Fryer Moulinex AM4800 Mega 2kg, with oil, anti-odor filter

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The Moulinex AM4800 Mega 2kg deep fryer is equipped with an anti-odor filter and has a 2kg basket capacity, making it ideal for preparing a large amount of food. It also has an output of 2100W and can also be used as a cooking pot if necessary.

Instructions for use for the Moulinex AM4800 Mega 2kg deep fryer

1. Preparation:
– Place the deep fryer on a stable, heat-resistant surface.
– Connect the power cable and insert the plug into a socket.
– Remove the anti-odor filter and rinse it thoroughly. Allow it to dry and then reinsert it.
– Remove the frying basket and wash it thoroughly with warm water and dish soap.
2. Usage:
– Fill the deep fryer housing with the desired oil up to the recommended filling level.
– Set the temperature controller to the desired frying temperature. Please note the recommended temperatures for various foods.
– Allow the deep fryer to heat up for a few minutes until the indicator light goes out.
– Place the food in the frying basket and carefully insert it into the hot oil.
– Close the lid and start the frying process.
3. Cleaning:
– Wait until the deep fryer has cooled down completely before you start cleaning.
– Remove the frying basket and allow excess oil to drip off.
– Clean the deep fryer housing with a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent.
– Rinse the frying basket thoroughly and allow it to dry.
– Put the frying basket and the anti-odor filter back into the fryer and store them in a safe place.
Important safety instructions:
– Please note the maximum capacity of the deep fryer and do not exceed it.
– Never leave the deep fryer unattended during the frying process.
– Keep children and pets away from the deep fryer.
– Only use oil specifically suitable for deep fryers and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
– Make sure that the deep fryer does not come into contact with water.
With these instructions you can use the deep fryer Moulinex Use AM4800 Mega 2kg safely and effectively. Have fun with deep-fry!

Technical details

Fryer Moulinex AM4800 Mega 2kg, with oil, anti-odor filter
Model Fryer Moulinex AM4800 Mega 2kg, with oil, anti-odor filter
Brand Moulinex
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3good
suitable for about 6 persons
Type cold zone
Performance 2.100 watts,
grease quantity 3,3 l
capacity 2 kg.
Time and temperature display
Automatic switch-off
  • Easy to use
  • good ratio between size and volume
  • detailed instructions
  • automatic lid opening
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