Safety shoes ELTEN SENEX ESD S3 men, work shoes

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ELTEN SENEX ESD S3 men's safety shoes, work shoes: The ELTEN SENEX ESD S3 men's safety shoes are specially tailored to the needs of men who work hard. The Shoes have a rubber sole that provides slip resistance and stability and a steel toe cap to protect your toes in the event of work accidents or shocks. The sole is puncture-resistant and therefore the shoe is suitable for many jobs. The breathable insole guarantees comfort throughout the entire working day. The shoe is certified according to EN ISO 20345 S3.

Safety shoes ELTEN SENEX ESD S3 men

  • Application:
  • The safety shoes ELTEN SENEX ESD S3 Men are suitable for use in work areas, especially in areas with a high safety risk such as construction sites, factories or workshops. They offer protection against injuries caused by falling objects, sharp edges or dangerous substances.

  • Step-by-step instructions for breastfeeding with the emeibaby carrier:
  • 1. Put on the safety shoes and make sure they fit properly.

    2. Close the laces tightly to ensure optimal stability and safety.

    3. Regularly check the condition of the safety shoes, especially the soles and the protective cap.

    4. Clean shoes regularly to maintain their effectiveness and prevent wear.

    5. Wear the safety shoes only for their intended purpose and not in other areas to avoid damage.

Technical details

Safety shoes ELTEN SENEX ESD S3 men, work shoes
Model Safety shoes ELTEN SENEX ESD S3 men, work shoes
Brand Elten
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6good
water resistant
Material toe cap Plastic lighter shoe
puncture-proof sole
Shutter lacing
Available sizes 13 sizes | 35 - 47
Security class S3 | highest security class
sole material TPU
Uppers Microfiber, Cordura
  • especially breathable
  • static proof
  • relatively easy
  • metal-free
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