Motor hoe test & comparison 2023

Soil hoe in comparison test: the best variants at a glance

Motor hoe: A motor hoe is a powerful gardening tool that can be very useful when preparing the soil or when planting. The hoe breaks through the ground easily and moves effortlessly. With a powerful motor and robust tiller blades, it breaks up the soil, improves soil quality and allows plants to grow better. A good motor hoe should be stable and easy to handle to ensure effective work.
Best recommendation
Einhell electric tiller GC-RT 1440 M
Price-performance winner
Motor hoe IKRA electric tiller cultivator IEM 800S
Einhell cordless tiller GE-CR 30, transport wheels
Motor tiller BRAST electric 1500 Watt 45cm working width
Motor tiller IKRA 70300910 electric tiller FEM1500
Motor tiller Grizzly Tools Elektro, 45 cm working width, 2 widths
Motorhoe Hecht electric hoe, 1500 watts, 24 knives
Motor hoe Unknown ATIKA BH 1400 N hoe, 1400 W
Einhell electric tiller GC-RT 1545 M
Motor hoe Hecht petrol tiller 750 cultivator, 4 rotors
Model Einhell electric tiller GC-RT 1440 M Motor hoe IKRA electric tiller cultivator IEM 800S Einhell cordless tiller GE-CR 30, transport wheels Motor tiller BRAST electric 1500 Watt 45cm working width Motor tiller IKRA 70300910 electric tiller FEM1500 Motor tiller Grizzly Tools Elektro, 45 cm working width, 2 widths Motorhoe Hecht electric hoe, 1500 watts, 24 knives Motor hoe Unknown ATIKA BH 1400 N hoe, 1400 W Einhell electric tiller GC-RT 1545 M Motor hoe Hecht petrol tiller 750 cultivator, 4 rotors
Brand Einhell Caviar Einhell brast Caviar Grizzly tools Pike Unknown Einhell Pike
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!tillers
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,9goodtillers
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodtillers
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodtillers
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodtillers
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodtillers
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodtillers
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodtillers
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodtillers
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodtillers
Weight 7,4 kg. 10,35 kg. 11 kg. 11 kg. 13,8 kg. 16 kg. 13 kg. 13,5 kg. 12 kg. 68 kg.
Working width 40 cm 30 cm 30 cm 45 cm 45cm 45 cm 40 cm 40 cm 45 cm 50 cm
working depth 20 cm 20 cm 20 cm 22 cm 23 cm 18 cm 22 cm 20 cm 22 cm 35 cm
Performance 1.400 watts, 800 watts, not specified 1.500 watts, 1.500 watts, 1.500 watts, 1.500 watts, 1.400 watts, 1.500 watts, 4.300 watts,
Safety switches
reverse gear
height-adjustable handle
Power Type Electric motor Electric motor Electric motor Electric motor Electric motor Electric motor Electric motor Electric motor Electric motor Petrol engine
  • removable wheels
  • very quiet
  • very good workmanship
  • electronic safety brake
  • powerful and quiet
  • can be folded to save space
  • Easy to use
  • height-adjustable wheels
  • good workmanship
  • height-adjustable wheels
  • easy to transport (foldable handle)
  • powerful and quiet
  • variable work surface
  • Ergonomic handle
  • good workmanship
  • especially quiet
  • ergonomic controls
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to use
  • also suitable for loamy soils
  • quiet operation
  • height-adjustable wheels
  • Cable strain relief
  • the handlebar is ergonomically shaped and foldable
  • also for chopped material
  • Suitable for humus fertilizer and peat
  • good workmanship
  • high quality cover
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The best tiller in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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To buy the best tiller 2023, we recommend considering this guide.
A few criteria can help you choose the right motor hoe. You will find all the important information in our purchasing guide.

At a glance
  • A tiller is a gardening tool that helps with digging, weeding, and planting beds. The hoe consists of a motor with rotating hoeing tools that loosen and dig up the soil. The motor hoe makes gardening easier, especially on larger areas.
  • There are different types of tillers, from small, walk-behind models to larger, vehicle-mounted machines. Some models have different settings to adjust the depth and width of the hoe or to facilitate other gardening tasks such as working in fertilizer or making seed beds.
  • When looking to buy a tiller, you should consider a number of factors such as the size of your yard, the type of terrain and your physical condition. You should also pay attention to the power of the engine, the size of the hoe and the volume. A good tiller can be a worthwhile investment to make gardening easier and more efficient.

The best tillers in comparison

Tillage in the garden often resembles a work of art. Conventional garden tools become superfluous and electric motor hoes dig up the soil effortlessly. 

When choosing the right tiller, many factors play a role. The tiller should be attached to yours site conditions be adjusted. Find out more about common electric hoes and their performance in our comparison table. 

In our tillers Compare we would like to give you some tillers Testimonials introduce. You can find it in our tillers Packages many articles with one Great tillers Price-, performance ratio and a comparison winner. Finally, we address the question of whether the Stiftung Warentest tillers  Test has performed.

How to find the best electric hoes

Do you find it difficult to use a pick or shovel and do you complain about your back after the work is done? If you use an electric hoe, can the soil can be worked effortlessly. We tell you which tillers are powered and how, how to operate them and why electric tillers are better suited for smaller gardens. 

Our motor hoe recommendation on Amazon:

Einhell electric tiller GC-RT 1440 M (1400 W, 40 cm working width, 200 mm working depth, series motor, overload clutch, ...
  • Simple and effective tillage with a powerful 1.400 watt Carbon Power in-line motor and light weight for...
  • Robust cleaver and overload clutch for low wear
  • Height adjustable, foldable transport wheels for easy mobility

Petrol or electric? 

When comparing motor hoes, motor cultivators with different drive types are considered. Before you buy a cultivator, you should decide on a petrol cultivator or an electric cultivator. 

Powered by petrol engine

He is suitable for large-scale works. The soil needs a strong one Scarifier. Electric hoes with petrol are in different tank sizes. You are not hindered by annoying cables and can also work on wide and insurmountable terrain. 

Motor tillers are available for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Two-stroke engines run louder and have higher exhaust emissions.

Lighter and quieter electric tillers

Avoid cable clutter

You can avoid annoying cable clutter by buying an electric hoe with a battery. However, the performance of this electric garden hoe is limited to the battery power. Buying a spare battery can help you avoid downtime on tillers. 

Electric tillers can be lmove more easily on the floor. As garden hoes, these models perform very well in motor hoe comparisons. 

In the community garden is less noise pollution better, and the neighbors will not be disturbed by the exhaust fumes.

Diesel tillers are intended for professional use

To give you a full understanding of Garden-motor hoes, diesel motor hoes should also be mentioned. These versions work particularly efficiently. Diesel is used when little fuel is to be used on large areas. Diesel powered cultivators are bulky. 

Our tiller bestseller on Amazon:

IKRA electric tiller cultivator IEM 800S, working width 30cm, working depth 20cm
  • Ideal for loosening the soil and preparing the seedbed / 16 stable and robust knives on 4 hoeing stars
  • Working width approx. 30cm and working depth up to approx. 20 cm
  • 800 W motor: powerful and quiet / robust and maintenance-free worm gear with oil bath

The advantages and disadvantages of the mentioned types of electric hoes

Petrol tiller advantages & disadvantages


  • Powerful Features
  • Battery-operated
  • Long life


  • schwer
  • Sea
  • exhaust

Electric tiller advantages & disadvantages


  • easier
  • quieter operation
  • environmentally friendly


  • Low performance
  • For smaller areas only  
  • Cable is an obstacle

Diesel tiller advantages & disadvantages


  • low fuel consumption 
  • High range
  • High performance


  • strong
  • Sea
  • strong 
  • Not suitable for private use

Motor hoe depending on the terrain

The type of drive depends on the size of the area and the soil conditions. Hoes with a petrol engine are rather unprofitable in the allotment garden. If you have a smaller work area, an electric garden hoe is more suitable. size and environmental impact is also an aspect against petrol-powered tillers. 

The output power of the garden cultivator is about 0,7 kW. This is not sufficient for great working depths. A powerful electric garden hoe should have at least 1,4 kW. 

The working depth is variable

The hoe is generally used for flat loosen used. The working depth of electrical devices is therefore between ten and twenty centimeters. If you use a petrol motor hoe, it will go to a depth of 33 cm. 

You can also borrow an electric hoe if you occasionally need to dig deeper. If you have a tillers rent, your costs will be much lower than a permanent purchase, which would ultimately prove unprofitable. 

The working width must be compatible with the bed.

The narrow motor hoe is suitable for small areas and narrow beds. 

In comparison you will be on different sizes of Shaping bump. A smaller working width is required for small beds. The minimum working width of the motor hoe is 20 cm. 

A compact motor cultivator is 30 to 40 cm wide, so close to lawn mowers and scarifiers. With this garden hoe you can do all the work around the house and garden. 

Large devices will aalso called tillers. These machines are about the width of a ride-on lawn mower, making them ideal for outdoor work. 

These features increase ease of use

For example, make sure that the handlebar is adjustable. If you use it for a long time, you will quickly feel the vibration of the device in your arm. This can through built-in shock absorbers be prevented. Forward and reverse gears are helpful for the electric garden hoe to be handled easily. A built-in filter is standard and helps the environment.

Our motor hoe insider tip on Amazon:

Einhell cordless tiller GE-CR 30 Li-Solo Power X-Change (lithium-ion 36V, 2-point safety switch, foldable handle, ...
  • The Einhell cordless tiller GE-CR 30 Li - Solo is a handy helper for loosening the soil on small and medium-sized...
  • Two high-quality 18 volt system batteries from the Power X-Change series provide the powerful power of the tiller. The...
  • As a member of the limitlessly flexible PXC family, all rechargeable batteries and chargers in the lithium-ion system series can be...

FAQ: Questions and answers about buying electric hoes

You have now dealt with garden hoes and the motor and have not yet found the best motor hoe for your needs? It is not primarily about buying a cheap electric hoe. Motor hoes must meet your needs and adapt to local conditions. 

Stiftung Warentest has not yet dealt with motor hoes and has not chosen a motor hoe test winner. If the Stiftung Warentest one tillers Review written and one tillers test winner has chosen, you can do that on the Read the website of Stiftung Warentest.

The following questions and answers can also help you with your purchase decision. 

How does milling work? 

The electric hoe moves over the ground like a lawnmower. 

Imagine your lawn mower moving across the ground. Electric hoes work in a similar way. Engines, blades and mechanics are similar. A handlebar is provided for easy handling of all work. 

The tiller has an axle. This is driven by a motor and an offset cleaver attached to a shaft digs into the ground. So that the device various tasks can perform, the speed of the milling cutter and the cutting depth can be set individually. 

What can the tiller be used for? 

You can use the electric hoe for various tasks:

  • Prepare soil for sowing
  • dig up the ground
  • Remove weeds from the ground
  •  loosen the soil 

Our tiller bestseller on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
Einhell electric tiller GC-RT 1545 M (1500W - 45cm, 22 cm working depth, 45 cm working width, 2-point safety switch, ...
  • The Einhell electric tiller GC-RT 1545 M is a powerful 1.500 watt helper for ambitious hobby gardeners who...
  • The tiller is driven by a powerful series motor, the six robust chopping blades are ideal for...
  • The tiller is equipped with a 2-point safety switch that disables the robust chopping blades...
Bestseller no. 2
Scheppach electric tiller MTE460 | 450mm working width | 1500W power | 220mm working depth | including 24 knives
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized gardens or flower beds
  • Powerful 1500 W engine
  • 450 mm max. Working width, 220 mm max. Working depth
Bestseller no. 3
Electric tiller (NEW) for effective soil cultivation - 1500 watts - 24 blades - electric garden tiller - garden hoe -...
  • FAST TO THE WORK TARGET - Digging up the garden, loosening the soil or removing roots is all possible with the electric tiller...
  • POWERFUL SOIL COLLECTION - With 1500 watts, the Hecht garden tiller loosens your soil perfectly. You can use the...
  • THE RIGHT WORKING DEPTH - For optimal development of lawns and plants, the soil must be loosened to the depth...

How much does a motor hoe cost? 

The price of the cultivator is not an important factor. A small electric tiller costs less than 100 euros. This makes it easy to work in garden beds. 

If you want to work in a larger area and plan to work with it more often, you have to reckon with 200 to 600 euros for a powerful device. Professionals use motor hoes in the four-digit range. You can also rent a suitable electric hoe and save yourself this expensive purchase. 

How much does the tiller weigh? 

The hoe is not easy:

  • Small hoe=five to ten kilograms 
  • Medium tiller = 20 to 30 kg
  • Compact tiller = 40 to 60 kg. The professional equipment mentioned weighs 100 kg. 

You know the saying: Who cheap tillers Product buys, buys twice. With a tillersPrice Comparison you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff. you want one tillers Bestsellers Buy item then pay attention to quality tillers Reviews in the customer reviews. You can do it particularly cheaply tillers buy online.

Youtube video recommendation for motor hoe test & comparison:

Operate the tiller ripper | obi


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Which manufacturers were included in the selection in the motor hoe comparison?

In our motor hoe comparison, we have well-known manufacturers, such as Einhell, Caviar, Einhell, brast, Caviar, Grizzly tools, Pike, Unknown, Einhell and Pike takes into account those who performed best in the customer reviews of the various sales portals and have the highest sales figures.

How expensive are the motor hoe products that the comparison presented to you?

We have selected excellent, high-quality motor hoe products for you up to a price of around €669,00. We also present you with cheaper alternatives starting at around €100,37.

Where do price and performance match up in a motor hoe comparison?

The motor hoe item presented was the item with the best price-performance ratio Motor hoe IKRA electric tiller cultivator IEM 800S prove to be the most favourable. Here price and performance are in a favorable ratio.

What ranking did the products presented achieve in the motor hoe comparison?

The ranking was based on the quality requirements, customer popularity and value. That's why the article was included in our motor hoe comparison Einhell electric tiller GC-RT 1440 M the best rating, closely followed by the articles Motor hoe IKRA electric tiller cultivator IEM 800S, Einhell cordless tiller GE-CR 30, transport wheels, Motor tiller BRAST electric 1500 Watt 45cm working width and Motor tiller IKRA 70300910 electric tiller FEM1500.

In addition to the comparison winner and price-performance winner, what other top products were selected in the motor hoe comparison?

All products from the motor hoe comparison were selected by the editors of based on popularity and top ratings, including these top products like Einhell electric tiller GC-RT 1440 M, Motor hoe IKRA electric tiller cultivator IEM 800S and Einhell cordless tiller GE-CR 30, transport wheels.

Comprehensive Guide to Tillers: Top Sources of Information and Products

  • Discover more about tillers: your resource guides

    • Motor hoe Wikipedia: Get comprehensive information about tillers on Wikipedia, the renowned online encyclopedia that offers in-depth insight into a variety of topics.
    • Tiller YouTube: Explore tillers through a variety of videos on YouTube. From informative tutorials to product reviews, YouTube offers a rich source of visual content.
    • Motor hoe Amazon: Discover the extensive product range from tillers on Amazon. Here you will find a variety of options, user reviews and much more.
    • Motor hoe eBay: Browse through a large selection tillers-Products on Ebay. This marketplace offers both new and used options that may meet your needs.
    • Motor hoe Lidl: Discover the variety of products from tillers at Lidl. The retailer offers a selection that combines quality and price consciousness.

How did you like our motor hoe comparison?

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  1. Timo Frederick says:

    How does a tiller work and what can I use it for?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Timo Frederick,

      We are very pleased that you are interested in our motor hoe comparison. Thank you for your valuable comment!

      A tiller is a device with rotating hoe blades that is used to loosen and prepare the soil before planting. Driven by the engine, the hoe blades rotate and loosen the soil to improve oxygenation and drainage. You can also use a tiller to control weeds and prepare the soil for seeding. Please refer to the user manual and take appropriate protective measures to avoid injury.

      Best regards from the Support Team to Schenefeld

  2. Herman says:

    Can I dig up lawns with this tiller?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Herman,

      We would like to sincerely thank you for your participation in our motor hoe test & comparison. Your interest makes our work better!

      Yes, you can dig up lawns with this tiller. The device is specially designed to loosen and aerate the soil. With it you can, for example, prepare new planting beds or prepare the soil for sowing. However, it is important to choose the right hoe setting in order not to damage the lawn too much.

      Best regards from the aid center in Frankenthal (Palatinate).

  3. Luca Schaefer says:

    How do I have to maintain and care for the motor hoe?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Luca,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our tiller test & comparison. Thank you!

      In order to ensure a long service life for the motor hoe, you should maintain and care for the hoe regularly. The most important measures are changing the oil, cleaning the air filter and tightening the screws. Also, be sure to clean the hoe thoroughly after each use to prevent corrosion.

      Best regards to Kröpelin.

      support specialist

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