Cat food Josera NatureCat, pack of 1 (1 x 10 kg)

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Josera NatureCat cat food is tasty and nutritious food for adult cats. It contains a mix of fresh chicken, rice and vegetables. This combination ensures a perfect balance of nutrients, minerals and vitamins your cat needs for optimal health. With a size of 1 x 10 kg, it is an ideal food for active and adult cats.


– Josera NatureCat cat food should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Feeding recommendation:

- Weight of the cat: 2 - 3 kg daily ration: 35 - 50 g - Weight of the cat: 3 - 4 kg daily ration: 50 - 70 g - Weight of the cat: 4 - 5 kg daily ration: 70 - 85 g


– Offer your cat Josera NatureCat in a food bowl.- Make sure the food bowl is clean and dry.- Pour the recommended amount of Josera NatureCat into the food bowl.- Place the food bowl in a place that is easily accessible to the cat.- Make sure your cat always has enough fresh water available.


– Josera NatureCat contains high-quality ingredients such as poultry meal, potatoes, beet fiber and linseed.

Analytical components:

– Crude protein: 30%- Crude fat: 20%- Crude fiber: 3%- Crude ash: 7%

Please note:

– This product is intended for cat consumption only.- Please ensure that your pet is not allergic to the ingredients contained.- If you have any questions or intolerances, please contact your veterinarian.

Technical details

Cat food Josera NatureCat, pack of 1 (1 x 10 kg)
Model Cat food Josera NatureCat, pack of 1 (1 x 10 kg)
Brand Josera
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3good
Type wet food
sugar free
ContentPrice/kg 010 kg approx. €388,10
Meat content no manufacturer information
Grain free
Recommended age mature
  • Made in Germany
  • without the addition of artificial colors
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