and storage space for a variety of everyday work tasks. She is from high quality and is made in Germany.

Why are ANKE workbenches so popular?

ANKE workbenches have had an excellent reputation for over 50 years. They are characterized by their durable workbench top made of beech wood (BMP) and offer plenty of storage space with drawers and shelves made of sheet steel.

What type of workbenches do you offer for group work?

For group work, we offer group workbenches that offer space for up to 8 people and are very space-saving. They are suitable for both craft workshops as well as for schools.

Do you have workbenches with a vice?

Yes, we offer workbenches and workshop tables with a vice. These are ideal for jobs where a firm grip is required.

What type of work tables do you offer?

Our work tables are versatile and can be used with Accessories how drawer boxes and workbench structures can be customized. Height-adjustable work tables are particularly popular because they make everyday work more pleasant.

Why are height-adjustable work tables important?

Height-adjustable work tables contribute to the long-term health of employees as they promote healthy posture and can prevent back problems. They can be individually adapted to each employee.

Can you recommend heavy duty workbenches?

Yes, our heavy-duty workbenches are characterized by their high load capacity and are particularly robust. They are ideal for working with heavy tools.

Do you also offer mobile workbenches?

Yes, we offer mobile and mobile workbenches at that yourself easy to move and flexible can be used.

What is the conclusion about machine tables and workbenches?

Machine tables and workbenches are indispensable work surfaces in every workshop or company facility. At HAHN+KOLB you will find a large selection of high-quality and stable models for every need.

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