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Recommended lawn mulching mowers: Our top 5 articles in the comparison test

Mulch mower: Lawn care is important to many people, but it often involves a lot of work. A good mulching mower can help keep the lawn in shape without investing a lot of time and effort. Our test winner when it comes to mulching mowers is particularly effective and reliable. With it, grass and leaves can be easily removed from the lawn and used as a natural fertilizer at the same time. The quality of the cutting pattern is not affected, and thanks to the latest technology, the volume of the mulching mower is surprisingly quiet. If you want to care for your lawn gently and sustainably, you should take a closer look at this practical device.
Best recommendation
Mulching mower Hyundai petrol lawn mower LM5103G M
Price-performance winner
Mulching mower Grizzly Tools electric air cushion lawn mower ERM 1600
Mulching mower Einhell petrol lawn mower GC-PM 56/2 S HW
Mulching mower IKRA cordless lawn mower IAM 40-4625S wheel drive
ModelMulching mower Hyundai petrol lawn mower LM5103G MMulching mower Grizzly Tools electric air cushion lawn mower ERM 1600Mulching mower Einhell petrol lawn mower GC-PM 56/2 S HWMulching mower IKRA cordless lawn mower IAM 40-4625S wheel drive
BrandHyundaiGrizzly toolsEinhellCaviar
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Mulching mower
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,7goodMulching mower
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodMulching mower
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodMulching mower
Wheel Drive
recommended for gardens up to(manufacturer information)1.400 m²without recommendation2.200 m²600 m²
with side ejection
volume81 dB74 dB96 dB96 dB
cutting height25 ?? 75 mm10 ?? 33 mm25 ?? 70 mm25 ?? 75 mm
Energy supplyPetrolElectricPetrolElectric
Weight28 kg.6,8 kg.38 kg.25,5 kg.
cutting width51 cm34 cm56 cm46 cm
PowerDisplacement | number of revolutions2.600 watts139 cm³ | 2.800 rpm?¹1.600 watts A | 4.300 rpm?¹2.800 watts173 cm³ | 2.850 rpm?¹
  • less noise when working
  • particularly powerful even with stubborn grass
  • fast progress due to the large cutting width
  • very easy
  • agile and quiet
  • the hover mower is particularly easy to operate
  • ideal for steep terrain
  • Fast progress thanks to a particularly large cutting width
  • particularly powerful even with stubborn grass
  • powerful
  • light and agile
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The best mulching mowers in the test & comparison:
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Mulching mowers 2023: Comparisons and valuable tips for your purchase decision can be found here.
Purchasing a mulching mower will be easier if you follow our recommendations. In this guide you will find all the essential information.

At a glance
  • A mulching mower is a special type of lawn mower that shreds the cut grass into small pieces and puts them straight back onto the lawn. As a result, the grass becomes a natural fertilizer and weeds are suppressed. There are different types of mulching mowers, such as petrol, electric and battery mowers.
  • Mulching mowers offer numerous advantages over conventional lawn mowers: You save time and money because the grass does not have to be picked up and disposed of. In addition, the lawn is naturally fertilized and strengthened, resulting in healthier and stronger growth. Since the grass is not collected, the use of toxins and herbicides is also minimized.
  • Mulching mowers are suitable for all lawn types and can be used in small gardens as well as on large lawns. They not only offer high performance, but also an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional lawn mowers. With a mulching mower you can not only save time but also money while maintaining a healthier lawn.
Mulching mower

Mulch mower purchase advice 2023

You can find good mulching mowers through the manufacturer Makita.

For many garden owners, the mulching mower has become an important mainstay in the garden. Since the lawn here is not only shortened, but chopped and put it back on the turf, using a mulching mower can save a lot of time. You don't always have to empty the grass catcher or dispose of grass clippings. Also, the mulching positive impact on the lawn care said. Mulch mowers are available today in a large selection from different manufacturers. Comparisons of mulching mowers show that the range of possible devices varies between a small robot and a large one Lawn tractor lies.

The Mulching mower Offer, which you in this Mulching mower Compare find presents you some Mulching mowerRecommendations before, to a Great Mulching mower Price or to one good Mulching mower Price-performance ratio.

Our mulching mower recommendation on Amazon:

HYUNDAI petrol lawn mower LM5103G M (mulching mower with 51cm cutting width, powerful 2.9kW / 3.9PS Hyundai engine, mulcher, ...
  • small, light and robust mulching mower with 51 cm cutting width and side ejection
  • very powerful, economical and reliable HYUNDAI engine with 2.9 kW (3.9 PS) at 2.800 rpm, 170.1 ccm, OHV
  • Double ball bearing, large, lawn-friendly wheels, central 6-fold height adjustment (25-75 mm)


Overview of the different types of mulching mowers 

Today there are different types of mulching mowers. The main purpose of the different types is to make sure you have the right one for each Garden and for every lawn find the right device. In a mulching mower comparison, basically all types come into question. The mowers of various power classes are particularly popular here. But here, too, you can now choose between electric or petrol models.

Electric mowers

It is quieter, easier to use and suitable for most gardeners. Electric lawn mowers are among the most versatile garden tools. There are two basic variants. On the one hand, you can choose a wired model that uses a power plug to connect to a power source. On the other hand there is Cordless Lawn Mowerthat draw power from a battery.

Lawn tractor

The lawn tractor is currently the largest mulching mower. It exists for properties with thousands of square meters of land. Comfortable handling due to existing steering system. Lawn tractors have powerful engines that handle mowing jobs with ease.

Robot Lawn Mower

If you only need to mow a small garden or front yard, you can count on one Lawn Mower leave. Switch on the robotic lawnmower. The device then works automatically and covers the intended area. Your device automatically detects the position of obstacles.

Riding mower

The ride-on lawn mower is actually the little brother of the lawn tractor. It represents a winning combination between this and a lawn mower with a mulching function. Riding mowers offer seating so you don't have to pull or push the equipment. Equipped with a steering wheel for easy operation.

Gasoline Lawnmower

The petrol mower is a classic. Equipped with an engine and a fuel tank, it impresses with its high performance, easy handling and fast handling. Gasoline Lawnmower are designed for plots of different sizes. Pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer. The downside is the impact on the environment.

The advantages and disadvantages of the lawn mower types

If the grass is wet, the mulching function will not work properly. Cut grass sticks together quickly and doesn't fall apart. Then you can think of it as a big pile on the lawn. The battery-powered mulching mower is particularly recommended for those who only a small lawn have to maintain and in a residential area stay.

mulcher typeBenefitsDisadvantages
Electric mowersEnvironmentally friendlyWeak battery
QuietLimited battery capacity
Can also be used as a cordless lawnmower
Lawn tractorFor large areasHigh acquisition costs 
High performance Not suitable for small gardens
sit and mow
Robot lawn mowerAutomatic operationLow performance
With intelligent technologyLimited battery life
Perfect for small front gardens etc.
Very quiet
Riding lawn mowerdoes not have to be pushedExpensive
sit comfortably and mowQuality and performance vary widely
In winter you can use it to clear snow
petrol mowerHigh performanceStrong noise development
Good value for moneySignificant environmental impact
Reliable operation
Mulching mower

Buying guide for mulching mowers

If you want to mulch and mow your lawn like a pro, you should take your time choosing. Also, a unit labeled best mulching mower may not be the right choice for you. For example, if you want to buy a ride-on mulcher, you should take a close look at the device. When making a new purchase, please pay attention to the following criteria when making your selection:


Whether a lawn mower is enough for your property or you prefer Alko's large mower, you have to adapt to the size of your property. Most manufacturers indicate for each model for which property size the corresponding mower is suitable.


Basically, you should pay attention to the size before buying. Pay attention not only to height and length, but also to weight. There are serious differences. Some mulching mowers weigh as little as 10 kg, while others weigh as much as 51 kg.


How well your lawn mower works depends largely on the mulching blades. This one should very sharp be so that a clean cut is possible and the grass as with a shredder can be cut extra small.


Although mowing the lawn is essential, the size of the machines is a weak point. There is however Differences between mulching mowers. Electric mulching mowers are much quieter than petrol or lawn tractor versions.


If you like electric lawnmowers that also supply the necessary energy from batteries, then you must of course pay attention to the quality of the battery. See how long it takes to fully charge.

Fuel type

With a petrol lawn mower, it pays to look ahead what fuel can be used. For example, not every mulching mower can handle E10 petrol.


Manufacturers should not be completely excluded when making decisions for or against mulching mowers. The displays of the brand manufacturers are not only of good quality, but also good support. In the event of a defect, you will also receive the necessary spare parts from there.


A mulching mower should be easy to use. This applies to both opening and maintenance. Especially when it comes to maintenance, depending on the drive type significant differences.


Each mulching mower has different settings that you can adjust. The most important of these is the adjust the cutting height. This is possible within a certain millimeter range. There are mulching mowers with cutting heights between 15 and 40 mm.

Our mulching mower bestsellers on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
HECHT petrol mulching lawn mower - petrol lawn mower with mulching function and side ejection - 51 cm cutting width - B&S engine or ...
  • MULCHING - After mowing, the mulch falls back into the turf as a nutrient-rich fertilizer. The optimal natural...
  • QUICKLY AT THE TARGET - With a working width of 51 cm, you can mow large and small quickly and effectively with the modern lawnmower ...
  • BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE - The powerful mulcher is equipped with a powerful B&S 4-stroke brand engine with 5,93 Nm, 125 ...
Bestseller no. 2
Einhell cordless lawn mower GE-CM 43 Li M Kit Power
  • Wireless freedom - Thanks to Power X-Change, even large gardens can be mowed comfortably without any cables. The cordless lawnmower...
  • Strong performance - With 36 V and an idle speed of 3.400 revolutions per minute, the mower can also tackle tall grass....
  • PurePOWER Brushless - The low-maintenance and powerful brushless motor ensures maximum performance over a longer period of time...
Bestseller no. 3
IKRA cordless lawnmower mulching mower ICM 2/2037 incl. 2x rechargeable batteries & double quick charger
166 rating
IKRA cordless lawnmower mulching mower ICM 2/2037 incl. 2x rechargeable batteries & double quick charger
  • Optimized energy consumption through intelligent motor management, easy to maneuver, handlebar height adjustable 3 times
  • Incl. Grass catcher (40l) & mulch kit, easy grass catcher removal, central cutting height adjustment 25-75mm, cutting width 37 cm
  • Space-saving storage thanks to the foldable long handle, energy-saving transport thanks to the stable additional handle, ergonomic...

Which mulching mower is right for you? 

One thing should be said in advance, there are often different opinions on the subject of mulching. With a good mulching mower, you not only save time but also money because you don't have to deal with the lawn clippings. The mulching mower here has an extra sharp mowing blade. It shreds grass clippings very finely, which remain on the lawn.


A robotic lawnmower mows automatically and you have the advantage that it is not particularly maintenance-intensive. You don't need to do any major maintenance here.

What does electric start do? 

More and more mowers are not only advertising all-wheel drive and special mulching kits, but also electric starters. The start here is electric, after you have pressed the appropriate button. This is your mulching mower ready to use much faster than a classic model. It also doesn't take that long to start the mower.

Is a lawn mower drive worth it? 

Especially when you have a large area to mow, a self-propelled lawn mower can come in handy. If the wheels have drives, you don't have to push them all the time. You walk behind him and steer him. This saves energy and he is usually much faster. Of course, you can also use a lawnmower without a drive.

Does the mulching lawn mower have to be cleaned thoroughly? 

If you want to use your mulching mower for as long as possible, you should not do without cleaning it. This is the case with ride-on lawn mowers and robotic lawnmowers. The mower deck requires special attention, and you should give it extra thorough attention clean . Pay special attention to the steel case. Moisture from mowing can rust steel. It doesn't take much for a thorough cleaning. You can dirt easily remove with a stiff brush. Basically, these lawn mowers require a lot of regular maintenance. So treat the wheel bearings and throttle lever with oil. Be sure to use a resin-free oil.

The mulching mower manufacturers

The market has a wide range. You can Use devices from several well-known manufacturers:

  • STEEL 
  • Husqvarna
  • Saab
  • Wolf
  • Honda 
  • Viking
  • Alco
  • Hell
  • Bosch
  • John Deere
  • Stiga 
  • MTD 
  • Gardena 
  • Toro 
  • Automow machine 
  • güde 
  • AS 
  • efco  
  • Bulldog 
  • Bright 

The Stihl and Husqvarna you will find mowers with a mulching function into a variety of device models and sizes. In Mulching mower Packages you can also find some Mulching mower Bestsellers with best Mulching mower Reviews in the customer reviews.

Our secret favorite mulching mower on Amazon:

IKRA cordless lawn mower, mulching mower IAM 40-4625S TwinPower wheel drive incl.2x40V battery & charger, cutting width 46cm
  • Battery and charger included / ONE-FOR-ALL 40V battery system: one battery system suitable for all IKRA brands...
  • 3in1: catching, mulching & rear ejection / incl. mulch kit & collection bag (50l volume) / easy collection basket removal / robust metal knives...
  • Double area coverage thanks to 2-battery system / economical: optimized energy consumption


When will a Stiftung Warentest Mulching mower made a recommendation?

Before Stiftung Warentest makes a recommendation, the question is what should be tested and how can people be helped in their everyday lives? The range of topics goes from television to baby cream to services. If there is a Stiftung Warentest Mulching mower recommendation, it is published in Test magazine or is available for download on the Internet.

Youtube video recommendation for mulching mower comparison:

Functional principle mulching mower | Mulch lawn | natural fertilization | Mowing Technology | VAT | mulchmaster


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Which manufacturers were included in the mulching mower comparison?

We have selected these successful companies from the mulching mower bestsellers for you in the mulching mower comparison. Here you will find leading manufacturers or brands such as: Hyundai, Grizzly tools, Einhell and Caviar

Which products from the mulching mower comparison are expensive and which are affordable?

When it comes to mulching mower products in an exquisite version, the costs are correspondingly high and can be found here at a proud price of around €475,02. On the other hand, you can purchase items in the lower price category starting at around €109,95.

Who puts the article in the mulching mower comparison that offers the best price-performance ratio?

According to the objective assessment of our editors, the Mulching mower Grizzly Tools electric air cushion lawn mower ERM 1600 from the mulching mower comparison the evaluation as an article with the best price-performance ratio.

What selection of products did the team scrutinize when comparing the mulching mower?

In our comparison to the mulching mower products, we came to this selection. So you can switch between these articles Mulching mower Hyundai petrol lawn mower LM5103G M, Mulching mower Grizzly Tools electric air cushion lawn mower ERM 1600, Mulching mower Einhell petrol lawn mower GC-PM 56/2 S HW and Mulching mower IKRA cordless lawn mower IAM 40-4625S wheel drive choose and make your own comparison.

How was the order of the products assessed in the mulching mower comparison?

Before assessing the order of the individual items in the mulching mower comparison, numerous research was carried out. Many items are of equal value and deciding who ends up in which place was not easy. For this comparison we decided on the article Mulching mower Hyundai petrol lawn mower LM5103G M for rank 1, Mulching mower Grizzly Tools electric air cushion lawn mower ERM 1600, received rank 2 and the products Mulching mower Einhell petrol lawn mower GC-PM 56/2 S HW, Mulching mower IKRA cordless lawn mower IAM 40-4625S wheel drive and %products_5% followed on the other places.

In addition to the comparison and price-performance winner, which top products were included in the shortlist in the mulching mower comparison?

In our mulching mower comparison there are 5 top-selling products, one of which received the top rating of 1st place and one of which received the “best price-performance product” seal. The other three, Mulching mower Hyundai petrol lawn mower LM5103G M, Mulching mower Grizzly Tools electric air cushion lawn mower ERM 1600 and Mulching mower Einhell petrol lawn mower GC-PM 56/2 S HW, but are at least equal and are therefore also among the favourites.

Further links and sources too mulching mower

  • Wikipedia: More information about the Mulching mower can be found on Wikipedia, a well-known free encyclopedia on the Internet.
  • Youtube: Look on Youtube to learn more about Mulching mower to experience.
  • Amazon: Discover the variety Mulching mower products on Amazon.
  • ebay: has a large selection of other products for Mulching mower Products.

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  1. Luca Schaefer says:

    How does a mulching mower work and what advantages does it offer?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Luca Schaefer,

      Thank you very much for your comment and your interest in our mulching mower comparison. We are grateful for your valuable impulses!

      A mulching mower shreds the mown grass into tiny pieces, which are then left on the lawn as a natural fertilizer. This has the advantage that the lawn is supplied with important nutrients and the grass can grow thicker and healthier. You also save time because the collected weed does not have to be disposed of. So a mulching mower is an eco-friendly and time-saving option for your lawn!

      Greetings from customer service to Bergisch Gladbach.

  2. Hazal says:

    Can this mulching mower also side mulch?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Hazel,

      Your comment on our mulching mower test & comparison is an enrichment for us. Thank you very much for your participation and your commitment!

      Yes, the mulching mower offers side mulching. This allows you to mow your lawn at the same time and spread the cut grass over your lawn as a natural fertilizer. This not only saves you time, but also promotes the healthy growth of your lawn.

      Contact from the support team to Bartın.

  3. Elias Shepherd says:

    How does a mulching mower work?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Elias,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our mulching mower test & comparison. Thank you!

      A mulching mower cuts the grass into very small pieces and spreads them over the lawn. This results in a natural fertilizer that makes the lawn healthier. The mulching mower uses a special blade that shreds the grass into fine pieces and then spreads them over the lawn.

      Best regards to Esslingen am Neckar.

      support specialist

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