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Passer mill in the test 2024: Your guide to comparing and finding the best product

Guide: The decisive criteria when buying Fleet Lotte – What you need to know

With a food mill, the preparation of sauces, soups and purees becomes child's play. The high-quality sieve inserts remove lumps and fibers and ensure a velvety consistency. A food mill is an indispensable kitchen utensil for all hobby and professional chefs who value the best quality. Discover our comparison winners on Beste-Testsieger.de and conjure up the finest delicacies in no time at all!
Best recommendation
Pass mill WMF Gourmet with 3 perforated discs, 19 x 11,5 cm
Price-performance winner
Pass mill axentia 124152, stainless steel including 3 sieve inserts
Food mill Rösle RÖSLE Passetout with counter handle, stainless steel
Pass mill OXO 1071478 Good Grips, large
Passiermühle Westmark Passing machine with 3 perforated discs
Passiermühle Wenburg passer, stainless steel, incl. 3 sieve inserts
Passiermühle Küchenprofi Passing machine Profi ø 20cm in silver
Food mill GEFU 24000 Food processor fleet Lotte, stainless steel
Model Pass mill WMF Gourmet with 3 perforated discs, 19 x 11,5 cm Pass mill axentia 124152, stainless steel including 3 sieve inserts Food mill Rösle RÖSLE Passetout with counter handle, stainless steel Pass mill OXO 1071478 Good Grips, large Passiermühle Westmark Passing machine with 3 perforated discs Passiermühle Wenburg passer, stainless steel, incl. 3 sieve inserts Passiermühle Küchenprofi Passing machine Profi ø 20cm in silver Food mill GEFU 24000 Food processor fleet Lotte, stainless steel
Brand wmf Axentia Rösle oxo Westmark Wenburg Kuechenprofi gefu
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Food mill
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,2goodFood mill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodFood mill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodFood mill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodFood mill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodFood mill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodFood mill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodFood mill
Number of perforated disks 3 3 2 3 3 3 4 1
Diameter 19 cm 22 cm 24 cm no manufacturer's information 20 cm 19,5 cm 20 cm 20 cm
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
dishwasher safe
  • Noble design
  • stability
  • high quality finish
  • easy to handle
  • easy to clean
  • easy to handle
  • very fine result
  • high quality
  • with non-slip feet
  • stable
  • easy to clean
  • easy to handle
  • fine result
  • Also suitable for firmer fruit and vegetables
  • easy to clean
  • high quality
  • very fine result
  • Including operating instructions
  • high quality
  • robust
  • including scraper
  • easy to handle
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The best food mill in the test & comparison:
Choose your test winner from our top recommendations.

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Ultimate buying guide: Discover the top comparisons in the strainer mill sector - your guide for 2024
The presented comparison of passing mills will guide you to an informed product choice

At a glance
  • A food mill is a kitchen appliance for grinding soft foods such as fruits and vegetables. The ingredients are pushed through a sieve with the help of a crank and the puree is collected. Some food processors can also be used for juicing berries and fruits.
  • Pass mills are a useful tool for preparing jams, sauces, soups and baby food. They are especially handy for removing unwanted pits, skins or fibers from the end product and achieving a smooth texture. There are food mills in different sizes and materials such as stainless steel or plastic.
  • Some important keywords when searching for food mills are: kitchen tool, strainer, puree, juicing, jam, sauce, soup, baby food, consistency, kernels, shells, fibers, size, material, stainless steel, plastic.
Food mill

This is how you find the best product in the food mill comparison

Food grinders grind or filter fruit, berries and vegetables from coarse to fine. This handy machine, formerly widely known as the Fleet Lotte, has become an integral part of many kitchens and a faithful companion. In recent years the rolling mill has been further developed. Equipment, shapes, sizes and materials have changed. Food plants used to be completely made of steel, stainless steel and plastic are preferred today. There is also competition from artisanal food factories. More and more electric models are entering the market. The following buying guide summarizes them for you types of food plants, the differences between them and the most recommended together. 

Good Food mill Offers not only offered by specialist retailers. At the Food mill buy online are Food mill Prices usually lower than in a specialist shop.

Our food mill recommendation on Amazon:

WMF Gourmet Passiermühle with 3 perforated discs, 19 x 11,5 cm, Cromargan stainless steel polished, passer for fruits and vegetables, can be dismantled
  • Contents: 1x strainer (Ø 19 cm, height 11,5 cm), 3x perforated disc (Ø 14 cm) for straining and grating fruit and vegetables...
  • Material: Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 polished - dishwasher-safe, easy-care, long-lasting, tasteless...
  • 3 perforated discs (Ø14cm) for easy straining: extra fine (2mm) for baby food or fine sauces, fine (3mm) for soups,...

Overview of different types of food mills

Before you specifically after IKEA If you are looking for a food factory, you should ask yourself what equipment you need. If it is only used occasionally, a small model that you manipulate manually is of course sufficient. Manual pulp mills, still widely known as Fleet Lotte, usually have a crank. The hand crank makes operation easier and ensures fatigue-free work. If you want more convenient handling and quick results, then an electric food chopper is the first choice. The device starts and gives fruit and vegetables out of. Of course the application is easier here. The following table shows you the special features of both variants. 

hand mill

It is probably the most famous mill and is still often referred to as Fleet Lotte. They are very flexible and can be operated without electricity. There is a crank to make it easier to operate. Berries, fruit and vegetables are pressed through existing sieves. The application is simple and requires no special knowledge.

Electric food processor

electrical Food Processors are less common on the market but have been on the rise recently. Their application is just as easy. The delivery process begins with the push of a button. Electric food mills, in particular, are expected to significantly reduce the workload since Food delivered faster by hand. In addition, there is often more here pressure exercised so that the results are better. 

Our food mill bestseller on Amazon:

axentia 124152 strainer made of stainless steel including 3 sieve inserts-strainer fine, silver, 9 x 32 x 22 cm
  • Versatile strainer for the kitchen for the effortless preparation of numerous recipes - whenever ground ...
  • The straining machine is supplied with three different straining inserts - various possibilities for pureeing...
  • The passing disc is operated manually - the crank is smooth-running and ensures effortless and electricity-independent ...

Pros and cons of different types of food mills

Whether manually or with a small one Motor: A food mill is a faithful companion in the kitchen. You can use these devices particularly flexibly. If you like making jams and jellies, this mill is your faithful companion for a finer, sweeter spread. But food processors can also help with soups and desserts. get better results. For food mills, for example, shaved asparagus in soups is a thing of the past. 

Hand mill advantages & disadvantages


  • Can be operated without electricity
  • Easy to handle
  • Cheap to buy 
  • Can be used for many types of fruit and vegetables


  • More power required
  • Plastic models have smell and color

Electric mill advantages & disadvantages


  • From thick to thin everything is possible


  • Expensive
Food mill

What food mills suits you? 

The food grinder can be used for many dishes. It is ideal for jams, jellies and sauces. The fine sieve of the Mill removed shells and kernels and they don't end up in the finished dish. Vegetables and fruits are prepared this way finely ground. The result is a seed- and lump-free dish. You can buy all fruits and vegetables at a food processing plant shred. There are devices for manual work as well as electric food mills. The most famous manual device is the Lotte team. 


Make sure your food grinder is dishwasher safe. So, after filtering fruits and vegetables, it is very clean again.

What dishes do you have with the food mills prepared? 

Food mills are in the kitchen versatile. So that you are well prepared for all dishes, there are a large number of perforated plates that can be changed in a few simple steps. In addition to soups with chives, asparagus and celery, you can also use a grinder to process porridge ingredients for your baby. First you cook the ingredients and chop them coarsely. Then the food factory takes over the fine processing. With a electric or manual grinder the asparagus cream soup becomes extra thick. 

The rather  awkward long lines that are typical of this vegetable are eliminated. It can also be served with potato and tomato soup and Mashed Potatoes be used. In addition to purees, you can also use a food mill to make jellies and jams. It is ideal for apples, blackberries and rose hips. Raspberries can also come from tiny ones Together be released. Food mills also remove the peels from raisins, which are recommended for further processing of papaya. 

What material should it be made of pass mills exist ?

Different materials can be used. The use of stainless steel is ideal. Stainless steel is not just strong and easy to clean, but also rust resistant. Therefore, it is also used in devices for professional use. It can be washed with hot water without hesitation. 

What diameter should it food mills have? 

If you look closely at the food factory test results, you'll get fast many different sizes notice. The most important thing here is the diameter. If you have a food processor If you use it to cook a lot of soup, you should choose the largest model possible. Common designs are around 20cm in diameter. 

Our insider tip on Amazon:

RÖSLE Passetout with counter handle, grinder for passing food, stainless steel 18/10, dishwasher-safe
  • RÖSLE Passetout with handle - ideal for homemade: High-quality straining device made of stainless steel for straining...
  • With stable three-point support, additional counter grip and ergonomic rotary knob for a firm hold as well as handy...
  • Matt and high-gloss stainless steel combined, seamlessly made from one piece - hygienic, odorless and...

The most popular manufacturers of food mills

Ease of use and reliable operation characterize a good food mill. Similar to a sieve remote finest Rückstände from the puree and thus ensures, for example, apple puree without fragments and the finest jellies. Manufacturers with more than one household filter are: 

Our food mill bestseller on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
  • SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: The stainless steel body is also suitable for hot dishes and does not stain
  • HIGH QUALITY: The mill has 3 stainless steel grinding discs for dishes with a fine, medium and coarse consistency
  • SECURE HOLD: Non-slip feet secure the grinder and can be easily folded away for storage
Bestseller no. 2
Wenburg strainer - strainer made of stainless steel, including 3 sieve inserts. Dishwasher safe. Passing device for passing...
  • 🍓 VERSATILE APPLICATION: Versatile for mashed potatoes, vegetable purees, sauces, baby food and more - robust, ...
  • 🍓️ CONTENTS: Strainer with a diameter of 19,5 cm, 3 easily replaceable perforated discs with the following dimensions 2 mm...
  • 🍓️ QUALITY THAT CONVINCES: The stainless steel is high quality, stable, rust-proof and tasteless. Handles made of...
DiscountBestseller no. 3
Navaris strainer made of stainless steel with 3x sieve inserts - strainer mill for soup, jam, baby porridge, sauces - 3 sieve inserts...
  • CRUSHING: … made easy with the Navaris manual pulping machine with three different hole inserts. Simply...
  • ALLROUNDER: Use the berry press to strain fruit or vegetables. The perforated discs are suitable for extremely fine...
  • DETAILS: 1x stainless steel food mill; 3x insert / hole size: 2mm, 3mm, 7mm / weight: 600 g / material: stainless steel (304), PP...

Which aspects lead at Stiftung Warentest Food mill Choice for test winner?

In order to determine a test winner, Stiftung Warentest must first determine all important test points in conjunction with consumer advocates, independent experts and supplier representatives. According to these points of view checked later. Depending on how a product from Stiftung Warentest Food mill If the selection falls short of the requirements, it receives a corresponding place in the ranking.  

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  1. Julius Krueger says:

    What can I do with a food mill?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Julius Krueger,

      Thank you very much for taking part in our Passiermühle comparison. Your comment shows us that we are on the right track!

      With a food mill you can pass various foods such as fruit, vegetables or boiled potatoes. The food mill removes the skin, seeds and fibers and gives you a smooth, fine mass. You can use them to prepare sauces, soups, purees or baby food. A food mill is a useful tool in the kitchen to make your food easier to digest and more appetizing.

      Greetings from the support team to Geretsried.

  2. Marco says:

    How easy is it to clean the food mill?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Marco,

      Your commitment to our food mill test & comparison is very noteworthy. Thank you for your valuable contribution and your opinion!

      Our food mill is very easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe and can also be easily cleaned by hand. This saves you time and you can easily clean the grinder for the next use.

      Friendly greetings from the care directly to Schönewalde.

  3. Sebastian Berger says:

    What is the diameter of the pass mill?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hi Sebastian,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our food mill test & comparison. Thank you!

      Our food mill has a diameter of 20 cm and is made of high-quality stainless steel. With the food mill, you can easily pass all kinds of fruit and vegetables, making sauces and soups stronger and more delicious.

      Best regards to Friedrichsdorf.

      support specialist

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