Infrared heater 1200 watts heidenfeld infrared heater HF-HP130

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The Heidenfeld HF-HP130 infrared heater is perfect for rooms of all sizes. With an output of 1200 watts and dimensions of 60×100 cm, it is ideal for living rooms, Bedroom, winter gardens or even bathrooms. The Infrared heating not only heats quickly and efficiently, but also produces a pleasant and healthy infrared light that improves well-being and has a positive effect on health. The assembly is easy and the Heating is maintenance-free.

Using the infrared heater 1200 watt heidenfeld infrared heater HF-HP130

1. Assembly

To use the infrared heater, you must first mount it on the desired wall or ceiling. Make sure you read and follow the assembly instructions carefully.

2. Stromanschluss

Connect the infrared heater to a power outlet that supports the required power. Make sure there is no power failure or overload.

3. Temperature and time settings

To achieve the desired heat output, you can adjust the temperature and operating time of the infrared heater. Please read the user manual to learn how to adjust the settings.

4st placement

Place the heater in a location that ensures even heat distribution throughout the room. Avoid obstacles or blockages that could affect the efficiency of the infrared heater.

5. Safety Instructions

Before using the infrared heater, read the safety instructions in the operating instructions carefully. Note that the surface of the heater may be hot, so avoid direct contact.

6. Cleaning and maintenance

To maintain the performance and lifespan of the infrared heater, clean it regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do not carry out repairs or maintenance unless you have the necessary knowledge or experience.

Please note that this is a general guide only. Always read the product and user manual for specific instructions on using the Infrared Heater 1200 Watt heidenfeld infrared heater HF-HP130.

Technical details

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Infrared heater 1200 watts heidenfeld infrared heater HF-HP130
Model Infrared heater 1200 watts heidenfeld infrared heater HF-HP130
Brand Heidenfeld
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!
rated capacity 1.200 watts,
room size up 30 m²
Type of infrared heater Wall/ceiling heating
size (B 120x90 inch
Assembly art Wall/ceiling mounting
Class IP44
Flat design 1,6 cm
Low surface temperature to 125 ° C
Suitable for the bathroom
Other variants 300 watts 500 watts 600 watts 800 watts 1.000 watts
Thermostat yes radio
overheating protection
Remote Control
Color White
Material surface frame Plastic This model is frameless.
Origin Germany
  • 10 years manufacturing guarantee
  • suitable for wall and ceiling mounting
  • particularly good protection against dust and splash water
  • particularly flat design
  • simple operation with thermostat and remote control
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