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Top mountain bikes in comparison: Find out which one is best for you

Buying recommendation for 2023: Discover your ideal MTB with our expert guide

Mountain biking is an exhilarating activity that increases adrenaline levels while exercising the body. For such an activity, a suitable mountain bike is essential, allowing for excellent performance on rough terrain. Our testing has shown that the best mountain bike should have a rugged design and be able to withstand the demands of challenging terrain. A mountain bike should also have premium suspension to increase comfort and control. With the right brakes and gears, you can adapt your mountain bike to your needs and have maximum control over the bike. A mountain bike is the perfect choice for adventure seekers and nature lovers looking for action-packed excursions.
Best recommendation
Mountain bike BIKESTAR hardtail aluminum Shimano 21 gears
Price-performance winner
Mountain bike Talson 26 inch bike WITH FORK SUSPENSION & lighting 21 speed Faster BBO
Mountain bike BIKESTAR hardtail aluminum Shimano 21 gears
Mountain bike BIKESTAR children's bicycle aluminum 21 speed Shimano
Model Mountain bike BIKESTAR hardtail aluminum Shimano 21 gears Mountain bike Talson 26 inch bike WITH FORK SUSPENSION & lighting 21 speed Faster BBO Mountain bike BIKESTAR hardtail aluminum Shimano 21 gears Mountain bike BIKESTAR children's bicycle aluminum 21 speed Shimano
Brand BikeStar Talson BikeStar BikeStar
The Best Suggestionsscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Mountain bike
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,7goodMountain bike
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodMountain bike
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodMountain bike
Wheel size in inches 27.5" 26" 27" 24"
Weight 16 kg 15 kg 16 kg 12 kg
quality of workmanship very well very well very well very well
frame material Aluminum light, stiff Steel-heavy, springy Aluminum light, stiff Aluminum light, stiff
Brakes mechanical disc brakes hydraulic disc brakes hydraulic disc brakes hydraulic disc brakes
Circuit 21-speed (Shimano Tourney) 21-speed (Shimano Tourney) 21-speed (Shimano Tourney) 21-speed (Shimano Tourney)
Type Full Suspensionfull suspension Hardtail suspension at front only Hardtail suspension at front only Hardtail suspension at front only
available frame sizes 35 cm 46 cm 43 cm 33 cm
Suspension fork travel kA k. A.55mm k. A.55mm k. A.55mm
  • very stable aluminum frame
  • very good construction
  • incl. fender kit
  • sturdy frame
  • easy construction
  • very good workmanship
  • hydraulic disc brakes - very good braking performance
  • easy construction
  • very good workmanship
  • hydraulic disc brakes - very good braking performance
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best mountain bikes in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Mountain Bike Buying Recommendations in 2024: Ultimate Guide and Current Trends
This is how you make the right product choice based on the mountain bike comparison mentioned above.

At a glance
  • The mountain bike is a specialized bike designed for rougher off-road conditions. It is particularly suitable for off-road driving, for example through forests, mountains or mud. The mountain bike is characterized by its robust construction and its off-road tires.
  • There are numerous different types and designs of mountain bikes, which differ in their design, size and equipment. For example, there are hardtail mountain bikes that only have suspension on the front fork, or there are also full suspension mountain bikes with full suspension. Choosing the right mountain bike also depends on your personal riding style and individual requirements.
  • In the leisure sector, the mountain bike is often used for tours in nature, while in the sporting sector, races or special downhill routes are ridden. In order to be able to adapt to the different circumstances and conditions, there are a variety of special mountain bike accessories such as protectors, special shoes or bike computers that can help you to measure your performance and progress in training.
Mountain bike

How to find the best product in your mountain bike comparison

A mountain bike is recommended for anyone who likes to cycle through forests off the beaten track. Compared to traditional bicycles, mountain bikes are more durable and provide better grip on uneven terrain. Visually, it differs from one in many ways City Bike. In general, mountain bikes are not suitable for road use. To ensure that you are safe with this bike in the forest, you should pay attention to three things with a mountain bike: In addition to the frame size, the gear shift and suspension travel important attributes that need to be checked. 

At this Mountain bike Rating we would like to give you a small selection from the Mountain bike specifiedot present to give you the current Mountain bike Bestsellers imagine. 

Our mountain bike recommendation on Amazon:

BIKESTAR hardtail aluminum mountain bike Shimano 21 gears, disc brakes 27.5 inch tires | 14 inch aluminum MTB frame | Blue...
  • LIGHT, STABLE AND SAFE: Very stable aluminum frame for daily use on the mountain, to school or to work....
  • PRODUCT QUALITY: With the 21-speed Shimano derailleur gears on our aluminum MTB, the gears can be switched through almost seamlessly...
  • POWERFUL AND ELEGANT: German engineering meets modern design on this bike, inspired by the ...

Overview of different types of mountain bikes

Contrary to popular belief, mountain bikes are very strict. Mastering a mountain bike off-road requires a great deal of skill and stamina. Various types of mountain bikes have become popular in recent years suitable for different sports. The following types are often noticed in mountain bike tests: 


Basically, today's races are mostly downhill. It is designed for high speed. The machining of just one sprocket is amazing. They are only suitable for open terrain and are characterized by their particularly short geometry. 

BMX bike

BMX-Wheels were invented in America based on motocross machines. For a long time the BMX bike was only used by the young people out there, today it is used all over the world. Most Cycles are characterized by their compact design.


Fully MTB is a full-suspension mountain bike. An additional suspension is used on the rear wheels. The spring is located on the rear of the full MTB and has a shape reminiscent of a damper. It's a more complex mountain bike, both technically and conceptually. 

hardtail bikes

The amazing thing about hardtail bikes is how small they are Weight. It is suitable for both trail rides and marathon tours. This mountain bike is particularly popular among beginners because they are good mountain bikes that do not require maintenance.

E-Mountain Bike

When purchasing such a mountain bike, choose a motorized model for support. The wheels run on a small electric motor, which reduces work to a minimum. E-mountain bikes are now available in different versions, such as the E MTB Downhill

Our mountain bike bestseller on Amazon:

Talson 26 inch mountain bike with FORK SUSPENSION & lighting 21 gear Shimano Faster BBO
  • 26 inch mountain bike with 21 gear and fork suspension
  • Lowest saddle height with illumination at the seat tube 76cm - without illumination at the seat tube 73cm
  • Fork suspension - aluminum hollow rim - sports saddle

The advantages and disadvantages

In a mountain bike comparison, not only the different types stand out, but also the diverse features. For mechanical work there is a Mountain bike with disc brakes for less than 500 euros. The frame on the MTB can vary as well as the suspension fork, the handlebars, the tires and the saddle. 

Downhill advantages & disadvantages


  • high speed
  • Ideal for closed terrain
  • Short Geometry


BMX bike advantages & disadvantages



  • No break
  • Not very comfortable to drive

Fully bike advantages & disadvantages


  • Suitable for any terrain
  • forgive driving mistakes
  • High security


  • Aluminum frame is heavier than carbon
  • High purchase price

Hardtail bikes advantages & disadvantages


  • Low mountain bike maintenance costs
  • Low purchase price
  • different designs


  • No extra break needed 
  • Restricted Use

E mountain bike advantages & disadvantages


  • Effortless
  • for mountain biking Best support for 
  • Economy


  • Expensive
  • Requires regular charging 
Mountain bike

Which mountain bike is right for you? 

MTB frames are important for the total weight of men's and women's mountain bikes. Just like buying a regular bike, you can when buying a mountain bike different materials choose. Choosing between a carbon fiber mountain bike or an aluminum downhill mountain bike is primarily a question of price. Basically carbon of course a lot more expensive than aluminum, but also lighter. 


Buying a bike is never a Sunday stroll. As a beginner, it is best to choose a hardtail mountain bike. This is a lightweight mountain bike that you can practice on. 

What is the difference between women's mountain bikes and men's bikes? 

Mountain biking is no longer just a male sport. More and more women are trying. Two-wheeler manufacturers have recognized this and have prepared special mountain bike models for women. She adapt to the female anatomy, which makes them significantly smaller. 

Where can I go mountain biking? 

Even what is called the best mountain bike is often not suitable for all purposes. In principle, you can ride a MTB in open terrain. However, note how this is done. For example, if you want to buy primarily downhill bikes, you should focus on bike parks. On the other hand, you are very flexible with a hardtail. 

What are the dimensions of the mountain bike? 

Before you decide to buy a mountain bike, you must determine the correct size. Children's mountain bikes are of course smaller than men's mountain bike models and adapt to the anatomy of the child's body. There are also 24-inch, 26-inch, 28-inch, and 29-inch models. If you have the opportunity before you buy one, you should definitely take a look at the different types of mountain bikes. 

At the Mountain bike buy online benefit from the large selection of manufacturers and products. There they are Mountain bike Prices usually cheaper than on site.

Our insider tip for mountain bikes on Amazon:

BIKESTAR hardtail aluminum mountain bike Shimano 21 gears, disc brakes 29 inch tires | 18 inch aluminum MTB frame | Blue &...
  • LIGHT, STABLE AND SAFE: Very stable aluminum frame for daily use on the mountain, to school or to work....
  • PRODUCT QUALITY: With the 21-speed Shimano derailleur gears on our aluminum MTB, the gears can be switched through almost seamlessly...
  • POWERFUL AND ELEGANT: German engineering meets modern design on this bike, inspired by the ...

The most popular mountain bike manufacturers

When looking for a good mountain bike, you will come across several mountain bike brands. There are companies like Specialized that have specialized in individual types of production, but have achieved excellent results here. You can buy mountain bikes from these companies today, including: 

  • Cube 
  • Bulls 
  • KTM 

Manufacturer Cube was founded in the early 1990s in Waldershof, Bavaria. In recent years it has become one of the most well-known bicycle brands. The Cube Bike is characterized by its comprehensive equipment and has won many mountain bike races. Bulls is a ZEG brand. Two Wheeler Sourcing Cooperative offers a wide range of bikes under your brand. In addition to mountain bikes, the company also offers classic bicycles. KTM has been standing for around 50 years Bike Industries for high quality Bikes and proven know-how. The brand from Austria offers high-quality bicycles that are equally safe for children and adults. There are also a number of high-quality mountain bike accessories

Mountain bike buying advice

In order for you to be able to ride a mountain bike safely through rough terrain, you have to Bicycle suit you . The selection is made by many aspects influenced. The Editors has put together a few points for you that you should pay attention to when buying a mountain bike: 

When mountain biking, don't forget a safe one Bicycle helmet

frame material

With the exception of the MTB tires, the MTB frame is responsible for the total weight. It is important that the mountain bike not too hard is as you may have to carry it for a few meters. 


Always remember that you are off-road on a mountain bike. Therefore it is very important that the bike has good suspension performance. Ideally, a mountain bike should have full suspension, which means it absorbs all kinds of jumps well. However, these versions are also the most expensive. 


You should also be on a mountain bike stay straight . This is important in order to pressure to keep the cervical spine under control. If the sitting position is stretched, you have to look up when driving, which in turn puts strain on your body. 


Unfortunately, the saddle is a detail that gets little attention when buying a mountain bike. This is very important as it determines how the bike is comfortable is to be used. Try the saddle and see if you ride uncomfortable pressure feel. Many Manufacturers offer different sizes and shapes from saddles. 

frame height 

In order for your MTB to be safe on the road, you need the right frame size. In doing so, you need not only your height, but also your personal driving style take into account. It also matters what kind of terrain you like to roam on. 

Bicycle Accessories

Of course there is a range of mountain bike accessories and specialty clothing on the market. good mountain bikeShoes worthwhile, especially if you have to walk a certain distance. 

Our mountain bike bestsellers on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
Licorne Bike Strong 2D Premium mountain bike in 29 inches - bicycle for boys, girls, women and men - disc brake at the front and...
  • 🚲 THE PERFECT MOUNTAIN BIKE: The bike is a real everyday hero and for everyday use, the way to work, ...
  • 🚲 PREMIUM QUALITY: With the optimized derailleur you will experience optimal driving comfort, thanks to a clean and ...
  • 🚲 UNIQUE DESIGN: The LICORNE BIKES can not only shine with their inner values. With the modern and...
Bestseller no. 2
Bergsteiger Kodiak 26 inch, 29 inch mountain bike, disc brake, Shimano 21 speed gears, full suspension, fully MTB for boys,...
1.130 rating
Bergsteiger Kodiak 26 inch, 29 inch mountain bike, disc brake, Shimano 21 speed gears, full suspension, fully MTB for boys,...
  • FULLY MOUNTAIN BIKE - The 29 inch mountain bike is ideal for the daily commute to school or work. From approx....
  • MODERN DESIGN - The model is an absolute eye-catcher, which also has a lasting impact due to its high-quality paint...
  • EXCELLENT EQUIPMENT - 21-speed gearshift from Shimano Tourney, front disc brake, rear V-brake, full suspension, ...
Bestseller no. 3
HILAND RALI Tierra 27,5 inch hardtail mountain bike MTB Lightweight steel frame 21 speed V-brake bicycle MTB Suitable for men and women...
  • 3*7-speed Wide speed range: Our bike offers a wide range of speeds to help you get the most out of your...
  • Safe V-brake system: With our reliable V-brake brakes you can ride with confidence as you have a...
  • Robust rims and durable tires: They not only improve the durability of the bike, but also ensure...

Does Stiftung Warentest already have one Mountain bike Test report published?

Unfortunately, the Stiftung Warentest still has none Mountain bike test winner named.

How much time elapses before a Stiftung Warentest Mountain bike review published?  

Stiftung Warentest tests a large number of products over the course of the year. It usually takes several months for a result to be published. That's why you can't say today whether a Stiftung Warentest Mountain bike Test is planned or when Mountain bike test winner is published.

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Can John do it? – mountain bike | WDR


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