Smoke detector ABUS RWM90 85db alarm volume - white - 89520

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The ABUS RWM90 smoke detector is a high-quality and reliable fire detector that protects your home. The optical sensor detects smoke quickly and reliably and triggers an 85 dB alarm that is loud enough to wake you up even while you are sleeping. The detector has a simple design and fits perfectly into any living situation. Assembly is easy and is included in delivery Batteries included so that the detector is immediately ready for use. The ABUS RWM90 smoke detector is TÜV tested and offers a 5-year guarantee.

Operating instructions for the ABUS RWM90 smoke detector

Step 1: Installing the smoke detector

– Select a suitable location on the ceiling or wall to install the smoke detector.

– Make sure that the smoke detector is installed at least 30 cm away from walls.

- Drill Make holes for mounting the smoke detector and insert the dowels provided.

– Attach the smoke detector to the ceiling or wall using the screws provided.

Step 2: Insert battery

– Open the battery compartment on the back of the smoke detector.

– Insert the supplied battery into the battery compartment.

– Close the battery compartment.

Step 3: Testing the smoke detector

– Press the test button on the front of the smoke detector.

– Check whether the alarm tone sounds.

Step 4: Smoke detector maintenance

– Regularly check the functionality of the smoke detector.

– Clean the smoke detector regularly to remove dust and dirt.

Step 5: Battery replacement

– If the smoke detector beeps, the battery should be replaced.

– Open the battery compartment and replace the battery.

Step 6: Alarm test

– Perform an alarm test regularly to ensure the smoke detector is working properly.

Technical details

Price-performance winner
Smoke detector ABUS RWM90 85db alarm volume - white - 89520
Model Smoke detector ABUS RWM90 85db alarm volume - white - 89520
Brand Abus
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,9good
Battery Built-in lithium battery
Battery Life 5 years
Alarm volume in dB 85 dB
Operation photoelectric
  • optional magnetic mount available
  • easy to install
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