Wall chaser test & comparison 2023

Recommended slot cutter: Our top 5 items in the comparison test

A wall chaser is an essential tool for any DIY enthusiast or professional looking to complete masonry work. With a wall chaser you can mill precise holes in walls and masonry to lay cables and pipes. There are many different wall chasers on the market. In our test, we tested and rated the best wall chasers. Here you can find out which wall chaser suits you best and how you can achieve precise and fast results in your masonry work.
Best recommendation
Wall chaser Bosch Professional GNF 65 A, 2,400 W 14 pieces
Price-performance winner
Wall chaser Arebos 1700 W (Ø 150 mm, groove depth up to 40 mm
Wall chaser Bosch Professional GNF 35 CA 1.400 watt case
Wall chaser Einhell TC-MA 1300 1320 W, 9000 rpm
Wall chaser VONROC | Slot cutter - 1700W - 150mm
Wall chaser POWER plus slot cutter 1.800 watts
Wall chaser Guede Güde MD1700
Wall chaser Ferm slot cutter 1700W 2 diamond discs 125mm
Wall chaser EG Haustechnik 4935413605 Wall chaser, 1500 W
Wall chaser Eibenstock machines Eibenstock EMF 150.1
ModelWall chaser Bosch Professional GNF 65 A, 2,400 W 14 piecesWall chaser Arebos 1700 W (Ø 150 mm, groove depth up to 40 mmWall chaser Bosch Professional GNF 35 CA 1.400 watt caseWall chaser Einhell TC-MA 1300 1320 W, 9000 rpmWall chaser VONROC | Slot cutter - 1700W - 150mmWall chaser POWER plus slot cutter 1.800 wattsWall chaser Guede Güde MD1700Wall chaser Ferm slot cutter 1700W 2 diamond discs 125mmWall chaser EG Haustechnik 4935413605 Wall chaser, 1500 WWall chaser Eibenstock machines Eibenstock EMF 150.1
BrandBosch ProfessionalArebosBosch ProfessionalEinhellVonrocPowerPlusgüdeFirmEg building servicesEibenstock machines
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Wall chaser
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,2goodWall chaser
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodWall chaser
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodWall chaser
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodWall chaser
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodWall chaser
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodWall chaser
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodWall chaser
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodWall chaser
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodWall chaser
volume97 dBk. A.102 dB93 dB85,3 dB95 dB102 dB102 dB98 dBk. A.
Overload Protection
Constant electronics idle speed
including carrying case
groove width3 ?? 40 mm14 ?? 29 mm7 ?? 39 mm8 ?? 26 mm14L 19L 29mm14 ?? 44 mm2,5 ?? 29 mm14 ?? 29 mm8 ?? 26 mm7 ?? 46 mm
disc diameter recording230mm22,2mm bore150 mm 22,2 mm150mm22,2mm bore125mm22,2mm bore150mm22,2mm bore150mm22,2mm bore150mm22,2mm bore125mm22,2mm bore125mm22,2mm bore150mm22,2mm bore
input2.400 watts,1.700 watts,1.400 watts,1.320 watts,1.700 watts,1.800 watts,1.700 watts,1.700 watts,1.500 watts,2.300 watts,
Weight8,4 kg.4,5 kg.4,7 kg.4,9 kg.5,4 kg.5,5 kg.4,8 kg.7,2 kg.4,1 kg.6,1 kg.
groove depth20 ?? 65 mm10 ?? 40 mm0 ?? 35 mm8 ?? 30 mm5 ?? 400 ?? 45 mm10 ?? 40 mm0 ?? 28 mm8 ?? 30 mmmax. 45 mm
  • especially with wide grooves
  • constant speed
  • even under load
  • especially in deep grooves
  • including 2 cutting discs
  • extra light
  • Laser for precision cuts
  • including 2 cutting discs
  • Constant speed even under load
  • extra wide grooves
  • extra light
  • including 2 cutting discs
  • especially easy
  • also available with 4 diamond discs and 6 diamond discs
  • good value for money
  • including 6 cutting discs
  • extra wide grooves
  • including 2 cutting discs
  • extra light
  • Laser for precision cuts
  • including 2 cutting discs
  • Laser for precision cuts
  • especially easy
  • constant speed even under load
  • extra wide grooves
  • Constant speed even under load
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The best wall chasers in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Wall chaser 2023: Comparisons and valuable tips for your purchase decision can be found here.
Purchasing a wall chaser is easier if you follow our recommendations. In this guide you will find all the essential information.

At a glance
  • A wall chaser is an electric one Hand tools, used in the construction and renovation industries to cut clean slots in masonry and concrete walls. The grooving cutter is ideal for cutting cables, Pipes or lines in clean and straight slots relocate.
  • The wall chaser enables precise work and has an adjustable cutting depth and width. Most models are equipped with a dust extraction system to minimize the dust that is created, which also provides a better view of the work piece.
  • There are different types of wall chasers on the market, including dry, wet and diamond blade models for particularly hard materials. Most grooving machines are easy to use and are suitable for both professional use and DIY.
Wall chaser

The best wall chasers in comparison

Wall chasers are ideal for small to medium-sized walls. through yours small dimensions and their light weight, these devices are particularly agile and manoeuvrable. In addition, they can also be easily operated by inexperienced users. So if you are looking for a flexible and versatile tool for cleaning or roughening your walls, a wall chaser is for you!

Several Wall chaser Recommendations see our table with ourWall chaserbuy recommendations. If you do this for the Wall chaser Reviews interested and which ones Wall chaser Bestsellers there is, this guide will give you a lot of useful information about it. 

Our wall chaser recommendation on Amazon:

Bosch Professional GNF 65 A, 2,400 W nominal input power, 5 min-1 idle speed, case, 14-piece accessories, 0601368703
  • Powerful 2.400 W motor
  • Convenience through starting current limitation and soft start for more precise work
  • Cutting depth continuously adjustable via scale

Overview of different wall chasers

Different cutters from different manufacturers . These devices differ not only in performance. The following table tells you about two common types. 

Wall chaser

A wall chaser is a classic wall cutter. It is easy to use and can be used immediately even without prior technical knowledge. Visually, this cutter is reminiscent of a Angle. The device is also constructed in a similar way. If you not only want to create simple joints, but also want to create shadow joints, the cookie stitcher is also suitable. The shadow gap is the gap between the surface of a component and an adjacent component. All models are equipped with a suction system, which you should definitely use when using this device. The fine dust is collected directly in the container, which pollutes the environment less. Also, you breathe with one Extraction system less dust. 

wood cutter

In contrast to cookie or wall chasers, the router is only used for processing in wood. As the name suggests, the Knives attached from above. With them you can work wood and make your own decorative profiles. So that the devices can be used in as many ways as possible, we offer various attachments with which you can make many different grooves in different types of wood mill can. These models also have suction for easy cleaning. If you like working with wood and you work a lot, you should have a wood milling machine in your Workshop not missing. They are also driven by electric motors and are in different versions available, including handheld. 

Advantages and disadvantages of different wall cutters

All the advantages and disadvantages of different routers in comparison are made in the table. 

Wall chaser advantages & disadvantages


  • Good for wall work
  • Perfect for cable ducts
  • Easy to use


  • dust

Wood router advantages & disadvantages


  • Applicable for woodworking
  • Easy usage


  • No
Wall chaser

Which wall cutter is right for you? 

There are many construction machines on the market. But the sheer variety often makes the selection difficult. In addition to handling you should of course on the performance and the various functions of the Wall Chasers respect, think highly of. If these are not suitable for your purpose, you cannot use the milling machine properly. The following tips and facts serve as a guide to make your choice a little easier. 

groove depth

It indicates the depth to which the groove is cut in the wall. When laying thick cables or conduits the depth must be correspondingly high. The grooves may be too weak, when the cutting blade cannot penetrate deep into the wall. So pay attention to the specified depth or whether it can be set and adjusted individually. Wall chasers should create a depth of at least 30 mm. If this is not the case, leave it Device better stand on the shelf and resort to another model. The groove depth is always given in millimeters


There are still very simple wall cutters with only one cutting disc. However, it can only be used to create relatively narrow wall joints that later have to be reworked by hand. 


When you see the wall chaser in action, you can easily imagine how much power and performance it actually has. Despite being a small device, it packs a mighty punch. Most wall chasers have an output of around 700 to 1.000 watts. However, these numbers may vary depending on the model and manufacturer. However, some wall chasers are so powerful that they can reach up to 2.000 watts. So if you are looking for a wall chaser that is particularly powerful, you should opt for a model that has at least 1.500 watts.

blade size

The cutting discs are also different. The classic diameter is 150 mm. You can also smaller discs with a diameter of 125 mm buy in store. A large cut-off wheel is standard and is best for roughing. With a smaller cutting disc, finer work can be done better and more precisely. 


You hold the wall chaser in your hand while you work. Therefore weight can play a big role as the milling machine at long work feels increasingly heavy. But even relatively light machines have a dead weight of 4 or 5 kg. Other larger milling machines can even weigh up to 7 kg. 


Most manufacturers also offer suitable accessories for their machines. Depending on which milling machine you choose, you may receive this included. are in a box Tools safely stored and can also be transported more easily. In the box is also Space for additional accessories. This includes the cutting discs, which you will need to change from time to time. In order to be able to change them correctly, you need the appropriate tool, which is also available as an accessory. The mounting flange is important, since the cut-off wheel is attached to it. For most devices you will also need a two-pin wrench and a round nut. 

How does the wall chaser work? 

Wall chasers are easy to use. She is driven by an electric motor. The motor drives two diamond cutting discs. When the milling machine is put into operation, the cutting disc rotates at an extremely high speed. By placing the cutter on the wall, the cutting disc cuts into the masonry and creates two grooves. Then remove the brickwork between the grooves. 

Milling machines are ideal for processing walls. 

What type of vacuum cleaner is used for the wall chasers? 

When using the wall slot machine, more or less construction dust is produced. This is very fine and dry. Therefore, always use an extraction system so that the dust does not spread so quickly in the environment, but also not inhaled can be. Most models come with one Adapter . You need a so-called construction vacuum with sufficient power. You don't have to buy it separately, you can borrow or rent it by the hour or by the day from various hardware stores or specialist dealers. 

Are there any things you need to watch out for?

You will only be satisfied with the end result if the tool meets your expectations. There different models to choose from, you must too choose between different functions. The depth and the Width of the grooves are special important. When buying, make sure that both are adjustable. This is the only way you can create wide, narrow, flat or deep seams. 

How deep does the wall milling cutter cut? 

Often overlooked but very important is the groove depth. If the groove is not deep enough, the cable will not find enough space in the groove. However, if you run the cable and plaster the wall, there will always be a bulge along the cable, which is always noticeable. Some devices have a fixed groove depth of approx. 45 mm, others can be set individually between 0 and 35 mm. There are other wall chasers that offer depths up to 65mm. It is therefore best to find out before you buy which features are important to you. 

Our insider tip for wall chasers on Amazon:

Bosch Professional Grooving Router GNF 35 CA (1.400 Watt, disc-Ø: 150 mm, 7x Spacer, in case)
  • The ideal performance-to-weight ratio reduces fatigue and allows for comfortable and...
  • Optimized grip areas for easy and ergonomic handling
  • 1.400 watt motor and constant speed for maximum performance and excellent work results

Where can you find a good wall carver?

Good wall chasers can be found in hardware stores such as Obi or Bauhaus. There are also many ways to buy cheap wall chasers online.  Bestsellers Wall chaser Articles usually have too quality Wall chaser Reviews in customer reviews. Here you will find favorable Wall chaser Articles and also higher-priced ones. The besten Wall chaser are not always the most expensive. With a Wall chaser Price Comparison you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff.

The most popular manufacturers and brands of wall cutters

You can buy wall chasers from the following manufacturers and brands, e.g 

Good Wall chaser Offers are not only available from specialist retailers. At the Wall chaser buy online are Wall chaser Prices usually lower than in a specialist shop.

Our wall chaser bestseller on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
Einhell wall chaser TE-MA 1700 (1.700 W, cutting width adjustment up to 38 mm, cutting depth up to 40 mm, soft start, overload protection, ...
  • Performance - With 1.700 watts of power and 7.000 revolutions per minute, the powerful Einhell TE-MA wall chaser cuts ...
  • Cutting depth and groove width - The milling depth can be adjusted continuously up to 40 mm and the groove width up to 38 mm and to all ...
  • Easy disc change - With the practical spindle lock, the disc change of the 150 mm ...
DiscountBestseller no. 2
Güde wall chaser MD1700
  • Power supply: 230°V, ~ 50°Hz.
  • Maximum motor power: 1.700°W.
  • Speed: 4.000°r/min.
DiscountBestseller no. 3
Einhell wall chaser TC-MA 1300 (1.320 W, idle speed 9.000 min-1, max. groove width 26 mm, max. groove depth 30 mm, ...
  • Performance - With 1.320 watts of power and 9.000 revolutions per minute, the wall chaser cuts continuously into the ...
  • Adjustable cutting depth - The cutting depth can be continuously adjusted from 8 mm to 30 mm and adapted to all conditions ...
  • Safe handling - The wall chaser is safe and handy to use thanks to a large handle that holds a firm ...

Does Stiftung Warentest already have one Wall chaser Test report published?

If the Stiftung Warentest one Wall chaser Test made and one Wall chaser test winner was chosen, you can read about it on the Stiftung Warentest website.


Whether model from Einhell, AEG or Bosch – there are many good routersin performance and lifespan Yes. Determine the best equipment for the job you intend to do, looking for good performance, proper groove depth and width, and accessories that go with your Router is delivered. 

Youtube video tip for wall chaser comparison:

Now it's time to mill: Try the Einhell TC-MA 1300 wall chaser


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Which of the manufacturers has been given a place in their wall chaser comparison?

For this wall chaser comparison, we limited ourselves to a number of major manufacturers in the ranking. You can see models from the following manufacturers here Bosch Professional, Arebos, Bosch Professional, Einhell, Vonroc, PowerPlus, güde, Firm, Eg building services and Eibenstock machines with a representative selection of the best products.

Which products from the wall chaser comparison are expensive and which are affordable?

When it comes to wall chaser products in an exquisite version, the costs are correspondingly high and can be found here at a proud price of around €784,51. On the other hand, you can purchase items in the lower price category starting at around €79,39.

What kind of item was rated as the product with the best price-performance ratio in the wall chaser comparison?

Many of the products presented in the wall chaser comparison from Beste-Testsieger.de not only have excellent customer reviews, but the price and performance are also right. Among all of them, the one turned out to be Wall chaser Arebos 1700 W (Ø 150 mm, groove depth up to 40 mm as the one with the best relation.

How was the order of the products in the wall chaser comparison assessed?

Before assessing the order of the individual items in the wall chaser comparison, numerous research was carried out. Many items are of equal value and deciding who ends up in which place was not easy. For this comparison we decided on the article Wall chaser Bosch Professional GNF 65 A, 2,400 W 14 pieces for rank 1, Wall chaser Arebos 1700 W (Ø 150 mm, groove depth up to 40 mm, received rank 2 and the products Wall chaser Bosch Professional GNF 35 CA 1.400 watt case, Wall chaser Einhell TC-MA 1300 1320 W, 9000 rpm and Wall chaser VONROC | Slot cutter - 1700W - 150mm followed in the other places.

In addition to the first place and the one with the best price-performance winner in the wall chaser comparison, which top products were available for choice?

Popularity and the best ratings from customer reviews played an important role in the selection. In addition to the best-placed wall chaser comparison, there were also these top products Wall chaser Bosch Professional GNF 65 A, 2,400 W 14 pieces, Wall chaser Arebos 1700 W (Ø 150 mm, groove depth up to 40 mm and Wall chaser Bosch Professional GNF 35 CA 1.400 watt case with at the start.

Comprehensive guide to wall chasers: top sources for information and products

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    • Wall chaser Wikipedia: Get comprehensive information about Wall chaser on Wikipedia, the renowned online encyclopedia that offers in-depth insight into a variety of topics.
    • Wall chaser YouTube: Explore Wall chaser through a variety of videos on YouTube. From informative tutorials to product reviews, YouTube offers a rich source of visual content.
    • Wall chaser Amazon: Discover the extensive product range from Wall chaser on Amazon. Here you will find a variety of options, user reviews and much more.
    • Wall chaser Ebay: Browse through a large selection Wall chaser-Products on Ebay. This marketplace offers both new and used options that may meet your needs.
    • Lidl wall chaser: Discover the variety of products from Wall chaser at Lidl. The retailer offers a selection that combines quality and price consciousness.

How did you like our wall chaser comparison?

4.8/5 - (48 reviews)

  1. Mia Arnold says:

    What features does the wall chaser have?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Mia Arnold,

      Your support and your comment on our wall chaser comparison are important to us. Thank you for being part of our community!

      The wall chaser has various features such as an adjustable cutting depth, a powerful motor and low-dust work thanks to the integrated dust extraction. It is also equipped with an ergonomic handle for comfortable handling.

      Greetings from the support team to Herdecke.

  2. Lisa says:

    What is the maximum cutting depth of the wall chaser?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Your interest in our wall chaser test & comparison is an enrichment for us. Thank you for your valuable thoughts and contribution!

      The wall chaser has a maximum cutting depth of 30 mm. With this you can easily cut clean grooves in your wall.

      Feedback from the support team to Ebermannstadt.

  3. Marius Braun says:

    Can I use this wall chaser to cut into hard materials such as concrete?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Marius,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our wall chaser test & comparison. Thank you!

      Yes, this wall chaser is also suitable for cutting hard materials such as concrete, granite and marble. It is important to check the milling disc regularly and replace it if necessary.

      Best regards to Pfullingen.

      support specialist

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