Heat pump dryer cheap Hoover HLE H8A2TE-S, 8 kg

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The Hoover HLE H8A2TE-S heat pump dryer is another great option for people looking for an affordable dryer. With a capacity of 8 kg and an efficiency rating of A++, it uses less energy and saves you money. With 15 programs, including anti-allergy, eco and quick drying, you have everything under control.

Instructions for using the Hoover HLE H8A2TE-S heat pump dryer, 8 kg

1. preparation

– Place the heat pump dryer in a suitable location that offers sufficient space and good ventilation.- Make sure that the power connection is correct and that the device is connected to the socket.

2. Loading the drum

– Open the dryer door and place the laundry to be dried into the drum. Make sure not to exceed the maximum loading capacity of 8 kg.

3. Program and setting selection

– Press the on/off button to switch the device on.- Select the desired drying program using the program selector switch.- If necessary, adjust the drying time and additional options such as temperature, humidity sensor or gentle settings.

4. Start the drying process

– Press the start button to start the drying cycle.- The dryer will now automatically use the set options and dry the laundry.

5. Remove the dried laundry

– Once the drying cycle is complete, open the door and remove the dried laundry.

6. Cleaning and maintenance

– After use, clean the lint filters and the condenser according to the instructions in the user manual.- Regularly check the condition of the dryer and, if necessary, have maintenance carried out to maintain smooth operation.- Follow the instructions for care and cleaning of the dryer drum and housing.

7. Safety precautions

– Before using the heat pump dryer, read the operating instructions carefully and observe all safety instructions.- Do not touch the dryer with wet hands during operation.- Unplug the power plug from the socket after use to avoid electric shock or other accidents. - Do not keep flammable materials near the dryer.- Do not leave the appliance running unattended.- Only use the dryer for its intended purposes.- Children must not operate the dryer unsupervised.- If any problems or malfunctions occur, consult a specialist or customer service.

Technical details

Heat pump dryer cheap Hoover HLE H8A2TE-S, 8 kg
Model Heat pump dryer cheap Hoover HLE H8A2TE-S, 8 kg
Brand Hoover
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0good
Electricity consumption per year 236 kWh
Size: 60 x 60 x 85 cm
capacity 8 kg.
Remaining time display
volume 67 dB
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • extremely low annual power consumption
  • big capacity
  • quiet
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